That piece of truth could be in the hands of the devil, still is truth, and if you do not recognize it, you will never complete the puzzle.

I do not care if Marty hates Captain Bill, if Captain Bill hates David Mayo, and all the little fights and dislikes typical of this universe.


That piece of truth could be in the hands of the devil, still is truth, and if you do not recognize it, you will never complete the puzzle.


'...I will find you'. - USE THE DATA SERIES POLICIES by LRH


For those that have accused me to be a squirrel

for publishing works of ex-scientologists they do not like,

I have only one thing to say:

Identification is an indicator of aberration.

The concepts, have nothing to do with the writer, they are not less true than they are, if the writer was/is a good or a bad person.

The section below, is taken from a confidential lecture by Captain Bill Roberson.

Confidential data have not been published.

I believe it gives a priceless view and understanding,

of what it is happening, beside being very clearly expressed .

As you might know by now,

I like to work on the 7th and 8th dynamics.


LRH said: ‘Look don’t Listen”. I really like that.

Now, if you are on the 1st D

you will most likely look through the eyes of your body,

once you will arrive on the 7th Dynamic,

it will be YOU who really does the looking.


Hope you get out of this as much as I did.



“For those in control, then, Dianetics is highly antipathetic, because it permits you to control.”

23 June 52 “Obsession”  Technique 88 Incidents on the track  

by LRH 


Lecture by CBR.

“…all the people here have received one or more – I would say in most cases more – implantings on the track, right?



And they have been very confusing and very degrading to the thetan, and make the thetan very confused about who he is, what he is doing, why does he think he is a meat body, why does he have to live on this planet, why can’t he exteriorize, and all of that stuff; in other words, they forget, that they are spiritual beings, all right?


Now, that you all know from Scientology basics – but the rest of it you can read in HISTORY OF MAN and basic books like SCIENTOLOGY 8008, THE AXIOMS, those are the things that tell you what happened to a thetan, and what he should be like, when he’s cleaned up, all right?


But here we are just dealing with a special thing and that is logically, when you look at it – now take the viewpoint of the implanter for a minute, this is the only way to see it ethically, and when you are in Ethics you have to be able to confront evil, right?

You have to confront evil, to handle Ethics, I mean you can’t just sit there and think “everybody is great…”



Okay, so to do that, you have to look at:

What is the game of an implanter, what do they want to achieve, right?

Well, it’s pretty obvious that they want to achieve an enslavement or a control over all thetans, for their own reasons, all right?

So, they want to stay at the top and make all the other people stay down here.

That’s the basic suppressive mechanism.

So, it’s a game.

Now, if you’re an implanter and you’re doing that, what would be the most dangerous thing to your game?

That’s where you must set this, you see?

Well, first would be a person, that understands what an implant is and what a thetan is.

That would be very dangerous.

Because implanting by it’s very nature has to keep you in mystery – it has to keep the person confused, and keep them: “what happened, what happened…?”, you see?

It has to be secretly, it has to be 1.1.


So it would be very dangerous for him to know that there is somebody around understood what a thetan really was and what an implant really was.

Now that’s one thing they would be afraid of, it’s an individual, that knows about thetans and implants, all right?

Now, what’s even more dangerous for them?

You see, ’cause they’re organized… implanters are organized – they have implants like you have cassette records or books in here on your shelves.

All right? I mean, if they want to say: “Ah, we’re going to handle the population of England. Okay. What’s the implants we have here that would be very useful to restimulate in England? Ah, here are some good ones about the coal mines, ah, here’s the ‘Coal mines implant’ for instance, you know. So, let’s put all that on television.

A lot of these pictures on television. Key everybody in.

Haha, blowing up coal mines, people dying from gas in the coal mines, that’s good” – good for them, you see?

They might even send out a terrorist team to blow up a coal mine, just so they get the pictures on television. I mean, that’s the way they operate, you see?

They actually think like that, you see? “Oh, these guys are getting unruly, you know, they’re not paying their taxes and stuff, ah, get some coal mine implants and let’s key them in.”



Well, but what’s more dangerous than one person – that knows about implants and knows about thetans – is a group.

 ‘Cause they’re organized and they know they can’t be really hurt by anything, except an organized group, all right? 

Anyway, what they are really afraid of is a group,

that is on the 7th Dynamic.

In other words – thetans that understand this, and are organized and trying to handle it, all right? They’re afraid of that.

So the first thing they try to is to make it seem that there is not such thing happening, and nobody should believe them and they’re all crazy and they’re all hallucinating.

That’s what they’re trying to do – or it’s “all Science Fiction”, that’s it. Try to do that with Scientology, and so on, you know, all the stories: “Oh, Scientology is just Science Fiction” – you see?

Now we got a real good Tech, see?

We can win all the time, I guarantee you,

we can win all the time now, if we can just get the Tech done.

Okay, but sometimes you did lose.

Now, what happens when you lose, what is an implanter going to do, if you’re the one that gets captured and you’re one of these dangerous group members, right?

They’re going to give you a special treatment, right?

A special treatment is going to be to prevent those too dangerous from coming up, they’re going to give you a special treatment, let’s call it PDH or implant: Pain, Drug, Hypnosis, implant – all the same area – but they’re going to try to make you believe, first of all that you’re not a thetan.

That you’re a body or a – you know – just something, but not a thetan.


Second thing they’re going to make you do – trying to make you believe – is that you’re very suspicious of anybody that talks t
o you about implants or anything like that, and you don’t believe them – in other words:

they try to keep the group from getting back together.

They’re trying to make you totally stay by yourself, hm?

They try to keep the group split apart, they might even install false overts and withhold mechanisms between the group, you see, putting a guy here and somebody over here, that he believes is a member of his group, and then saying: “Now you just did this to this person, and that person did that to you…” – and overts and motivators and all that – “you’re going to be punished for it now…” – and then – zap, zap, zap – with the big electricity shocks, so that the persons then go: “Ha, ooh! I must have done something bad, I got a really bad shock” – you see?

And the next time they meet that person in another lifetime, or on down the track, you know, and then they go: “Huuuh, I want to have nothing to with that person”


You know, withholding. “I don’t want to get shocked again!” – you understand? That’s the second thing they’re going to try to do: just keep the group from getting back together.

First thing is going to try to make them think they’re not thetans. 

But everybody got to the State of Clear right here, so they do understand that (…), thanks to LRH.

So we got out of that first trap. We now realized again that we are thetans.

Second thing is, we realized that there are other members of the team that we want to handle things with. You know, to handle the implanters.

Then we get into the third thing they will do – and that is simply distraction.

A distraction, you know what I mean?

To take your attention away from doing this, and put it over here.

Ja? Q & A, make you Q & A, that’s what it is.


Q&A: The most dangerous traps are the ones that makes you feel you are winning in life, the true havigness of an implant: MEST.



They say: “Well, if they realize they’re thetans” – this is what the implanters are thinking of – “If they ever realized they’re thetans, and if they ever get back together as a group, and if they run out this stuff about they have these conflicts between them themselves, well, let’s get them something else to worry about, you know, let’s give them some distractions,” all right? PTPs, ARC Breaks, Problems, Missed Withholds, you know, everything…


Now one of the easiest things to give people, to distract them, is of course anything to do with the body, yeah? If they figure they’re going to have you in a body, or you’re going to be operating from a body after they knock you with the implant, then any distractions with the bodies: “So let’s give them a whole thing of programming them to get sick. Let’s give them a whole thing of programming to have 2D troubles.

Let’s give them a whole thing to have them programmed – to have troubles with eating, you know, – can’t eat certain foods, and ah, must eat-can’t eat, ah, food, ah, I’m worried, disease, I don’t know whether I should eat…” you know?

“Let’s give them a lot of problems: food, sex, bodies, sickness – yeah – illness, that’s good. What else? How about air? Let’s give them some trouble with air.

Breathing – yeah – all right, pollution – yeah – that’s a good thing.” Worry, worry, worry.



They try to restimulate with all this stuff, that’s all. So if you give a person a body, enough to worry about, you know, and you can do it many ways, by sickness or illness, good food or bad food, good air or bad air, 2D problems, you know – should it be this person or this person, I’m jealous, missed withhold – all this kind of stuff, you know, sex flows, all of that.

And they can give also things to do with “bodies killing each other,” you see, so keep showing a lot of pictures of wars, bodies killing each other, and movies and stuff like that, and that gets people worried about they might die, you see, that distracts them.



And if they are doing that than they can’t realize – they hope, they hope – that they can’t realize that they are thetans, they should be working together as a group, and they should be organizing to knock out the implanters, you see?

Now, all this goes on all the time on planet Earth. It’s going on continually, it has been going on.

When you’re at the effect of it, you don’t even notice it as a plan.

When you come above the level realizing that you’re a thetan – a Clear starts looking around and you all say: “Hey, this is crazy.” And they only do what they have to do – to do basic survival, and so on – and then always keeping some attention going on the purpose.

And then as you get more and more ability – like as you guys all get trained as auditors – then you can be more full time on the purpose, you see, and you get stronger and stronger, klar?

You see, training auditors is another thing that implanters would not like, you see? Because people can’t get out of those traps by just reading a book, they have to be audited, you see – they can maybe get part of the way out – but they can’t get all the way out without some real good solo auditing, all right?

So, if you have the purpose to get trained and so on like that, and realize all these other distractions – or what is meant to keep you from doing that – is the Q & A mechanisms, you know – so, if you want to get trained, then get together, have your common purposes and so on and just take the other stuff and just laugh at it and say: “Well, that’s probably some shit the implanters laid on us, man, let’s just go ahead and get trained. Or let’s just go ahead and enjoy life, you know, enjoy really.”

First give an example of what is life to be a Clear, to be more or less knowing what the game is, so that other people can see, that you’re not affected by it, you see?

So, you have a duty as an auditor, and as an OT or Clear, to give an example to people, say: “Hey, you don’t have to be Qing & Aing and restimulated by all that stuff.”

Yeah, as you get up there you know that:

“Hey, man, it’s actually getting really heavy on the 7th Dynamic!”

Take it as a win!

You weren’t even getting attacked ten years ago by the 7th Dynamic.

They held you totally under control,

all the way pushed down to think you were a body and you were probably going back and forth between the hospital and the job and the food store and the television, you know.


Tibetan monks and nuns are beat by police during a protest.


Now, you’re becoming an auditor, oh boy!

“Hey, look man, I must be winning,

the implanters are attacking me, that’s great!”

you know.

The implanters are looking for people popping up above the level of confusion to become: “Hey!” – you know – “Wow, that’s implanters over there, look what they’re doing” – you know – “Haha…”.

Do you see they will see them – “Oh, oh, there come some people, that could knock us out” – ’cause they’re easy to knock out.

All their power is obtained by restimulation of their earlier stuff they’ve done with thetans. That’s all the power they have.

Everybody would laugh at them, if it wasn’t for their ability to key in people, you know, I mean it’s true you get to the point on the OT Levels, where anything they can throw at you, you just laugh at it. It’s so, so silly, you know.

Even if it’s horrible flows, and beams, and horrible pictures, and so on, you know. I mean they try to key people in with horror movies and stuff like that.

A solo auditor that goes on through OT III and on (…),

he’s more able than an implanter.

Because what they’re doing is: trying to restimulate the earlier ones in present time by doing different beams, radiations, television programs, news stories, etc. like that, they try to keep that restimulated.



You all have experienced telepathy and different things turning on as you go up the bridge. You get more telepathy in control, you get more knowledge of your whole track, you get more certainty of your beingness and your identity, you don’t particularly fear for your body anymore, you may even find you have a “preferred name” as a thetan, rather than as a body, you know, so all this shows that you’re coming along up the bridge.,.

But I just want to caution you, don’t get too diggy into the details of these things, because they are very complicated, they have to be complicated otherwise any guy walking on the street could certainly read a funny-book about it or something, or an LRH book and totally get out of it. But he doesn’t.

Why not?

Because it does need auditing and it does need training and it does need a special handling of the whole complexity of it, all right?

That – then you can get through. I guarantee you, all right? 

So, as a group you can operate very well, just keep in comm, … 



So, when you look at it from the viewpoint of an implanter: they want to have happen exactly what the non-optimum or the problems or the distractions you’re having – they like that. They think that’s great. You know, if you were poor and don’t have  money – they like that. If we have problems with 2D or with body problems or physical injuries – they like that – that’s wonderful – for them. All right?

So, remember, in a game – look at it:

what would be good for an implanter?

“Hey, let’s – don’t validate that around here.”

You have to look at each of them as a person coming up there to realizing they’re thetans, realizing they’re a member of a group with a purpose – or at least they certainly want to go free – and then helping them get there. And that’s all you’re doing in auditing, and you’re doing a lot more of it on the OT Levels than you’re doing at lower levels. That’s why we want you to get up there.

I think that’s the game, LRH laid it out very well and it is as he says on one of his tapes on the Class VIII Course, it is “booby-traps” at the upper levels.

All these guys that are still in the Church or on OT Levels having a long time and not getting through, and so on like that, they’re not going to get through – they can’t get through. You know why?

Look at it from the viewpoint of the implanters: they can’t get through because they are not even in the right game! You see these OTs coming along and say: “Yeah, I’m OT, and I’ve finished my NOTs.”


“Well, ah, what are you doing to help handle the 4th Dynamic and the condition of the Planet?”

“Oh, I don’t have to do anything about that, I’m totally free…!”

He’s still walking around in a body, he’s still on Earth, you see?

No responsibility for handling the things, he should have found out about, no responsibility for handling the situation of other beings, that are also in the same trap.

If you hear a guy is talking like that, that says that he’s finished, he finished nothing. He got to a release point on the 1st Dynamic and he said: “That’s it! Ah… I feel good…I wanna stay that way. I’m not gonna confront anything else, because if I do, it might be… dangerous…!!”

That’s all you got, he’s a guy that has a little more 1st Dynamic Ability to – sort of – make his own survival. But he’s not going to help anybody else.

So, he hasn’t really found out what the game is yet, but he is still effect of it. Okay?

So, that’s what I’m saying – it’s not okay to dig in at the lower levels, until you have the tools to do it, that you get on OT III and Super NOTs – to handle the effect, the whole effects of the implanting, right?

(Editor’s note: In the lecture, CBR said “NOTs” in all places where in this transcript it says “Super NOTs”. Presumably this was changed by himself because this lecture was held only shortly after Tech Briefing 4 in which the technology of Super NOTs or Excalibur was first presented, but the name was not yet in firm use, so that is why CBR uses “NOTs” here, but he really means the level that in the Ron’s Orgs is in the place of NOTs, i.e. Super NOTs or – as it is now called – Excalibur.)

Excerpt from a Captain Bill Robertson lecture – 14th September 1985 – ‘CLEARS AND ABOVE



23 June 52 “Obsession”  Technique 88 Incidents on the track  

by LRH 



“Wonderful expansion of my space and general ARC got huge.

Whole track perspective much clearer and spotted a major confusion

I had early this lifetime that was keeping me at effect.
Had to take a walk at the beach high atop a cliff

overlooking the ocean watching a school of dolphins pass by.

Great trip I am taking as a pre-OT!

The other win I’d like to share is, moving up the bridge

outside the suppressive bubble of the church is a joy.
Mainly because of not having to suppress my own conscience

concerning highly questionable actions, viewpoints

or “additives” that seem to pervade the environment

within Scientology these days.

And, I’m not supporting a suppressive corrupt organization anymore

in exchange for spiritual freedom.

love,  D.P.




I’m a Class VI auditor, 2 Flag Internships  and an OT7+

and I’m auditing daily on the solo’s upper levels on the OT band.




My team and I are available to travel in USA and Europe.

We deliver in English, Spanish and Italian.

Center for Spiritual Research and its applications





ITALY: Silvia Kusada/Maurice Pascal


Silvia Kusada


Class VI (SHSBC), Class IV C/S and OT 8.



  1. Best . . . post . . . yet!!!! I’m blown away!! WOW!! Thank you!!

  2. Very good post!

    This is exactly what is going on planet earth and in some degree some ex-scientologist are working (unwittingly) for the implanters against others ex-scientologist. You can observe this in the different blogs.

    My favorite is: Look, do not listen

    People should judge other according to their products and results and not because of rumors which are spread abroad.

  3. 🙂 Know the game you are in! 🙂

  4. I love it when you stick up for freedom of speech, freedom from oppression and yourself.

    Epic post Silvia.

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