OSA: “Our games of lies are carried out by the “I believe anything” team.”

OSA: “Our games of lies

are carried out by the “I believe anything” team.”



A supposed trusted friend wrote me:

XY to me
 8:27 AM (2 hours ago) 2 June 2011

‘ PS: I have known about your past since last September after my posting.
one of your readers e-mailed here and told me about you making money in
the past by selling your body.
Past don’t count in my eyes. It is what the person doing now matters
Confront your past get into session.’


First of all, for truth sake 

this life, I never had sex for money,

never took any drugs,

 never even smoked

and I do not even drink wine.

But, if I had done it, I would not hide it.


I personally find a lie a much, much more damaging activity

 then sleeping with someone for money.



When you lie you are invalidating

the knowigness of a spiritual being

and therefore his survival.


Second. I published the above to call to your attention

that there are OSA people, antagonistic elements,

beings wh0 can only obtain joy by engaging in destructive activities.



If we run across 3 party, we have the responsibility

to report the person who is trying to ruin our friends reputation.

To do otherwise will get you in the same lower condition of the originator.


We need to be here for each other.

The only thing that will defeat lies

is a sincere open communication.


I personally do not have anything to hide.

My whole life is on the net.

NO, I never took psycho-drugs either.

Please feel free to get in comm with me.


Report snide comments when originated on your friends.

Let’s locate the source of entheta and expose it. 

 It is called ‘to be effective’.

If all of us will behave as a true group,

 OSA and those ill intentioned people

would not have a chance to create such enturbulation in the field.


Reasonableness is suppressive.

Inaction could turn into betrayal.

A true group is a wonderful thing to have…

 is family.








by L.R.Hubbard.)


“The organization and the individual

should get together and isolate the third party

by displaying to each other all the

data they each have been fed.



The way to defeat a 3 party is by communicating, directly to the person.

But please stop playing OSA games.

Let’s stand up for each other!,


Deal with TRUTH.

I have learned something during my past lives

of spiritual researches and advancements:

secrets are the path to enslavement and are the languages of slaves.

Dictators are nothing more than slaves

of their own aberration.


Miscavige and the other Sp’s behind the Church of $cientology

 succeed only because there are thousands of cowards and ignorants who believed

what they are saying and carry out their criminal plans.

 OSA, the Church of $cientology as anyone on a 1.1 (covert hostility level)

can only succeed if there are people

who play the game of silence.


Lies are safe in the presence of NON communication.

That is their best application of the tech:

 destruction, breaking families and groups.

 They know that lonely people are easier

to be controlled and manipulated.

LRH says:

“Communication is the universal solvent.”




  1. In a way, you’re lucky to be told what is the rumour about you. Then you can disprove it. I can just guess why I’m simply taboo to the people I once believed were friends.

    • I wish for more and more people to expose third party and defeat these ill intentioned people. They are the enemy not us.
      thank you for posting!

  2. Well, i do not have money, can i get some for free? In the name of unconditional love. 😀
    Don’t get it too seriously. :))

    I agree with the rest of your post.

    Have a good day, Si. 🙂

    • One time one of my pc, told me: “Silvia if you are really a good friend of us, you would audit us for free!!”
      My answer to that is simple. A true friend would not ask you to audit him/her for free.

      I have audited for free many people, but were people that have given plenty of exchange to other dynamics. People that have helped and are helping others. I also got audited many times for free. I always made sure my exchange was in, or that I was able to exchange in the future.

      • Wow, that is a brilliant observation. 🙂 It makes sense.

  3. Silvia…what’s new with OSA? They think that 3rd partying is the right thing to do and slandering others is their MO.

    Those who engage in those type of humanoid activities are very small thetans who never made it and never will.

    Thanks for being so brave and open, I really admire your sincerity…and I am here for you always!

    Lots of love,

    • Thank you Aida.
      Sometimes are small thetans, sometimes, they are just used to be abused and they have false data.
      We are learning to be free and to take care of our true friends.
      We are lucky to have eachother adn that we are able to love each other the way we are.
      Love you very much

  4. Silvia,

    The measure’s that OSA is willing to take to destroy someone’s reputaion is disgusting. II just found out that my uncle called my grandmother (who is not a scientologist) and started nattering about John and I because we left the church. This guy was like a father to me. Some of the things that she told me were straight from OSA’s mouth. I was flabbergasted.

    No matter what happens we all still have each other and THE TRUTH. I am grateful to be apart of such an amazing group.

    Lots of love to you darling!

    • Candice, you and your family are truly loved. I admire you very much…
      Things are going to get a little crazier…. as the SP (Church of $) is on the verge of death… the last struggle to survive.
      He is willing to do anything. As we can see and even worse. So Let’s open up our comunication lines more than ever with the higher ARC we are capable of. And we all will win.

      No matter the appearence, they do not have ARC, and behind their smile and apparent theta there is fear.

      LOVE YOU

  5. I am still very much friend with many people in the church, long time friends. They don’t dare to look they have so much to loose. They think they do well, to contempt them and to call them “small thetan” won’t help. Some are aware of the out points, many of them, but they don’t dare to utter an advice which would read as a WH, on their next sec check. it will be said they have been “nattering” and you know the cure!…
    Some believe independants are out to destroy scientology as heretics were destroying christianity! There are some heavy religious chains going in the past. They mostly are out valence. This is tough.
    Some see the outpoints but they are affraid, they are not ready to forfeit what they think is their right to go up the bidge, they are not yet on OT 7, and hope to go to flag to get the services,
    So tolerance is the weapon we have. We tolerate coward. We don’t stand tall. This is DM world to “stand tall”. We are not warrior, we are a whispering force. Very little independant minded dare to stand tall, the great majority inspect those blogs, Marty’s, yours and other’s. They are thousands. They passively don’t contribute neither to independant nor to DM. Don’t force them into action, don’t make them guilty of the overt of not to act, it’s remind me this squirrel issue “IG28” were europeen scientologists were to stop to hide they were scientologist. They got all kind of trouble announcing to business connections they were scientologists! Especially in Kraut country.
    The awarness level is doing all. One day the wall of stupidity will fall like the Berlin Wall did.
    Not everybody is a hero.

    • There are no small thetans. Even the smallest one at his best state would be more than we can even imagine.

      But there are thetans that have been heavily abused and do not know what is wright from wrong anymore.
      They have lost the sense of ethic and ARC.
      They do not have sense of integrity and truth.
      Which in lesser or greather degree is all of us, in this universe.

      But there are some thetan that are more aware and strong than others.
      We are all different nd beautiful in our own difference.

      There are also povitive beings and less positive beings even at the natural state.

      The wall of stupidity will not fall unless one is working hard on himself for tearing it down.
      You love people for who they are, not for what you expect them to be. Othrwise you are not loving them, but you evaluation and idea of who they are.

  6. I’ve been the victim of black PR and 3rd Partying in the past and present and I know the damage it can do to your reputation and life.

    It’s definitely one of the things OSA does.

    In my opinion, the only thing more loathsome than a person who spreads black PR is a person who instantly believes black PR about another without verifying whether it’s true or asking for proof, they only respond with a “Oh really?” to the black PR.

    By not verifying whether it’s true or not, they allow themselves to be the effect of black PR or 3rd partying.

    Try to be at cause in life, not another person’s effect.

  7. I saw that joy when OSA was tricking my family and me. Quite a filthy activity.

  8. Very low activity using false slander, whoever does is F_In Slimy Snakes.

    Whats worse is this is like an orgasm for them, they enjoy it, its a win.

    the third party IS running the organisation on policy that dictates these actions.

    “The organization and the individual

    should get together and isolate the third party

    by displaying to each other all the

    data they each have been fed.


    I was very disappointed to hear that you had never smoked and dont drink wine Silvia. 🙂

    • I have probably had enough of drugs and alchool my last lifetime.. 😀

      And by the way, talking about 3P… the above is nothing compared to what the VIP’s IND are spreading on me. Very creative.
      I’m truly happy to be out of this implant game of the Church and the IND Church, in or out that it is.
      You do not achieve spiritual freedom in a implant..

      • Silvia, you are getting the treatment, and it not for your hair!

        Glad your out. What a ride eh? 🙂

        Yes its very suppressive to be penalised for searching , imagine if there were SOLID rules inhibiting Mr Hubbard seeking for answers to fill his open mind.

        Fixed viewpoints that are then re-enforced by a group are very dangerous to your health and well being.:(

        You must do this , you are bad if you do that, we wont accept you if you look there, like a pavlovian bitch dog being conditioned, electrocute the dog if its behaviour is unacceptable, dont electrocute it if its doing what we want.

        Whisper campaigns,smear campaigns it even happens at bingo, flower shows and ornament collecting, its not just in Scn, but the methods used are worse in Scn.

        Im impressed you have allowed many different viewpoints on your blog, , thats freedom.

        All best Silvia : )

      • Freedom is what I always fought for.
        True freedom does not stamps on others, as many people believe, but values and respect them.

        I’m on my way to knowledge, pretended friends are going to fall off like yellow leafs in strong wind.
        It is not a bad news, it is indeed a gain.


      • Sylvia,

        I think it’s good that you never took drugs or drank alcohol.

        You said above: “the above is nothing compared to what the VIP’s IND are spreading on me”. Who are the VIP’s IND? I’m not sure what that reference means. Are you referring to the Independent scientologists?

      • Yes. Some of them.
        Some people change flag but not the viewpoint.

      • I heard about another new technique called RTP= Reference Point Therapy, created by Simon and Evette Rose.
        The seminar was in Kuala Lumpur on the 2^nd and 3^rd June, conducted by
        Cornelius Chan.

        RPT is what Dianetics claimed to be. Just much much much faster and easier. A fundamental breakthrough.‏

        A therapist at the conference

        “Reference Point Therapy first confused me – then brought me to an inner
        protest when I saw what it was. I was even thinking of leaving the scene
        after the first day. It looked to me as if some children, who didn’t
        know much, had no clue of SCN, never read or understood Dianetics, who
        had no clue about the difference of an erasure and a key out and who
        were confusing Spirit and Soul and constantly evaluating for the client
        etc. etc. had just made a patchwork out of other therapies, that
        violated nearly everything I had learned so far. It could be at the best
        some crazy key-out process, but nothing to take serious at all”

        “I was pretty much ready to tell them all this, when things started to
        change for me rather dramatically:”

        “In short: I got a session”
        It handled the fundamental problem of not being able to ‘open up my heart’.”

        “I had looked at this problem 30 plus years ago in Dianetics, 4 years ago
        with Robert (R3X) — later again with polarity processing and it was
        still there.”

        “Now for the first time I know it is completely gone.”

        I thought the above statements show that just when we think we Know it all and are certain, someone opens up something else and thats why its so important to not shut ourselves off.

        Nothing should be set in stone, we are a collection of beings who are all connected. we should continue to seek out good.

        I also listened to a tape about D Mayo saying at his court case OSA turned up, 80 % of the court crowd were OSA and focusing intention beams on him to cave him in.He wondered how he had ever been a part of such a group.

        When good people go bad in the name of good.

      • There are many valid therapy to key out lock and secondaries. I have studied one called “focusing”. It is based of course on the theory of as-isness and confront. Fantastic to uload secondary or heavy charge in solo. Good tecnique to have if you are alone and need a solo assist.

        Once you get exterior from the trap of religions, you realize there is so much to know and to be had.
        I duplicate very well the feeling of David Mayo.

  9. Silvia, Where art thou Elizabeth gone from your blog roll?

    • I do not promote anymore people who use my comm lines to attack me and 3Party me, while believing there is nothing wrong with it.
      Still love her a lot thoug.

      • She was so much of your friends… it’s strange.
        Now, I saw you are no longer on Marty’s blog roll. Why? Does it has anything to do with you promoting Robertson? There is a date coincidence.

      • She was so much of your friends… it’s strange.
        Now, I saw you are no longer on Marty’s blog roll. Why? Does it has anything to do with you promoting CBR? There is a date coincidence.

      • I do not know why. It is a long story of 3 P started last years by some the “social’ elite IND group.”
        I promote knowledge and seek knowledge.
        I know many people do not like this, even if it is part of Scientology basics.
        But there are also very very few that know what the Scientology basics are.
        There is no freedom where your mind is limited by people that condemn you if your look.

        And we are all responsible of your own condition.

      • Friendship a true one, does not belong to this universe.
        If you lucky to get it, it is a blessing.
        You love because you love without expecting anything in return.

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