In order to be free you need to overcome the fear of being free.


I have noticed a peculiar phenomenon in the last year or so.

You hear a lot of fighting going on against Miscavige and the Church of $ on the subject of abuses of freedom of choice and thought.



You kind of get an idea that these people

are dreaming of a place were they can be totally free.

I approached many new and old independents and, as the first thing, I did let them know that I did not care about their past, I did not mind whatever they were doing or what they thought, I couldn’t care less what they were wearing or what they believed, but the only thing that was important to me, it was if they were hurting myself or others.

You would think these people would be happy to hear that.

Finally a place where they can be themselves without being judged!

Wonderful to a true seeker of freedom.

Instead they do blow. The majority does.

The truth is: they are not ready to deal with freedom.


They are not familiar with that emptiness of masses, don’t know what to do and therefore they start putting there something to get oriented, some little suppression here and there. And they are very familiar with that.

Being scared, they go back to whom tells them what to do and how to behave…

They like to be punished when they do something wrong.

They do not feel safe as free people as they have to be more responsible and be the one to make choices.



One of my pcs at one point started to threaten me he might have changed the auditor.

My answer to that was: “I care about your progress and about you very, very much, if you feel somebody else can do a better job, I will be more than happy to see you there with him.”

The result: he got furious at me.

He expected me to punish him for ‘betraying’ me and I did not.

Another, after months of me telling him, to not listen to anyone included me,

to make up his own mind, gathering his own data and deciding accordingly to his own integrity,

went around accusing me of manipulating him toward making some specific choices.

Many people cannot even conceive what freedom is… as so many times in the track, were given freedom as a way to make them fail… it was all set up to teach them a lesson: freedom is dangerous, painful and ends you up being cheated and alone.

No wonder so very few people are making it up the bridge, truly, and so many are crying out loud “Freedom, freedom!” but all they really do is proving to themselves they are cause and free by taking advantage of others or asserting their first dynamic…

If you would erase their bank all of a sudden, they would as a response create another one in no time. The silence, missing mass, lack of pressure they now experiencing it hits them as a ‘loss’.

It is really scary to them.



If you create an OT without having him switch, by gradient, from the Mest viewpoint (1st D as body), to the viewpoint of a spirit (7thD) he will experience a great discomfort and he is going to run back into his head right away.

That is one of the reasons wins must happen in a gradient especially at the beginning and why to be an auditor is a MUST.

So, we see and meet many people, they love the fact that they are treated as spiritual beings and not judged, but after a little while (short while) they demand to be controlled… and since my group and I are not into that game of controlling, we let them go…

but a few OT’s have stayed.






RE-STIMULATION is a good sign showing


by the so called OT’s

by Elizabeth Hamre



training and


auditing centers.


For the list go to:




we are here to help!!


If you are still in the church as staff or as public

and you need help to get out, if you just left and you need help,

please call or write to:


Silvia  Kusada  e-mail:


Aida Thomas: e-mail:


Silvia Kusada


Class VI (SHSBC), Class IV C/S and OT 8.


The happy world of the INDEPENDENTs

as free people!!








  1. There is a whole de-PTSing that has to happen. I know. I disconnected from them and still was PTS to them until learning the whole truth about what was going on. That gave me understanding of why some others were crazy/PTS too. It only happened after I understood the time place form and event of what happened to my group. And truthfully, I would only want someone auditing me or C/Sing for me who understands this as well. I know YOU understand this.

    • Yes. I do, still searching and learning 😀
      It is a key point as you write about spotting the time and place… that is what gets implant to blow at times…

  2. I kind of figured that out recently when I did my helping the Venus Project to be to try to get auditors on board. I know it would not be easy but I thought using logic would work but it did not. All it did was make me sick for the first time in a few years with a cold. I was being PTS to the freezone.

    I saw a lot of 1st,2nd dynamic activity’s and maybe the 3rd (fixing the church or attacking DM activity)But very hardly any activity on the 4th, 5th, 6th and even the higher dynamics. It is so often fix the church and or we got to make more money.

    One high class auditor brags about what fancy car he drives and fancy hotels he is at and the fancy foods. Yet he is showing medical issues and an addiction to his apparent favorite thing. This being has been known to cause massive arguments in the FZ.

    I only know one person who does not change a ton for his services. He charged the prices of the 1970’s. For many that is still a lot of money.

    I have helped the FZ a great deal and all I got for it was this stupid TShirt that had a footnote that thanks to others. If it was not for the others the FZ could fall apart and I quit playing that game. I am no longer doing anything for free in the FZ. The big stars of the FZ gets most of the credit. I spent untold number of hours helping and all I got was that stupid T shirt.

    It is the church all over again. Most did not free themselves as you say. If I say what I see as I am here I am considered troublesome or I need auditing. Yeah I get that too. Even though I have not done any auditing for long time it did not break my observation which learned over time with pain and upset about the FZ.

    You get evaluated even if the person does not know you or ever met you. If you are for the Venus Project you are a low case level and you better rush the auditor in there so she can be the proper brainwashed into the current dying system fast.

    Not that I can see what this system is doing to them as well as the rest of society. I realized that making a profit is out exchange with the universe. The universe likes Balance. Water never climbs higher than it’s own level unless it is forced to.

    I got peer pressure for years on the web so I been PTS for years to the FZ. Not all but those who are know bests.

    I find so many OT people who never had a lick of auditing in the Zeitgeist Movement and the Venus Project. It was then I realized we don’t need auditing for a resource based economy to be. What we need is education and massive de brainwashing.

    I also realized LRH had society brainwash too for the government has been at this since radio and TV started. Maybe about WW2 timing they made communism sound evil and it never made it’s goal because it was still in the money system. I realized it might work out of the money system where anyone can have what they want because of no money. No the Gov painted it and socialism with a horrid brush so they can make more profit and do their own controlling of people. LRH had that in him and so it went into the tech.

    Free ride does not always = free fall. In life there is never a free ride anyhow even in the RBE. Most will have to do something to survive but the key is it will be by choice and freely given and yes I see people in the world can be like you say too.

    Maybe that is why I had difficulty on this planet. I can figure out things to do for myself and in time I do leave abusive groups behind and the FZ is often acting like the church. I rather stay out of groups so I can think and point out issues for myself. It is why I am out of the church. I did not conform there either. I never fit in on this planet. I have been told there is something wrong with me because I can think for self and I sure did not fit in with Walmart either.

    I learned the FZ even if a person is OT is not free from the society brainwash. Most don’t know how to do critical thinking. They accept false data without verification. I

    I had one auditor who was picking about out points in the VP. The out points to him I guess would be out exchange or we are not Spiritual beings. Well the 2nd one I would grant him validity but in this case it is not important as one can choose for self anyhow. It is not a dictatorial suppressive group so it mostly an economic, social change for man. A kind of de-brainwashing on economics and how systems can work.

    So OT’s don’t impress me a lot these days as they still have false data on exchange and what exchange by dynamics are. I always knew it did not have to do with money. Yet the church ran it on me hoping I would get the money cog there. It was an evaluation of me in auditing. I realize that now. I always understood it but since money has always been not important to me but for survival I saw the other side of it.

    People do anything for money and if the church had all the answers to the world’s problems then why in the hell is it in the condition it is in. I can tell you.

    Because of the lack of critical thinking and standing for observation and saying you see it how it is even if one got tossed. I got tossed for saying it. I also know people don’t know what an ad homien, peer pressure is and or what a straw man argument is. I had to look that up myself. To be controlled by another most of these are used by suppressive, Trolls and sock puppets to control the conversation and the group.

    The PTS data was not enough and it was never enough for me. The data was incomplete.

    Society falls down this road over and over and over again. The Venus project wants to remove the causes of such. Education of all in critical thinking and the money system which can cause people to gain power over other people.

    Also like the game of monopoly all the pieces, money and possessions all go back into the box when this lifetime game is over. So what is the point of this stupidity I ask.

    I dream of an RBE society but I wonder if it will be because of what you say. People don’t want to be free. They often want to be held down by a pushed down 7 in this society including scientologists as you say.

    You stumbled upon what I have observed. I did not need to be no Stinkien supper ummpty upmity OT to see it.

    When my mom died I still had the brainwash an OT can speak to a person that passed. I asked her to help me and her answer told me that lie that was presented. To do it myself. She could not do it. I am aware that some can but it is iffy I think.

    I got tired of it. I thought the VP people would not accept auditing but it turned out the FZ that was set in stone. Again not all of them for some are working for the VP.

    That is when I blew up and got sick. Once I realized this stuff I said above the cold went away like magic. I wasted a year doing as I did. The Zeitgeist Movement is right it has to crash before people learn the true lessons of life.

    1. anyone has to do about anything for money because it = Survival. Even rich fears being poor. Suppressive does the most damage here.

    2. Even the most ethical beings on the planet would steal to feed their kids because it is demanded to survive.

    3. Most of society that eat don’t care that about 2/3 of mankind are used as slaves and are starving and dying because they don’t have pieces of paper that gives them the license to survive.

    4. I don’t give a flying rats’ behind when I hear someone says they pulled it in. They did not pull it in as they are being suppressed by society.

    I don’t want to be part of a group that support the above.

    • Fancy. You are right. only a follower belongs or have the need to belong in to such a groups. To belong to any place to any group, to have the need to believe in any consideration is restimulation, part of the bank. Elizabeth

  3. I am not an expert is the reactive mind but what I have observed is so.

    Does not change the fact I am still for auditing and the Venus PRoject a resource based economy but I sure can say what I see. I can also see the reasoning why it is said to be that way.

    I also hate belief. Nothing to back it up with bur arguments. I refuse to argue.

  4. Very good article. These are very good points you are making about changing ones viewpoint from MEST to spiritual. I really agree with your comments about the loss of havingness and discomfort one can feel when evaporating the bank. What a seeming contradiction!

    This does not have to be a slow process of “freeing” and then of “re-balancing” but usually people DO spend quite a bit of time on this — I know that I have.

    Case supervising to address the thetan’s tone as directly as possible seems to me the most efficient method of bring a person around to a “freedom point-of-view.” It is for this reason that the Church and others fail because they operate in such a controlling and heavy-handed way. Each auditor’s code violation, each heavy-handed ethics handling, each time a manager “blasts” their junior, some progress is lost toward freeing people.

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