Be true to your own goals…

Be true to your own goals… but do it the way we want.

Monday, June 7, 2010 12:39 PM
From: “KC Org” <>

Be true to your own goals



Be true to your own goal, fight the wrong indications,

revolt against what you think is an arbitrary,

do not let anybody tell you what you should think or what to do…

fight for your freedom!

And if you do that, you will soon realize you are fighting against a whole organization devoted to build up an empire of properties and money.

You will face the shocking reality that none cares about you when your pockets are empty.

Being true to your own goal in the current Church of Scientology will bring you to discover the truth behind a corrupt management… a perverted manipulation of LRH tech.

You will be squashed, nullified, threaten told to ‘reform’.



…but please, when that will happen, do not throw yourself off the Grand Canyon…

Know that you are not alone…

there are many independents that are here to help you to get back on your feet, the best field auditors, Class VIII’s, Class IX’s and Class XII’s are available to you to help you to achieve the abilities you always wanted.

Do not jump into the canyon thinking you have lost your eternity!

You are just about to get it back!!


Silvia Kusada

is an OT7,  GAT class VI (SHSBC), FLAG trained class 5, class IV C/S

admin trained on OEC vol 0 and vol 7 and a permanent Ethic Specialist gold seal.

feel free to contact her at:





1 Comment

  1. It is not just the church that does this. The FZ can do it too.

    Any group can do it. I found that out.

    I do stand by what I see is so. I got picked and and peer pressure and yes from the FZ and the main reason I am no longer in the church as well. I did not take it there either.

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