For your INFO



For your information I’m not part of the Ron’s Org, I’m not part of any group.

I do admire the Ron’s Org very much as I found them, in my experince,  to be the group that most works on OT abilities and gets things done.

I have never seen a group with such high ARC, tolerance and ability to grant beigness.

This is Scientology to me, the most important part of it.

I do not belong to any group, in or outside the insane Church of $cientology, that uses the standard tech to separate people, emarginate, third-party and limit in any way others freedom of thought or choice.

This is a anti-scientology activity, despite them calling it Standard tech.

I’m not upset with anyone.

I’m not interested in ‘social clubs’,

 I’m interested in helping  ethical OT’s and continuing my researches.

This is all. All the justifications you are going to hear about why I had to be disconnected from the IND and by some IND, are just justification.

And it still disconnection.

It contains lies and no ARC.

Thank you for listening.

I believe everyone has his right to choose his path

and that has to be respected.

Respect has to do with care and love.

Antagonism, arrogance and emargination don’t know

what Grant-beigness, tolerance or respect is.



PS: the Journal 68 published on my previous post gives you LRH viewpoint on this.



  1. Well said. 🙂

  2. Thanks Silvia !

  3. Ok.

    Thank you for being honest.

    Me personally, i doubt that Rong’s Org are is so granting beingness to others.

    Let’s mention the little bitch Rebecca Archer that disconnected from me because of some disagreements we had.

    Me and her, we have much in common, being young, we love Scientology and LRH, and being a bit fanatical about it, we are vegetarians, and we are inclined to art… that is much similarity.

    And despite all these similarities between us, she disconnects from me because talking openly about OT data is dangerous!??? Somebody can freaking die form it??

    Bullshit. That is proven elsewhere to be inaccurate. Old policies are wrong.

    And i guess these Ron’s Orgers are feeding her with these old wrong ideas that talking about OT data is dangerous, and that she must disconnet from these people who talk about it openly.

    Yes, i was really dissapointed for that little bitch did not admired me. And i admired her. She was obsessed with Alice in Wonderland, so i thought let’s talk about Incident 1.

    And she says it is unethical and people may key in, and she deleted my message. I felt invalidatd.

    WE ARE ALREADY KEYED IN HEAVILY INTO INCIDENT 1, it is the anatomy of gameplay for this particular MEST universe.

    So talking about Inicdent 1 with other people may only give more Itsa about it and help poelpe key out slightly. Totally not harmful.

    We are also keyed in with Incident 2, because these symbols form Inc 2 are everywhere around us, in movies, songs, in streets, advertising, religions, EVERYWHERE.

    So, people, stop supporting old wrong policies!!!!

    Ok. Rebbeca is not a bitch. I use that word just to make myself feel better.

    And Ron’s Orgers my be nice people, just i think they need to unfixate themselves from some stupid old wrong ideas of confidentiality.

    • I understand your experience being differnt than mine.
      You will always find different people belonging to the same group.

      I personally do not talk about confidential stuff in the net. I think to do so is to violate the choice of who decided to not know.

      You are definetly free to talk about with people who like you wish to do so.
      But again this is my viewpoint.
      Thank you for sharing yours,


  4. Congrats, good integrity, Silvia. Rock on. I’m your friend regardless of your affiliations or others opinions.

  5. Great article Silvia. A year ago, the Dalai Lama put out a book you might like:

    “Toward a True Kinship of Faiths: How the World’s Religions Can Come Together”

    It’s great to see how you are not so hard on some of the Hard Line Fundamentalist Indies that have disconnected from you. They are just doing it to protect those things they care so much about.

    I think your choice of being truly “Independent” is awesome.

    After all, isn’t that the … um … the … WHOLE IDEA?

    • I will definetly will look into it. And yes, being a true independent and free is the only way to freedom.
      hugs to you and thank you for posting.

      • It’s also on iTunes if you want to listen to Richard Gere read it.

  6. I was disconnected as well 🙂 . Re disconnection I see it this way: If someone has fun doing it , he/she can do it . It does not hurt me . Its a game I`m not into. Even outside it takes often a lot of time to wake up. So I give the time. The other point is that the person is not well intendet to me – so it´s anyway better she is not in my sphere. :-))) And some people act still small-mindet. This will get better when times goes by.

    Scientology Definition of Responsibility

    “The nonrecognition and denial of the right of intervention between oneself and any being, idea, matter, energy, space, time or form, and the assumption of full right of determination over it…

    “Full responsibility is not fault; it is recognition of being cause.

    “Responsibility also means a state, quality or fact of being responsible, and responsible means legally or ethically accountable for the care or welfare of another. Involving personal accountability or ability to act without guidance or superior authority. Being the source or cause of something. Capable of making moral or rational decisions on one’s own and therefore answerable for one’s behavior. Able to be trusted or depended upon; reliable. Based upon or characterized by good judgment or sound thinking.”

    Silvia , carry on with all your good work . I loved being auditet from you 🙂

  7. I figured that out about 6 months ago and I said about the same thing. That is when you graduate to thinking for self.

  8. Although Rebecca Archer also deletes my comments and disconnected, i dont attribute it to her as such, but rather to her looking at me thru Mr Hubbards enemy line ideas for his followers on how to handle critique, attack it or ignore it.

    Independence is KING !

    I am not against betterment, i am against mis-presenting , deceiving, deception, lies. There are far too many testimonies that refute Mr Hubbards stated truths.

    talking openly about OT data is dangerous? Somebody can freaking die from it?

    In RJ68 Mr Hubbard talks of OT 3 being the roughest so far , how he was injured and does not want to mention the restimulative material “cause it will make you sick too” , the injuries he had ,were they not from a motorcycle accident where he broke his ribs, wrist, and back? omitting this truth from history would avoid weakening his Damn OT reputation and claiming it as a result of a dangerous super secret near death incident not only boosts his reputation but puts the fear of the gods into any believing it.

    That is using the method of lumberjack fighting he learned from his grandfather, using the energy force of incoming bad PR attack and converting that energy into outgoing GREAT PR.

    • Correction.On above post I have just checked some records-

      Mr hubbards motorcycle accident appears to be 1973 and not 1968.

      Interview with Kima Douglas,
      Oakland, California, 27 August 1986

      We took off from Lisbon and went to Las Palmas.

      Then he took his motorcycle out and came off in an oil slick.

      He broke his arm, three ribs and bruised himself to an unbelievable point. He had massive black bruises, he had really damaged himself. He refused to see a doctor. I saw him come back, walking. He went into his room and wouldn’t see anyone except messengers and Mary Sue. Next day he saw Jim and then me. He was in his chair. We strapped his arm to him and strapped his ribs. We were in Las Palmas. We went out to sea in a Force 5 [wind]. Strapped to his chair he must have gone through agony. He screamed and hollered and yelled and slept in his chair. It was absolutely ungodly, six weeks of pure hell. Finally Laurel [Sullivan] went into town and found a doctor. She went off in Madeira and found a doctor. He came to the ship and he said what we all knew. In Lisbon we got him off and had him x-rayed but the break had already started to mend. He never went into a cast – it was too late. It took three months to heal. He was revolting to be with – a sick crotchety pissed-off old man at an extreme of antagonism to everything and everyone. His wife was often in tears.

      Post 1798

    • Thank you fro sharing this. 🙂

      I believe Ron was simply wrong about that, and i disagree with him on that.
      His judgement is his, his case is not our case, his case is different. People should not believe EVERYTHING Ron says.

      There are better and more detailed descriptions from Pilot for both Inc1, and Inc2 and also for Penalty Universes, and i read that all and i didnt felt any restimulation.

      It is simply not dangerous. And it is very interesting data for study, (and procces it, if people can).

  9. Hi Silvia,
    as I am not very ‘bible-fast’ I can not quote where LRH might have said that the last part of going free is auditing out the auditing as it is other-determined. But despite not knowing where to find the reference this statement, since I read it, has always been a guiding light for me.
    And this is where ‘taking responsibility’ comes in. I learned that the act of taking responsibility itself is much more relevant that what you are actually taking responsibility for.
    I leaned this many years ago when I introduced my father, who was very sick at that time, to macrobiotic. He studied, discarded all the restricting advise from the medical profession,, took his health into his own hands and started a new life.
    How do I know that it was ‘taking responsibility’ and not the eating according to macrobiotic?
    Simple, my parents (they did this together) had some major misunderstandings (according the the understanding of their son) and did it ALL WRONG! When I visited once I did not invalidate but silently suffered through all the things they did wrong – – and got sick – funny heh?

    With that – I believe the path you seem to take is the only one that will get you to transcendent all the other-determisms.

    Love and a big theta-hug 🙂

  10. ‘Ultimate dichotomy’ has been re-found (yet again):

    Discovering self through discovering not self
    Discovering self via discovering not self


  11. Silvia, you are right on as usual.

    The collapse of the cult of corporate Scientology has opened the door to those who never found the answers they were looking for.

    More and more of us are pursuing our own researches into the uncharted areas of spiritual technology and finding answers that we never dreamed existed.

    The fact that we are heading in many different directions is frightening to those who are accustomed to following someone else’s orders. After all, who do they follow now?

    The correct answer is to achieve certainty that you can chart your own course based on observing the efforts of others and their results.

    Keep writing your marvelous and inspiring articles.

    David St Lawrence

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