…and they make sure you give up what you care the most.



and agreeing to let it go,

it is probably the most painful thing it could ever happen to you.


As a soccer player who has spent his youth training hard

looking forward to his first game on the National team,

and on the day of the game (the game of his life),

just before entering the field, he get stopped

to find out he has been expelled.

They found illegal drugs in his locker room.

Somebody wanted him out.




Here is the shock, a sudden crash of his dreams, of his beigness and his space.

He will never play again. And he knows it.


We celebrated Independence Day…


There are people who have suffered a great deal,

many old timers were severely abused…

They were alone and had no clue, being good people,

to which extent, Black Dianetic would have been used on them .


Many got hit so hard that they went into agreement

that the best thing to do was to disappear,

to be cautious, to withhold, to be nothing.

Nothing new.


Many people around here are dramatizing the implant,

but many others, included but not limited to the current Church of $cientology

and several of his members,

are dramatizing (in the valence of) the implanters.



 As any true suppressive does, the Church of $  and his followers

makes sure you are denied of what you care the most.

If ARC is what you always wanted,

all your comm lines are going to be severed

and with that any chance to restore ARC.


If using what you know to help others, it has been you lifetime goal

they force you into give that up.

And they win only, when you ultimately convince yourself to give it up.




I have been threaten.

I thought to myself:

“I’m not going to stop auditing.

If I end up in Jail for helping others,

I guess I will finally have enough time to finish my book and to paint.”

I was totally ready to have it.




But I have been working for over a year now,

on this ‘must do-not do, on this  “memory card implanted” called the analytical mind,

its thoughts and its voices.

…and I learned few things.

1) Fear does not belong to a Thetan.

2) The best way to get out of this game is to not play it.

To be transparent and let things flow through.


"...you say, "Oh well, so what? It hit me, let it go on by. Let it go through me, so what? To hell with it." Doesn't worry you. But up to this time you get an obsession about returning it. And they give you this obsession in an incident called the Bubble Gum." LRH


To fight, the effort-counter effort games,

are all implanted MEST games,

and no matter how well you can justify or rationalize their existence,

they are a sure way to make you more solid and to keep you here.


“I dreamed I was falling into a vortex of evil. It was terrifying.

I couldn’t stop falling.

So I accelerated, hoping to pop out the other end.”

David Mayo.


It takes a simple ‘NO’, and from being the Top of the Top you now find yourself regarded as a dangerous criminal… – How many of us have experience that?




Marty and Mike, are undergoing a great suppression.

They know the rules of a game they use to play.


It is priceless that they share their knowledge with others,

so others can learn and be prepared.

Not to attack or fight back,

but to achieve understanding and to be able to let go.



See? What could you lose by not playing a war?

Just Mest, but it is far better than losing yourself, isn’t it?


“Obsession! It makes out of you a mirror, a stimulus-response mechanism.

And its an obsession.

And so, ever after that, you keep taking facsimiles to use facsimiles,

taking facsimiles-you make facsimiles in order to use facsimiles and you go on and on from there.

That’s number one aberration.”

“And there’s an incident on the track where you are hit with motion till you finally develop an obsession about motion.

Up to that point, you can take it or leave it alone.

Motion which its you, you say,

“Oh well, so what? It hit me, let it go on by.

Let it go through me, so what? To hell with it.”

Doesn’t worry you.

But up to this time you get an obsession about returning it.

And they give you this obsession in an incident called the Bubble Gum.”

“So, the incident which makes you do that is actually the basic incident on facsimiles.

Earlier then this, you didn’t have to have this obsession…”

“This first incident tells you all you can do is return motion.

 “You can’t originate anything, you can’t think of anything.

” That’s what you think:

Now, if you get the ideas, you study the books,

you go to school, you do this and you do that, then you learn,

you can combine these facsimilies

and then you can combine these facsimiles which you have received

into some new facsimiles, but don’t create anything!”

“Now, they tell you that theta is like a mirror.”

… “Now, these two mirrors here have been fooled, one to the other.

One to the other, these two mirrors, each feels that it’s only a mirror- only a mirror, that’s all it is.

So then one, not watching carefully, creates a motion, a wavelength of something,

and throws it at this person.

Now, this is a person, this person creates motion,

a wavelength or something, and throws it at this person.

And this person turns around mirror-fashion, taking number one here, and throws it back.

And this person being a mirror takes it around and throws it back.

And this person over here takes it and turns it around and throws it back.

And each of them, of course, “can’t create anything,” they’re “just mirrors.”

So they can’t admit to themselves that every time that thing hits the mirror,

instead of decreasing in violence, it increases in violence.”

“The first person gets angrier and gets angrier back at the second person

and their rage goes up, up, up, up, up, up, up, up until something blows!

There’s enough of an explosion then to satisfy some part of it and break the chain of motion.”

“Well, where’s that extra motion coming from? Well, the extra motion of anger,” … “

“They’re is actually being created”…They’re being created and added to the wave.

So they’re not only a mirror, they’re adding to it.”

“…have you ever walked into a room and seen the counter-emotion Did you ever get hit by a wall of it?”

… “It’s actually wavelength you’re asking him to run.

It’s an actual wave you’re asking him to un.


‘OBSESSION’ 23 June 1952 by L Ron Hubbard

from Incidents on the track before Earth “Technique 88” Lecture #4




I’m auditing daily on the solo’s upper levels on the OT band.

Center for Spiritual Research and its applications


Having successfully helped quite a few people

with LRH tech to achieve the state of Clear and OT,
I’m very much interested in helping anyone who honestly
desires to continue toward their spiritual freedom.


We are here to help people to achieve OT.

ITALIANO/ENGLISH: e-mail: SKusada2010@gmail.com

ESPANOL/ENGLISH: e-mail: dianaclass8@yahoo.com

ITALY: Silvia Kusada/Maurice Pascal



Silvia Kusada


Class VI (SHSBC), Class IV C/S and OT 8.




  1. I think you hit a nail on this one Silvia

  2. Silvia, again I love your posting and I´m so happy you have been in Texas. 🙂

  3. Here is a story about Squirrels a popular term of the day since 1951 Dianeticists Days.

    MORAL: I f you must accept advice, be sure your advisor
    isn’t a ferret or a mole, if you’re a “squirrel”.


    ONCE UPON a time, there was a carefree
    Squirrel cavorting along his highways,

    jumping from branch to branch,
    running up and down tree trunks,
    stopping now and then to nip a delicious morsel, or crack a nut, and
    having a wonderful time. One day,
    he jumped upon a limb that gave
    ‘way, and he fell to the ground. It
    was quite a high fall, and Squirrel
    was stunned.

    Along came Ferret, who admonished Squirrel :
    “I often wondered what’d bring you to your
    senses. The trouble with you Squirrels is, you
    won’t listen. I’ve been telling you it’s dangerous to fly high and to make such long jumps.
    Perhaps now you will believe me. ”
    While slightly stunned, and feeling sore,
    Squirrel did listen, and thus accepted Ferret
    as his authority. So, he began shortening all
    his jumps, and kept away from treetops or any
    limb that looked the least bit treacherous.

    Having danger constantly in mind, and having to watch his every jump, Squirrel became
    heavy in his movements, and consequently much
    slower. Besides, he was now trying to be very ,
    very careful. One day, when the limb on which
    he perched rocked a bit heavily in the high
    wind, he swallowed a nut that he had been carrying. A whole nut, shell and all. This filled
    him with dismay, among many other discomforts.

    Ground Mole came along, while Squirrel was
    writhing with pain, and said, “I knew something would happen to you sooner or later. The
    trouble with you is you won’t listen. Anyway,
    down yonder, you will find some roots that
    will relieve your distress. Follow me,” and
    Ground Mole proceeded to make himself another

    Ferret again came along at that moment and
    shouted, “But remember, keep on the ground.”
    Poor Squirrel. He now had two authorities.
    Along the ground he crept, following Ground
    Mole’s tunnel until he came to the particular
    root Ground Mole indicated. He then chewed
    much of it. The root produced an effect ao
    quickly that Squirrel was lost. Around and
    around he went spinning, but he stayed on the
    ground. He had been warned about flying high,
    hadn’t he?
    In his spinning, he stumbled into a trap,
    and there he lay until a man came along. Since
    squirrels were not what the man was hunting or
    trapping for, he released Squirrel, but not
    before kindly tying a splint on Squirrel’s
    foreleg, and then putting him on as high a
    branch as the man could reach.

    On the branch lay Squirrel, shivering from
    fear, and bound to a stake. Beneath him yawned
    a distance that was now frightening. He was
    seven feet off the ground !
    “Oh, dear,” he moaned. “Somebody please
    help me.”
    Almost in answer to his prayer, Buddy, another Squirrel, showed up at the end of a long
    “What in heaven are you doing with that contraption on your leg?” Buddy asked.
    “A kind man did this for me,” Squirrel replied. “A very nice, helpful man.”
    “Bosh!” snorted Buddy. “How can you move
    with that tied to your leg?”
    “I can’ t, ” whimpered Squirrel, “but I’m
    relatively safe.”
    “From what?” asked Buddy.
    “I’m not quite sure,” cried Squirrel, “but
    I guess I ‘m safe from many things.”
    “What are you planning on doing next?” asked
    “I don’t know. If Ferret or Ground Mole
    were here, I’d ask them. What do you think I
    should do?”
    “Obviously, get rid of that stick on your
    leg, and get going,” Buddy advised. “There are
    some fine nuts in a treetop not far from
    “Oh, I couldn’t possibly reach a treetop. Don’t you know treetops are dangerous?”
    Squirrel protested.
    “Who said so?” challenged Buddy.
    “Who said so? Let me see. Who said so?”
    mused Squirrel. “Was it Ferret, or Ground Mole,
    or… I don’t seem to remember. Oh, yes, Ferret
    said so that time I fell and hurt myself. He
    told me the dangers of treetops.”
    Squirrel sat there, shivering.
    “Come on. For goodness sakes, JUMP!” Buddy
    “I don’t think it wise,” murmured Squirrel.
    “Are you going to crawl up and down tree
    trunks and along the ground investigating holes
    for the rest of your life? Get that stick off,
    and JUMP. I’ll wait for you, but not for long,”
    warned Buddy.

    Squirrel chewed off the string that held the
    stick to his leg, winced while he got the foot
    back into operation, and with a mighty effort,
    “Gee!” he shouted in glee. “I’d forgotten
    how good it is to jump. Do you suppose I could
    navigate the next one?”
    “Why not?” laughed Buddy. “You used to be
    the forest’s longest jumper.”
    Away they went, slowly at first, but gaining momentum.
    “Golly!” Squirrel shouted. “Doesn’t it feel
    good to do what comes naturally?”
    From the ground, Ferret and Ground Mole
    shook their heads in disapproval. “The trouble
    with you Squirrels, you just won’t listen to
    reason,” they said, in chorus.


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