How much freedom could you really handle?

How much freedom could you really handle?

Imagine you are a lion, a big beautiful lion

who has been kept in captivity for few a lifetimes.

You have spent so many days, years, lives dreaming of freedom.

What you could have done if you only had the chance to leave?

How much of your wasted time could have turned into adventure and creation?

Then suddenly, one day just when you are pretty sure

nothing will ever change … the door opens up.

The door is open!!!??!!

This is you chance, and after few minutes of astonishment you take it.

In no time you jump out of the cage to find the long-dreamed universe in front of you.

You run and run fearless, you do not care where to go or what you will do :


But after a while it gets cold, you start to get hungry, you feel tired

and the weird sounds you hear are creating a feeling of fear in you.

You stop.

May be’– you think, – ‘it wasn’t after all, a very good idea to leave.”

You know that you will never go back, but hey!

what about dying out here…so, may be…

You feel confused.

Where should I go now?

You wish somebody would tell you what to do or where to go.

No one has ever told you how you should behave

when you are totally free.

So you decide to go back just enough to be able to see what you left,

your cage, the only familiar thing you have left behind.

Then you run around a little bit more making sure you do not lose sight of your old “home”.


You cannot go back, but after a few nights out in the cold,

after couple of days of hiding and looking for something familiar, you start listening to your fear saying:

-” Look, the other lions are getting breakfast, and you with your freedom are starving to death.”-


In front of you is the unknown. And your fear is telling you how scary it is.

So after few days you find another zoo.

There you see they keep lions in a bigger cage where they can at least run a bit.

I better stop here“-, you think.


It is not you talking to yourself,

it is your fear telling you what is the safer thing to do…

So you go to the zoo keeper and you join the zoo.

They are much better than the others!!

They let me run, they take care of me

and make sure I will be ready to stand on my feet.

One day I will be ready to be free.

And here, they are going to tell me how. “


And so a few more lifetimes go by until one day

that space feels too small and again,

you start dreaming of freedom.

One or two lifetimes later, one day,

 the guardian leaves the door open…

And here you are running out the door.

Same thing happens and you end up spending few

more lifetimes in an even bigger zoo.

You are not fully happy but you definitely feel freer

and safer than before.

Here you are kept in a park.

And every day when they bring you breakfast you think

how stupid those other lions are,

the ones living in the small cages.

And in your own unconfronted level of captivity,

you now feel smart, lucky and brave.

How much of a coward could they be?”- you think.

-“How it can be possible they do not see there is a better place outside?

They really are not able to think with their own heads!”

You repeat it to yourself with arrogance while thinking

with disdain at the lions who never left the old cage.


And from the other side of the Jungle

on the greenest flourishing hill you can ever dream of,

an older lion is looking from the highest peak at you,

wishing you have had just enough courage to make the few necessary steps

to see the jungle in front of you and to achieve true freedom:


Out of the cage’s game.


But he knows, that many lions needs to change into bigger and bigger cages,

before they can be comfortable with greater freedom,

before they can understand what freedom is

and before are able to gather enough courage and confront to achieve it.


Great people aren’t fearless,

they just do not let their fear decide what to do.


And so we need different groups in the INDies,

some are trying to build the same Church they have left,

a bigger spacey prison.

They are no right or wrong, they are just one of the many steps

to a path of greater or lessen knowledge.

And so many groups should exist.


Just make sure that who builds/runs these ‘prisons’

in the name of freedom

builds them with the honest intention to help

and not to further enslavement or to fight his/her personal war.

The moral of the story?

The level of freedom you are comfortable to confront,

the one that matches your awareness level,

that, and that one only

would be the one that will make you feel free.


A warm welcome to

Ragne Mansfield


Stockholm, Sweden


Celebrating the SWEDISH IND reunion!!

… united and proud!!




I’m auditing daily on the solo’s upper levels on the OT band.

I’m very much interested, having studied over 15 years as an auditor and

having helped successfully quite few people with LRH tech

to achieve the state of Clear, and OT,

to help anyone that wish honesty

to continue toward his spiritual freedom.



ITALY: Silvia Kusada/Maurice Pascal


Silvia Kusada


Class VI (SHSBC), Class IV C/S and OT 8.



  1. Hi Silvia –

    Don’t worry, that “Genie” will never fit back in the bottle. Too many of us now understand the difference.

    Years from now, the splinter groups will number like people but that won’t be a bad thing. I don’t think we need to worry about unified or centralized groups. There will be auditors who love the Tech and practice it diligently. They will emphasize different things. More will be known about everything. Schools will spring up.

    I like to think of Scientology as the long-fall blowdown floating needle and very good indicators. Where you see this practiced, where you see this result obtained then you are seeing Scientology in action.

    Those other things? I’m not really concentrating on that right now. I think it’s more important to solo audit and move the tone arm. This is what has been ignored all along. “Gross auditing error #1: NO Auditing occurring.” We need to be less careful about auditing and more bullish toward auditing of every style. Group co-auditing, co-auditing, and especially solo auditing.

  2. I am working currently on really wrapping my mind around similar situation with governments and states – because here we also have the situation that so many people complain about the conditions – tax, corruption, personal freedom – but it’s the same with the cage we are putting ourselves in. Larken Rose, one of my favorite anarchist and teacher of the idea of self-ownership, show this nicely in a video he made –

  3. 🙂

  4. Appropriate terms, CoS is a ZOO!!

  5. What a beautiful post about freedom, Sylvia. You are so kind to all and by being so encompassing I feel your bigness. Thank you for all of your posts, so full of truth and the posts make me feel bigger too.

  6. Silvia,

    You are describing a whole track mission I used to have and it brought me to tears realizing how fortunate I was in becoming an independent.

    I became an OT VII and merely found myself in a bigger cage than ever before.

    It took leaving the cult of Scientology to become responsible for my future and become free.

    • Me too. At on point I realized I was on a bigger game than a limiting group of people that openly or covertly make you feel guilty for looking and knowing.
      Thank you for being my friend…
      I feel your high ARC and theta flowing and i’m sure you feel mine!!

  7. Silvia, once more, I love your blog because you are uniting us all outside of the Cof$, every day I meet new wonderful beings who have gone free.


  8. It’s a beautifully written story Silvia and it’s so real to me, you could write a book of ‘bedtime stories for young thetans’ 🙂

  9. FInally taken time to read this one. Lovely story and a very nice analogy to the groups outside Co$. My experience is that some groups outside Co$ and their members are really so narrow-minded that it’s impossible to me to be in normal comm with them.
    However I acknowledge their existence because people who just left Co$ aren’t ready for the level of freedom available elsewhere. But I find it sad if one were to get stuck in that narrow-mindedness too, although it’s not under the influence of Co$.

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