Every stable datum is an added brick to the wall that stands between yourself and freedom

Every stable datum is a step away from your full power of choice AND A STEP BACKWARD FROM YOUR ABILITY TO LOOK.

Why people look for stable data?


At one point in time they have lost themselves.

Somebody gave them the idea they needed an identity.

Not knowing who they were, they felt extremely confused and found in the stable data a solution to build a familiar environment where to feel safe.

The more a person has lost his abilities to know and to be, the more will treasure stable data and will have difficulties to let them go.

They are keeping, using a mind, their past certainties alive in present time and in the future.

They think they need them.

It is aberration.

Scientologists, as any other products of the sciences of the mind, are actually the worse off.




There are full of “Stable data” on the 7th and 8th dynamics.




They are dealing routinely with the 7th and 8th dynamics and they are continuously accumulating a huge amount of stable data on that line.


The studies if Scientology, as any other field, if done by faith, and without a proper analysis and self judgment, becomes extremely abberrative to the spiritual being. It build up a trap and bars him from true knowingness..


Now, stable data are fix points.

This points, being fixed in a universe where everything moves, create ridges.

Moreover, they are identification.

Remember that there is nothing in this universe that is identical to something else.





Every single datum in this universe

acts as a wrong datum for a Thetan,

as it does not applies to spiritual beings:

in fact a spiritual being does not need data at all.


Dianetics and Scientology, done properly, could bring a being up to a point where he has enough courage to look, and to find out…

it is a gradient scale from solidity and masses, to pure transparency.


Once you have gotten to a certain point,

it is you that have to do the rest of the work,

and where you find people calling themselves OT

while waiting in line for somebody to tell them what to do,

or being scare of looking or creating to avoid being labeled,

you are looking to a failure in applying Scientology

and to a very trapped being.



Scientology as for his basic goal and principle

is there for only one reason:

to free ‘men’.



“…the second Axiom which goes before all the axioms is:

Knowigness can be done by approximation and pervasion.

Knowigness can be done by approximation and pervasion.



And you can add, in parentheses, to that

completely aside from being done by facsimiles.

There are different methods of thinking than facsimile thinking.

It is not necessary for you to have experience to know.

The trick of having experience ties you down on the time track.

If you have to have experience in order to know, then you can be controlled by these methods.

Because by blanking out your experience, then you don’t know.

You see how this is?

So, therefore, you don’t become cause, then, and you can be held in line.

All right. Up here we have these two methods of knowing. Pervasion.

Pervasion is being there.

Pervading is being there in present time.

Now, you get somebody up on his perception level, you’ll know better what it is. When you get up on your perception level a little bit, you will look at the side of a milk bottle and you want to know what the side of a milk bottle is, you don’t look at the side of a milk bottle.

You do your observation in the line of radar.

You hit the milk bottle and you feel this waxy surface of the milk bottle.

“You do your seeing, actually by radar.

“Your theta being actually sees by radar. Sends out a beam, it feels something and comes back. If a person isn’t capable of seeing by radar, they don’t make good pilots, by the way.

Now, that’s pervasion-pervading the subject. And the other one is making a mock-up.

You create an illusion-not even a facsimile…”

“Facsimile combination is heavy, it is difficult, it is slow, it requires enormous experience and lot of other things.”


“Now, you see that there are two methods of knowing. Now, may be you don’t agree with either of these methods of knowing. May be you don’t agree that a person could know merely by knowing.

As far as I’m concerned, if  you are dealing in pure thought, you’re not dealing in any time.

So of course you could know the future and the past and the “wig-wag” system and everything else. It doesn’t matter. Because you’re not dealing with time or space. You’re not making sizes, shapes, in time or space.



Photo by Łukasz Strachanowski

23 June 52 “Obsession”  Technique 88 – Incidents on the track  

by LRH 




I’m a Class VI auditor, 2 Flag Internships  and an OT7+

and I’m auditing daily on the solo’s upper levels on the OT band.




My team and I are available to travel in USA and Europe.

We deliver in English, Spanish and Italian.

Center for Spiritual Research and its applications



ITALIANO/ENGLISH: e-mail: SKusada2010@gmail.com

ESPANOL/ENGLISH: e-mail: dianaclass8@yahoo.com

ITALY: Silvia Kusada/Maurice Pascal



Silvia Kusada


Class VI (SHSBC), Class IV C/S and OT 8.




  1. ciao , Hallo Silvia!

  2. Silvia,

    Thanks for the reminder that studies based on faith are a trap.
    They cause us to become MEST!


  3. No matter how good or bad you are, the CofM tries to make you wrong – constantly. Therefore you just cannot win. Very good post – waiting for the CofM to validate any kind of behavior, good or bad, is not living by your own determinism.

  4. Mosf excellently stated! I have cog’d on this, attempted to explain it, but you have done it oh so eloquently! When you come over for brunch be sure & notice the Free Soul framed quote hanging in the dining room. ML. Moneca

  5. Good post Silvia.

  6. are Stable datums stable or just another fixed idea?

    Whilst its still working out Scientology using Scientology which i try to avoid,

    Ive been comparing K & R & C points of KRC triangle.

    What i personally find is its easier to isolate the Scientology/Hubbard opinion versus control ,choosing between Control and Knowledge to isolate if i am being bent around anothers one views or a self help technique.

    , i forget the responsibility point as i cant trust Mr Hubbards motives after finding out his hidden history and below zero state.He may have been genius but he was a manic genius.

    The subject is too full of significance and Mr Hubbards cognitions, fixed ideas ,all the experience is in us to be cognited on.

    rather than the simplicity of a technique to learn about yourself, it (scn) is weighted down with 99% mass of symbols (words and voiced opinions of stolen cognitions) controlling you with what, when how, why, where, who, its mostly a straight jacket of other determinism.

    So if its a simple technical process where i can discover something without being told what, where , who, why, when i should find, thats natural. If its a shopping list check-sheet of rules in a maze perverting your natural determinism, the navigator got lost himself but still wanted to be admired for it and trap one to do his bidding.

    Who is “Man” so frequently talked about by Mr Hubbard , man is a generality just as much as “everybody” is and “The People” is?
    Except when Mr hubbard says it, its ok .

  7. From my perspective, the best “stable data” are ideas that do not allow rigid, controlling ideas and structures to persist.

    Such concepts would allow one the freedom to observe without being locked into control systems.

    IMHO, one “stable idea” that actually does this is to embody the idea that a story’s usefulness does not depend upon its truthfulness.

    If I find a religion that I feel is stuck in a literal minded fundamentalist mythology, I can see and gain benefit the “power of its story” regardless if it is actually true or not. I can also embrace the views and fiery passion of its members without judgement and embrace them fully.

    If I see a religion that is stuck in a science-based or in a materialistic mindset, I can see the “power of its story” without being stuck in a viewpoint of “Science is right and mythology based religions are wrong.”

    EXAMPLE #2 I meet a Fundamentalist Christian who believes that the world was ACTUALLY CREATED IN SEVEN EARTH DAYS. Well, for this to align with Scientific Data, Jehovah would have to play a LOT of tricks with space-time.

    Step 1. Enjoy and embrace the story as story and find meaning from it. Try to understand what power it gives its teller and what benefits I can use from it.
    Step 2. Assign a probability of the truthfulness of that story in this universe (I’ll go with 0.00000099 of it not occurring in this universe as a guess. I don’t have to be right with the number, I just use it as a way to align how important a story is to me).
    Step 3. Use what I learned from the story to improve my life.

    EXAMPLE #2

    I meet a Science Based Person who thinks that the Christian is a TOTAL MORON and is completely mistaken in his creation myth.

    Step 1. Enjoy and embrace the story as story and find meaning from it. Try to understand what power it gives its teller and what benefits I can use from it.
    Step 2. Assign a probability of the truthfulness of that story in this universe (I’ll go with 0.9999999999 of it not occurring in this universe as a guess. I don’t have to be right with the number, I just use it as a way to align how important a story is to me). THIS ALLOWS FOR THE SLIGHTEST CHANCE FOR A UNIVERSE TO EXIST WHERE A BEING CREATED OUR EARTH ACCORDING TO THE BIBLE BUT WHO MADE IT APPEAR THAT IT WASN’T CREATED IN SUCH A WAY.
    Step 3. Use what I learned from the story to improve my life.

    BOOK SUGGESTION: “Toward a True Kinship of Faith” – The Dalai Lama.

  8. On the 2nd example part 2 please use …
    (I’ll go with a 0.999999999 OF IT OCCURRING in this universe as a guess…)

  9. Good post Bunkai.

    Years ago, as a geology major at a university, a fundamentalist Christian was (with my permission) selling me on the idea that God had created the earth and done it according to literal interpretation of the Holy Bible. In answer to my question “what about the geologic record?” this person replied “Couldn’t God have created the Earth just as we see it today, complete with the geologic record?”
    I sarcastically replied, ” Why yes He could have. In fact, He could have created the world just as we see it complete with you and me just sitting here and having this conversation and complete with our memories intact just as we are today, and He could have done all this just a moment ago!”

    I didn’t mean to nor did I realize it at the time, but I had said something out-loud which would stick in my mind as the seed of a thought and which this past year has come round to a theory – agreeable to some – which is that there is a mechanics by which the universe is actually created newly moment by moment.

  10. Great points Chris. That story has also run around in my head in a different version at different times in my life. I actually considered it a legitimate option when I was a fundie Christian. I used to tell this parable to explain it.

    There once was a painter who had a dream of a beautiful town in another world. When he awoke, he seized his materials and started to work to put it on canvas.

    On Monday, he painted the sky and set the proper light, on Tuesday, he painted the pond and land. Wednesday was for the buildings and Thursday was for the animals. On Friday he painted in all the people and collapsed from exhaustion and fell exhausted into asleep Friday at 6:00.

    He found as he slept that his dream continued, and that he was walking in the streets of his town.

    The people of his painting were looking around. And they were talking about how they got there. Some were quoting a creation myth that they were a painting made manifest into reality, but others using Science were able to create stable reproducible models of their world’s creation that didn’t require an artist at all.

    Soon, people were fighting and killing each other over who was right, the Religionists or the Scientists.

    Seeing the blood shed, the artist stood on a fountain’s edge and proclaimed, “Stop it! You both can be right. This world can either be created OR evolved depending on the creative power! I know this because I am the artist that made this world!”

    After making so bold a claim, the scientists declared him insane and moved to lock him up. The religionists grabbed stones and tried to stone him. The liberals were trying to stop them both.

    As he was running out of the town getting pelted by rocks, he reached the edge of a cliff. He turned to face the angry mob right as a stone the size of an egg hit him in the middle of his forehead …


    He fell backward off the cliff …

    And awoke.

    He jolted awake and shaking walked over to get a glass of water and lit a cigarette and stared at his painting all day Saturday until the dark filled the studio.

    It was a good painting. The color and contrasts and the style and details drew him in. The wagon wheels. The fountain. The pond at the edge and the cliff far away at the end of the road.

    He started sobbing. He walked out his front door to look at his own town.


    He looked at the sky and one star in particular grabbed his attention.

    And he just knew.

    Was it true? Was it there?

    He didn’t know. He just knew he was fine with being right or wrong.

    And he looked down and found a rock shaped like an egg.

  11. relaying my thoughts here will probably get Silvia in deep trouble and cause fractures just as attempting to use the creed of CoS in the CoS does, as its only an pretense ideal rather than a reality.

    I see Obsession is just compulsion in any area of life that dictates one loss of power of choice, being driven into doing, being or having, rather than driving. Its a point of unknowing overwhelm being controlled, rather than having or not having to.

    Interest could be classified as a prelude to highly charged compulsion, magnetized without power of choice to do, be or have.

    Simplicity is the key to happiness & stability. Complexity & explaining/lecturing it all is just contamination.

    When i look at the career of Mr Hubbard, i see Obsession. He had to be known as The only One , he obsessively regurgitated all he found and enforced his dis-ability onto his fledglings.

    Scientology as i see it is a trap since 1952, because Mr Hubbard instead of maintaining a simplicity method for ONE to climb up and out by ONESELF, he was Obsessively driven to ADD complexities, complexities that oppose those complexities, overwhelming rules ,enforcing decisions (not choices) by adding trapping methods through his expulsion and acceptance terms.

    Its a psychotic frenzy of charging up interest with overwhelm (Obsessive conviction) within a hostile Obsessive system (environment) and subject that drives its participants against one another and into self conflict , violating through bypass and substitutes, the paths to a return of loving and receiving love. Mr Hubbard never knew love, he betrayed one and all by passing this off as a beings ultimate dis-ability , to be rejected as a THE PITFALL into the abyss.

    Obsession is a Subject Mr Hubbard was overwhelmed by & ignorant of , it shows in the complexities of his ideas, subjects and organizations, his Obsessions infect those who are unfortunate enough to be drawn & dragged unsuspectingly into his Orbit with a hope of a land of unlimited happiness & Love.

    Look at the current unloving unstable spiritual pile up that is called Scientology, with Craving beings, Obsessed, controlling, magnetically pinned regurgitating back and forth the same mans Obsessive/Paranoid compromising emergencies called “stable datums”, not relaxed content lovingly simple individuals, you can peek Mr Hubbards personality re-routed through those who are unknowingly held captive flowing scientologys inversion of love to Mr Hubbard. Its a rigid admiration to a GOD Ally / apologizing he didnt mean to abuse type of relationship.

    Simplicity has no overwhelm,no conflict, no must now emergencies ,no potential lose all threats, no dominating, no LECTURING or NAGGING, no make wrongs, no must decide, no im better than you attitudes, no lying, no promoting, no punishments, degradation of a being due to compulsions. Simplicity is a relationship of calm loving understanding and choice where its ok and will be ok no matter what. It would be a love of others beauty and abilities. Any philosophy not based on love are destructive perversions of Truth

    I cant see how Survival can be the common denominator of beings, that just makes them obsessively ensure one survive over the guy next to them.Its a driven silent cut off from the outset. To get the reward of surviving before potential onset of elimination, its not a win win denominator.

    An actual simplistic method would be very basic set of techniques that allow free participation at ones leisure, and the techniques would work whether on low or high charged incidents and would exclude adding any potentially overwhelming subject matter of histories events. other than what an individual discovers on their journey about themselves.

    You cant make such a workable subject running from lies,the FBI or yourself though.

    In all facets of Scientology the basic lie if you wanna survive “the Game” is “hear no Love, see no Love speak no Love” but playing the affinity/money game is an acceptable Obsession

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