That feeling of being lost.

That feeling of being lost.


The feeling of being lost is nothing more

than a disorientation point…

How strong and how often

we must have been hit to get to this?

Quite a lot.

I have been searching for home.

The truth is

there is no home.

There is just now and now is everywhere…

But to a lesser truth, there is a ‘here

where I’m considering to be now.

And because this is a lie, I feel lost.


... Where am I? I do not recognize this place?

If you stand at the edge of a pond,

you can look into the water

and watch beautiful fishes…

If you pretend to be smaller than you are

and you move your viewpoint into one of the fishes lungs,

you will not be able to see the fishes anymore…



The lungs airways are lined with tiny hairs known as cilia.


and you might end up thinking you lost them…

or there are no fishes at all.

The feeling of being lost is just a disorientation point…


... Where am I? I do not recognize this place? WHAT DOES A BEING DOING STUCK INTO HIS HEAD... OR IN A SMALL UNIVERSE?



LRH definitions:


determination of location in space and time

and determination of energy quantity present.

This applies to past, present, future.

(Sen 8-8008 Gloss)




1. that point in relation to which others have location.

It is also that point from which the space

containing the locations is being created.

(Chart of Human Evaluation)

2. A point of reference from which

the position of other objects is judged.

People are often found still using orientation points

from childhood which may be thousands of miles

from their present time location.

The goal of Scientology is that the thetan

be his own principal orientation point,

and that he have the ability to use

or discard any other point of reference. (COHA Gloss)



a point of no-dimension, a point

has neither length,breadth, nor depth.

But it is something from which you could view

length, breadth and depth. (PDC 11)




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