Disconnection and the use of Black Dianetics in the IND field




I have been in the Church of $cientology since 83.




In 28 years the only people I got “disconnected” from, till my declare,

were my 2 sisters and my mother…

3 OTs with no training whatsoever on their shoulders,

and great supporters of the squirrel activities of DM.


This is nothing compared to my first year as an independent where

I got “disconnected” by over 8 Independents.

Some of them refused to tell me why, others tried

to convince me they did not disconnect (right!)

and others have “taken the ‘ball’ with some nonsense, as they did not have any excuses,

and cut the strings with me to follow the others,

while spreading rumors and bias about me to get agreements…


I’m not mentioning their names at this time, as the purpose of this article

it is not to join their campaign of hate

but, I hope, to help others to understand that,

no matter where you are or what you do, you will find people

that work in order to increase ARC and people who with the most incredible reasons

choose solutions in the direction of lessening ARC (destruction).

Of course there are many gradients and steps in the between of each.


The Independent field is a vast group.




It is composed of people with different motivations,

people who left because of an integrity point and people who have left

because they could not continue on their bridge or lost the privileges they wanted to keep,

others left because they were severely abused and others because they were truly suppressive.


You have to understand that the motivations

and goals can be very different from IND to IND.


You will find that the goal of some is revenge;

for others that have never grasped the basics of Scientology, the goal is to build

another “Scientology cult” where if you do not do what they want

or play by their rules you will get smoothly or abruptly attacked.


(Please read in a new unit of time the List N # 11 on Self Analysis about Invalidation)


Fortunately there are also people, and this I consider my true group,

that all they wish is destimulate and truly help others.

I cannot agree more with what Bert Schippers & Lynne Hoverson

wrote in their declaration of Independence.


“It is interesting that we’re now a family in a group of people

with many different viewpoints on the tech and life,

and we tolerate them all, just as we should have all along,

instead of insisting that only one viewpoint was allowed.”




In my group, we accept anyone that follow and respect that idea.

I personally follow the teaching of L. Ron Hubbard,

but I know many people who had many gains with other practices

and if that is what works for them and makes them happy,

freer and increase their survival I do fully respect it.


This is Scientology 0; destimulation,

the creation of a safe environment.


No matter what people say, if they make you feel that by expressing your true viewpoint

or believes, you are going to be left aside or lose friendship,

they are not respecting your rights of opinion.

I had plenty of feeling invisible with E., my last 2D.

where he was using it as a mechanism of punishment and control.

I know what it means and how it is used,

even if at the eyes of many is unperceivable.



As you might know, disconnection can be carry out using many tactics or methods.

While overt and declared disconnection is evident, ‘covert’ disconnection,

can go from ignoring you up to a total  smooth emargination from the group…

all that while keeping good “bullshit” PR.




Terminals of OSA, in their ignorance and disinterest for the preservation of the Tech,

are going to be feeling very happy to read that the IND field people

are disconnecting and fighting with each other.


They are happy to know that due to this fighting,

there will be a failure on building up an alternative solid big group.


What they overlook, and it is a point of fortune to the advantage

and preservation of Scientology as a tech,

is that a big group is easy to destroy

where thousands of little groups are going to exist forever.




So after all, this is good news for us.

You are coming out of the Church of $,

and find out you can actually can go up the bridge,


you will find a variety of people, and you need to make your choices,

and align to the ones you feel you have the same goals and perceptions with.


As in the current Church of $ there are some Independents who,

while professing to follow LRH tech, accuse others of squirreling,

and have no desire to apply the standard admin tech (3 Party Investigation)

to solve any conflicts.

They still under the conditioning of DM politics of hate.


It takes time to get rid of the invisible bars…

of the false data and the “implants” gotten year after year in the Church of $…


As OT’s we should not be in the business, as the Church of $,

of confusing and invalidating true and valid perceptions.

That would be an overt on the 7th and 8th D.


Personally, I refuse to fight.

If the people who have disconnected from me

and are now spreading lies about me to justify their actions,

will decide in the future to reconnect they should know I will be very happy of that.




“We are now in a group of people

with many different viewpoints

on the tech and life, and we tolerate them all,

just as we should have all along,

instead of insisting that only one viewpoint was allowed.”

Bert Schippers & Lynne Hoverson




training and


auditing centers.



For OT on OT7 or OT 8 contact Elizabeth Hamre

e-mail: orzse@hotmail.com


EUROPE: The Ron’s Org:

Max Hauri: max.hauri@gmx.net


ITALY: Maurice Pascal Class 5 Grad C/S – Clear

Silvia Kusada Class 6- Class IV C/S – OT8

write to:  Skusada2010@gmail.com



Felicitas Foster : felicitas.foster@googlemail.com

Anne Schultz: annmargret46@web.de



Silvia Kusada Class 6- Class IV C/S – OT8

write to:  Skusada2010@gmail.com


The Courseroom

Jim Logan lead Supervisor: slogan@eastlink.ca

John Aaron : johnaaronmail@gmail.com


The Life Improvement Center of  Coeur d’Alene.

Frankie franklin@planetfreeman.com 214 578 1275



we are here to help!!


If you are still in the church as staff or as public

and you need help to get out,

if you just left and you need help,

please call or write to:


Silvia  Kusada  e-mail: SKusada2010@gmail.com


Aida Thomas: e-mail: dianaclass8@yahoo.com


Silvia Kusada


Class VI (SHSBC), Class IV C/S and OT 8.




The happy world of the INDEPENDENTs

as free people!!






  1. Disconnection And The Use Of Black Dianetics In The Ind Field…

    […]al that while keping god ?bulshit? PR. Terminals of OSA, in their ignorance and disinterest in the preservation of[…]…

  2. Thank you for saying this, such sanity! New to the independents, I’ve been researching various blogs and viewpoints the past several weeks and can see exactly the danger you are talking about. I heard an indie say that the free market will eventually work things out, because the best groups with the right tech will survive. After all, beings ultimately want truth, to be free, to restore memory and ability, to do well across their dynamics, so the groups or individuals who can produce this will gain the most. I think you are also right in that it will take time to separate out what really is tech and policy, and what has been assimilated from a Co$”cult-ure” that is just artificial additive…

    • Thank you Rob!! i think to find out the true policies ones has to be able to think by concepts not words…. The watch word has been and is always: delivery!!
      And the sacred word is integrity… these two things should never be violated!!

  3. Hello dear Silvia. A wonderful article.
    I dont have much reality on MR Davids Church outside of what I have read in the past six months. I left in 83 for my own reasons which were I did not wanted to be controlled. Good reason it was. No matter what is the reason for one to leave the CofS that should not be the reason for stopping while crying into ones cup of coffee and not continuing up on the Bridge.
    Yes, that can be a very good excuse which will work and anchor the being into that position of loss. [Oh, look what they have done to me!!!] Blame! But the Materials, the Technology, The Bridge as Ron have layed it down is still existing. All is avalaible!!
    So where is the problem?
    Ron said it some place every problem has a solution!!!
    Dreams=postulates can be only cancelled by one who made them in the first place. If one have postulated to become OT than it is only one, the very same being who can stop self from achieving that goal!!. So one gets a huge ARC/K with the CofS who is run by MR David. So one is totally disillusioned, lot money, family etc..
    This is not ones very first disillusionment on the TRACK but it is a very good restimulation. [you will have many more if you dont achive the State OT by not erasing the bank]
    So there is a big big ARC/K.
    How one gets over the ARC B’s? Gets on auditor or takes ones own e-meter out of the closet, have it dusted off and run ARC/K’s, have them audited out, have all losses, all the disappointments, all the no’s, the stops audited out, or solo it out.
    If one want to continue one can but it is only one’s self decision, self’s alone so is the responsibility!
    The ” blame” thing is very low on the tone scale!
    To become free spiritual being on OT starts with taking responsibility for ones own action no matter what they are.
    To be cause over!!! One is not only cause over the creation of the so called GOOD, but tha BAD is equally belongs to ones own Universe neither can happen with out ones own agreement, cant exists without ones own considerations on the matter.

    You are the OT who have created that Universe!!! I say it over again.
    The bridge is there totaly intact. So, in the future for auditing or courses one will not go to some ship or fancy big building but to somebodies house, in some small space where wont be big logoes, big deal!
    Only the wrapping have changed the content, the IMPORTANT PART to become free to be on OT is still there Mr David could not taken that away.
    One should be happy to be out of that Place where evil is in form of low tone activity, abuse etc.. since it is not the place where a being could achive what Ron has promised The State of Intangible, Infinite.
    [By the way he never said it do not take work, dedication.]
    Even after that State going up on the Bridge step by step as Ron has out lined and when one is achieve OT 8 there is still lots of work to do.
    Being and doing the OT levels gives the being the understanding the power to become responsible for ones own universe.
    The SOLO AUDITOR means that one cannot only to take responsibility for ones own universe which we all created for self but one must confront the Universe it self and take responsibility for all. If you think That is a big order. Well it is.
    But The MEST Universe was not created by your agreement in overnight so the Magic Wand do not exists which could erase all that wonderful mess which was so much fun to create.
    Loved the Game? That is your track your universe now.
    But going up on The Bridge, learning how to undo the mess, the gradient is good, works very well. The confrontation of the MEST is taken by the PC one step at the time, same way as one created one own MEST Universe.

    One learns to confront on the Bank, with that power returns.
    With confrontation and as-is-ing ones Bank with that the knowledge pour back into ones Universe and with that ones OT abilities also return.
    So don’t seat there and blame. Run the ARC/K’s, move on your postulate, ALL is there, the TECH. Rons gift, all one need to is take one step at the time. One session at the time. What ever one have put out there that is still waithing for one!
    It is your postulate no one can destroy that but your self.
    To take responsibility your actions, starts with self. Lets leave blame in the garbage can where it belongs.
    You wanted to be OT’s? Go for it!!!
    The bridge is still standing and beautiful, to walk on the Path of Knowledge is still the greatest adventure any being can have. While you Walk the Walk you will accounter with wonders which you have created over the eons and by finding and seeing what you were capable to have created you will have the new understanding the very first time the real understanding just how powerfull you are.
    That you are on OT.
    No one can stop on OT if that OT dont want to be stopped. The decision is yours and your alone. Yours is the resposibility to make the right one because you have postulated that allready.
    Have a wonderful jurney and must not forget what ever you experienced was given to you because you needed a lesson to learn from.
    All experiences are nothing more than lessons to confront to have cognition on and the understanding. Knowledge is the Magic Key.
    Knowledge is the intengible treasure one collects on ones adventure and that Knowledge will be your for Infinite since you are Infinite.

    • Elizabeth is alway a pleasure to read your so refreshing OT prospective… Love you and admire you a lot!!

    • Thank you Elizabeth for this simple truth ! It is what it is.

  4. Once a friend of mine wrote:

    “The fact that someone leaves the church doesn’t suddenly make him a good person. People who look for power exiting Co$ will look for groups who often are as much as fanatics, just on a little different angle.

    “Even when I was in I was not much differentiating between wogs and scientologists but between fanatics and not fanatics; between people who used ARC and those who used power (either personal or group power).

    “I believe only what I see, especially Tech wise, everything else leaves me with little interest.

    He is so right!

    • I agree. thank you very much for sharing this!!!
      hugs to you!!

    • Mostlylurker. How right. But one Who enters the Learning Path the Path Of Knowledge the Path to Intengible and the Infinite, should not be concerned with politics and positions who hold what posts but fallow the reason what made tham walk through the door of Scientology in the first place. There was one reason only but that was forgatten by many who have become lost in the maze. I can only remind, that Path is still there to walk on who ever wants to WALK THE WALK!! If one do not wish to continue that is fine but politics, and power, bad managementany, any action concerning others should not be the stop. Take what you need from the materials of Rons to achive your goals the Intengible the Infinite, To Be Cause over the MEST. And let other walk they own Walk. Best to you on your Adventure on any path you take.

  5. Silvia, This is so true and beautifully said and very needed for it to be put out there.
    I have one person who chooses the less ARC way. It’s case, obviously. I choose high ARC and thrive on Harmony.

    • yes, me too. What I love from this blog is that slowly slowly we find each other and we are getting in comm… 😀
      love to you,

  6. AS you know Silva I had a blow up and this is the main reason. I want to adapt and use logic to what is now and I had hoped the FZ could do the same to move forward to support what is to come but alas no I got the above. I got evaluated and invalidated and has been so for years since I found the FZ.

    You have seen some of it too. At the party I did try to talk to people but for the most part each one walked off but for a few. Those I talked to.

    I do get what you say and you became one of my group as well as Candy for she too listened to me.

    I blew up for a reason. I saw all the evaluation of people without knowing a thing and I bet I been part of the back channel eval too.

    I blew off the full freezone because of it. Because of the lack of adaption of the changes in the world but mostly for the lack of critical thinking. The hidden comm cycles and personal thoughts but for a few that did say right up front what they think. church think all over again.

    I see people trying to fix a broken church that is unfixable. Pretending the world is just going to be fine while the corporations have about won. Pollyanna is alive and well.

    NO one counts I had almost ten years of reading and watching on the web and since I been sick I had a lot of time to observe and learn which I did. The non Scientologists and the VP people give me much more credit the the evaluating FZ crowd. Again I am no saying all but I feel it was the majority of it since I had evidence via my own eyes at the party. Yeppers that was when it started for me to fester. It has been there for years ignored by me because I hate fighting but I always wind up sick and blowing u when I accept such treatment.

    I am now letting the Pollyanna FZ be what it is Pollyanna. See how far the money tech gets them in a world of machines taking jobs. ONe has to adapt and in this regard I am not blocked enough that I can’t adapt. I am talking to a SO person who says the money tech is good but agrees with me the day of it is past. Once I let go of this FZ I started get new type of FZ friends those who can adapt and think. Nt always knowing what the tech is but they do get it and got a good discussion going on my spiritual group going.

    So why I lashed out was for a reason. I was getting the same bull as the church did. Covert not say what they think.

    By the way no one asked me to take a pic at the party. Therefor no pics of me at party. Candy and one other and you talked to me. I tried to talk to others like Dextor and Trey but they were not very interested and I tried with others to the same result so I went up stairs. It was not me.

    I was not of in the IN crowd. Never was and never will be as I think for myself and I speak up.


    • Thank you for sharing this Fancy.. I know many people love you.
      big hug to you

      • I can observe and have done so. I am not stupid but was in some ways. My full goal was one reason and one reason only but others used it for their own reasons. My goal was a better planet only. It had nothing with getting new to the FZ. It was to get auditors to support people to the VP world. Stupid I see now I was; again I missed how people Love money and I thought logic and seeing what is would work. WRONG.

        I can’t buy it being told I am liked and I am not asking to be liked. It does not matter I am liked or not as I am not playing this game any more. I been talked down to on the yahoo lists for years and the same treatment as the church. Some good and some not and it is because that is how people are. I Found that is where it matters little what one follows. People are People.

        I noticed the comm lines but for Sharons has gone to about 0 now. One who speaks her mind up front. One who never promised to help and did not do so. She kept talking and maybe Jane.

        I have a tone more to say but not going to you. You have my email if you want to talk to me.

  7. I meant not going to say it now here.

  8. Dear Silvia,
    my operation base since I started this life:
    All the guys which don´t wanna deal with you, kick their ass, let them know your decision (fuck off)loud and clearly and do it on real 2,0 and never put any attention on them again.
    I found out that most people -SCNist or WOGs)are unable to confront real 2,0. This works, believe me.

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