‘Moving’ up North…

 ‘Moving’ up North…


The magic of discovering freedom


I ‘m on a wonderful trip…

since few months I stepped in a totally new dimension and reality.

I finally brought myself to meet an incredible being. I have been looking for her since long time.

She has the body of a woman this lifetime.

She has the most incredible, clean space I have ever pervaded,

to a point that while stepping in her universe, I felt thick.

Compared to the lightness, transparency and nothingness of the place…

I was the one with great heavy masses.


I said to my self I’m in the right place.

I felt home.

How many of us are ‘lost’ in this universe thinking we are alone?

I told her she had to write all she has to says

because many more are in the search of truth

and when they will find her

they will know there is “family”

and there is a place called home even if as a far away place.


I know there are several hidden magic places like this one

all around earth and in this universe…

may be these are the ‘stargate’ to the other side.

Here you are not taught what to think or what to believe,

nobody could ever do that unless you are willing to learn.

And when you are willing to learn


are the one “stealing” knowledge from left to right.


That is what you find yourself doing when you really want to get out.


That desire-alone will give you the strength to push through.

To overcame the huge loss of losing everything and to realize, right after,

 that “losing everything” is actually one of the implanted emotions

of the implanted game called MEST.

This whole dramatization is keeping you in the game.

Fighting for your own rights, to kill the bastards, to save the poor…

Help is another big button from an implant

and you can see it at work when people sacrifice their first dynamic for it…

Of course we have different levels and harmonics.

The intention to harm or to improve the state of living,

that been hidden or overt, is what differentiate the tone levels.


“A body of knowledge cannot have an opinion on something.

It simply extends what is found to be true, wherever it is found to be true, into greater truths. That’s all.

And if something is true, that’s all right.

And if something is false, well, one simply recognizes that’s false.”

“The total empire of a Scientologists (…) from my  viewpoint,

the total empire is an empire of wisdom.”

“There is no effort on the part of Scientology to own

or have  the allegiance of billions and billions and billions of people

or to have thousands and thousands of tons of masonry piled up,

with Scientology written across the top of it,

or to have certain governments of Earth giving allegiance

to Scientology or something of the sort.

This is very, very dull indeed.

The empire of Scientology is 100 percent the empire of wisdom;

there is no other empire envisioned.”

(Consideration, mechanics and the theory behind Instruction – 20 July 1954- Phoenix Lectures) 

by L. Ron Hubbard 


You are brought to believe that mankind learns from history and wars…

He does not.

The reasons to hate, to war and behind fighting

are traps to keep you busy and away

from the walk to freedom.


Very cleaver from the implanter’s side!!


We have to gain enough courage to free

ourselves from the ought to be, do, have.

LRH has left us the right gradient to start the walk…

and the stronger ones are getting there.


“But here in the East we find a tradition of wisdom

and it was that thing more than anything else which came through to me

when I was quite young-a tradition of wisdom, 

the freedom to think- the freedom to be an individual,

to be as eccentric as one pleases

and to lie down and die if it struck one as that was the thing to do. “

” What a strange world- a world incomprehensible

to a young American- that somebody would simply get tired of life

and decide to die.”

“You should help people and you should do this

and you should do that- but freedom to think,

freedom to be and freedom to become anything was predominant.

It wasn’t complete carelessness as I first supposed.

It was a tradition of intellectual freedom.”

Bridge between Scientology and Civilization by L. Ron Hubbard

-Phoenix Lectures




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or if you just left and need help, please call or write to:


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Silvia Kusada


Class VI (SHSBC), Class IV C/S and OT 8.




The happy world of the INDEPENDENTs

as free people!!



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