How to create a group engram and keep it in restimulation; COMING SOON, the Golden Age of Tech N. II.

For non scientologists this translates into:

How to put your group in a state of shock and keep it shocked.


COMING SOON the Golden Age of Tech number II.


Fear! - A secondary engram is defined as : SECONDARY ENGRAM, 1. defined as a period of anguish brought about by a major loss or a threat of loss to the individual. - 3. secondary (A-RC) engrams, have more charge than locks. These charges on the A-R-C are so called because they charge up the case. - 4 . there are three types of secondary engrams impinged on physical pain engrams: ( 1) painful emotion—grief—broken affinity, (2) encysted communication, (3) invalidated reality. (NotesOTLecturs, p. 29)


26 June 2011

“Dear Trained Auditor,
I am here in Berlin Ideal Org in a special project to send trained  auditors and supervisors to Flag, for the release of Golden Age of Tech II.
This will be the biggest tech evolution ever and will open the Bridge to
Are you interested in it?
Ml, Davide –
Berlin Pjt

The first Golden Age of tech came out with a crash.


 In the Church of $, we might do not have a Bridge anymore, but we have a lot of New Fancy buildings to be filled up with new ideas and thousands of different interpretations of Standard tech. With the Exception of LRHs one.


Perfectly good auditors were stopped from auditing,

Clears were told they were not Clear,

the iron fist of the IAS started to burst into pieces

every one that would dare to resist.

Thousand of people were forced to buy books they did not have a need for,

to fill up their credit cards to the max,

to sell their houses, or get loans to gain few minutes of respect and peace.

The Golden Age of Tech number one

was a true Engram

as described in the basic Book  “Notes from the Lectures”

(not available anymore in the Church of $).


Notes of the Lecture was one of the books

regarded by LRH as a book of basics.

It describes the importance of the dynamics,

the group engram as relates to arbitraries,

and the necessary actions to audit a group.



Thousand of lives of scientologists were destroyed

 in the name of this New tech…

 the Standard Tech.


Now, after few years, just when people started to think it couldn’t get worse the new announcement (or secondary engram) arrived:

the Second Golden Age of Tech.

To a good 40% will mean expansion, (probably the same way it was considered progress to some others the extermination of the Jews), and they will cheer and re-joice.

The others have already started to tremble in fear.


As a personal experiment, I gave this news to a person under the radar

and she went into a fit of bypassed charge that lasted about 30 minutes,

till I got tired of it, and changed the subject.


Many others of us will laugh in amusement…

I think is pretty funny that people still going for that crap.


I also think that a bigger lump, of “parishioners”, will detach from the Chuch of $ just at the idea of another unbearable suppression lowering slowing on their heads.


It is a good thing that we are here,

so many amazing auditors in the field to repair the damage,

and to assist who really wish to go free.






by L. Ron Hubbbard


 “A group will deteriorate in exact ratio to the number of engrams and locks it receives and will revive in ratio to the number of engrams and locks which are picked up out of it.

The 1950 edition.



The question has been repeatedly asked as to how a group gets its engrams and what is the
process of clearing the group of engrams.

No amount of rules or directives can create a group.

A group consists of perpetuating and perpetuated ideas formulated into a central mores and ethic, in other words, a culture.

The group is as effective as the reasonableness of its ideas and the height of its ethic,
plus its dynamic in attacking and controlling MEST.

The maintenance of rationale in the body of group ideas is paramount in importance and the group be­comes aberrated and needful of clearing each time the rationale of the body of ideas is penetrated or deranged by an irrationality.

The problem here is the problem of the introduction of arbitraries.

Each time an arbitrary rule is entered into the group ideas and rationale, the group tone deteriorates.

An emergency situation, as faced by the group, may occasionally make it impossible for some member of the group to communicate all the reasons of his actions to the rest of the group.

At such moments the group is called  upon to supplant communication and under­standing with immediate compliance.

The group does this instinctively only when it has faith in and belief in the rationale and ideals of the member who demands instantaneous action.

As soon as instantaneous action has ceased, however, all such rules and orders should be clarified and explained and discussed by the entire group for its understanding and its further communication.



As soon as the emergency is over, it can be observed that an engram has been implanted into the group.

The clearing of this engram consists of an exam­ination by the whole group of the arbitraries, which is to say the orders and commands which were issued without explanation, and demanded instantaneous action on the part of other members of the group.

The person or persons issuing these orders should demonstrate how the situation existed and the why and wherefore of the orders.

In this way an engram is cleared out of the group. Rational discussion of the situation and complete communication of the situation restores the ideals and ethics of the group.

Each time instan­taneous action is demanded of the group by compressed time situations, and commands are given by the selected individual or individuals to cope with those moments of emergency, it can be observed that an engram has been implanted in the group.

The instantaneous orders and commands are indicators of an engram.

 The engram actually was received during a moment of shock when the ideals, ethics, rationale and  general thought and energy of the group collided forcefully with MEST.

There is actual pain to the group here,  since the ideals and ethics of the group have been infiltrated by MEST. Should such moments of emergency remain unexplained, they are not analytically understood by other members of the group and so, as engrams, distort the ideals and ethics and rationale of the group.

Processing the group for the removal of these engrams should be the special trust and charge of selected mem­bers of the group itself.

The processing is done by the examination of emergency situations and the complete detail of them by this section of the group.

Such exam­ination and publication and discussion of these moments should not be coloured in any slightest degree by any thought of protecting the public idea  concerning the ethics of the group being processed.

Information cannot be masked, either from individuals of the group or to other groups examining this group, save only as that information may apply to the emergency status of the situation which may still be existing, as in the case of disposition of troops by a general during time of combat.

The (…) auditor or auditors to the group discover the ex­istence of
engrams by the existence of arbitrary com­mands.

This is not done with a view to introduce punitive action.

It is done with a view to acquainting the group members with the situations as they existed.

The characteristic point of this turmoil or turbulence,  the engram of the group, is that it contains suppressed or out-of-sight information.

If at any moment the auditor to the group suppresses information or colours it in any way, some of that engram is going to remain, and actually a situation is entered here where the engram is left in a state of restimulation where it can do more damage than it could have had it never been run.

The whole key-note of the group auditor is honesty and truth—uncoloured, unvarnished and unsuppressed data.

The group will grow and prosper only insofar as. it lacks engrams.

It should not fear engrams; it should only fear the fact that engrams may not be discovered and fully processed.

Each time an arbitrary is introduced it has the effect of reducing the rationale and tone of the group as a whole and will lead to the necessity to introduce two or three more arbitraries, each one of which will in turn lead to the necessity for several more arbitraries until there is an entire network of arbitraries which have sought to correct some central turbulence.


After a short time the complexity of the situation makes it difficult to discover the central point of departure.

Any arbitrary order not only can be considered to be a lock on or a dramatization of a group engram, but is in actuality a real lock on and dramatiza­tion of a group engram.

To make this more clear, any continuing stream of arbitraries are dramatizations of an engram in the group and the lock is that turbulence created by the arbitraries’ issuance.

In other words, the engram dramatizes by causing an individual to issue an arbitrary, and the issuance of this arbitrary creates a lock on top of the original engram. And of course, such issuances supercharge this engram.

The group, however, can be affected by the individual aberrations of members within it.”

The tone level of this group, then, cannot deteriorate.

The group cannot sink into a state such as that we observe in other groups and nations.


These are theta functions. They are ana­lytical mind functions. A group set up on these
principles and with the clearing process of groups in action would present the
same aspect in comparison with other groups of men of a clear to a psychotic,
since nearly all groups in the world are severely psychotic.

To gain a cleared world, it is primarily necessary for the group of Dianetics to appoint itself or procure appointment for itself as an auditor to other groups in the world.
In this way it cannot but succeed.

The simple action of putting these tenets into effect should itself as itself guarantee the survival and conquest of this group of the remainder of MEST since this group does not seek command or arbitrary command value over the other groups of the world.



It merely wants them clear so that all mankind can then in his right continue upon his appointed conquest.


“We can see, through this then, that whenever an individual begins to misalign himself with other dynamics, he is influenced by too much MEST, which, entangled as in engrams, is mistaken by him to be theta when it is actually the force of MEST.

Hence the individual will seek to rule himself by force rather than by reason.

Additionally, he will seek to own and conquer his children rather than set them up as points of conquest for the future.

In the group he will seek, if he is very badly aberrated, to consider the group itself as MEST and conquer the group, which of course is intensely resisted by the individuals of
the group since conquest of them drives them towards the dwindling spiral to death.


… enslavement of minds and bodies.


Authoritarianism in such a wise can be seen im­mediately to fail, and a co-operative endeavour can be seen immediately to be susceptible to complete triumph.

It is believed we have here the tools of greater greatness than man
has ever before achieved.”


L. Ron Hubbard from Notes on the Lectures.




I’m auditing daily on the solo’s upper levels on the OT band.

Center for Spiritual Research and its applications


I’m very much interested, having studied over 15 years as an auditor and

having helped successfully quite few people with LRH tech

to achieve the state of Clear, and OT,

to help anyone that wish honesty

to continue toward his spiritual freedom.


We are here to help people to achieve OT.



ITALY: Silvia Kusada/Maurice Pascal


Silvia Kusada


Class VI (SHSBC), Class IV C/S and OT 8.



  1. OMG – Golden Age of Tech 2!!!! YIKES! Look how badly GAT 1 screwed everything up!

  2. I love your post 🙂

  3. Hi Silvia, I cant laugh at the Golden age of tech 2 , The reality is people will be caved in,spun in, maimed and/or die, while others high five in glee at LRHs bust.

    I just watched one never-a-scientologist protester confront and disperse 100 hardened Sea Org OTs in 5 mins. I wondered how thats possible, then i realised Scientologists are trained to fear , are constantly dis-empowered with paranoia of probable loss, so why risk any loss speaking out with so little power to begin with.Its rigged that you dont speak publicly, cant challenge authority, cant think bad thoughts, cant say your leaving, or having a rough time, cant talk to others..

    I pity those poor b@stard mushrooms kept in the dark and fed on bullshit, and sh@t on from a great height with righteous precision.

    • Dear Shaun,
      you do not know how many times, as an auditor and a friend, I listened to the stories of people abused by the Church of $centologist, and, I cried.
      But we have to go on, and learn… and more important to stop agreeing that suffering is necessary. Nobody has the right to abuse or take advantage of others, not even for a supposely higher cause…

      However if we can also laugh about it we are able to take the drmatization off of it…
      HUG and again, than you so much for sharing your point of view!!

      • Silvia, you are a truly a Jewel for harmony.

  4. That 1950 edition “Notes on the lectures” is by Richard DeMille aka D Folgere ?

    i didnt know that DeMille was a Professor of psychology,
    an investigative journalist and author.

    • Notes on the lectures
      (not By) L Ron Hubbard

      Not released with Basics, like many other publications not in print.

      Many other authors works, ideas & thoughts were released falsely & unethically attributing L Ron Hubbard as Source author. Professional Auditor Bulletins, Child Dianetics, The second dynamic, Have you lived before this life, How to live though an executive, Study tech, Ethics tech, auditing techniques, Dianetics Today, The Book Introducing the E-Meter, The Key to life course, Cal Mag, What is Scientology.

      • hedid held the Lectures and somebody did the compilation. However LRH twice or more refers to this book as The book of the basic!
        it is indeed a very sane book! 😀

  5. I have to contribute this one little story about my very own experience with the golden age of tech.
    As an early adopter I have been a suppressive person for more than 20 years, but I started a cycle with the church to get this reviewed (strange, I know, and if you are interested I can tell the motivation behind it.) In this process I had a committee of evidence (scientologese for court date) and it did not look good as all these crimes I committed were found to be real crimes (one of them being to grab my e-meter cans to date something, or connect a pant to the cans and finding that guitar sounds cause reads). But on the other hand, they are incompetent and there was nothing to gain so the results of that ‘comm-ev’ were never really finalized and the case seem to go back to sleep.
    Until one evening, like 9 or 10, the door bell rang and three nicely dressed Sea Org members stood there, one of them Richard Valle, the Pacific Justice Chief, the dude on my 10-year ethics cycle.
    He, and his two cohorts, told me that they wanted to help me. So, I asked them in as I thought maybe, just maybe, there is somebody there who can still think. After about an hour I finally understood their purpose – they had come to sell me the whole set of David Miscarriage Books (spelling error intended).
    So, I assume, that the new tech is so good that it should be even given to SPs – probably they will mysteriously transform into valuable beings.
    As my motives for my request of a review were not quite kosher (at least in the eyes of the church) I certainly did not intend to give them a cent of my money, so I made it very clear to them, that I might look into this if, and only IF, the church would correct its error of declaring me.
    The poor guys left very disappointed.
    But for me it was great: another nail in the coffin of my doubt formula – if there ever had been any. – Doubts, I mean, not nails 😉

    • We can thank Rons instilled emergency of making money being more important than give the being what he wants or needs for the Sea Orgs insulting visit.

      I can only imagine what invalidating ‘status’ the most ethical sociopaths on the planet selected for you from the Suppressive list of invalidative terms Ron “gifted” for our salvation. DB ,SP DownStat ,Out Ethics Wog ,Homo Sap , Meat Ball , Dis-affected Trouble Source, No Have. Psychotic, other fish to fry,
      no honor, PTS to middle class, criminal, insane, Evil purp.

      The language of harmony.

      Be glad your three feet back of Insanitys head ‘running’ on Rons greatest good viewpoint.

      Police officers said they were there to help me they tortured and intimidated me till i donated to the local child cancer fund,i only lost 3 toe nails and 20k.

  6. oops forgot to check the “notify me” – please disregard this post, it’s just so that I can subscribe to this post.

  7. Scientology 3.7.5

    If you have a look at the KSW-Series and you compare it with all the new releases then I cannot understand that the current members are not discovering the truth.

    • Its very hard to discover truth while one is brainwashed.

  8. I had never read The Notes on Lectures before so now I liked the quotations very much. But I must say that it was LRH himself who started to disregard the principles laid out there. Of course DM brought that to a whole new level.

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