the standard tech war: many have changed the flag but not their post.

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the ‘standard tech’ war:

many have changed the flag but not their post.





When I hear somebody saying:

“We are only applying Standard Tech”

I start wondering what they mean.

The Church of $cientology does not apply scientology,

not only that, but it did make sure nobody elses does 

by altering the original LRH materials.


The field?

The majority of times I heard people in the field

advertising the application of Standard Tech,

it has been as a way to state that they are not  Squirrel as everybody elses.

This to me has become a red flag.

Somebody with a true understanding of Scientology would never say that.

I mean, he would never assert his superiority over other groups,

would never show disdain or condemns others

 in the name of Standard tech

as that is not standard tech and it is not scientology.

But inside the Church of $ and outside int he IND field

Standard Tech is used like at the time of “Inquisition”:

to divide groups, to force people into faith,

to punish who is looking for more or wish to know more.

Standard Tech many times has undisclosed

hidden anti-scientology activities.

People that did not know what the fundamentals

and the philosophy of scientology were all about when they were in,

 they also do not have a clue of what it is while they are out.

 Who was antagonistic, unethical and/or suppressive

while part of the church,

 still engaging in these activities covetly or overtly while out.

...a lady bug or a tarantula?


Scientology is just a codification of a small part

of a very broad field of knowledge.

That is the reason LRH always prompted people to think with their own head,

to look and don’t listen,

to gather data, any data YOU wish

(not only scientology data, as this “Standard tech people” want you to) ,

other fields, other viewpoints…



NO one, I tell you NO ONE who, while is telling you they are applying Scientology,

 are making you feel guilty for looking or having a different opinions,  

is applying standard tech, 

even less applying Scientology.


They have no idea of the big picture and are just dramatizing

an implant call religion-faith-freedom.

Obviously the definition of freedom of someone 

who is stuck into his own head,

is very different from someone who is exterior and free.

Do you follow?

Standard tech is the application of the fundamentals. Not of words.

Anyway, I was sent this amazing lecture

LRH Journal 1968.

It has been hidden by the Church as what LRH says it goes against

 the banky management and agreements.


 Ron’s journal 68



“Speaking of Mary Sue, I’ll like to give you a bit of family news.

Mary Sue is still beautiful, very able being… Diana…

Kathy, my oldest daughter is OT6, class 6

and works is in LA org as does my grandson Lance.”.


“…to make a safe environment were the fourth dynamic engram can be audited out.

By engram we mean the mental block that prevents peace and tolerance.”.

“…  we cannot live sanely… in a world were pressure groups stamp out all rights

in order to advance their own.”.


27:04 “The reform code  in which the sec checks

were cancelled and all old folders on this have been burned.

And disconnection is cancelled as a relief of those suffering family oppression.

Is no longer required an SP order and the person has to handle.

 The ‘fair game’ law was cancelled”.


The third-party law. …

 It disclose the fact that it is not a two-terminal universe it is a three-terminal universe.

…it is the basis of marital counseling.


30:21 “Attestation instead of examination.”

“…it is quite important actually because examination

is an invalidation, and invalidation it is probably

 the primary button on a being.”


33:20 “…a class 2 auditor can now assign his own conditions

and a class 4 auditor is even further ethics protected.”

34.11 “We consider that anyone that was trained as an auditor, is an up-stat.

36:00 “What is true for you,

is true for you in Scientology.

This is a vast are of observation in the humanities.

It is your to work with, think with,

accept or reject as you wish.

“… there is nothing authoritarian about it.”

36:29 “It is Scientology the philosophy, nothing has changed

“The third-party law is something you think with, not you process with.”


“There is an ethic system…”

 “Forgive me if anyone has been pushed around too hard

or has had his own rights violated.”


40:56 “Now, the real thing  we have to become guard against

is to become intolerant of the freedom of others to believe.”


42:01 “We have a parallel in the Christian…”

“… The Christian failed in the Inquisition…”.

42:56 “…we mustn’t start ourselves in witch hunting

and raising the devil with our friends.”




Many Thanks to for the above Journal.



 I found this video/interview having a great footage of the old times.

And for that I post the link.




If you need help to get out of the Church of $cientology

or if you just left and need help, please call or write to:




Silvia Kusada


Class VI (SHSBC), Class IV C/S and OT 8.


  1. Nice post, nice title! Really true.

    Much love Max

  2. Love your post! Hope all’s well with you and your son, my friend…wherever you are! 🙂

  3. “… there is nothing authoritarian about it.”

    I listened to the tape , there must have been over 30 celebrities named as joining in 1968, beatles manager, grateful dead, leonard cohen, William burroughs i wonder how many remained in?

    Despite the statement that fair game and disconnection were cancelled, i disagree, the action of fair game continued as did disconnection, declaring someone fairgame was stopped for PR but the action of fairgaming those who protested still continued in 68 on as usual.

    There were also hints in the tape of the attitude.. if someone is negative about scientology, use this “TECH” say “so you like Psych death camps? and Violating human rights?” always attack never defend, id like to say also that there were not any Psych death camps in america and the descriptions given of the psych treatments were 1948 about 20 years before this recording.It is a classic find an enemy to rally the troops.

    If on one hand he says fair game is cancelled and in the same tape he says this is how you attack critics or media what does that say about his truth?

    always attack never defend.

    I like positive discussions but i cant ignore the blatant contradictions in this recording.

    Freedom of speech is openly being squashed ,by strongly encouraging deceptive techniques to confuse and intimidate any critic.

    My 2c

    • This tape is very interesting to me in many ways, but of course contains quite a bit of PR.
      LRH was a great artist, his best media were words.

  4. From 1968 and on there was an anti-psychs movement : Cooper, Laing and others. It was very strong up to the mid seventies. They just described the same things than LRH, and they had nothing to do whatsoever with scn. Remember “Fly over a cuckoo nest” or “Family life” of Ken Loach. The viewpoint of LRH was a forunner of some more sanity on the mental health word. Nowaday this is used as you say against critics of scientology. It is not the same time. 1968 was a great time of change in the world and the toughts of LRH were in this great mental revolution. Now it’s PR and deception.

    • FG>Unlike Mr Hubbard in his Recording., i will be specific.and not use plausible truths ,embellished truths or omitted truths or Generalities for my own conflict of interest.
      A gambler speaks up all the WINS and keeps quiet the deaths.

      “Now its PR and deception”- Generalities and Embellishments , name dropping celebrities by Mr hubbard, the above recording is PR and deception and it shows in its contradictions. Im saying he says in 1968 on the recording attack media and other critics.

      the Psychiatrists Cooper, Laing founded a movement against involuntary hospitilization in the 1960s

      -Lobotomy- 1935 -1955
      Where were the PSYCH DEATH CAMPS? in America, England, Australia, Canada 1950-1968
      there werent any..there was however involuntary hospitalisation of individuals..

      Another deception– The American Siberia death camp Bill was uncovered by and squashed NOT by Hubbard or Scientology but by The American Public Relations Forum and Minute WOMEN of The USA (a nationwide organization of militant anti-communist housewives which claimed up to 50,000 members- ( The power of housewives- dont mess with them ) but Scientology attempted to steal and claim the victory.and CCHR falsely still claims this as their crowning achievement. Like a myth becoming legend.

      Alaska Mental Health Enabling Act of 1956

      Scn refusing people who have had even minimal prior psych treatment and branding them illegal pcs in policy demonstrates pretended care.

      The recording speaks of a family members who were in and later were spiritually raped and Quentin died a horrible death as did Mary Sue. When it goes well and your flying its scientology when you die you pulled it in.

  5. Thank you. I been noting this. to me the Zeitgeist Movement is putting sanity and safety so the tech can go in.

    The sociological advances is starting to catch up to the tech now. Yes, IT is behind but moving forward.

    It upsets me when an auditor said she would let people starve in 3rd world countries. That is why I gave up doing activism in the freezone. I thought this person got it but this told me that they did not understand as well.

    We all can’t go free as long as someone is suffering.

  6. Thank you, Silvia. Wonderful post. Thank you for posting RJ68. It should be required listening for everyone in or out of the CoS.

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