Where are my keys?

Where are my keys?

The hard way to find your keys…

when an elf hides them under the couch

or moves them about in your purse,

is to look for it.


The easier way is to know where they are.


After a bunch of solo auditing, where apparently,

I couldn’t feel much gains…

I suddently realized that in that nothingness I had actually expanded

and regained a huge amount of knowigness.


I always had a great ability to find things where people thought they had lost them.

I can always find anything, except my keys.

Many times I had to literally empty my purse to find my keys.

Well, not long ago, while I was considering

that my keys disappeared again I tried a different approach.

I closed my eyes and I looked where the keys were.

I put my hand back into the purse and there they were.


Found them!!!


I have for too long played the wrong game and used the wrong rules.

It has quite an invalidative-introverting effect for an OT

to play by the laws of this universe.

It does not work for him.

He is pretending to not being able to run, and tries to walk…

he is actually stopping himself and putting counter efforts

to his impulse to run so to be able to just walk.

He is so accustomed to this that all his counter efforts

to stop his abilities are almost in automatic.

It takes some work to

1) locate and

2) strip off these counter-efforts.

It is a re-educational process to the OT life.

A steady exercise of your knowigness.


Many times you will feel you are making mistakes,

you will doubt yourself.

But, please do not stop.

After a while you will start separating your knowigness

from the one of others

(that’s where the ‘mistakes’ or wrong answers come from.).

I would like to invite you to try…


To be OT starts from having the right state of mind.

Not from the mind.

Send me your successes please!


About a year ago  I met a great guy at one of Tory Christman parties,

he gave me a book he wrote which I think it expresses a very interesting viewpoint.

I promised him I would have post it on my blog but I never did.

I apologize to him for the long delay. Here it is.

The Queen of Heaven:
The origin of the Universe and the Masonic Pyramid by Jeffrey Augustine
IBSN 1-4116- 5906-6
Send direct inquires to: jeffreyaugustine@gmail.com
Author Augustine
The Queen of Heaven: The origin of the Universe and the Masonic Pyramid by Jeffrey Augustine – Send direct inquires:  jeffreyaugustine@gmail.com – http://www.jeffreyaugustine.com 




I do believe the lower bridge as LRH laid it out

is the right gradient to upper levels.

I have put my spiritual search and progress as the priority.


However, I’m available to get to Clear and OT  ONLY, I underline,

ONLY those that are truly determined to make it out.

(those only can contact me at: Skusada2010@gmail.com)


All the others can avail of the many great people

and great auditors available in the field of earth. 





For the list go to:



Silvia Kusada


Class VI (SHSBC), Class IV C/S and OT 8.




  1. It has become more and more real to me that I am the only limiting factor in my life and livingness. This is more encouragement to pursue full OT as well as a better idea what full OT really is.

  2. The key ingredient to knowingness is responsibility.

    Total responsibility would mean total knowingness.

    The question then is, how far up the scale can one elevate ones level of responsibility?


    • Hello Mike. Knowingness is knowingness just simply one knows. For that there is no responsibility. Only for doing-ness, actions one can be , can take resposibility for. Whatever that is. Have a lovely day! Elizabeth

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