‘High tone’ and ‘OT’ do not always go together

‘High tone’ and ‘OT’ do not always go together


 I belive many think that an OT (high powerful spiritual being) is naturally up tone, therefore responsible for others and choosing pro-survival activities for all.

The level of ARC (affinity, reality and communication)

of a being has little to do with how OT she is.

Since the very beginning we run into God’s cheating other Gods..

the good and the evil.

There are very intelligent suppressives and very stupid one.

And the same it goes for good intentioned people.

I personally don’t believe all spiritual beings are alike at the original state.

I belive they have different characteristics, potentials and personalities.

What LRH advance levels increases in a being is power.

Now, you can have a Ferrari.

 That is a lot of potential for this world in a car…

but what you do with all that power is up to you.

You can win competition or you can run over somebody on th street.

At the level where we are now… it i not easy to identify real suppressives.

 There is so much added-on to a spiritual being.

Many evil intentioned group, as the current Church of $cientology,

 restimulate powerful implants and throw people into painful incident

of which they are total effect.

This restimulates evil purposes.

Extremely destructive powerful impulses.

A High tone person naturally act to the benefit of the environment

 starting from himself.

 There is not feeling you must do this or that to be good.

 It is just naturally done.

They are aware of other spiritual beings. They are other spiritual beings.

Lying is  a very low tone form of creation.

A very degrading activity to both the originator and the recipient.

Lying is actually an overt on the 7th nd 8th dynamics

as it does invalidate knowigness.

You are telling that a perfectly valid perception is wrong.

As a form of alter-is lying or hiding truth

 is a game which this sick universe loves you to play…

People that are altering are nothing more than in treason to the spiritual world…

They might make it to OT if they are smart enough,

but they are going to be destructive power sources.

‘Truth is treason in an empire of lies’

I love this quote.

Truth in this universe has a very bad reputation as is very much connected to pain

this to teach us, and to warn us to not use it.

“I will hurt the guy/girl if I tell the truth.”, ‘I do not want to upset her-him”,

‘It is not necessary to be said”, She/he will not understand’

are all deeply implanted justifications associated with pain.

Physical pain and potential loss.

And here we are falling for another bad trick of this universe,

 while betraying our true goal: OT.

There is no reason to lie.


And there is always a way to tell truth in a way that does not hurt too bad.

Lies persist and are the real source of pain,

where truth makes things disappear or heal fast.

It take courage to as-is.

It the only way, not to OT,

but to a higher level of the tone scale.






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Silvia Kusada


Class VI (SHSBC), Class IV C/S and OT 8.






  1. My view is that the Upper Levels, if addressed carefully, could help a person remove counter-intention and other-intention from their mental environment. This doesn’t actually enhance their own power, but it does release them from sabotage (self and other), allowing their natural power to shine through. I do think that “power processes” can enhance a person’s power (otherwise, the name wouldn’t fit!), as well as the “old OT Levels”, which were mostly intention drills and visualization exercises.

    However, expression of and handling of power are skills! While the ability to form an intention is inherent to a conscious entity, the skill of bringing that intention to fruition is a combination of other abilities: creating a group, managing a group, clear communication, study (of whatever knowledge is relevant to the desired creation), confronting without flinching, keeping your own integrity (making sure your own “rudiments” are “in”), perception and recognition of both assets/liabilities and truth/illogic (data series/formal logic), etc. You also have to know your own strength. The only way to learn this is trial and error. Errors happen. This is the source of “overts and withholds”. “Evil” comes in later, after lots of justification, acquisition of compulsions and inhibitions (both in intention and the associated “beingness” or identity) and ultimately in acceptance of false data due to stupidity (inability to recognize outpoints or comprehend logical sequences), resulting in constant “evil” based on wrong ideas. Errors don’t happen strictly based on inherent potentials, though. Again, knowledge enters: if you cannot put what you are perceiving in proper context, your actions are going to be wrong estimations of effort. It would be nice if discharging “case” resulted in knowledge and power, but it does not. “Negative gain” only goes so far, and once that limit is reached, it’s about skills and knowledge enabling deft and well-balanced use of power.

    I would venture that most “OTs” in Scientology are not trained in the data series, which would be a big help. I think the data series is actually a rather weak variation on classical formal logic (commonly represented as recognition of fallacious reasoning, but that’s not all there is to it). A person who is not trained in logic, who has a lot of power, is likely to acquire false data, misread situations, and cause harm to themselves and others through misapplication of their power.

    Furthermore, having power doesn’t mean you instantly and magically get what you want. You still have to set goals that match your purposes, and create plans which are based in correct estimation of effort, and then you have to DO those plans. “Be, do, have” is not a passive activity. Assume an identity, do the things needed to bring your plans to either success or to EXPERIENCE: be willing to have that experience and learn from it. Your plans may need adjustment. Your goals may need adjustment. Your purposes may need a tweak or two. If you insist on your rightness, but are unwilling to learn or change based on experience, you doom yourself to failure and “negative emotions”. Emotions are closely tied to whether or not you can bring your intentions to fruition. When it’s taking too long, you can get frustrated and angry. When it seems impossible, you can become apathetic. When it is going swimmingly, you can become enthusiastic, euphoric and serene. When insistence on rightness (arrogance, pride, ignorance, GRADE IV) precludes learning, “success” will depend on either random chance or others applying force to you for correction. In either case, it is more likely you’ll have negative emotions if you cannot or will not learn.

    I agree that being “OT” doesn’t mean “high toned”. The common misunderstanding is that auditing makes you more capable. This is completely false, but it is the usual sales pitch. Auditing makes you less and less disabled. New abilities, or stronger abilities, are the product of training, learning, and practice.

  2. Kevin.
    New abilities, or stronger abilities, are the product of training, learning, and practice
    . !00% right. in the MEST universe.
    That is a Mest related game. learning, practice. But we want OT abilities, have So called magical experiences, where the life-fores is in everything The joy, of creation, fun , happiness, to know one IS. nothing more., we still believe we can and will walk through that wall ! Please read my last postin on my blog and there is on older one posted here in Silvias. HUMOR. Fun, theta at play where anything can happen.! You have my best!

    • there is no difference between the “MEST Universe” and the “theta universe”. They are not two different things. They are different properties of the same thing. There is one cosmos. Within it, there may be many universes. The one we live in has lots of properties (Ron called them perceptics). Some of these can be perceived only subjectively, and some can be perceived objectively, or intersubjectively. Nobody, and nothing can directly perceive the universe. Instead, we perceive it through a variety of sensory channels, some more grossly physical than others, and some more sublimely mental, aesthetic or “spiritual” than others.

      Take any experience as an example. Having fun: specifically, maybe swimming at the beach. Physically, it is perceived as “wet”, “warm”, maybe a few other properties (blue? green?). Mentally, perhaps it is perceived as “relaxing”, or “beautiful”, or “fun”. Underneath the labels, it’s the same experience. It’s not a physical experience overlayed by a mental experience. Its one experience, with many properties. There is no “mind-body” problem. There is no duality of spirit vs. MEST.

      Black pepper is spicy (I experience it that way). That doesn’t mean there is a spice spirit living within the pepper. spicyness is a property of black pepper. Consciousness is a property of a human being. It is not a consciousness spirit living within a body.

      That’s my take, anyway.

  3. What a ruthless GESTAPO.

    I am glad that I never arrived on the OT levels.My unmistakable instinct saved probably my life.
    Keep going Stefania, it can´t become more worse.

    • Sidewinder: you have a HUGE, BIG MU on What is OT! MEST has nothing to do with Theta
      All considerations and AGREEMENTS ARE IIMPLANT related items.

      • This is false data. Hubbard never solved actual GPMs. Implants were a dead end, intended to increase your ability to perceive your own actual GPMs. Implants, where they really exist on a person’s case, don’t have to be run per Hubbard’s scripts. Instead, you listen to the person, and take whatever implants they have apart, using whatever combination of techniques correctly apply at that moment. Hubbard’s platens were HIS case, or the case of whoever was the pilot ‘pre-OT’ at that time. At best, handling this case, if it exists for you, is bypassing your own case, which is why people get messed up doing it instead of handling their own items. Furthermore, the confidentiality around such issues restricts communication and generates a mystery. Perfect if you’re trying to get people to pay a lot of money for a mystery-sandwich, but not a good case-handling technique.

        Instead of running Implants as though they were a level unto themselves, they should only be run when they are discovered on a PC/Pre-OT’s case, as a CORRECTIVE action, to get them back to handling their own case items and take apart their own actual GPMs. While Hubbard made some early efforts at this, they were never completed. He abandoned that research track because auditors skill wasn’t up to it, and because he hadn’t completely figured out a technique to handle it. He continually changed the format of training to make it more and more mechanical, because he believed auditors were not capable of understanding theory well enough to create their own processes without having their hands held. It was at this point that the Church of Scientology went psychotic. It became a paramilitary outfit fighting long-forgotten enemies who don’t exist in reality any more, if they ever did. Hubbard became “the Commodore” instead of a tech researcher, and started attacking governments, picking fights with people who disagreed with him. By the end of 1966, the Church was completely off-track. Instead of training auditors and handling people’s cases, they were psychotically dramatizing some space navy and having people handle implants that were not originated by the pc/pre-OT.

        The correct solution is to abandon Implants (and all upper level confidential failed tech), and return to handling Actual GPMs. You only need to handle Implants when they show up, interfering with progress, and only until the interference is eliminated. The same is true with “beings” (bts, clusters, mocos, etc.). If they show up, handle them based on their needs, until they cease being a problem for the person, then return the person to their own auditing.

        The correct bridge sequence is: Life Repair, Objectives, ARC Straightwire, Grades (through Grade III), NED, Grade IV, End Words, AGPMs. There is no reason that this order has to be kept dogmatically. The primary rule when programming for the next session is not the Grade Chart. This was another effort by Hubbard to make the process cookie-cutter, and reduce the possibility of auditor stupidity. The correct action is to follow the pc/pre-OT interest. Endless auditing doesn’t lead to OT ability. Auditing ends when the pc/pre-OT doesn’t have access to any more charged material. From that point forward, they should be CREATING effects. Put together an Admin Scale, and start achieving. As the person’s responsibility and control increase, and they start having real success in life, they will also start having deeper access to their own case, at which point, a new program should be developed for them to address whatever has emerged, and perhaps another pass through the grades if they are interested. Then, back to the Admin Scale, or creating a new one. Life is to be lived. Auditing is not life.

        Where tech has become confidential, and where it doesn’t address the pc/pre-OTs case, it is no longer auditing, but some sort of strange mental game, creating duplicates of “platens” and then running them as if they were your own case. Bizarre, at best, and downright unhealthy at worst.

      • Elizabeth, I just originated because I am aware that dozens of pre ots kicked the bucket In the CURRENT CofS. I know at least 5 just in my country either dead, or in big (body) troubles. all all of them OT 5 or above.
        My Father is 82 years old had not one minute auditing, served in the fuckin 2nd world war in the age of 16. Had 6 heavy operations during the last 40 years. He was married 60 years and he lost his wife a few months ago. But he He is ok. No troubles.! Why wasting 200000 bucks for the product: cancer?

  4. I don’t read this blog too often because the articles are usually too long to me. However, I’ve just read this article and I must say it was a real pleasure.
    Unfortunately, just like there are SP in the Co$, there are also SPs in the freezone/independent field. And everywhere else. But their number is fortunately very low. Others can just dramatize their behaviour, which is not very nice to confront, but easier to handle, I suppose. So it’s important to know the tone scale and the suppressive behavioural patterns. However no need for dramatizing that matter like it’s happening in the Co$. They’re currently like PTS type 3 because they see SPs everywhere, except in their own management. Hopefully people outside the church can learn from that.

  5. I have this saying that I made up not too long ago. We are all “operating thetans” – its just a matter of what a thetan is operating “as”. Operating as an unconscious being stuck to a tree – still operating. As long as a thetan conceives itself as alive and having motion and sensation it is taken out of the realm of being a “static” and is operating. Yea yea – I’ve read the tech dict., etc. – however, show me one being who isn’t operating. Even if you believe its not optimum in your own universe or what “should” be – show me one that isn’t operating as someone or something.
    I’ve seen “witches” who are more powerful than some of the Scn OT’s I’ve met. There are even martial artists who are more powerful in certain ways.
    As far as Scn OT’s go – I know that if there is one who is being sleezy, then the lower areas are “out”. I have met several people who have done at least OTIII and above who have had either hardly any grades, quickie grades and haven’t ever truly handled several ruins in their life. These are what I call OT Expanded Case because now they can dramatize their case even better than before – lol!!
    So, on a “knowing” level – the people who have done OT levels, etc., but are still dramoing something are not actually at the “knowing” level in that area and are still allowing for the areas of the “mind” to interfere with their knowingness. I have to ask then – is that being operating as a knowing spiritual being or as the mind? Since a “being” can be anything it decides to be, I have to say that the being is busy still being the mind. The mind is a useful tool and important in the communications between bodies and such, however, a being doesn’t need the mind to “know”. But then, it would have to think up a different game, if it wanted to stay in the arena of games at all without the mind :). Lv, Lyn

    • Lyn.
      Looking for on OT who have regained, attained the so called”Native sate” where there is no I, self, me, mine, we, and any other considerations , agreements, thoughts in the head or out Of?
      Where is only knowledge in the form of intangible therefore Inifinite?
      . I have attained regained that so called badly worded level. The level which words can not describe.
      Do read the Elizabeth Hamre’s Blog. Look into the Universe of on OT.
      Just because one have no reality an something that do not mean it do not exists.
      It exists, in universes of others. Elizabeth Hamre.

      • Hi Elizabeth!!!!

        Thanks for responding – I love good comm. Okay – here’s a surprise for you. Guess where I attained the ability do to what you’ve so terribly (just humorously agreeing with you) described. Ya ready? OTTRO and TRO – can you believe that? For many years I took those two things and practiced them without a person in front of me. I found out later that Alan Walter said during the early years there were 2 zen buddhists that had become a part of Scn and that LRH, Jr. had gotten those two TR’s from talking to those two Buddhists who knew how to do what’s known these days as “no thought” meditation or Tratak (you can look it up on the net). From there Scn developed it into just being there and confronting, which if you take a good look at it, you’ll find if you are looking at anything else other than present and what is in front of you or your environment, etc., then you are looking through case, bank, filters, mind etc.
        If you do enough of that type of meditation, eventually, while you can still have case, you can also push it all aside and “be” that state you are talking. I have done it many a time. Of course, it always went better after I had a really good session :).
        Now, I do agree with you that as you get more and more case out of the way that it becomes easier and easier to attain a more stable ability to do the above.
        I totally understand – no words. As a matter of fact – words have been more of a ruin for me than a help. I live more in the conceptual range than the word range. Well, the word thing is a work in progress :). Lv, Lyn

    • I agree, Lyn. One does not “become OT”. One is OT. Beyond that, it’s about skills, if you want to gain them to achieve something in the shared world. Most people are very strongly identified with their ideas and attitudes, emotions and game-roles. When we detach from those things, what is left? Serenity, observation, being.

      The object of processing is not destruction of emotion or any other aspect of existence, so much as it is eliminating attachment to these aspects.

      I agree with your later post about OT TR-0 and TR-0 (and bullbait, IMO) being extremely good forms of meditation, and I had similar “wins” on them. I realized I was not my reactions, or my thoughts. I realized that I did not have to become “enturbulated” simply because something that would normally “key me in” had occurred. In fact, I took to writing down whatever buttons were discovered in TR-0 and bullbaiting, and then taking those buttons up in co-auditing. This was immensely productive, and improved my TRs, to boot. In fact, I would say that I “went Clear” on TR-0.

      • Hi Kevin
        Good idea about writing down buttons, etc. Eventually, I learned to just sit there and observe them. Some of them would dissipate as I perceived and permeated. Sometimes it was difficult to do and took longer, but when it as-ised it was so amazing.
        So cool we agree on the idea of OT. I don’t see too many people really, that agree with that. Some seem to be stuck totally on the definition of what LRH had. I “do” understand what he was saying, but I just think that validating “beings” as to what they truly are takes away that arrogant or higher than thou attitude.
        In this life, on earth, with these bodies – it really is about skills and identities. IMO – as long as a person has a body they have at least one identity, which is the body itself. Whether a person can be outside of that at any given moment is another thing. Operating the body and being outside of MEST, etc. is an ability all on its own IMO. However, it doesn’t mean the person doesn’t have identities to play with.
        I agree with what you say re identities and games. Detaching is one thing but deleting them is another. The question I like to ask is – what would we be without all the identities and games – which would include the body as well. I say pretty much a static with only the potential from there. Maybe there’s something in between the identities, beingnesses and the static that I’m not labelling correctly. Again, sometimes words elude me :). Lv, Lyn

      • Thanks Kevin, I enjoyed both of your above assesments of what is worthwhile and what is not . The freedom to look whenever wherever should never be taken for granted.

  6. Lyn, when you read the article when I have taken Buddhism and what is meditation apart than you can come back or write in my blog of your reality not until than.

    • Hi Elizabeth 🙂
      I looked on your website – can you direct me to a “title” of what your article is called?

      • Lyn ; Very good morning to you,
        Now I see your energy flows it is lovely Thank you. which you have dirrected , aimed your personal energy, the self.
        I never ever doubt anyones acheivement.
        Tthat would be totally not ok
        . But when somboidy hides behind TECH and hits me with that that LRH written this or that. That is another matter
        . I belive using the TECh a I am a solo auditor who uses that TECH.
        I know what one can achive .
        I been solo auditing since 1976 since I have finished with full OT7. Not one day passed when I have not had session. Now read that article first
        ” Walk the walk of a solo auditor.” than
        ” I am humbled, I ask in open for Universal Forgivness”[ This you have asked for]
        The article or cognition is an what hold the implants in place is “COg;mother load, the glue,”
        you care to have” look at humor” it is an Cog about humor where it is originated from[ theta universe] and it use now in the MEST.
        And my flastposting in the now, which is the front page is all about the future of this planet.
        This are my cognations my reality, One one is open like you are willing to look at others universes now that is truly wonderful. Since each time ones looks, sombody’s view point one walks in different universe. I call that traveling having on experience.
        When you read my posting you and I we share a universe. I welcome you into mine. Thank you. and have a wonderful adventure today. Elizabeth

  7. Kevin
    , you have your reality i have mine. you go by learned stuff, you are in it.
    I have soloed the MEST out. Therefore I have different reality of MEST. universe. Do read my first article My blog is connected from here. “Walk the walk of a Solo Auditor” there is a second article under same title and #2.
    My knowledge is from cognations, therefore not learned But it is the intangible variety. Its originates from the Theta Universe, their are the view point of the “natural state”. The two view points cant be compared yours or mine.
    The MEST with all it considerstions agreement are mock-up a trap. As Silvia call it ‘LIE’. I wonder where the idea originated from that what LRH said was 100% right and workable. But himself. Look around the confusion he have created. Do you see perfection, did the tech works for for all.? I will not debate the tech side but you cant debate the theta side. That is my territory ,. I dont say i know it all that would be a great mistake . But what I know is beyond your wildest imagination. i say this with confidence. PS; I write comments in Geir, blog too.

    • Well, in that case, your knowledge is legitimate, and mine is not.

      Rerun Grade IV. Might help with that.

      • No Kevin, your reality is fine so is mine, yours do not need to be changed by mine . I do not debate your reality but there are many different reality in the universe as there are beings. I have written on Perfection on mine, that is, in Geir Isenes blog, Please go read some of my posting. Knoeledge is not debatable if it is in the form from cognitions. Only book learned knowledge is debatable. About that, there is another comment in Geirs blog.

  8. Kevin: Serenity, observation, being.= they are considerastions

    • I recognize that this is to Kevin, but I wanted to mention that “imagination” is rather subjective isn’t it? Everything that is thought of or decided is consideration of some sort or other. MEST is what you make of it. To me freedom is simple. Its where you actually “want” to be and are. Entrapment is where you don’t want to be and find yourself anyway. And yes, there is nothing BUT perfection because it all comes from consideration and then created – it is perfect. The lie is that it is not. And only from comparing can a person consider something perfect or not perfect. But comparing is also perfect :). Confusion – is perfect. 🙂 Its an ability. It has been used in games quite well. Lv, Lyn

    • Well, with that kind of logic, EVERYTHING is consideration. That makes assigning it a label other than everything superfluous, and also makes calling any particular thing a consideration meaningless.

      After all, OT is a consideration. So is fun. Because, everything is a consideration.

      • 100% right. fantastic!

      • No, not fantastic. Not true. Worse than not true, meaningless.

        This sort of disengagement is, IMO, not healthy. You’re welcome to it, but recommending to others that they withdraw to a meaningless serenity devoid of purpose, as though it were sane and healthy is incredibly irresponsible.

        I’ll have no part in it. Peace.

  9. Wow, I nearly got lost in all the comments.
    Before I pitch in what my thoughts were about your, Silvia’s, post, let me first make a remark about some of the comments in general.
    We all know that there is no absolute reality and thus there is no wrong or right. Therefore, my suggestion would be to limit our comments and contributions to first hand experiences and thoughts and refrain from attempts to high jack an original post. A personal blog with own original articles would be a better place.
    Now the promised contribution to Silvia’s article: I might be the ‘old man’ of the independents because my last ‘official’ completion in the Cof$ was my solo course in the mid 80s – and I have to say it was great!
    Not necessarily doing the course but the end result. I did my solo session and was blown away when I saw that I tried to lie to myself. I was so blown away that it was attestation time. The following year in the Sea Org showed me that my place was to be in the free zone, but the realization that I attempted to lie to myself had a huge impact on me.
    What would that have to do with Tone Level v. OT Level?
    I believe it is similar to training v. junk removal – eventually they will serve the same purpose, but on the way they may take different routes.
    The need for training is based upon our attempts to lie to ourselves, telling ourselves that we don’t know this or that (while we actually do, right?)
    Training, therefore, increases our own integrity and that is, in my opinion, a measure for tone level (example: tone level of professional liers – lawyers and politicians).
    On the other hand, we have the cleared cannibal whom LHR mentions when stressing the importance of training v. being audited. Removal of the junk on one’s case can certainly increase one’s power. However, that does not do much for the integrity and thus tone level – and we get somebody like D. Miscarriage.
    And with staff members in the church I can actually see the destructive effect of junk removal without the training. Training, especially real understanding of the data series, would destroy the current regime very quickly and can thus not be allowed.
    So, there you have the poor staff member who joined with the best of intention.
    Initially, ignorance and case hold each other in balance. But then some of the junk is removed opening the possibility to more integrity. However, that is not allowed by internal propaganda and indoctrination. This up-bubbling knowledge what really is, needs to be suppressed – lying to oneself – and that makes for some real unhappiness. Just look at most staff members today.
    One example on how this works was during my time when I tried to get a review of my SP declare. There is a list of all the suppressive acts that somebody might commit. Specific example from my own – putting myself on the meter and checking something – called squirrel processes. There are so many of those things, that an inquiring mind does, that it’s hard to find somebody who has not done any of those ‘forbidden acts’ – thus it’s a very easy way to get an inconvenient person out of the way. The part that is missing, is that one essential part of a suppressive act is the intention to harm – first paragraph of the definition of a suppressive act. If that element is not there when, for example, squirreling, then the matter becomes just the need to train better instead of expulsion.
    However, understanding this element of a suppressive act would also remove the option to easily get rid of unwanted elements. I guess this is why I just did not succeed in getting this point across.
    To get back to the original observation – I believe that now we have an opportunity here among us, to actually balance tone level and OT level because now, we can go see-saw with integrity and junk-removal.

  10. Hello Merlin 🙂
    Commenting on comments within a subject, I have found, leads to what looks like a whole other subject(s). This happens quite commonly on yahoogroups or most lists, etc. Actually, its really a branch out on a subject and can easily be brought back around to the original subject. For instance, Elizabeth was mentioning “native state” which actually is beyond a tone level in my opinion. There are ways to get to that. One can solo Scn style or one can do it other ways as well. Its a matter of what method brings the best results and is more stable, etc. Also, the idea of OT’s is mentioned. I put forth the idea that we are all OT – its just a matter of the who what when where how of operation. Its possible to keep the subject very tight or to expand it a bit into areas that bring this subject about. You have done both, IMO. You have both addressed the subject and expanded it a bit. I could take anything you’ve said above and either keep in the box of the subject or I can take anything in there and jump in and out of the box or be out of the box completely but with a line attached. To me its “all” good :).
    I personally consider any via on a public forum of any sort to be open at least a little to the allowance of expression by each person. Each person brings their own style to the party. There isn’t anything right or wrong with this in my opinion. Just think how much more high tone we’d all be if we were allowed to express ourselves with a little more freedom. Scn made a fortune off of those who could not communicate or get into communication with areas of all kinds. Inside the church – as above, so below. The dichotomies and polarities were abundant. Basic, right in front of your face type of lies, were abundant. Truth and lies were riding beside each other throughout the church. Just how high toned can you get with that on an all the time basis? Besides which, I thought that the freer from the “supposed to’s” type of programming you got the more you could not only experience “all” the tones if you want to, but that you even get better at it naturally. Each tone level has a reason for existing and is a measurement of the stops and goes of life – which is most likely why they have numbers next to the label of tones or emotions. 🙂 Lyn

    • Hi Lyn, my thoughts precisely in terms of all is good. Sometimes when I point out something appears to be detrimental, I usually don’t consider it that. Without that experience I would not have accomplished that cognition. So, if there are living dead in the church I gotta be grateful to them to have taken that burden to allow me to learn a lesson. 😉

  11. Sidewider, i need to compose I am slow writter I will give you my very best reality. bit of time please how are your pets?

  12. Sidewinder.… this i have writen in Silvias blog last fall.

    “Happy to hear from you. Please do publish this if you wish.

    It would help the OT’s to understand that the tech is working.

    Only more auditing is needed.

    Much more, it is up to the being just how far they wish to go and what they want to accomplish.

    Not only that, but I understand being audited can go only so far,,
    compared to solo auditing.

    [Who could see what a mass one have created over the ions, but self ?]

    No C/S can see the next item that it is there to be handled, but the being itself.

    One has to crawl out by his own or he will never be free.

    Nobody can give freedom to others, beyond pointing the way.

    My sole aim is to give, what I know.

    The amount of case handling the small amount of auditing, just opens up the case. there is so much to solo out.
    one knows that till the being is willing to take responsibility for ones own case and contenue with the handling of the incoming MEST in every shape or form.
    It is not Scientology have taken the beings away,
    Every one will drop the body and get another one. bodies are cheap to come by.
    One has the tools one need to use it, one self.
    If one say that the problems exist because of Sciuentology, the church or your Grand Mama than one is still at blame. That is not responsibility
    . Than one is at the bottom, and drama galore moves in and we can all enjoy. The curtain goes up and the title of the play is. ” Look what others have done to me”.
    Sidewinder go to my blog, read the changed view point one can have simply the changes have come because of the Tech and i was willing to use it AND IT WORKS!!!!

    • I don’t know where to begin. So I won’t. 🙂

      • I have no problem with that, your universe is still there and intact so is mine. it is our decision if we gained or lost anything. i did not know you wanted to start something. What ever you think you wish to do listen to your heart, that instinct. if you fallow that you never go wrong. May your journey be filled with light , knowledge. Elizabeth

  13. Kevin..
    The Theta Universe is a beautiful
    .Universe, it is magical and magic at the same time. Without considerations and solid agreements one is free and free to create any game any time anywhere.
    This is the level LRH have talked about to be cause over.
    Here, where no fear is therefore one can change and have any view point look at any game and the choices are ours to have.
    . If one fears of the void, the emptiness than that should be handled in session.
    The words are concepts to express what is in the persons so called mind to describe that state.
    In actuality there is no void, or fear the, concepts, considerations are part of the bank, they are the bank.
    . Thank You. Then I offer this short note in friendship.
    My understanding of what is purity, what pours fort from the so called pure heart
    After the MEST is as-isad one regains the intangible the Native state The INFINITE.
    Where there is no darkness of the past remains, in “now” the Life force shines.
    The Few lines bellow is small part out cognation in which the understanding have come, what is a total duplication, after all considerations and agreement as-ised.
    Suddenly a small dog appeared front of me she stood rooted into the Earth
    Her short little legs wide apart grin on her face and laughter in her eyes.
    Joy washed over me as I looked back into her eyes, inquiring.
    “As I have duplicated her Universe” suddenly there was nothing around us,
    The MEST Universe has vanished.
    There was nothing and no one.
    The invisible form opened up and light poured forth.
    Soundless sounds formed words and I have heard
    “I am what you are”.
    My Universe opened too hearing that magical
    concept, the greeting of spiritual beings in the Cosmos,
    unfolded and the two light become one
    as I have heard my reply, the “echo”
    “ I am what you are”
    There was no more communication, since none was needed.
    The wondrous sound of Affinity washed over the Universe.
    After eons apart two friends were united.
    This is the Universe Ron wanted all to have and existing.

  14. Sidewinder I left a comment [2] in my blog. Sorry, your comments were in trash. thank you!!

  15. About being “high toned” and “low toned”.

    Sometimes in order to go to the highest highs you must first experience the lowest lows.

    Only a person who has experienced the valleys can truly appreciate the peaks.

    • After so much auditig I have a different viewpoint. You do not need to experience the lows in order to know how they are… You can copy knowledge or pervade another… it is a much heathier way… Moreover… with few trillion and more track on our shoulder do we really need to continue to experience, treason, injustice, pain and all the rest of entheta and enmest…
      It is just a sick game. Some people like happy movie and others like horror….

      • Thanks for responding Sylvia. I understand what you mean.

        Because of the dynamic range of emotion, you can’t have the high highs without the risk of the low low and in order to get the peaks one has to be willing to experience the valleys. This is what I meant.

        For example, in order to experience true love, one must risk having their heart broken. If you are not willing to experience having your heart broken you will never experience true love. Unless one is willing to experience the low lows, one can not experience the high highs. They go hand and hand. Do you see what I mean?

        There is no reason to experiencing bad experiences over and over. I didn’t mean that one should keep re-experiencing lows over and over for no reason.

        What I also meant is that only when a person has been poor and without money do they really appreciate being rich. If a child is born to wealth they really don’t seem to appreciate having wealth in the same way a person who lived for years in lack poverty and then became wealthy through their hard work and creation.

        Take care.



  16. Hi Silvia and Elizabeth

    ‘Truth is treason in an empire of lies’

    I love this quote too silvia,

    the more open minded we become the more truth we allow to be exposed, to uncover lies and deceptions and see different magic of others who have traveled different paths and grant us with their views and observations, that really is a freedom to choose which in my opinion far superior to being forced to be closed minded.

    I also love this quote i got from Alan C Walters.

    “truth is not what you want it to be, it is what it is”

    • Perfect My dear , just perfect. “truth is not what you want it to be, it is what it is”

  17. Silvia the GODs were created in implants Ther are MEST GAME. You confusing THETA with mest. There is no comperison….
    “”””” I belive many think that an OT (high powerful spiritual being) is naturally up tone, therefore responsible for others and choosing pro-survival activities for all.”””””

    Yes, to belive that is right. Very much so. it is you who have confusion on that matter. So dont go an and confuse otheres too.

  18. “Lying is a very low tone form of creation.”

    This is incorrect.

    Lying is a form of destruction.

    Please listen to a lecture titled:

    “Creation and destruction in aberration” by L. Ron Hubbard

    It’s part of the “Responsibility and the state of OT” lectures.

    How does creation manifest itself in the abberrated?

    They create problems.

    How does destruction manifest itself in the abberrated?

    By lying.

    • Wow so happy you gave us this reference!!.
      It is true that LRH says that lying is a very low form of creation, it is a form of distructive creation. 😀
      I cannot wait to listen to that lecture..

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