How an OT (spirit) acquires knowledge.

How an OT could acquire knowledge

Changing the base of operation...

It is not true what people have been telling us that pain,

suffering and/or bad luck

are necessary to learn from life.

It is just another way to trap you and keep you down

or…  going down even further.

If counter survival activities brings you down,

if those suck life energy from you

how could they possibly be survival?

May be, and I say may be, at the time of the loss,

the pain can be so deep and strong that the body does not recover,

it dies in a sort of way, impinging the losses and the lingering pains and suffering on the being.

What the being is more likely to do?

Tired and confused  by a never-ending unexplained pain,

which does not in fact belong to him,

the spirit tries to solve his problem by letting go of the body.


This could be a good starting point.

The realization of not being a body,

the awareness of how much a body could affect ones and keep a spirit into an old game.

It could be a good point if the being, having a natural high tone,

has enough courage to start working on the theta universe.

After all, all you have to do is to let go (no matter on which harmonic)

of the “must have of the body”.

Not necessarely of the body, but of the “must have” of one.


A spiritual being at a certain spiritual awareness

does not have to obey to the laws of this universe

(and indeed, he better not).

It is actually advisable that he starts getting unaccustomed

to the use of this rudimental technique.

He can actually learn about things by inspection.


He is able to know by pervasion.

Why suffering a personal loss, a failure,

when it could be just enough to get the same or better data

by looking at somebody elses one?

or to their mock ups? or by pervading the person’s space?


This blog it is not anymore about the sad Church of $cientology or the INDies.

There are plenty of people engaged in that crusade.

My writing is moving into the realm of OT researches,

gains and discoveries.

I treasure the incredible knowledge  and gains I acquired

by studying and applying LRH materials without which

I couldn’t make it up to where I’m now.

I spent few thousand years in spiritual researches.

Time to bridge into the next step… free from any group.

Friend of those who are true seekers of truth and knowledge.


Beings that, despite of all the suppression and false data given,

are still able to dream.


We enter “the realm of magic”.

Quite a normal world from the view point of a spiritual being,

but pretty “magic” from a body viepoint.

Many are going to read about this new world

and dream it would be real.

This is the first step.

And if they will not let go they will get there too.

Many others will regard me as crazy…

 but that it is a compliment at this time.


Here, there is no better or worse,

there is no teacher or student.

We learn from each other.

We take what we like and we make it ours if we see if it works for us.

My sister Elizabeth has and is playing a big role on my spiritual freedom,

she, like me, believes in pure magic and have touched the other side.

She told me once…;

-“The truth Silvia, is that you are not ‘human’.-

She is right.

After many lives we finally have reconnected.

I’m sure there are many of us.

We are gong to reunite… the many of us.

The best way to be happy

is to be where you belong

even if, for some of us, encompass recognizing

we do not belong anywhere while being everywhere…


20 August 1954,- “Axiom, Part II”

“Number 25 of this Axioms and definitions:

Affinity is a scale of attitude which falls away from the co-existence of Static,

through the interposition of distance and energy

to create identity, down to close proximity but mistery.”

“Total knowigness goes down to lookingness.

You have to look to find out. Well.

That’s different than simply knowing with looking.

Now we go down to looking.

And now we go just a little bit lower than that-this is,

by the way, an affinity scale- go in into e motion. 

And look and then we no longer have knowledge by looking,

we have knowledge by emotion.

Do we like it, do we dislike it emotionally?”

“Now, if I have to feel it to know it’s there, I’ve gone immediately into effort.

My affinity for something would be good if I could feel it

and it would be no good at all if I can’t feel it.”

“Now, affinity is this scale. It goes down through effort.

When a person gets down to effort, then he’s into a level where he’s got to work,

everything has got to be work.

He’s got to touch everything and feel everything

before he can know anything.

A person in that band, by the way-as he gets to the lower part of the band-has facsimiles.”

“Well, now we go down from effort into thinking.

And we get our figure-figure-figure-figure-figure case.

Now, he’s a hard boy to get along with because he can’t work.

He feels that-his thought, by the way, is a colloquialism.

Life is not composed of space and action and al sorts of things.”

“Now, a person can postulate without thinking about it.

If that’s what we mean by thought, that’s fine,

but usually what people mean by thought is figure-figure-figure-figure.

20 August 1954,- “Axiom, Part II”

by L. Ron Hubbard




I do believe the lower bridge as LRH laid it out

is the right gradient to upper levels.

I have put my spiritual search and progress as the priority.


However, I’m available to get to Clear and OT  ONLY, I underline,

ONLY those that are truly determined to make it out.

(those only can contact me at:


All the others can avail of the many great people

and great auditors available in the field of earth. 





For the list go to:






If you need help to get out of the Church of $cientology

or if you just left and need help, please call or write to:




Silvia Kusada


Class VI (SHSBC), Class IV C/S and OT 8.



  1. Now you are talking!

    I agree and like you this is also my idea that there are already enough people desiring to oppterm the church. I don’t want to contribute to that Goals Problem Mass. I am not in their games condition and am happy enough doing my own research of life and enjoying the company and communication of my family and like-minded friends.

    I love the free feeling that comes from not fighting battles that not only cannot be won but also don’t need to be fought. I love the full and vigorous feeling that marks the passing of each vanquished consideration, and to be clear, by consideration I mean computation in the Tech Dictionary sense of the word. My good friend Aida drove that one home for me and since then I have continued to improve by using it.

    I used to be worn out with fatigue from trying to cram my spirit into the tiny little box that became the church. Today my spirit is refreshed and validated with the proud knowingness of accomplishment that I have bestowed upon myself.

    • Chris, beautifuly expressed, I love self validation, now that has value!. Your Oracle+ your shining star, did I leave anything out?

    • Chris, there are people I feel very lucky I have met, one of them is Aida… Her ability to help and increase understanding of others about life is outstanding…
      Good job on your part too.

  2. Here it is ” I TOLD YOU SO.”
    The very first time I have seen your picture I known you were a Fairy.
    I told you and You have only believed, when you were here
    and you were in session and you have found the Place
    the Theta Universe, which is only yours, totally beautiful space.
    Than you had tears an your eyes!! The Space is you.
    You are the space where there is harmony,
    The sound of the Universe the sound of the Life-force which can not be described with words.
    To know what we are, which is Intangible and Infinite to know and experience than we are home!
    I welcome you
    To walk by my side
    And explore the wanders the magnificence of the endless space,
    The star studded blue Indigo Night.
    I am here, I am home,
    Here, I will remain forever among the stars.
    Here, I create, from dust of stars
    I weave the darkness into light,
    They are the wonders, the magic in the Indigo Night.

  3. Silvia, thank you for not mentioning that I use the baseball bat on you! That would ruin my reputation. PS: Reading your article I know you doing well Love you much, and give a kiss to the little critter.

  4. There are “virgin” seekers of hope entering a CULTure of deceit every day..

    I keep pushing the not so decent side of a founder of a group..some may say im wrong
    its been debated, its old, its not what was meant, that may be so, any group has the potential to control its members thoughts and actions..

    thats why im very happy that you have embraced your oneness..

    Happy Graduation day Silvia, realising you hold the POWER and the freedom from bonds of any group, beyond the grasp of any mind hook to OBEY!

  5. I am totally with you Silvia. There isn’t any other way to make it to the other side without having the viewpoints you are expressing. I love it and I’m getting there more and more. Thanks for having this site and I need to follow you on Facebook more and get the theta you impart. Thanks for being here.

  6. Silivia please correct a word Wanders to wonders please. The hungarian ear hears different since there is no word in hungarian starting with “W’Thank Have a lovely day! We have sunshine here!!!!

  7. Good post, Silvia. Groups are necessary, IMO, to “hold the form of an org”. The can help so that others can find the way. However, due to their inability to change as rapidly as an individual, and they can also inhibit their members, no matter how well designed they are, due to the many ways in which communication can be misunderstood.

    Once we understand the basics, specifics must be tuned to the individual’s need, rather than to the group’s programming. A group never helped anyone, though individuals who called themselves members of a group certainly can. Ultimately, it is we who help ourselves, just as ultimately, it is we who can hurt ourselves.

    The external world can give you a “wrong indication”, but only you can decide to apply it to yourself, protest it, etc. Be good to yourself. Keep flowing these “correct indications”!

    And for the record, I much prefer your own personal insights, I love to hear them expressed. The quotes from other sources might give your words weight with other scientologists, but for the wide world who needs to get to know YOU, and the service you bring to them… Well, I love YOUR thoughts. 🙂

    • Thank you Kevin. I cannot agree more with you. Where, on a lower level of a tone scale there are a bunch of valences taking around the body, or even bodies taking around spiritual beings, we find the necessity of groups, of a leader and of a set rules.
      A very introverted and invalidated being experience that desire of guidance and boundaries.
      Responsibility and awareness is very low here.
      When we truly enter the realm of OT (hight tone one) we enter in “world” were people are other people. Non because the lose their individuality, but because, being able to pervade and be everywhere they can perceive and be aware of others. They share the same space.
      they start realizing they have telepathic power and they use it. They know the needs and wants and (being high tone) they produce it naturally.

      It is a beautiful world… 😀

  8. Beautiful Being. Beautiful message. Let us celebrate this realm of magic.

  9. groups are, however, part and parcel of and inherent in the third dynamic. As in anything else, it is a matter of tone level and purposes. Provided the tone level is high and the purposes are those to which the members of the group belong agree with and the group actually takes responsibility for the purposes and genuinely follows them, that group will be successful all along the way.

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