Nothing but a bunch of ‘safe’-Valences attesting OT 7 and 8 in the Church of $…


While a bunch of Safe-Valences are attesting OT7 and 8

inside the Church of $cientology




in the IND field, more and more people are regaining

the courage to be themselves.

They are rehabilitating their so hard invalidated State of Clear

or they are going up the bridge like they intended to do

originally when they joined what it is now

the dark ‘Cult’ of Adolf Miscavige.


The desire to continue, their courage to overcome the awful effect

of  the degradations, invalidation and nullification ‘processes’

(Black Dianetics and Reverse $cientology)

received while in the Church of $

has opened up to them a new bright future.

If being in your own valence means to look and see what you see,

and therefore getting punished and denied your bridge for being aware

you can then understand that anyone that wish to finish OT7 and OT8

in the Church of $ has to ‘wear’ a nice-obedient and- unaware valence.

This in order to F/N at the examiner

or to get out of any trouble your conscience can get you in,

and to get the so desired status, to attest or to leave the Org or the ship without delays.

The people smiling at Graduation are nothing more

than blind-folded thetans…




A real OT has to deal with truth,

and that is The senior data of all.

Independents (Free people) MADE 2011

N. 15


The first German declaration of independence


Rita Wagner

I just read on Marty’s blog that Hy Levy in June 2009 resigned from the SO.

Hy Levy was 24 years in the FSO!

Hy is one of the best! 1995/1996 I was part of his team at Bridge Consultant.

My attitudes and motivations are very similar to what Hy told …

I had been 10 years Staff in Germany some years I also worked as a registrar!

I loved to be nothing more than staff, Scientology was my life!

I also loved to be a registrar, even though I would have prefer to be an auditor.

Like Hy I have  high certainty that the technology works!

I was absolutely honest with the Publics and i was convinced 100% of what I was selling!

Beginning of 1983 I read the Dianetics book, was thrilled and asked for auditing. I received 12 hours Dianetics auditing and was thrilled!

I wanted to be an auditor!

I become a Book 1 auditor and audited while working  about 6000 hours (‘part time’), it was the best time of my life!

… Now I’m part of the Independents, I apply the tech like I always did.

I decided to help people, in so far as it is in my power.

I know I was always a bit different than many and I’ve always been proud of it!

All the best


GERMAN VERSION (full declaration)




Anne Margaret Schultz


My name is Anna Schultz.

I came into Scientology in 1987 . When I read and studied my first
courses and had my first auditing I knew that this was what I
wanted to do.

No matter who said something against Scientology, no matter what
newspapers wrote , no matter what trouble came up in Scientology on
myself,  I stood tall. Because I knew from my own experience that
Scientology works.

I experienced when Hamburg (biggest Org in Germany at that time)
crashed in 1995.

Survived having attested to Clear in 1998 and then
Clear was cancelled in 2004.

Went in the S.O. and out again
because I could not bring together in my mind what I knew of my
studies of LRH and the tech which was not applied.  …
If one has paid for service or whatever the promise was forgotten
or other things were more important as to keep the promise.
In the last years this was more and more the case.

Also it seemed nobody was really interested to help one going up
the bridge. It was always more important what the next target was
to fulfill for the staff member – collect money for the library
campaign, sell books, collect for the IAS and, and… If it was known
one did not have any money – one was ignored.

When I found out about the abuses from David Miscavige in the upper Management through the Truth Rundown it was – after the shock – not any doubt that this would not be the truth.

Now, after few months not connected to the CoS

I feel very happy to be outside.

I´m very happy to apply my freedom of speech.
And my dynamics start to align after all the years concentrating
more or less mostly on the third.

There is a life – and not a bad
one at all – a freer life outside the CoS.

I´m in Germany and if somebody wants to connect –

my mail is:


Silvia Kusada





  1. Welcome to Rita and Anne to freedom!

    Silvia keep on doing the wonderful work of helping others.


    Aida Thomas

  2. Rita and Anna,

    You are both an inspiration.

    Silvia, what a great blog post — with great visuals!

    I love, “The people smiling at Graduation are nothing more
    than blind-folded thetans…” So true!!!

    I also love, “My valence completed Solo Nots.” Wow, really puts things in perspective.

    The prisoners continue to love their captors. Sad.

    Love, Synthia

  3. Well so few complete that when they do it is BIG news!

    If the church was still on track they woudl be completing thousands and it would be very ho hum.

    I venture to say that the Independent scientology field completes more than the Church does, and better products too!


  4. Hi Silvia
    Another great post, my dear – I particularly liked your concept of ‘safe valences’ – LOL!!
    You are so right!
    Much love, Robin & Adrienne

  5. Thanks for the good news Sylvia .

    All hands on getting winning people ! Much love , Denis

  6. Welcome out! Hugs!

  7. Thank you all for your warm wellcome! And thank you Silvia for this great post about the ‘save valences’ !!
    Much love

  8. Thank you all you beautiful beings to welcome us. It is so great to be out and since I´m back on the bridge even more.
    Meanwhile I saw, the people who escaped and leaved and spoke out are a special brand.
    I never felt more in a group like now in the Independent field and never felt more understanding each other then here.
    I did not recognize a person anymore when she had done OT 8 from how I knew her only few years before. It is so sad can´t nearly express, what is done to people – in and out.
    So I help here in Germany that is has an end with this.

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