Invisible, but there.

Invisible, but there.


The unified manifestation of several universes.


I thought it would be important to underline

that the body and the genetic entity

are two different things.

The Genetic Entity is not much covered in Scientology

and very often people do not know what it is

or they think it is just the body.

Cells, other entities, ridges are not the GE.

You can audit engrams at a cellular level and still you haven’t audited the GE.

The GE, from what I have recently discovered and understood,

 is at a higher stage from the MEST,

yet it has a much coarse, solid  frequency and wavelength

 than a Thetan in the Mest universe.

Because of that it can be easily influenced by energy

and therefore it pulls a thetan down,

especially if he does not know he is not the body or he is unaware of the fact

that the GE, the body, the spirit itself and other beings (the I’s) 

can all, while co-existing,  have different tone levels.


Assigning the proper causation,

even if just by recognition or indication

 is key in order to as-is

 (to see something for what it is as to make

it disappear or lose power of influencing).


The liability to play normal in this physical universe

 is that automatically we end up viewing ourselves and others as single units,

constantly validating a lie and invalidating truth.


-'I'm old'- an eternal spirit says while looking his body in the mirror. He has no age but he surely feels old.


“My leg hurts”,  “I feel thirsty”, “I’m upset”, 

 “I have a headache”, “You look nice in jeans”,

“You look good in that shirt!!”, “You have a beautiful smile!”.

… and so on.

All this is just a pounding of wrong indications

and each gets the being to identify itself automatically with his body,

entities and GE and to go into further agreement

with the Mest universe.


Just by changing our way to talk

 we could make more and more people exterior and  well.

“When did your body get sick?”-

 as opposed to – “When did you get sick?”.

“Do you think you can do something to help your body feel better?”-

or -“Your body looks good in pink”-

as opposed to -“You look good in pink”-

could just free a spiritual being.

She/he does not have to know anything about spirits or bodies.

It is a validation of truth.


“How are you today?”- and-” How is your body doing today?’

are  question that asked together could key-out a person for the day.


Especially with children where, in most cases, are very well exterior.


Here is where knowledge enters.

It is not-self-auditing.

(The church of $cientology has done such a good job on making people scare

to use any piece of tech or knowledge).


Who am I?...


It is knowigness.


You feel upset,

 most probably you have already given yourself the indication “I’m upset”.

Now, if you still upset, you might just consider the fact

 that your body is upset or your GE

 or someone in your space…

Many times just by spotting the right ownership

 the real upset will unfold and blow.

If not, you just still upset like you were before.


YOU DO NOT ENTER in listing actions,

or introvert and start figure- figure.

That is Self-auditing and it is not advisable.

 Especially on the lower levels of the bridge.


Going up the bridge on the standard levels

will give you the opportunity

and power to recognize and blow other influences faster and easier.


However the above is a very light action, and must remain so.

 It should be normal routine for spiritual beings.

 (I’m not saying OTs, but spiritual beings.)


There is no better compliment than the one that validates YOU...



I know it is not easy, but I invite you to try it, myself included.

We can start with people who have our reality… as a gradient

and when comfortable

we can then start creating magic on others.

At the beginning the YOU, YOU, YOU always comes out.

It is a well taught lie.


What we are doing is a work of self re-education.

Let’s start validating spiritual beings.

“Good morning Mrs Smith: How are you?

And how is your body doing?”-,

“Hi!! Joe, you really know how to make your little body jump high!!”-

At first, they might look at you with a tone of surprise,

 but I tell you, it is a validation of the being…

and they will like it and feel good.

Of course the Mest universe will not like that game…

as it takes solidity away.

So somebody will try to invalidate you. 


Recognize this is a 7th dynamic activity you are on

 and continue.

You might upset the very bad-off ones,

but you are helping thousand of others…


Let me know how you are doing and the wins.

Let’s make people free and happy…




If you need help to get out of the Church of $cientology

or if you just left and need help, please call or write to:




Silvia Kusada


Class VI (SHSBC), Class IV C/S and OT 8.



  1. Wrote before about frequencies – but those are common-denominators of vibration rate measurement (cycles per sec)

    Sec is ‘moment’ as common ‘time’ measurement tool Electricity supply to households in EU and US seem to be 50 and 60 Hz

    As per Infinity Splitter implant, induced abberations due to application of vibrations is in the following (just reminding, must of you are aware of it anyway)

    Group 2 – Thetan blockage

    Copy-split part (also Higher – Individual self)

    Section S12 – Preventer (entity)

    Split myself and others into Preventers forever
    Program myself and others to be Preventer and prevent manipulation of reality forever

    To (goal) infinitely is to be Preventer and prevent manipulation of …. forever
    a) probability
    b) resonance
    c) cohesion
    d) synchronization
    e) orientation
    f) beingness
    g) willingness
    h) original isness

    Resonance – controlling something by vibrating in sympathy with it – thus by atuning onto specific frequency of vibration due to controlling it – human construct mind-consciousness structural resonance system – Preventer’s are preventing (due to initial programming) the control of resonance of frequencies of vibrations

    Synchronization – getting solids to slide through each other by shifting them onto different frequencies – thus using resonance of vibrating in sympathy with frequency signatures (ie, cycles per sec in Hz) and making solids slide through each other due to shift of their frequencies – but Preventers may try to prevent that (also due to universal cross-copying of Preventers activities)

  2. From Dr. George T. F. Yao site:

    ‘We are energy beings, living in an energy universe, with which we are continually interacting. Some of these energetic interactions are supportive, others disruptive. Most are unconscious and not even necessary for our wellbeing.

    The United States is wired with over half a million miles of high voltage power lines. For communications and cell phones, we depend on over 250,000 microwave relay links. Over nine million broadcasting transmitters and 30 million CB radios flood our airwaves. U. S. industry employs over 35 million electromagnetic devices. We relax in the electronic phosphorescence of over 125 million TV sets. And, as the years progress, these numbers are increasing exponentially.

    EMF (electromagnetic frequency) radiation, the by-product of this explosion of electronic technology, is causing a newly recognized form of environmental pollution – electronic smog – affecting the health of people all over the world. It consists of radiation emitted from millions of domestic appliances, military installations, industrial machines, computers, radio and television transmitters and all other electrically powered devices. The problem is clearly of overwhelming proportions!

    Compounding this problem, all metallic objects, such as electrical circuits, telephone wiring, water and gas pipes, even the metal objects we carry on our bodies (keys, watches, jewelry, etc.) act as antennae, which collect and re-radiate these disorienting energy waves, creating an effect that can profoundly alter the natural polarities of the body’s energy field.Continuous bombardment by EMF waves distorts the natural, necessary information flow that is vital to our individual energy systems. These waves also tend to entrain us. Entrainment, or sympathetic resonance, is the tendency of an object to vibrate at the same frequency as an external stimulus. When we become entrained to any external frequency, we lose the integrity of our natural inner frequencies, which then distorts the natural rhythms of the body’s various systems and can lead to disease.

    Compromised by the cumulative impact of the many diverse electromagnetic frequencies in the environment, our systems undergo intense vibratory disturbance … disorienting and disrupting our energetic integrity, our experience of harmony, and our well being. When we are subjected to this inner energetic disruption long enough, it becomes integrated into our bodies on all three levels – the physical, the emotional and the mental – and can drastically alter even our experience of ourselves! It is that insidious!’

    In this he of course talks about already energized theta application


  4. I find your post great. Hope that you, your GE and your body are all doing well today 😉

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