At the ‘Freedom’ ball, ‘Mr. Wisdom’ was not invited…


At the ‘Freedom’ ball, ‘Mr. Wisdom’ was not invited…


"We seem to be drowning in information but we are starving for wisdom. I'm a wisdom seeker in search of other seekers."


I have been looking at this for few days now.

I wasn’t sure what to do with it.

After all I love Marty and he has saved my life 2 years ago.

He has been there for me when everything seemed lost

and was too painful to confront.

At that time Mosey stole my heart.

 I followed in love with her simplicity and good heart.

It was the time when Marty was welcoming everybody,

it was more a fight for freedom, and an acknowledgment

 to everyone that was getting good products.


Then the 3-party started,

and nobody cared to use the tech to sort it out.

Few months later Ignazio Tidu and the Lugli’s-seniors entered the scene

and started the discrimination campaign

in the name of Standard tech.


I was shortly after declared squirrel by them,

and few months later by Marty too.

Me, together with some other old timers,

all with very good production records

and high statistics on helping others,

were removed from Marty’s blog.


I look at this with some sadness.

A leader should be moving toward unification and peace,

tolerance and respect of others good work.


Instead, in the INDies High ranks,

the fundamentals of Scientology got replaced

by intolerance and turned into a witch hunting business,

just like the sick Church of $.


I have been called squirrel

for applying the fundamental of $cientology

and make auditing happen.


I was called Squirrel for promoting on my blog

different ex-Scietologist groups

who have been and are helping others since tens of years.

I have no regret for what I have done.

At the opposite I’m quite proud.

I will continue to promote up-stat people of any kind or religion.


Any person of wisdom has my admiration and respect.


Pascal and I are teaming up to bring people up to OT.

(Please feel free to contact us if your goal alignes with ours.)


We apply nothing more than the basic technology

as found in LRH red volumes and basic books.

Including the ‘Data Series tech, ‘Scientologist are free people’,

and ‘It is true, if it is true for you’.


We do non judge.

We respect the rights of people to believe,

act or think as per their own integrity.


After all, I do not believe you will ever make it out,

by hiding who you really are.


A true sane group, will help you to take off the mask. It will never ask you to wear one.


We are not here to fight, to socialize and look nice and smart.


We are here to help people to achieve OT.




I have many good friends, people who know me personally,

 they know my heart and my true intentions.

I know many of them are going to be upset

finding out about this injustice and disconnection.


Please know that I would not like and I would not participate 

in any attack against Marty

or any of this independents Church-like groups.

Recognize that Marty, in his own way, is doing a great job weakening

this Implant Station on earth, called the Church of $cientology.


If you need to fight, please do not use my name as an excuse.


There is space for everyone.

Let’s make treasure of the good example of the Ron’s Orgs,

and many others true Scientologists

that have been flourishing and prospering for years

helping others and respecting their belief


Another succesfull Training camp by the Ron's Org of Berna.


Let’s let the warriers fight the war,

we are interested in the doigness to spiritual freedom.

That is my true and only ‘battle’.



The Courseroom Success Stories!!

from Georgia, USA

Communication Course
AKA: Hard TRs

I just finished the TRs course and I really only have one thing to
say: “WOW”!! I feel like a different person.

 It used to be certain things would make my skin
crawl, but those are now gone. I can now be anywhere comfortably.

Communication Course
AKA: Hard TRs

I have noticed some changes since I’ve started this course.

I’m now able to confront and speak to people without feeling shame-faced. I
don’t worry about what I say may be incorrect.

It has opened me up to talk to people more and more clearly. I would
definitely suggest this course to anyone in need of help.

Center of Spiritual Research and their applications:




I’m auditing daily on the solo’s upper levels on the OT band.

I’m very much interested, having studied over 15 years as an auditor and

having helped successfully quite few people with LRH tech

to achieve the state of Clear, and OT,

to help anyone that wish honesty

to continue toward his spiritual freedom.



ITALY: Silvia Kusada/Maurice Pascal


Silvia Kusada


Class VI (SHSBC), Class IV C/S and OT 8.



  1. We are not here to fight, to socialize and look nice and smart.

    We are here to help people to achieve OT.

    Silvia, it is so very refreshing to see people like you out here — people who remain true to the principles of Scientology and who are more focused on helping others move up to OT than on third party and divisiveness. It’s too bad that some don’t fully duplicate these principles and, as a result, feel the need to engage in the same activities that they sought to leave behind.

    If not for people like you and several others out here, I really believe the true tech of Scientology would be lost.

    • Thank you, it is for the many of us.

    • I picked up being jaded from such people in the FZ and the church. I can’t seem to help it now it comes out in a lot of comm in regards to the FZ.

      I see they refuse to look at new data and stick by the brainwash and no it is not all of them but by far the majority of them do.

      I have only run into a few that don’t do this but I guess there has to be more out there.

  2. The problem is inherent to the complete scientology system and those who are saturated in the Church culture.

    While a great number of the tech ideas (auditing tech) are wonderful, the policies and orders are often far out of alignment with ARC, and encourage things in the name of KRC that are abominations.

    The policies create the culture of Scientology, whether in the Church or out of it. The confidentiality and compartmentalization might fit an intelligence gathering agency well, but are diametrically opposed to transparency, community, open communication, trust, rapport, love and harmonious mutual positive improvement of conditions.

    I think that what you are seeing with Marty and company is NOT unusual at all, it is commonplace throughout the history of the Church and of independent scientology, wherever those in charge seek to position themselves as leaders and are using green on white or blue on white. Marty never allowed my comments, though they were all factual and backed up with documentation. The truth is, whether you like him personally or not (and many do), the man is a criminal, as is Rinder, and until they face up to their crimes, will continue to commit them. These are the guys who harassed critics for DECADES, even though the Church was being directed by criminals and abusive dwarves with no real “hatting” and no real training as auditors. They need to take what they know to the authorities, so that the Church of Abuse can be closed down, permanently, and so that independent people who want to help others with auditing can get on with that activity. Right now, the name of Scientology is so sullied and destroyed by Rathbun, Rinder and Miscavige’s actions that a person calling themself a Scientologist may as well get ready for the mob with pitchforks and torches. Hubbard started it with his own violations of law, and of the spirit of transparency. He violated policies on “group engrams”, where you are supposed to later tell the group everything that happened, own up to your own role in it (during emergency handlings) and then move on. Without this, you end up with what exists, now. Membership don’t know what the leadership has done (in their name), lots of policies are confidential, lots of secrecy, lots of paranoia, and lots of continuous present time overts and withholds from people who remain DIRTY, while they eject anyone who “misses” that.

    • +1

    • IN this case Kevin I agree with you. It is built into the think and it took me years to see it.

      I see the good too but now I am at the point of why bother. I woke up.

  3. No, it is not unusual at all.

    No matter how perfect a technology is, the 3rd dynamic and 4th dynamic reative mind is going to destroy it.

  4. Silvia you are an example for integrity and honesty. I want to thank you for what you are doing.

    I have been following Marty`s blog from the very beginning. The first I did realise is that he did not call himself a freezooner but an independents. He did so to raise himself above the free zone. Basically his message was: the free zoon are squirrels and he is standard tech. I have also realised that he has no intention to build a better organisation, he did very often refused the request to found a new organisation even many people offered him support and money. Marty is only hate orientated.

    The free zone know what David Miscavige is all about for 30 years and Marty is behaving as he has right know found out something new about it.

    There are many lies told by Indies about the free zone and the Ron`s Org, sometimes I have the feeling that they do behave like OSA. Manny Indepentents are now following Marty like they did follow Miscavige. I do not see much differnce.

    • Thank you for your comm. 😀
      I think we should acknowledge what Marty is doing, he has done a great job on one side.
      We should also as per integrity, have the courage to not deny to ourself what we observe, without any feeling of hate.

      We are about helping eachother and theta. Let’s keep this up..

      • 1

      • Yes I do acknowledge what he is doing and yes he is doing a great job against DM. But on the other side is driving a wedge between the groups outside the churche. I had more of such experiance with other members of the so called Indies and I admitt I am a little bit charged about it.

    • I noticed the same about the FZ and so called Indies and it bugged the hell out of me. It is all FZ.

  5. Physically leaving a mindbending group is just a first step. Many don’t see it AS a step – they opened the door, now they are free! Not so. They have still to remove mental blocks that are most likely invisible to them.
    Your opening “I’m a wisdom seeker in search of other seekers.” is very much to the point. Another would be “beware of those who have found The Truth, listen rather to those who still seek it”.

    • wonderful saying!! 😀

    • I like that, too, Hartley. A little less simple is the idea that charge off the case doesn’t necessarily mean sudden sanity, total apprehension of truth, etc. It means you are LESS aberrated than you were at start of session. No matter how many sessions you have, you still won’t have attained absolute truth, absolute responsibility, absolute ARC, etc.

      I don’t buy the end of overt handling at confessional, and I don’t buy the end of engram handling at NED, nor the end of any kind of charge simply by attaining release from specific incidence of that kind of charge. LIFE IS THE PROCESS. Auditing is a subroutine to clean up what life restimulates.

      We will always be seekers. We live in a universe where absolutes are unobtainable. We can only know relative truth. Each step reveals the next.

  6. Agree. There is a proselytizing tendency to recruit others to travel with them along life’s journey. This is not only not necessary, but when sorting out one’s own issues this can be counter-productive at best and very destructive at worst.

  7. A bit of wisdom at the ball:

    An old Cherokee is teaching his grandson about life. “A fight is going on inside me,” he said to the boy.

    “It is a terrible fight and it is between two wolves. One is evil – he is anger, envy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, and ego.” He continued, “The other …is good – he is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion, and faith. The same fight is going on inside you – and inside every other person, too.”

    The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather, “Which wolf will win?”

    The old Cherokee simply replied, “The one you feed.” ♥

    • Beautiful.

    • Too cool.
      No1 is what is what u receive in Scn ?
      No2 is what most get into Scn for.

  8. Thanks. Maybe I should join the group that sees what I see in the FZ. I been very resentful of the rest of this stuff and it has been coming out in my comm lines.

  9. So it’s out for real. You’re a courageous woman, Silvia.

    I remember Marty saying somewhere on his blog that he doesn’t want to be a leader, but wants others to be leaders instead. But then when he says who is good and what is not to be an “Independent”, what is it else than leadership?

    Yesterday I accidentally discovered that people on ESMB make fun of his statements when compared to what then really happens.

    But whatever, Marty is free to do what he likes just like IFA and many others. It would be a mistake to pay too much attention to them. There’s an infinity of things to discover for oneself, so why bother?

  10. I’m a wisdom seeker in search of other seekers.” Beautiful Silvia.

    That sums up about 95% of all who get into Scientology.

    What ‘tech-nique’ is used destroy wisdom seekers?

    KSW1 open- mind statement is one.

    Manipulating you to decide, to cut off other routes.No choice.

    Manipulating you to embrace the idea theres ONLY…. 2 types of people!

    The 12 points of anti social people are 12 separate pointing fingers ,when any of the 12 are pointed at self or others in any way other than to help another, they destroy.

    These are non acceptance fingers.

    Who was the Third party source that introduced to marty,mike , the freezone who to point 1-12 witch burning fingers at.

    A master of harmony?

    Im not saying there arent dangerous beings to look out for, but each had a basic idea what that was before someone gave us war monger ideas about it.

    8 of 12 points that witches do.
    1 VERY evil witches use generalities
    2 witches have bad news that is usually called the truth or life
    3 witches stop good news, its opposite witches invent or alter news.
    4Witches dont respond to treatment when they are being burned
    5In an atmosphere of fear/terror ,make wrong and guilt witches dont want to be there and leave.
    6 the most evil of evil witches think for themselves with an open -mind , and are free to help whatever/wherever they want.
    7 witches sometimes go off and play other games..but are accused of betraying the LAW of never thinking of oneself.

    8 witches get their brooms in a knot when falsely accused.

    Seeker/helpers are a rare breed that are unfortunately targeted by ideas that lead to them injuring themselves or being injured .

    Seeker/helpers rule.
    Im not a Scn, a freezoner an independant, i like every other am what i started as, a seeker of TRUTH decency and harmony for my brother and sister seekers.

    Helping others is an activity that only is possible with seeker/helpers.

  11. Sylvia,

    Mosey may have stolen your heart a few years ago, but you have stolen mine. 🙂

    I don’t know the whole situation and all the facts from you or Marty but I can tell you how I feel about auditing.

    L. Ron Hubbard spent many years of his life taping the way out. He, in my opinion, was brilliant and knew what he was doing.

    I feel that if he has already done the hard work and the way out is known, one should follow his lead. Research is good but should only be done if there is a lack of answers in some area or if the rest of the road is unfinished. If there is a known and standard way of accomplishing an end result, experimentation and research is unnecessary.

    If the road out has already been tapped by LRH, I don’t see any reason to do anything other than follow that road out.



    • Hi, Bill. I would advise changing your nic. You’ve been identified as OSA by Tory. That’s good enough for me.

      Deal with Yaude at your own risk, folks. This guy has been stirring problems for independents for at least fifteen years. He thinks everything is a game, including your lives.

      • i dont see a bill or a yaude?

      • However, love bombing is a red flag ,as is anyone pointing only one route to enlightenment, especially when its a militant one.

      • How could Tory know my name if I have never told Tory what my name is?

        Kevin, try not to be the effect of someone else’s 3rd partying. Try to understand what happened to Tory and her current state. Going on what someone is telling as fact when you have’t verified that what you were told was true is being the effect of 3rd partying. ( Apparently, alot of 3rd partying is going on these days. More indications that they church and OSA are getting desperate )

        Sadly, Tory has been accusing different people of being Bill Yaude for so many years, it has to be taken with a grain of salt.

        From what I’ve read, Bill Yaude use to be Tory’s auditor. Apparently, he did a poor job of it and left her in a ARC broken and by-passed charged state.

      • I’ve had a chance to fully track down this 3rd partying of me to it’s original source.

        It’s origination is a one Michael A. Hobson ( aka “Thesneakster” on ESMB ). A person who mainly posts on ESMB. 1,343 posts as of 06/2011.

        Apparently, he took issue with an article I wrote on ESMB and then started black PRing me to anyone that would listen, including Tory. Mike was angry at me for what I wrote and apparently, wanted to get others angry at me too. He then ran crying to the moderator on ESMB trying to get me banned.

        All this adds up to is this ——> CONTROL.

        1. How to control what another person does.

        2. How to control what another person says.

      • say.

        “Try to understand what happened to Tory and her current state”.
        “Bill Yaude use to be Tory’s auditor. Apparently, he did a poor job of it and left her in a ARC broken and by-passed charged state”.

        There is nothing wrong with Tory, she is a lovely soul and she has a warmth.

        Atcause L Hubbards destructive spy tech is a cancer that gets us all pigeon eyeing, in the name of Ron its ok to hurt good people , there is no decency in it.

    • Thank you for you comment.

      Ron’s bridge was compiled till OT8.

      There are actually all the OT levels in the basics.

      There is another fact.

      The original OT levels have been tampered with, they have been changed few times and we do not know by whom.
      The only thing you are sure about are the basics.

      If you really get them in their pure meaning you will also recognize the true tech. If you do not, than you will judge people for looking.

      Looking however, is very valuable as to get a full understanding of what you have. And it is what Ron always adviced.

      At highest levels all wisdom meets.
      I have spoken with a non scientologist advanced spiritual ‘master’ and was very please to observed he had all the knowledge I had gain thorugh my OT levels. Of course this was expressed with simple non scientologist language.

      People who do not search or look they are dangerous. They end up killing to defend for a little pinciple or datum, they than find out later was written by others than the founder.

      Scientology is a way of living, it is not a bulleting.
      This is my view point.
      Love back at you

      • Silvia you say,
        “I have spoken with a non scientologist advanced spiritual ‘master’ and was very please to observed he had all the knowledge I had gain thorugh my OT levels. Of course this was expressed with simple non scientologist language”
        Can you say what the spiritual path was?

      • He has used different approaches and got the best from each of them.

      • Thanks Silvia, that would be have been a very interesting conversation to listen to.

      • His name is Bruno Banone. I think he speak English, you can add him on facebook.
        Great guy and his 2D, Alessandra also very very special

    • I don’t think LRH was very “at cause” of his life, or even in a good shape, at the end of his life.

      I don’t see a “way out” all worked out by LRH.

      I see some interesting results and a clear intent to trap people in a fake church.

      My advice to anyone who still want to apply Scn is to not take anything for granted, forget LRH as a model, keep your eyes wide open and apply only what, by your own judgement, provide a change toward indipendence and freedom.

      • LRH was a very intelligent man, he put down an incredible technology but he did not find the way to have it apply by beings and not their 4 and 4th dynamic bank. SO Yes, he failed in that.

        He was a seeker and a true seeker does not sits on truths, because truth always changes.

        This is what I see. 😀
        Thank you for posting.

  12. Dear Sylvia,

    Martyland is far too much like the Church for my liking – it carries the same energy wavelength, and it lacks not only wisdom, but compassion.

    I love your energy, and you are a beautiful person. That beautiful energy transmits out through the work you do, which spreads out easily into the world.

    Their rejection of you is their loss. And everyone else’s gain. Keep being true to yourself, you are perfect just the way you are. 🙂


    • Thank you.
      It is interesting and painful at times to see what people do in the name of ARC on this planet.

      Leaving is a big dramatization of the physical universe. The truth is you never leave the people you care about and they never leave you.
      I tell this to myself many times when I find myself crying over the “loss” of the people I loved.

      But it is true.

      Marty is doing a great job tearing down this implant station called the Church of $cientology.
      We should be supportive and greatful of that.

      All the rest is just our expectations. It is our wish for something to happen, for something that was never said or promised to happen.


  13. Dear Silvia,
    You are a wondeful example of Power, holding a position, and integrity, remaining true to what you know. You continue to practice Scientology to benefit yourself and others in spite of the abuses and mistreatment you experienced. You also practice, “What is greatness?” by refusing to hate in spite of all invitations to do so.

    I didn’t join the celebration when Marty left the cof$ because I saw him as someone who was dm’s right hand man and therefore was a knowing and major contributer to the worst and most suppresive acts in history. The destruction of the takenover church, the bridge and the lives of so many. His going to the press with his “revelations”, things we all already knew, wihtout stressing the thousands of true scientologists in the freezone, only further damaged the public perception and knowledge of the truth about LRH and his magnificent work. I remained silent after my initial comments as he was apparently helping others. However, we know that he cannot walk away from his extensive overts and his out-ethics
    without consequences. The appropiate ethics conditions and amends actions must be applied before he can be free, break the cycle of his actions and be a valuable being again. I am not aware of that being done.

    Anyone who attacks you as a squirrell shares the same ignorance as anyone who criticizes Ron for any imperfections, real or imagined. No one in all of the recorded history of this extremely abberated planet has done more to make it possible for beings to be free than LRH. Not even close. How does such criticism and labeling help anyone to get freer?

    Again, you are the example as to how to react. Ignore them and continue to do your work of helping beings to obtain their spiritual freedom.

    And finally, for the record. The upper bridge does exist at RonsOrgs and it consists of nothing but LRH tech, nothing added or altered. It was formulated with Ron’s knowledge, consent and approval via his most loyal and long-time trusted assistant, Captain Bill Robertson.
    Thank you Silvia for your courageous communciation.

    Much Love,

    • Tom, thank you so much…
      I do appreciate very much your theta… I love our OT group.
      Probably what I was always looking for. True free spirits… that go for broke for truth…. and the best part the Highest ARC…

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