No liabilities for an empty body…



No aware spirits allowed in a body

in this Universe.

No wisdom, no passion for truth, no integrity

or courage to disagree are ALLOWED.

Empty bodies are OK…

Wanted dead bodies to build an orderly obedient society...

“…the only crime that you could possibly commit is being there.

I don’t care where.

That is the only crime that you could commit.”

20 August 1954 – Axioms, part IV (Phoenix Lectures)

by L. Ron Hubbard



If you wish to take ownership of your body

please make sure

you do not let anyone notice it.

As long as average people think that the body and the deteriorated being living inside

can be controlled, you are going to be fine.

But in the moment they feel there is an independent being

they cannot control in that body,

you are going to become their worse target ever.

The physical universe itself will fight you.


No matter how much you help, how good you are, how caring... they will see you as an enemy!


It is not always true, that people attack you

because you “pulled that in“,

that is what ill intentioned people wish you to believe.

They attack you because they know

you are aware of what they are up to,

because you are able to look beyond their lies.

Because you could wake up others…

So, when you walk the path to OT,

while you expand and coexist with others

you are going to be more and more able to listen to their thoughts

and they know it…

For that only, you are going to find yourself

surrounded by the worse enemies,

attacked in the most unusual ways and with the lamest excuses.

They are going to accuse you of crimes you never committed.

LRH said that a OT cannot make it alone…

it could, but it can be quite challenging.

While walking the path of truth, while regaining the ability to pervade,

while rediscovering the beauty of knowigness…


be sure you have near you loyal friends you can trust no matter what.

Do not engage into the battle of life, no matter how tempting it could be

or how right you feel about it.

It is nothing but a trap.

Remember, your spiritual freedom is your only battle,

if is there you are walking to.





I do believe the lower bridge as LRH laid it out

is the right gradient to upper levels.

I have put my spiritual search and progress as the priority.


However, I’m available to get to Clear and OT  ONLY, I underline,

ONLY those that are truly determined to make it out.

(those only can contact me at:


All the others can avail of the many great people

and great auditors available in the field of earth. 





For the list go to:






If you need help to get out of the Church of $cientology

or if you just left and need help, please call or write to:




Silvia Kusada


Class VI (SHSBC), Class IV C/S and OT 8.



  1. Since I have received the greatest gift one can be given, as that gift have become mine and I used it well. It have taken the blindfold away from my eyes which was in the form of the MEST= considerations= agreements.
    Now, I can see, I now I recognise the other great and priceless gift one being can give to the another, the friendship, the duplication of ones Universe, in the way of acknowledgement=understanding the Intangible, the Infinite.
    Thank You Silvia,
    you beautiful Fairy.

  2. Elizabeth,
    if there is a door to the other world, that to me has been you!!
    Love you and admire you! THANK YOU!

  3. So true. Im loving your awakening Silvia.

    Im also loving YOUR choice of words too, DETERIORATED BEING instead of DEGRADED BEING still has the initials DB ,but,the difference is huge,Deteriorated makes one rather less inclined to self implode over worthlessness.

    Id like to see all the VISCIOUS CONTROL words of scientology to be abandoned, Squirrel
    Wog, SP, and the dozens of others, these words belittle and control our actions and keep our brothers and sisters stuck in a maze of self worthlessness.

    Our brothers and sisters may have deteriorated but are Not Degraded.

    • There is so much suppression and there are several groups working hard, beside the current Church of $cientology, to really trap people. Words have become heavy they restimulate the whole track… they associate them with pain and abuses…
      A word is just a sound… your reaction to it, it is also the reaction of many others, me included and it is an huge indication of suppression and psychological abuse.
      Thankyou for being part of our group…

  4. Thanks you for this LRH article . I loved it . I’m with you ! :-))

  5. Wonderful…
    you are a growing strong theta group…

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