Shopping for bodies… or beings?

Shopping for bodies… or beings?


-I think I look good in that car… I meant to say: ‘with that girl!”-


I have mentioned before that whoever will actually

produce a true realistic human robot

will make a fortune.

I will definitely be one of the buyers.

May be I should audit-out giving up finding a mate.

I admit, I’m quite apathetic about it.

After few years of being single I decided to try one more time a single site.

I have done it 2-3 times… but after few days

I end up cancelling my subscription.

The only way I could be on one these programs longer than few days,

would be if I decide to write a book about dating.


I have to clarify that I do not believe into the so-called “womanhood” and “manhood”

I believe in spiritual being  inhabiting bodies and acquiring and using the configuration, data, the ‘suppost-to’

or ‘not-suppost-to’ of that culture or that bodies.

So even if this post will mention men…

 it is actually about men and women.


I have gone out with few guys… actually I would better say

I have gone out with many valences…

they are in too much fear to come out at the open.

When you read their profiles you read the description

of the most amazing perfect guys every woman would want to have.

A good 80% of the ones that promote themselves to have an income above $150.000 thoudands, are people who suddenly have  ‘lost’ their job or lost the majority of their clients the day before they go out with you. Right!

Some others have moneys, they are too scared to reach for the blond ‘russian’ or the ‘too actractive’, and decide to go for something they can still kind of proud of to bring around (BRING), but they feel safer to not get screwed.

The so-called safe option.

Others are definitely wealthy but they do not know what manners are.

Or they think they do, because they buy you an expensive dinner,

they make sure you see they have spent $300 for that expensive wine

or they invite you in their house (what they call it ‘mansion’)

and they tell you to feel home, when they really mean:

‘If you stay with me you see what you can use?’

And you look at them, realizing

they do not have a clue of who you really are

and who they really are.



They are making their business deal.

My money, the use of my properties for your body…

if you make me look good and you shut up when I do not wish to talk.


I think if all this would be openly expressed

I would have more appreciation for the guys.

I grew up in a country where manners were very important.

And I still think they are.

They are a form of respect and care.

To say good night before going to sleep, to open the door to a woman,

to ask what she would like to eat or if there is anything you could do to make the person feel better or more confortable…

Manners are nothing more than a way to say:

‘I see you are here and I like it.’

I remember when I was teenager, a very beautiful friend of mine

slept with a guy just because he went to her

and told her she looked like a princess.

And he really treated her like one.

Wasn’t a big deal to sleep around but there was care,

it wasn’t a cold use of each other.

We were friends “forever” (kind of) after that.

I believe in love. I believe in honestly and loyalty.

But most of all I believe that when somebody really sees who you are,

if that is love, it does not ask himself what you can do for him,

it does not care of your past or your future,

he is not worried about his properties or the time he is investing.

Nothing of this counts.

And if it is pure love, an high tone one it will last forever.

A honeymoon can last a life time…

The question most people in fear ask themselves

women or men indistinctly is:

‘What he or she can do for me?”

But this is an incomplete question…

the second part should say… “and what does she /he needs ?

Can I deliver that to him/her?”

Two first dynamics

do not make a second dynamics.

They simply remain 2 first dynamics,

even if in appearance there is an illusion of a group.

The coexistence and the fusion of 2 first dynamics,

with a common goal

and a basic postulate of survival as a group

will make one.

You do not lose your individuality…

you just expanding into more space and more beigness,

that been the one of your teammate.

And you sit there with this super cool “well mannered guy”,

that just ate all the fish you supposed to share,

he did not even ask you if you wanted to try it,

he did not even think there is another person in front of him…

You sit there and wonder.

You well know this guy is not going to do anything for you,

unless it brings any benefit to hinself.

You are just one of the cars he wish to drive..

and he really does not care if he gets you or a yellow one,

as long as he gets a car.

It is a first dynamic activity.

There was a guy that thanked me for having accepted his invitation

where no women have had.

I wouldn’t have gone too if wasn’t for a misunderstanding,

but I was surely glad to be there, and I would have rather spent my time

with him that with the others Mr Right.

He was the only one to be really there…

A OT, to make it short, cannot play the meat body game

without going down..

he has to start lying to himself and justifying and saying good-bye to his awareness, abilities and  Code of Honor…

It is true that for a being anything is better than nothing…

but that is true for a being that is already pretty enmeshed with the lies 

in this universe… and have already lost the sense of truth

and his own integrity…

Compromises and justifications are the very essence of this universe.

and after a while they make you lose sight of what you really want

and of who you really are.

It is priceless to have spiritual friends. 😀


‘THE ELEMENTS with stress on how to run matched terminals

25 March 1953 by L. Ron Hubbard

“Any thinker in any age, any one of the great teachers has recognized this very clearly: that Man’s only smaller chance of bailing himself out of what he was in-the only chance he had of bailing out had to do with Man respecting Man and letting people get up off their knees. 

And the six great teachers have each-has each one of them tried to make this point clear to Man.

Then a bunch of mad hatters rush in and they get down-you see, there can be one level at 40.0 where you really do get the universal solvent: admiration, affinity.

And for every point on the upper scale, there is an echo: mockery point on the lower scale.

For instance, true friendship could only exist from about, oh, maybe 2.8 up. And yet your friends at that level never say, “I’m your friend.”

That’s left for the fellows around 1.1.”

“People come along and they say “love”. (…)

“What is this stuff called love?”

“Everybody knows that men and women are in love with each other.

Oh, yeah? I know they have compulsive drive toward each other that’s very emotionally upsetting, … Well, maybe once in a while they do.

And when they do, do you see a tremendous successful marriage.”

“And as an auditor you are going to be confronted with this, time after time, because you are going to say, “Well, that’s odd.

This fellow was in love with this girl and then this happened and… “get that first word that he used. “I was in love.”

Right at that moment, take your choice.

It’s down here below 2.0 on the Tone Scale or it was way up.

And if it was way up, he wouldn’t be sitting there talking to you. 

You get that? “

He wouldn’t be there if it was up, so what’s he talking about?

He’s talking to you about something which exists below 2.0 on the Tone Scale. (…)

Because there’s always something below 2.0 on the Tone Scale which is a mockery and a mimicry and a pretended agreement with something actual, high on the Tone Scale.

For instance, there-fear is a sort of enthusiasm.

You can watch somebody exhibiting enthusiasm and he’s coming out that way, you see?

Well, a person doing fear is really doing some sort of a level like that and you can very easily get a person who is continually in fear mixed up with a person who is enthusiastic.

You are dealing with somebody who’s about 1.0 on the Tone Scale and you think you’re dealing with a person who has a tremendous amount of enthusiasm.

Only, all this person is trying to do that has all this enthusiasm, he’s just trying to hold everything off of him. With what?

By being afraid of it, see? 

Push out that outflow, push out that outflow and that will hold them all off. And you-this person very often will mistake this for enthusiasm.

And it’s merely this: it’s, if he can put it out fast enough and hard enough and acceptably enough, he drives them off hard enough.

So sometimes he’s more scared than others. “

“Love is a compound emotion. “

“If you want the preclear to turn on the emotion called “love,” get him to turn on sympathy and admiration in sequence.

Get him to turn on sympathy for something, then admiration for something, then sympathy for something, then admiration for something.

And if he gets that going, all of a sudden the sympathy and admiration will merge as an emotion and you’ll get what’s known as love.

And he will feel that and he’ll say,

“My God, I haven’t felt that since I was fifteen.”

That’s real love.”

“Of course, most people are so scared of this commodity that you probably wouldn’t be able to get them to admit it if they did feel it- if you get somebody, when you got him up the Tone Scale a little bit and try the test.

And what people misinterpret as love below 2.0 on the Tone Scale is a very low-tone agreement with.

It’s actually a sort of pity, feel sorry for, sympathize with.

In other words, it’s the sympathy.

It is the sympathy element in love.

And so you get it way down at the bottom of the tone scale.”

“It’s quite powerful. It doesn’t have the other ingredient in it: admiration. “

We talk about ARC and we’re always talking about affinity.

What’s affinity? Affinity is co-beigness.

And co-beigness is only possible in the presence of admiration and sympathy.

Now, it has to fall away from perfect co-beigness in order to pick up individual characteristics.

The universal solvent is affinity.”

The lower it is on the scale, the less co-beigness is possible.

So how do you get a preclear out of his body and able to be a lorry and able to be a soapbox and able to be anything he wants to be?

Well, boy, he’d better have affinity in unbounded quantities. “

“But if affinity was co-beigness, you wouldn’t need much space.

You really wouldn’t if you had affinity.

You wouldn’t have to be able to make very much space.

It wouldn’t be very important.

“We don’t have affinity creating a boundless quantity of space, but we have no-affinity with a tremendous insistence on lots of space.

And when a person says, “I don’t like,” he means, “I want to put space between me and it.”

“What’s communication?

Communication will be the ability to translate sympathy or some component of sympathy from one terminal to another terminal.

That would be communication. And the most perfect communication would be communication.

That would be the most perfect communication, you see.

You’d be in the same space as the other person, thinking the same thought, and that’s as perfect as communicating is going to get.

And the most perfect affinity you could possibly be with anybody was to be the body. Be them. That would be perfect affinity, you see?

But you’d really have to have perfect affinity in order to have perfect communication and yet…

All right. And then, then we’ve got reality. What’s perfect reality?

 We’d have perfect reality as agreement, just like we’ve said all along, because the most perfect agreement would be to be in the same space with, thinking the same thought as and feeling the same emotion as somebody else. And then you and somebody else would be actually, basically, the same person.

But there is a position on the Tone Scale where you and somebody else could be the same person and then simply on determinism be different people?

You know, be the same person, then be other people?

And then be the same person and then be two people?”

“Could you do this?

Yup. Way up. Way up on the Tone Scale. That’s the way you do it.”

“So way up on the Tone Scale, there is no such thing as a hidden communication or a hidden influence.

You have co-beigness, co-communication, co-agreement, winding up in a reality with a tremendous flexibility of beigness and determinism, tremendous loose flexibility.

A person is as happy as he can be his entire environment, saying, “I’m not going to be that, I’m not going to be that,” you’ve got the stimulus-response mechanism which, to know more about, you should study in Book One.

by L. Ron Hubbard







I do believe the lower bridge as LRH laid it out

is the right gradient to upper levels.

I have put my spiritual search and progress as the priority.


However, I’m available to get to Clear and OT  ONLY, I underline,

ONLY those that are truly determined to make it out.

(those only can contact me at:


All the others can avail of the many great people

and great auditors available in the field of earth. 






If you need help to get out of the Church of $cientology

or if you just left and need help, please call or write to:




Silvia Kusada


Class VI (SHSBC), Class IV C/S and OT 8.




  1. OMG, I thought I was the only one who had this viewpoint!! Manners, spiritual beings, co-beingness, et al. I’m so often disappointed to rarely encounter anyone who understands and embraces these concepts. It’s refreshing to know that there is someone else out there who knows of these things and embraces them. You are a very interesting being, Silvia. The next time you’re through here, we really must spend more time together as I find your viewpoints to be very interesting.

    There IS someone out there for you, I have no doubt. Just name, want. and you will find them.

    • She has found her perfect mate with whom she could totally happy with. A person who understand her , totaly duplicates her, allow her totall beingness But there is slight problem. This being has a female body, and old thing, [ no lesbian tendencies here, please dont have on MU !!!! She just knows what reality level the person should have and she loves my space and energy level] Silvia is truly looking for a soul mate a perfact match on equal in reality level. But it would help a great deal if he has a nice slim body, lovely manners, great personality, money would be helfull too. I have put out a postulate since i would love to be in her wedding. Love you beautifull one!

  2. Hi, Silvia. People often confuse lust for love. Every person has many attributes. Some of them are very subjective/spiritual, whereas others are very physical.

    I definitely know what it means to lie down next to someone who did not love me, who didn’t understand me, and who didn’t want to. She was too busy! I’ve also lied down next to someone who had been at wits end for months, but who considered it an honor to lie by my side. Never too busy to listen, never too busy to care.

    The Beatles sang the truth: “in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make”. If you want to be loved, make love. I think you’re a lovely woman, an obviously creative spirit. Any man would be happy in your company! How many times have you felt someone really willing to understand? I have no doubt you have many suitors. When you accept one who is really willing to understand, rather than who is trying to impress you, I think you’ll find the happiness it sounds like you are seeking in a relationship. Don’t give up. If it seems like what you want cannot be achieved by current tactics, change tactics! I can’t imagine a man who is not interested in being loved strictly for themselves, rather than sought after as a source of security. Are you giving what you want to receive?

    • Kevin.
      where where you when I was twenty? I should have love to hear it than what you have written here.!

  3. I want to address and expound on two things
    1. Lying
    2. Dynamics

    The first point is quickly handled as it requires only watching the movie “The Invention of Lying” which shows in a funny and ‘educational’ way a society in which there is no lying. That obviously changes as the title indicates, but the first part, before that happens, also shows very nicely how courting and relationships would be without flatteries and lies.

    The second part – the dynamics – is a different animal altogether. Sure, growing up in Germany, I also was brought up with more manners that are prevalent in the US, probably not as much as in Italy though.

    But manners, especially learned manners, can be detrimental to true interaction and care. The only way, and I mean ONLY, is to raise up in the dynamics.

    When I learned first about the dynamics I totally misunderstood. No problem to understand the first one, and I believe most people who would read this would have no problem with that understanding. Then, I thought, if you get a wife/husband and children you have a second dynamic, above that is having friends and co-workers, that is the third and so on.


    As long as the wording and thus the understanding is ‘have’ (this and that) there is no real grasp of what the dynamics actually are. ‘Having’ a child/wife/husband is still a first dynamic action.

    When the gut-understanding develops that I AM the second (or third, forth, etc.) dynamic then we are on the right path. It is an interesting effect that once that stage is reached it becomes totally incomprehensible to see the world in a different light.

    Let’s look at an example. Assumed there is a problem that affects the family. If I AM truly able to operate on the second dynamic then I will look for a solution that is good for all involved, and that includes me, as I am part of that second dynamic. For a long time I could not understand the accusation I often encountered of going after a solution that was ‘also’ good for me. I finally did understand that this was the argument of a first-dynamic-only person trying to get the maximum for her/himself out of that situation. That understanding was only an intellectual understanding; a gut-understanding was not possible for me anymore.

    I believe that the step out of the ego-centric first-dynamic view and into the second dynamic is the biggest step and the most difficult. Once that is accomplished, operating on higher and higher dynamics gets easier.

    Silvia, I only know you through a few messages and some of your thoughts here on your blog (maybe from older days, but not quite sure yet) but you might well have been a victim of the fact that nothing below the dynamic, on which you operate, makes sense anymore and is thus unreal.

    This is probably the reason LRH speaks out against relationships of very different tone levels because that is at least a strong indicator of the predominant dynamic. But if you have two thetans on similar, higher, dynamics meeting, things like care for each other, manners, honesty, come totally natural. We have to be careful of the ‘clear cannibal’ though – I don’t believe that case level makes a big difference, especially if it’s one paid for in the Cof$, as that is often just a status symbol and just pampers the first dynamic. I had one such demonstration in the airport on leaving Germany for good and going to Flag to join the Sea Org. I met this ‘friend’ in the airport leaving for Florida from where she was just returning – a fresh OT7 completion. And what was one of her first statements? – “My husband has to handle his case!” – – I rest my case, your honor.

    May the force be with you!

    • I agree with the idea that a person exists on many dynamics, but to think they ARE any of these dynamics is an error. The dynamics are an arbitrary division for the purpose of organizing activities and intentions into manageable groupings, they are not “real things”.

      All persons are operating on all dynamics at all times, though they may not be conscious of it. Even the rudest caveman is part of the human species, for example, and his activities affect the survival of the species, even if only in very small ways.

      While a person is unconsciously acting, it is highly likely they are a danger to themselves and others. This is one reason why unburdening a person’s case is not just an egoic activity. Helping a person rise to greater awareness of their own identities and intentions actually helps everyone and everything.

      Dr. Gerbode defined ethics as control of intention. We select which intentions we could create and pursue bringing to fruition. To the extent we are unconscious of our own intentions, we are very much like animals: not ethical agents. We’ve probably all experienced times when we realized something was driving us, and it didn’t feel like ourself. This is coming to an awareness of an intention that we have, but which we don’t feel we control. I know I’ve experienced it, and it was disturbing (puberty, anyone?). I have watched other people’s surprise when they realized that they had been unconsciously pursuing an intention that they didn’t feel they had selected or chosen with awareness. This is, in fact, all too common with people who have suffered traumatic experiences (what scientologists call engrams): the person formed some sort of intention or “postulate” during the incident which they are no longer aware of, but which nevertheless persists into present time, and which cannot be resolved without their review of the incident in question (or chain of incidents, as Freud and Pavlov suggested). When such incidents are “cleared”, not only does a person experience better emotional health and higher awareness, but they also become more capable of ethical action: controlling their own intentions.

      These intentions sometimes fall across many “dynamics” (I prefer metapsychology’s term, “domains”). Wanting to have a family might satisfy an egoic goal, but it also satisfies a species goal (propagation), and whatever other goals the person might find such an intention to serve. It is a misunderstanding to consider that a person IS their first dynamic (the urge to survive as an individual, or as a body + identity). They may HAVE such an urge, but they are NOT this urge.

      The great and valuable work done by people who help others to unburden charge allows people to come to greater awareness of and control over their own intentions, including intentions which scientology groups on the second dynamic. Where a person is unsatisfied with life on their second dynamic, this is directly attributable to one or more intentions along that dynamic which they have not brought to fruition. It is highly likely that such intentions have not been fully examined, and that many of them are charged. As clearing practitioners, all of us have the ability to help someone find and discharge these intentions (assess for AESPs along any given dynamic or area of concern, then run these R3R or NOTS style [or even FPRD], if that’s your belief system), and so come to either release the intentions, or consciously pursue them. While conscious pursuit of intentions doesn’t guarantee their successful outcome, it is much less confusing and more satisfying that unconsciously being dominated by unsatisfied “urges” or “implanted goals”.

  4. Dear Silvia , i only can say that i do agree with what you wrote . One does mate with a being .Design or esthetic of a body is just a detail . One does care for the other . Since years i’m investigating
    the subject of love and i’m wondering if Hight spiritual and deep love isn’t the most powerfull energy there is in this universe .
    I also found out Heidrun Beer has almost the same view point than me on the very same subject . Thanks for sharing your view point , it is very much appreciated .

    • Denis
      “Since years i’m investigating
      the subject of love and i’m wondering if Hight spiritual and deep love isn’t the most powerfull energy there is in this universe .”
      When one believes and have considerations it is wonderful since we live in the MEST U. Play MEST games.
      but I bet on all what I know that there is more than human considerations and your research should include the Theta universe where we only have intangible body mock-ups. .
      Every word, every concept, thought, considerations, actions which is MEST related is implant in origin, but the true concepts they were born in the theta ubiverse. So any original postulate, have to be original, was and is created in the theta universe. There are universes within universes. It depands on the reality level where ones reality is. The theta has no location, only view points. Please do read my Blog, it is connected with Silvias. Would love to have your comments. Elizabeth

  5. Dear Silvia,

    Wow! …is all I can think of to say at first. I’m always amazed at how I stumble on the truth needed at the precise moment needed. More often than not, the Source is LRH, but having opened my eyes wider recently, truth is everywhere if you’re looking.
    Anyway, thank you for being there with all of the above truth for me to stumble over at the precise moment needed.
    Some commenters also spouted truth regarding the ARC / (love you make) will bring you love to take. I’m certain of that considering the what you put out there.
    Thank you again and Much Love, Maryanne

  6. Nice LRH reference about affinity :))

  7. Thanks Silvia! Since it is the future I have seen,
    The Ghost, of the Planet Earth. Read the rest in my blog.
    I recommend that all who wish to attain some different level of reality.
    Those who wish to get out of the MEST Universe, get going on all levels, take some courses have auditing than solo.
    I don’t predict the so called “END OF THE WORLD.” It has its natural life span. Same as our self’s and other souls, persons, spiritual beings whatever…. Who have on ownership, a name tag connected to a body.
    I have not seen the “YEARS” the amount, till the Earth will be here. That would have the same importance as spiritual beings having a body and years.
    The Earth has it so called” Soul”, it is a spiritual being.
    Ask, you can locate her and many other beings who believe they too are the Earth,
    I have audited a few.
    I have given session to “Mother Nature” you should have heard her Cognition before she left the sector!!!
    Weather changes? I think about it.
    The souls who believe in aesthetics who are the Earth, that wonderful energy flow which you experience in the woods, in the wilderness, when out there one can experience of the “oneness”, the wonderful beings who losing their harmony because of the pollution, disruptive energy created by the humans of self and in solid form , which overwhelms the Natural collective spiritual energy of the Earth.
    Go to my blog and do read the article, and ponder where one would be if not as on OT look on from distance and have the ability to create? . Elizabeth Hamre Solo auditor. OT.

  8. Silviaaaaa!!

    For 2 years – a long time ago – I was on a phone dating site. Internet dating didn’t exist then. I was a lot thinner back then :). Men found me attractive. I met with literally close to 200 men within 2 years. We’d meet at my favorite coffee restaurant down the street. I can attest to what you say. For some odd reason it was “the thing” to lie a bit about who you were – at least I found that out for the most part. I was pretty honest myself and so it was difficult at first for me to understand. However, over a period of time, I realized it was just a way that many guys thought they could get a free one night stand or something like that. Out of 200 guys I ended up doing 3 one night stands (although I didn’t think they would have been that way – but they lied well enough for it). Then I had 2 others – I believe that both were cheating on someone, so those only lasted a couple of months each. After that I was DONE!!

    So, now, Silvia – what’s the bottom line? Really, how do we truly know when we are ready to have our dreams on the 2D, huh? Is it like looking for just the right Xmas tree – lol!! You know what you want and then go to the right places for it or it comes to you. Who knows when that will be. Of course, the clearer you are about it all and the more you can totally have it and be clean about it, the faster it happens without a whole lot of thinking or looking. You know how that happens :).

    You are a beautiful woman. I have a feeling that its not that you couldn’t get a man, its a matter of who you are looking for. You can be in a unique position to where men come to you and all you have to do is be aware of the possibilities and make a choice.

    Aida and I are starting to work on “Ethics Conditions” program that she has. If you haven’t done anything like that before, I highly suggest you do this with Aida. I’m talking the whole program not just ethics. Love ya – Lyn

    • Lyn thank you for your comment. I know I will meet my guy… just wanted to share my thoughts. Aida is awsome andshe helped me and she is helping me greatly…
      I love her to death…
      love to you and well done for doing that program… please share your wins with us.

    • Hi!!
      Actually, I “just” started on the program. Aida emailed me a check sheet to do on False Data Stripping. Day before yesterday, I skimmed over it just to get an idea about it. So, I was telling a friend of mine on the phone about it and I was giving him an example of how FDS could be used on identities and such. As I was giving him a “real life” example, I had this big cog. This cog was something I had been looking for in regards to a particular identity I had for years. All within a few minutes. I spotted some false data that a friend of mine had given me when I was 9 years old in regards to how females should act towards a male. I believed it and built a whole identity based on that data and carried that on for many years. For some reason, even though I had remembered that story off and on through my life I never realized to what degree it was responsible for a long duration identity. For me to build a whole identity based on that one piece of data changed who I really wanted to be in that area. Its “still” unraveling. Aida and I haven’t really even started on the program. My start has been just starting to read the first start of it. Just wait until the rest comes into play – lol!! Very powerful program that Aida has – well, to me it is :). Love, Lyn

      • Oh and I forgot :). I wanted to give you my own answer to the question you asked as the heading of your article “Shopping for bodies….or beings? My answer is…..Both!!! – lol!! I’d like a body that has a being attached or a being who has a body attached – lol!! Would you make love to a being without a body? It can be done – but I dunno – maybe not just as much fun, huh? What about a body without a being – dead meat – eeeuuuwwwww. Love ya, Lyn 🙂

  9. You could get Lupo on the case to choose a soul mate for you.

    • Lupo knows love since he is love. You right Shaun

      • Thanks Elizabeth, im keenly waiting for the adventures of Silvia & Lupo

  10. Hi Silvia:

    I love this topic because it is moving the TA for many…LOL! I have my points of view on the 2nd Dynamic; that one shops for a body, yes, of course!…but… with an amazing being attached to it…then the game begins…LOL! to me, no free sex, no one night stands…nothing…. unless there is a meaningful relationship with a lot of LOVE <3.

    The person who realizes how special you are and loves you no matter what, and it is happy with you…it is the perfect 2D…one day some thetan of comparable magnitud to you will find you 🙂

  11. Shaun, you getting to know Silvia, but I am front of you in knowing Lupo. What on incradible being , not in the body, he is out. have you ever seen a cat falling off things or walking into something? The body have difficulty fallowing the spirit, since there is not much connection. Best to you!!

    • I have not met Lupo but sense an aura of mischief .

      Lupo is exterior , thats beautiful.

      I listened to a lecture about someone running Objectives on a dog for about 500 hours
      but never heard the results.

      before anyone jumps on it, I wasnt the dog getting the objectives.

      • Yes you sense good Shaun… Lupo has all that and an extreme sense of loyalty and ARC..

      • Shaun
        , that made me lough. Now that is a lucky dog. In my recalls I will list, different birds, elephant, boa, horse more than once, crocodile, tigers, monkeys, fish, mammoth, few other animals having view point on that, I truly believe animals just because they have different bodies are not on lower level as beings. Since again I dont believe in levels, but reality levels.
        On the contrarily, these spiritual beings are knowledgeable enough not to get involved becoming into a human body.
        As I have advanced I measured my advancement how animals reacted toward me.
        example: I total strange dog to dash up and give a kiss, wagging tail like mad and what a smile, eyes sparkling!
        , A male cat who fall in “love” with me picking up my energy as pure as a female cat would have.
        Great acknowledgement.
        I said way back if my energy will be pure as a cat I be doing well.
        While Silvia was here Lupo believed that I too was a cat. I had a cog, and went an the e-meter Silvia was looking an the other side. I have attested to a great win My cognition was I have attained the purity of self, equal as a cat. Cats have not changed in 9 million years, I am a lucky cat!

  12. Boy, what an interesting group did I stumble into here?
    Following these comments I am amazed by this out flow of love and affection so that I wish I could somehow become part of that.
    So – where can I get an application form and what’s involved in becoming initiated ;-))

    • you are part of the group… continue to add to the theta!!!…

    • Merlin let us get to know you.
      Your first name have the energy flow of deep blue water, your last name is a a gentle breeze in playful mood kiss the surface of the hot desert dunes. Or was the hot kiss of the breeze kissed the rolling dunes?

  13. Problem: Thetan versus GE. The GE has obsessive impulse to make new bodies. even if its just for fun its the GE. Its this impulse a thetan has to deal with even if he is aware that he is a spirit. I do not know what the scene is when one is OT, maybe they got it under controll better?

    • You recognize that you are coexisting with another entity… The GE has its needs and wants and it would be suppressive to deny it.
      But it is dangerous when you forget who you are and you play the GE game only…
      It is a team activity GE-thentan and the more ARC between them the better.

      • Of course I recognized, and after producing heartbeats for 50 years
        my GE does not make too much noise about sex as when I was 25. *lool
        But yesterday morning when I saw the photo of the beautiful women
        on top of the article, she told me that she got BIG appetite.*loooo
        As a Thetan I look at female bodies as an art work. Its the the most
        aestehtic creation in this universe. I love it. 🙂

    • Sidewinder, Nice to see you again. how are You? Since I know you have great love of critters great and small , read my last posting in my blog.
      Love to hear your comment. There is a Boa I have written of. great friend of mine. From long ways back before time.

      OT’s do not have the needs, the wants, the desires to have such a connections since the OT has no sexual quality, Female or male considerations, nor considerations to reproduce, nurture, or be beautiful female in order to lure in.
      [ I used to play that game and had all the qualities, the qualifications to be female and to play the role so I know ,been there]
      All that is, a human game, the problem is each being go by different rules of they own which every one collected over many lifetimes but outside of getting marriage= [one agreement,] licence the rest of the rules the players keep and they of their own.
      No wonder is is dificult to locate a partner when one know what wants. Finding some one who has and wants to go by the same rules , now that is a difficult task. Have alovely day!

      • Thanks Elizabeth. You are right. Its difficult to find someone. I almost skipped the subject. There was no other thing in my life which created mor enturbulation than 2D. I have been trying to find somebody because
        I always felt that something is missing. I ve got two stories which show
        the extreme dichotomy of what could happen.
        1) 11 years ago I met a women on a public event. She was a journalist
        running around with a camera man and making up her story.(A Non- Scnist) I turned my head around looked at her. She looked at me. I instantly duplicated the flow. And the flow was very clear and straight. She knew exactly what she wanted. I spoke to her several times on that day then I left the event. (She lived in a city 300 miles away from my city). Then she said: I am going to visit you in a few weeks. During the following weeks we had good comm by phone.
        And indeed she visited me. Imagine: Usually i to not attract much attention of women, but that incident made me completely perplex.
        She came ordered a qute expensive hotel room,(twin-bedded) checked in, i picked her up there and we had a sightseeing tour for 10 hours through the whole city. Including bars, restaurants SHE PAID EVERYTHING. I felt like a Gigolo. We did not speak one word about sex,the whole day. At 2 am she bought a bottle champagne
        and said , lets go to the hotel. The next day she left. The next weeks
        she called me several times,and she ended the cycle. But very charming, absolutely in ARC. Very impressive! Not because she paid everything, but because she demonstrated that she knows what she wants and gets what she wants. Keep in mind she wasn´t a SCNist.

        2nd story:
        Years agot I had an advert on freespiritsingles, you know the 2D portal for SCNists. One day I received an reply. I liked the comm because she said something like: I see a fine thetan…or somthing like this. There were no photos in her advert, but I knew she was a latina
        and i got a little bit weakness for latinas. 🙂 (like Shakira, I melt when I see photos of her). Now: I answered in ARC ,acknowledged her and said that I would be happy to keep the comm going.
        She was OEC and Tech trained!!
        No answer. I tr 3 – No answer. I TR3 – answer. I TR3 -no answer.
        I was upset. I wrote to her: Its ok if you changed your mind but just let me know. I do not even need to know WHY. Just let me know.
        (complete comm cycle). No answer.
        I got the administrator to contact her TWICE, to nudge her that she answeres.
        After six TR3 she wrote me:
        I had not the feeling that we are in comm…………
        I thought OMG, what is ongoing here. Of course we are not in comm
        we exchanged a few written lines. We haven´t even spoken about what is wanted and needed or what I am doing in my life.

        Sounds odd wha?


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