Day 3: WE did it!!

Day 3: WE did it!!

Today I woke up and felt good.

I have being soloing and auditing agreements,

ARC/ks and implants on the genetic entity line as a main target.



For the first time in years I got up, and I wanted to get up.

Thoughts about my ex were hitting me like rain

but this time they were bouncing away as on an umbrella

instead of hurting me as they usually do.

They did not find the same fertile ground to thrive and spread negativity and pain.

HUGE improvement.

I feel I’m ready to work again.


It is important to me to acknowledge the many friends I have.

Feeling and sharing love

I had so much positive energy and love

flowed to me in the last few days!

They are more than friends to me,

they are my spiritual family:

starting from Aida and David Thomas, Mr Smith, Maurice Pascal, Tory Christman, Nancy Many, Sinar, Jackson M., David St Lawrence, Michele Federici, Leone, Lupo, Claudia,  MaryJo and Tony, Alessandra D’Agostino, Tom Tazanillo, Dominique, Anne S., Kay, Candice and John Aaron, Jim Logan and the many others.

Please do not be upset if I forgot to mention your name.

In the last years or so I have made more good friends

then I ever had in few lifetimes.

 They are not just friends, they are what I consider a spiritual family.

I appreciate incredibly the many offers to help.

It would not be appropriate from me to leave a succesful ‘self improvement spiritual path’ (solo action) at this time.

I’m aware that depression is a continue ups and downs.

It is the way it is.

But like my friend Tory says, ‘You have to look at the trend’..

And despite the lows it is an up-trend.


 I have few people who are checking on me on my spiritual journey (soloing).

I’m aware of the fact that you need to work as a team.
However, I would love if you have any viewpoint or advice to share.

Please do.

We all have blind spots and others can help us to see where we cannot.

Thus the importance of a good (guide) C/S, or two.


I feel very lucky to have your friendship,

I wish you to know that,

even if I do not write personally to all of you.

I have felt a huge amount of love and care flowing from all of you,

and when I say I feel better I wish to say:

WE DID IT!! Thank you!


This is the world of Advances spiritual beings (OT’s) the handling of spiritual (theta) universes,

the group postulating toward a common goal

in the direction of helping each other.


At the same time I’m here for any of you.

And if you need my spiritual support just e-mail me.

Powerful Spiritual being (OTs) together make miracles happen.

Miracles ar nothing more than an OT normal routine.

This is what the Ron’s Org have really duplicate and do.

In this wise they are an amazing group.

About a month ago something very interesting happen.

I fully blew the $cientology history

 and all the agreements connected to that lies (GPM/implant),

called the Church of $cientology.

I felt like before I ever knew $cintology existed,

but with the benefit of all the knowledge.


Many of you have left, but still obeying or been subjected by the past agreements.

Many out there feel they have to hide when they are sick,

or if they have a little accident, or their kids are in trouble.

You re not allowed to have bad news in $cientology.

Many on the spiritual path, ex-scientologists are in a constant hiding, because the have body pains or because their life is not going happily as they wish or others expect.

And by now they have learned that pretecnce (PR) and appearance are THE important thing.

This is crazy.

When you see this smiling happy people in the Church of $cientology (up the stage at Flag)

or on the Freewinds attesting highesr levels (OT7 or 8)

and saying that everything is perfect,

you know they are in total denial of reality.

It is actually suppressive from the Church of $cientology

 to demand that you bend and force yourself

to believe all is sweetness and light in order to attest.

That is not being awakened or aware (OT7- or OT 8) .

That is pretending perfection

where does not exist and is mocking up a lie.

An OT going on stage and saying that all his life is now perfect, that he is causing what he likes and that he is nothing more than happy, is scary.

First of all he still leaving in the biggest trap,

on one of the most insane universe/illusion

where he does not have any ability to leave his body

or getting back into it at will.

He does not have any power to stop others (IAS, MAA’s)

 from telling him what to do.

He is unable to go home and fix the house

or pay off right away the huge amount of debts.

And he knows it.


So, he goes back home with a huge heavy lie on his back (miss-withhold).


Think of the times this withhold gets restimulated

and how hard he has to work every day to keep up to his lie.

The definition of OT in the Church is a lie.

It is nothing more than an Hidden Standard.

(As a reminder, an hidden standard is cousin to an evil purpose… see the trap?)


The regaining of ones OT abilities

does not have anything to do with being happy or not,

healthy or sick.

The ability to make the right choices, ethic. truth

and the level of integrity is the road to happiness.

When a NEW OT 8 is ashame to go to the org because she is in pain,

you realize you are dealing with a system of enslavement, not freedom.

It is a “society” that cuts communications and beigness,

 it does not free them.

I know for a fact that many, many of you out there

are experiencing this phenomena,

many of you are not communicating

because you think your life suck,

you are not making money

or are not healthy enough to meet others people expectation

of what is right or wrong.

It is also an Hidden standards.


-“OMG!! Is that an OT?”-


Privacy” to many times is nothing more

that a common agreement to withhold.

It is also called ‘Mutual outruds’.


When I write about my private life on the net,

I’m trying to make a point also to myself.

First, I never liked secrecy and I do not have anything to hide.

This is who I’m.

Yes,  I do not do well with conservative people!!


Second, I wish people to be free,

I wish for them to start looking at each other for who they really are:

beautiful spiritual beings, and not been seen

for what the own or how they look.

I wish people to differentiate between the material universe

and the spiritual one.

No one can tell you how an enlighted being is (OT) is or should look like.

An OT dog. (He! He! I’m Joking)


An OT is an OT because he lives as such.

And it is the most ridiculous thing to award an OT status

by the mest universe standards..

that is what we can ironically call a MEST OT.

Sadly enough, a MEST OT is one of the most confused,

enslaved  but “smiling and happy” spiritual being.

When an OT tells you his/her life is perfect, you should know something.

He or she is not living. He or She is in denial.


In this universe, in this game call material world there is no perfection.

Losing and winning, create and destroy are just part of the rules.


You are OT when you trust and use your knowigness,

 when you stops listening and obeying thoughts,

when you stop play by the rules

of the cannot-have-or-do of this universe,

when you believe in magic and freedom.

You are OT when you do not evaluate yourself

or others by what your eyes see, but by what they are.

When you realize that any time you lie,

you are invalidating the knowigness of a spiritual being.

OT is a state of mind, is living truth, is you.

And the less additives to the ‘you’…

the more OT is there.

Let’s start communicating!

How do you feel? Good! Cheers!!

Like shit! That is OK.

Just say it out loud!

It is your right to be sad or happy!!

If we can do anything for you we do it,

one thing we can do for sure is directing our posotive energy, love and care to you

and if you let us know your goal

we can make it happen as a group.

Love (Theta) is the real stuff.

The image, appearances, the social lies

belong to the mest not to a spiritual being (OT).

Do not play that game.



If you need help to get out of the Church of $cientology

or if you just left and need help, please call or write to:




Silvia Kusada


Class VI (SHSBC), Class IV C/S and OT 8.





    Why are we here??

    Is it to handle our cases so we can live on “Cloud 9” in the “Land of Milk and Honey”????

    How soon would you be bored with that?

    Some have overly-emphasized or implied that you can become a “Total Cause” over all of the Physical Universe (Matter, Energy, Space Time and the Life within it) and not be the effect of anything. These people are selling you a trap (to be explained later). However, I propose to you that “Total Cause” does not mean “No effect” of any kind or the “Avoidance of Effects.” You being “Total Cause” doesn’t’t allow anybody else to be Cause over the Physical Universe or any part of it!


    Trying to avoid effects really puts you at EFFECT. In that case, what are you trying to do, but be the effect of every other cause in the Universe. Why? Because you are “avoiding” instead of taking RESPONSIBILITY for the motions contained within or coming from the EFFECT. Responsibility can be defined as “Willing to Control”. If you are actually “Willing to Control”, not just fooling yourself by saying it, you will exert some sort of control and will be expanding that control in the form of good, positive, control for the benefit of all. As with anything, it needs to be your choice or by own self-determinism as to what game you want to play.

    RESPONSIBILITY is a very light, airy viewpoint. It is just something that you do because you simply want to do it. Not because of a big obligation, or you “owe it”, or “you must do it because of your STATUS” on some organization board or self-improvement or ability scale (Bridge). This is a trap to control you for the benefit of an organization or person — not to put you at a higher level of cause as is asserted by their agents. If you take on a responsibility, then it must be by your choice, not by someone else’s orders or attempts to make you wrong if you do not.


    In general, this society expects those who have risen to high levels in organizations, whether it is corporations or government, to act in a particular way, such as: always being positive, no negative emotions, always saying the right thing to not upset anyone. In other words, not being yourself and not being truthful either. Look at our politicians.

    In the same way, persons who have supposedly achieved some high level of ability on a scale (the Bridge) have been pushed into not being themselves, by being forced into setting an “exemplary example of someone of their status” that the organization expects. (Whatever it is that they expect, is not explained by the organization). Well, that is a TRAP! Why would anyone want to have to fit into someone else’s arbitrary example of what is acceptable behavior. That is not becoming more able – that is becoming more of a slave.

    For yourself, don’t let Status “go to your head”. Status is a trap. It can really pull the wrong things in. Status is being interesting (pulling flows in) rather than interested (putting flows out). Objects are interesting, beings are interested. Try to never need Status, Approval, Praise or Sympathy. You will stop or limit yourself. But still take pride and be professional in what you do.


    Some organizations, especially churches or individuals in a church, TRAP a person by getting him to continually focus on what is wrong with him. “If you handle what is wrong with you, then you will be able to really achieve what you want in life” – so they say and keep pushing it in on you. This is a good source of money – confessions and confessionals. Some churches have you pay for your “sins”. Some even have had you pay in advance for sins you will commit in the future! (Sounds like good Capitalism and Control.)

    There is also the scenario that you need a confessional every 6 months to make sure you have done nothing to harm the organization and especially to make sure that you have remained thoroughly and completely under their control and will continue to do so. You have then achieved the status of “Controlled Thetan”. You have become the Church not YOURSELF. Lost your own viewpoint, and when you have lost that, you have lost it all.

    The emphasis or accent needs to be on ability. So my suggestion, definitely keep cleaning up the harmful things that you have done, or have not done when you should have done something. This will keep you in the game, making it possible to win and expand. Too many overts and withholds not disclosed, and you may well take yourself out of the game. Becoming an expert on Suppressive Persons, Potential Trouble Sources, Overts and Withholds and the handling thereof, is very valuable and necessary to winning and happiness. BUT, keep playing, big time, and keep learning to play a better game.

    But if you receive a big effect, then it may just be the big game you are playing. The only real importance is what did you learn from it, so that you can learn to “play a better game” which is the only reason for playing games. It is not to receive no effect, which equals no improvement; no involvement; no fun; boring, = no game.

    So what if you go broke? What did you learn?

    So what if you have an accident going 130 miles per hour in a motorcycle race. What did you learn?

    So what if you are attacked by your enemies and they harm you? What did you learn?

    So what if you get 50 PCs, or clients to counsel, and they all blow? What did you learn?

    That is all that is important. “What did you learn?” so you can improve. Don’t let a mistake or “loss” go by without getting the most learning and knowledge out of it.


    So; why are we here??

    I propose to you that it is only to LEARN TO PLAY A BETTER GAME.

    It is not to have no effect on self. It is not to “never lose again”. It is not to be “God-like” and always prim, proper and pristine. It is not to have a life of living in an ivory tower with no contact with ordinary man or the physical universe. It is not necessarily being a billionaire with everything done for you.

    It is living LIFE = Hot, fast, furious, an all-out charge into whatever you want to charge into. Don’t let anyone say you lived a mediocre life. Let them put on your tombstone: “He lived a full life and played the game to the hilt”.

    Playing a big game means big effects. Look at Donald Trump. He went broke, but he also made a lot of money before that, and he made it all back. Basically, if you are not willing to receive big effects, then you will not be WILLING to play a BIG game with BIG WINS. If he wasn’t willing to be totally broke, then he probably wouldn’t have made so much money to begin with and made it back again. I’m sure he gained much valuable knowledge from experiencing that huge effect.


    So here we pull together a viewpoint of RESPONSIBILITY.

    You and the others in the Game, usually called the Physical Universe, are all working to PLAY A BETTER GAME. In doing that, we also have to take responsibility for our fellow players. If they “fall off the rails” then we each need to point it out, try to help that other Player play their game better, whatever it is.

    But CAUTION, only they really know what game they are playing, and your evaluation may not be correct. So first find out what are they trying to accomplish – what is their game? – before evaluating or putting them down, or looking down on them.

    Offer help or an objective perspective – which is an evaluation – but don’t force it. “Would you like some feedback on what I see is going on here?” works a whole lot better than “Well, you shouldn’t have done that” or “That isn’t working”. And remember, at times we all need an exterior viewpoint to help us out of a quagmire that we got ourselves into. If you are refusing help from a competent viewpoint, take a look. Maybe you are stuck in Status! “I’m too important or know too much to receive help from anyone else.”

    A big player may be wanting to experience a disease to find a cure for that disease. Or a big player may be wanting to experience going broke, so he can help others who are hounded by a financial system which is trying to make people into economic slaves.

    You can see a lot of players now all over the planet playing games like this and making a difference. But the most important thing is to HELP EACH OTHER WIN OUR GAMES that we are playing. Then we all WIN! That might include doing a lot for that person, especially if they get in too deep. And likewise, let valid, competent help, help you too.


    Clearing a planet and freeing everyone (10 X 10 to the 40th power number of thetans) is a very BIG GAME.

    Welcome to the biggest game in the Physical Universe. You have very few teammates, so anyone playing the Freeing Game has to be up for it and keep team members going as well as himself in all possible ways.

    The opposition has the control of most of the resources on the planet to use against us. But it is only physical universe stuff, and we can handle that from a much “higher viewpoint”. After all, this universe was just thought up by all of us playing together, and a thought can change it, or any part of it, instantly. We have all done that to some extent, whether we realize it or not. And we have a wealth of technology available to expand that ability beyond your wildest imaginings!

    To a BIG, WILD, FUN GAME!!!

    Marianne ron’s org

  2. Well done Silvia!!! I’m so glad you are doing so much better. May the rest of your life be as good or better than it is now. Lv, Lyn

  3. Gratz on making it and welcome to where you are.

    The journey doesn’t end here and there will be the odd valley amongst the hills; how can there be hills without valleys…

    No two paths are the same and no one path is the right one but from you’re post I feel you’re heading in the right direction.

    • Yes there are going to be hills and valleys. And it is nice to have friends that understand that valleys and faliure are 2 different things:
      Big hug!!

    • That is true. no two path are the sam yet they can take to the same mountain top.

  4. Im glad for you Silvia, when my mind broke and i lost control, i only had the CoS in sydney who sent me away with the idea that i brought it on myself and should stay away so i dont cause a flap, but it did not stop them from viscious reg campaigns in the name of help, when i gave the reality im severely messed up, i got an email asking when then would my vacation be over then.when i originated the type 3 was a bit better, the response, Congratulations for my survival dynamic getting me thru it, thats what pushed me over the second time.

    Your VERY fortunate that outside are good guys who know that the CoS make wrong kills.

    • Shoun I have nothing but admiration for people like you, Aida, Tory, Elizabeth and many others that have made it by themselves, with no help accompaigned by more and more suppression.


      • Thanks Silvia,

  5. Ups, the games thing again

    If game considered serious (very important), overt-motivator is applied
    If game is for fun (not serious and not important), win-lose is applied

    Importance (to find-out is it serious or not) is = purpose + desire
    If desire with purpose (of being free for example) is important, then game of being free is serious (or very serious on some occasions)
    Note, that being free within game context and area is not the same, as being free outside the game Latter is always there for everyone naturally and is untouched by the game itself (remains outside gaming conditions)
    But ‘freedom’ within the game is or can be increased or decreased due to events and your own actions (or moves of opposite parties for that matter)

  6. Hey Theta Sister,

    Wahoo!!!! So glad you’re doing better. I truly admire you for your honesty and openness. Here’s to an even brighter future!



  7. But wasn’t it about genetics in these posts?

    Struggle between White Winged Lion and White Winged Dragon – wouldn’t that be one of things of inner (genetic) struggle (also bound onto DNA-RNA structure)?

    Reptilian genetics versus Mammalian genetics?

    An excerpt of Swerlow stuff just found: ‘The merging of the Reptilian Frequency and Mammalian Frequency that comprise humanity allows you to end the innate human struggle started by the Original Experiment which merged Reptilian and Mammalian genetics to create humankind’

    ‘hey stew..

    should one stop using golden winged lion/dragon frequency once we are doing white winged lion/dragon frequency??

    also i am looking for like minded individuals in my area to form a study anyone in central california please email me:)
    infinite thanxss

    Stewart’s Reply: They are mutually exclusive and used for different purposes. Please read/view my work on this.’

    White Winged Lion – Leonine RNA?- Lyrae – Paa Tal > genetic entity < White Winged Dragon (Marduk – DNA) – Arrakeis in Alpha Draconis- Reptilians – Anunnaki

    'Loss of fire in the blood created loss of lucid dreaming, loss of "ensoulment" and LOSS OF LONG TERM MEMORY. Part of their problem was loss of ability to navigate in time travel ('`Guild Navigator' in Dune – star navigating time travelers, able to warp space from within) – due to this loss of DNA coherence'
    'To stop the fighting and make the Earth peaceful enough for colonization, a meeting was held by a council from the Andromeda Galaxy, on a planet called Hatona. This meeting took place outside of the Milky Way Galaxy with a neutral council because all civilizations within the Milky Way Galaxy were in some way connected to the fighting, and all had some sort of stake in belonging to the winning side'
    'To achieve a new species from a Reptilian androgynous body, it was necessary to separate the genetics into male and female components. This is the allegorical story in the Bible of Adam and Eve. Creating Eve out of the rib of Adam is actually the story of separating the androgynous Reptilian body into male and female. This is why all humans on this planet have Reptilian DNA with Reptilian traits. This is also why human fetuses go through Reptilian-style development in the womb before looking humanoid'
    'The cosmic joke to this project is that all of the groups donating DNA secretly programmed sequences to cause their genetic strand to be predominant. This set the precedent for eternal conflict. Humanity was doomed to fight and be controlled. No one group would ever be in charge. The project was doomed for failure before it even began!
    Such DNA programming invites tyranny and oppression. Soul-personalities attracted to such a planet have a victim mentality. Many advanced cultures call Earth a prison planet, and dump their criminals here as punishment. Once in a while, one of these soul-personalities reveal themselves, such as Richard Dahmer, Charles Manson, Richard Speck, and Vlad the Impaler (Count Dracula), to name a few'
    'The Reptilians ensured that the new Man would be forever attached to the Reptilian frequency because the foundational prototype was Reptilian. This meant that the new Man could easily be mentally controlled by them.

    Upon discovery of this information that the Reptilians wanted control of the new race, the Atlanteans began a severe electromagnetic bombardment of Lemuria. This bombardment caused the bulk of the continent to submerge into the ocean, now called the Pacific Ocean. The only parts left above the water are the Hawaiian Islands, the California coast west of the San Andreas fault, Australia, New Zealand, the South Pacific Islands, Japan, the Philippines, Taiwan, and the islands of southeast Asia'

    Maybe these excerpts assists to sort out GE adventures – it had tuff times on this plane.

    • I do not understand what do you mean… please clarfy. 😀

    • You are quoting from Stewart Swerdlow. :)) (i am familiar with his ideas)

      He has some interesting ideas. But i doubt if that is correct enough.

      I think reptiles are just a bunch of invaders. Or something like that, prison keepers here.

      He also mentions these frequencies. And i think that maybe these frequencies coressponds with the dynamics (combined into some patterns).

      Lion frequency may be a sort of 9th dynamic, which is Ethics, and thes are urges as follows: To Purify, To Judge, To Defend, To Strengthen (from Super Scio).

      Dolphin frequency may be at basic 2nd or 4th dynamic or combination of these.. etc.

      Reptile frequency may be connected to 6th dynamic, and or 14th. 6th dynamic is MEST, locating, gathering, owning and discovering. 14th dynamic is games, subdynamics for it are: To Play , To Compete , To Manipulate, To Exchange .

      It is really nothing bad at basic. The bad things are that some reptile invaders are working on this planet as a prison keepers.

      • Yeah, thanks for your post (especially about where in dynamics some frequencies ‘belong’) – had hard time to figuring it out – dynamics are dynamics, but there are ways to switch frequencies between and through them in practical application – and slide solid objects, bodies, ideas through each other by changing their frequencies – so getting rid of bound fixation upon over-stubborn mest reality

        Yups, local prison keepers do use ancient implant universes stuff to, first – get the reaction to them in that appearance, second – reptiles are bound to religion dynamics (8D) – so its usefull for them to use it

        Is there any reliable info how to measure wevelenghts according to the dynamics, (ie, wavelength = ‘speed of light ‘ / frequency of specific dynamics)

      • Ok. I guess you have the book Super Scio? Do you? What a fanatastic book is that!! 🙂

        Sure, i agree, all implanters love to use basic implants from old universes.

        Yes, that may be too, 8D has one of its subdymanics “to convert” which is a reptile terminal, creating heavenly illusions to people and so making people to believe in something. And i heard that reptiles here on earth plan exactly that, to make fake alien invasions, to create illusions of religious leaders for passing some messagess to believers, like making illusion of Krishna descending from the sky and talking to Hindu believers, and Jesus descending from heaven on Israel and talking to Jews and Christians, etc. 🙂

        Take a look on Penalty Universes in Super Scio. 🙂 There is also detailed description of all 16 dynamics, and how penalty universes were used to abberate all of them.

        I do not know about wavelengths. And i do not know yet much about all these things, but, i think that basically (as LRH somewhere explains) that MEST is build up from flows, dispersals and ridges, and these basically coresponds like this: beingness with dispersals, doingness (which are dynamics) with flows, and havingness with ridges.

        So i think dynamics have some particular frequencies. Dont know for wavelengths.

        Good day. 🙂

  8. Well, these materials may have direct link to GE and it’s programming (GE and DNA are interrelated)

    Also this may be interesting concerning body-genetic mind programming:

    There is interdimensional mind-consciousness structure (humanoid on this planet), that has to do with GE That is mind-consciousness system, made by Anunnaki and Marduk (words, tubes systems, frequencies, images, mathemathical equations and meanings) Besides that, human has mind-consciousness structural-resonance system (points-gridlines based) These things has directly to do with GE and somatic mind
    Ups if my writings are sort-of ‘creepy’ – my mind-consciousness system is broken and structural resonance is not active – due to resolution of the system Thats when I write things it doesn’t indicate ‘healthy mind’ However this mind system is booby-trapped But you people understand, because you are aware beyond it
    It seem also, that6 Sci materials do not include much of dimensional part of human construct – human construct is interdimensional, but when being is ‘in it’, it appears to be 3D reality



  9. Have a good day, Silvia. :)))

  10. Dear Silvia,
    Congratulations on your fantastic wins! Thank you for sharing and for your wonderful openness and courage. I told you that you were an amazing being and you keep proving me right.
    with much love,
    Tom T.

  11. Huh, so nice when people get it good

    Also about frequencies – found today software of generating waves of various frequencies (requires good stereo system for excellent use)

    You can change frequencies ranges in this software (also binaural beat frequency) in options folder:

    BrainWave Generator download

    It has max of 1000 Hz set-up, so to catch human construct atoms ocsillation is not enough, but comes pretty close (human atoms 1015 Hz)

    Here are some frequencies for you to experiment with:

    UT – 396 Hz – Red – Liberating Guilt and Fear
    RE – 417 Hz – Orange -Undoing Situationa and Facilitating Change
    MI – 528 Hz – Gold – Transformation and Miracles (DNA Repair)
    …FA – 639 Hz – Green – Connecting/Relationships
    SOL -741 HZ – Blue – Awakening Intuition
    LA – 852 Hz – Purple – Returning to Spiritual

    Sun = Frequency of the period of revolution: 32 312 Hz.
    Planet Orbiting period (days) Frequency in the 36th octave approximate chromatic tone:
    Mercury 87.96 9041 c#-d in the 9th octave
    Venus 224.70 3539 a in the 7th octave
    Earth 365.242 a tropical year 2177 c#-d in the 7th octave
    …Mars 686.09 (about 2 years) 1157 c# in the 6th octave
    Jupiter 4332.59 (about 12 years) 183 f# in the thired octave
    Saturn 10759.21 (about 30 years) 73 d in the second octave
    Uranus 30689.6 ca. 84 years 25 g# in the 0 octave
    Neptune 60183.6 ca. 165 years 13 below c in the 0 octave
    Pluto 90740.5 ca. 248 years 8 c an octave below

    French sound healer Fabien Maman suggests that the different notes resonate with the different glands in the body:
    C adrenals;
    F gonads;
    B pineal;
    D thymus;
    …G pancreas;
    E pituitary;
    A thyroid

    You can change binaural beat frequancy range at options of the generator Have put up to 800 + hz and wavelengths start going into ‘levitating mood’


    • Thanks for the info, its interesting research.

      Emotional frequencies, sexual frequencies, transmission and reception.

      Riding a wave here. 🙂

  12. Very nice, Silvia. Glad you’re doing well!

    I agree: whatever your condition, be willing to look at it, report it (to yourself and your intimates!, not to the thought police), and handle it. When things are overwhelming, seek help from competent, loving people. When you’re in great shape, be willing to help others who are seeking such aid.

    The silence between people about what is happening for them is poisonous. The encouragement of that silence within the Church, other than on “C/S lines” or “Ethics lines” is a control mechanism. All well and good if it’s “good control”. Terrifying and disabling if that control is being wielded by violent, ignorant monsters, and when the culture of silence is accepted and encouraged by the people who should know better. The idea that I might be triggered by something you communicate about your case is a direct violation of the concept of “The Mind’s Protection”, bypasses my own responsibility and assumes that I cannot confront and handle charge. This is probably true for those that are untrained, to some extent, and within the modern Church, that means most people, because the training runway has become so long, strewn with barriers, and pressured.

    The fact that this culture is based around the documents and lectures of LRH should not be overlooked. There is a danger in replication of this culture for those who do not examine history or the influence of Hubbard. If he is chosen as an authority, and his works are elected as “source”, then this same culture is likely to be repeated by well-meaning people. KSW is a trap, based on the lie that Hubbard rose above the bank in a manner different from the rest of us, and thus, his views are more reliable than others. I acknowledge that value of reading scientology materials, but I do not accept Hubbard as their source, or that other sources don’t have equal or greater validity. I encourage people seeking a way to use Hubbard’s materials outside the grip of the Church or KSW/GATT influences to read Count Alfred Korzybski’s “Science and Sanity”, Gerbode’s “Beyond Psychology: An Introduction to Metapsychology”, Jung’s “Man and His Symbols”, and consider how these ideas relate to those espoused by Hubbard. Also, consider the logical contradiction between “The Mind’s Protection” and confidentiality and compartmentalization within Scientology’s presentation.

    Hubbard did not have his moments of enlightenment based on some bolt from the blue, or because he is a demi-god, but because he stood on the shoulders of giants like Freud, Jung, Pavlov, Wolpe, Mathison, Korzybski, Crowley, and Dr. John Dee.

    • Thank you Kevin,
      I cannot agree more.
      By study other sources I actually understood better the Tech.
      THANK YOU SO MUCH for posting this comment.
      Hug and love to you my friend!

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