studying vs researching, listening vs looking

studying vs researching, listening vs looking


Studying and listening might get you a feeling of freedom,

but is by researching and looking that you will get there.


"Freedom is not free."


Independent day is truly a special day for the many of us

who have been fighting for truth and freedom.


We have discovered, by leaving the Church of $cientology,

an opportunity to be truly free and to get all that OT tech

made unavailable or unobtainable by the Church.


WE have met the most amazing people, true spiritual being and loyal friends.



We did break through many barriers on the form

of “suppose to” or “not supposed to”

and started to walk a magic spiritual path.


And we have learned that

‘there is nobody that will get you to freedom other than yourself.’




You might find many great people who will help you,

but it is you who have to do the climbing and the hiking, the pulling and the sweating.

Is you who have to have the courage to break all the rules,

to overcome your feeling of guilt,

fear and/o degradation in that process,

pick up your solo cans and AUDIT despite of all!


You might be called a ‘squirrel’.

 I have been, but let me tell you,

I much rather be wearing a label of a Squirrel and be free,

than to be the “good girl” who is invited to every party

and stand endlessly on the pleasant bridge to nowhere.


Too many get on the bridge to nowhere, just so they can say 'I'm on it'.


The materials are all there.

Find a tech terminal you trust, possibly high-toned, and start.

Look, ask questions, be ready to lose everything you got,

because the truth is;

 you cannot really lose anything that is truly worth keeping.


What it might seem a great loss it will turn out to show his true color

as a heavy chain from which you are now free.




Do not be afraid to cry, to feel pain, to laugh like you have never laugh before,

to love beyond limit and to fly the higher sky.


There are no compiled OT 9, 10, etc.  if not in the fundamentals and early lectures.

Do not wait that somebody will put it there for you in a book or piece of paper.

That would only be his own interpretation.

Get your solo auditor tools, look and search into the available materials and beyond.

Make sure you are ready to talk to anyone

and to experience anything.

Be sure you are surrounded by people who sincerely wish you to win.




Do you really want to go free?

Let’s start!!

My advice is for you to listen to the ‘Whole track’ lectures.

Treat it as an adventure.


...Spirit of adventure, determination to know, courage to doubt any single piece of 'truth' will magically have appear in front of you the next stone, for your next step.



HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!! my friends.


“Learn how to be happy with what you have
while you pursue all that you want.”
(Jim Rohn)





I’m auditing daily on the solo’s upper levels on the OT band.

Center for Spiritual Research and its applications


I’m very much interested, having studied over 15 years as an auditor and

having helped successfully quite few people with LRH tech

to achieve the state of Clear, and OT,

to help anyone that wish honesty

to continue toward his spiritual freedom.


We are here to help people to achieve OT.



ITALY: Silvia Kusada/Maurice Pascal


Silvia Kusada


Class VI (SHSBC), Class IV C/S and OT 8.



  1. Happy 4 July Silvia:))

    (I’m looking in to “the old” OT-levels,lovely stuff)

  2. “there is nobody that will get you to freedom other than yourself.” Knowing and living this is freedom. Ah Silvia, thanks for the theta once again.

    Love, Maryanne

  3. There is such a fascinating parallel between the US and the Cof$.
    Many Americans do believe in their freedom and bravery when they wave their little red-white-and blue flags and set out to BBQ. They really do, while at the same time performing slave labor for a third of their lives to a gulag called ‘the state.’ Internal propaganda make it all possible.
    In the same fashion Churchistas truely believe they have an exclusive lease on freedom while just being exploited. Again – internal propaganda works wonders.
    I call the 4th of July here in the US the American Fools Day – what would make that the ‘nice girl that is invited to parties’ (as you call it so succinctly, Silvia?)

  4. Silvia, Centre for Spiritual research and their application?

    where do i find out more?

  5. found these lectures/site for anyones interest

  6. You are so right Silvia.

    I wonder where you get all this inspiring words from, for me you are an real artist.

  7. Independants from L Ron Hubbard since 1952 when from their perspective ‘he flipped’ and was found under a bed in Cuba, Rons perspective was -he was kidnapped by communists and ‘they were trying to seize Dianetics.

    The Aberree, Volume 1, Issue 8
    December 1954

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