We can do so much with so little…

 Searching for different viewpoints.


I have come to realize recently that I’m far away from truth.

There is too much going on, on this planet,

the viewpoint of the MEST is so deep-seated into each one of us,

that even the most spiritual being still using the measurements,

in a sort of way, of this implanted memory card.

But i have also noticed another factor.

Each of us is able to perceive, sense or feel a part of truth.

I started to work with the datum that I have my blind spots.


I might see many things that are blind spots for others,

but I’m not able to pervade a chunk of truth.

Quite cleaver from the implanters view-point…

you always missing something so you never get anywhere.

Now, the fact that people fight, religions always fought one another…

but even groups or nations…

 it should tell us something.

Brilliant move from the implanter viewpoint.

Just think, if 3000 thousand religions would work together

and search for the different pieces of truth in each one of them,

they might come up with something.

Instead they are too busy being the only one,

 and by fighting others they are destroying their chance to see,

to learn and to put the puzzle together.

Fighting each other is not just the game of OSA,

 is the game of any suppressive group that knows very well

how strong united groups are.

I have been doing very well with my solo,

as LRH describes in the Saint Hill Special Briefing Course,

a being is not in the shape to handle their own OT case

unless he unburdens the lower one first,

this being, lies, traps, Implants on the whole track.

 I find it very true.

But once you get up  to the OT band and you start tackling the real powerful case

you might realized that there is something more,

something that, while gives you wins and an incredible OT power,

this enough to keep you busy at it,

it ties you up into this physical universe game.

Here is where I wish to ask for different viewpoints from other OT’s,

not the 1st Dynamic release OT’s

 (what they call today the New 7 or 8’s,

those who proudly have their certs up on the wall,

but have not audited for years), but the real one,

the  one that have made it up to the 7th Dynamic for real.


Now, one of the way to keep people from exteriorize,

from going up the bridge and to work together, is by keeping them enturbolated,

to make them feel unworth it, to take their view-point away,

to smash their perceptions and all the rest.

When somebody excludes others

with the excuse of Standard Tech

not only is not applying Scientology,

but is violating the policy on Scientology 0

(Create a friendly destimuladed environment, and the HCOPL “Manners”.)


We can do so much with so little.

It does not take much to respect and care for others,

but it is one of the most powerful therapies.



HCO PL  30 May 1971 by L. RON HUBBARD


The original procedure developed by man to oil the machinery of human

relationships was “Good Manners.”

Various other terms that describe this procedure are

politeness, decorum, formality, etiquette, form, courtesy, refinement, polish,

culture, civility, courtliness and respect.

Even the most primitive cultures had highly developed rituals of human

relationship. In studying twenty-one different primitive races,

which I did firsthand, I was continually impressed

with the formalities which attended their interpersonal and intertribal

and interracial relationships. (..)

Thus the primary technology of public relations was “manners.”


manners” sum up to

(a) granting
importance to the other person and

(b) using the two-way communication cycle

(as in Dianetics 55!).

Whatever motions or rituals are, these two factors are involved.



Arrogance and force may win dominion and control but will never win acceptance and respect.

For all his “mental technology” the  psychiatrist or psychologist could never

win applause or general goodwill because they are personally

(a) arrogant beyond belief

(b) hold others in scathing contempt

(“man is an animal,” “people are all insane,” etc.).



All successful PR, then, is built upon the bedrock of good manners,

as these are the first technology developed to ease human relations.

Good manners are much more widely known and respected than PR tech.

Appearance has a lot to do with good manners. A nicely dressed person is also a pleasure to look at, and it is a way to say 'you are important enough to me' to offer you an aesthetic view. It is an extroverted action, as opposed to the lower tone harmonic of it, which is "admire my body" sort of thing.

Therefore NO PR tech will be successful if this
element is omitted.

Brushing off “mere guards” as beneath one’s
notice while one goes after a

contact with their boss can be fatal.

Who talks to their boss? These “mere  guards.”

Making an appointment and not keeping it, issuing an
invitation too late for it to be accepted, not offering food or a drink, not
standing up when a lady or important man enters, treating one’s subordinates
like lackeys in public, raising one’s voice harshly in public, interrupting
what someone else is saying to “do something important,” not saying
thank you or good night-these are all “bad manners.”


One has to assess his attitude toward others and iron  it out.

Are they individually important?


One has to have his two-way comm cycle perfect, so
perfect it is so natural that it is never noticed.


You have no idea how important people are.

There is a reversed  ratio-those at the bottom have a self-importance

far greater than those at the top who are important.

A charlady’s concept of her own importance is far greater

than that of a successful general manager!

Ignore people at your peril.


A person’s importance is made evident to him by showing  him respect, or

just by assuring him he is visible and acceptable.

To see and acknowledge the existence of someone is a  granting of their importance.

To know their name and their connections also establishes importance.

Asserting one’s own importance is about as  acceptable as a dead cat at a wedding.

People have value and  are important.

Big or small they are  important.



The  two-way comm cycle is more important than the content.

The content of the comm, the meaning to be put across to another or others,

is secondary to the fact of a two-way comm cycle.

Comm  exists to be replied to or used.

Good manners require a two-way comm cycle. This is even true of social letters  and phone calls.

Out of this one gets “telling the hostess good night as one leaves.”

One  really has to understand the two-way comm cycle to have really good manners.




One can have excellent manners by just observing:

a.  Importance of people

b. Two-way comm cycle

c. Local rituals observed as proper conduct.

By L. Ron Hubbard



“After reading your recent blog entry and reviewing the LRH data on Affinity I was enthused and aroused! I began using the affinity tool more fully.

Then, last nigh, while talking to my son, I spotted an error in my comm cycle.

In an instant I reviewed the error in my mind and the cognition was…..blinding!



Over the years I have concentrated on Communication and the comm formula, the comm cycle.

Cause-distance-effect. Two terminals.

All valid. But what I have been doing as a being was inhibiting, reducing, destroying affinity in order to put the space and the two terminals there!

I spotted this and realized that I could occupy the same space as the other being while still maintaining my own beingness.

This allows a beautiful, clean comm cycle that as-ises.

Also the Route to Infinity lecture 1 has something to do with this whole scene.

Affinity, it’s as powerful in my universe as comm!

With it, comm is even more potent than without.





I’m auditing daily on the solo’s upper levels on the OT band.

Center for Spiritual Research and its applications


I’m very much interested, having studied over 15 years as an auditor and

having helped successfully quite few people with LRH tech

to achieve the state of Clear, and OT,

to help anyone that wish honesty

to continue toward his spiritual freedom.


We are here to help people to achieve OT.

ITALIANO/ENGLISH: e-mail: SKusada2010@gmail.com

ESPANOL/ENGLISH: e-mail: dianaclass8@yahoo.com

ITALY: Silvia Kusada/Maurice Pascal



Silvia Kusada


Class VI (SHSBC), Class IV C/S and OT 8.




  1. Hey Silviaaaaa!!! – lol!!

    Have you seen Aida’s new blog? Do you wanna? You could put it up as one of your links, maybe?


    Oh – I liked your article – made me do some questioning within my own views and abilities.

    Love, Lyn

    • I would love to, waiting for her agreement that is OK.


    • Aidas blogging now too!!!

      mama mia.. if each blog is a hair out of the CoS head, its receding like a brazilian . ouch

  2. Hello,

    Last year in June I was told that I would have to disconnect from my daughter and her husband and my very dear granddaughter. I had been on staff for ten years and had been taking my granddaughter in since she was thirteen and a half. She is now sixteen. My daughter had a disagreement with the way her daughter was being treated as staff and had disagreements in the past of how policy was not followed. Upper personnel told me that my daughter was a trouble maker and she was going to be declared as well as my granddaughter and Jim, my son-in-law. I was informed that I would no longer be able to work there if I didn’t disconnect. I told them there wasn’t any way I would disconnect from my loved ones and that I would rather lose my eternity than rot in hell a little at a time.

    • Oh, I also paid around ten thousand a year for my auditing because I couldn’t put in full time and study as I had a home and an aging mother to care for too. My posts had been Receptionist, Word/Clearer and then Receptionist again and then I was the extension course supe. Since being out I no longer look at others as unworthy because they aren’t Scntolgists. I have much more love and happiness in my life now and I’m enjoying my life. I have two women friends that meet at my home now and they are going through their TR’s so I am seeing the results of my help now.

      • Hi Edie 🙂
        A long time ago, I lived in a 10 x 60 ft. trailer, roughin’ it in Nevada. The trailer burned down and all my Scn materials as well, not to mention all other things. The point being, that after everything burned down and I was almost panicked by all my books and materials burning up (which wasn’t all “that”much) I suddenly realized that whatever I had learned in Scn was mine to keep. That whatever I knew is what I knew at that time and it was mine to apply the best I could. Suddenly, it dawned on me that there really is life after Scn (meaning the church). I was so much freer and through this able to learn other things besides Scn. I started learning how to talk again, besides in Scn vernaculars, which wasn’t easy for me to do. The “fanatic” attitude regarding Scn was dissipating – slowly, but it was happening. Many years have past since that time and I no longer have any regrets about leaving. If anything, it validated my X-husbands knowingness on what was gonna happen.

        Congratulations on your freedom and a big huge hug and well done for making your family your priority!!!

        Hugs, Lyn

  3. Hi Silvia,
    I am definitely not somebody with certs on the wall – I actually abhor any kind of displayed accomplishment. I just realized that I don’t like them so much, that even for my last ‘official’ accomplishment within the church – my clear declare – I never received a cert.
    I would love an exchange of viewpoints with you, but have to tell you that I am not a ‘purist’ as I have done a little bit of a different route for OT levels. I went the Excalibur route up to the point where Bill Robertson became to complicated. I have learned that when things are getting more and more complicated then they are probably wrong.
    From that point on I pursued LRH’s advise that the last step of the bridge would be to audit out the other-determinism of audting itself.
    I am currently in the process of honing OT skills using good old basic creative processing in its full simplicity – working on it every day.
    I don’t think an exchange about these subjects would work over electronic carrier waves – so – where in the world are you at this time, are you back in Italy?
    You got my email, yes…

  4. Good post silvia, i recall the manners doctrine at St Hill.

    Then i met the Commodores 12 year old gods who called themselves communicators, i couldnt get a word in.:)

  5. Nicely dressed doesn´t mean nice case.

    • I totally agree and that is not the point. Everything has his own harmonic low or high on the tone scale. Aesthetic however, the high tone one, is considered by LRH to be the 9th Dynamic…
      And it is the direction i’m talking about….

      • Ok, Silvia
        and I talked about the : PR-WORLD
        Show, Show, Show……

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