An implant to make you fear LOVE…

love is love.  

Let’s not speculate on the various harmonics of love

where at the top we have pure steady pleasure

of sharing ones space with others without much distinction,

with a natural effortless desire to create for all happiness and freedom,

and where down near the bottom we find possession,

jealousy, a reach to share (own) others spaces

while making sure we do not become anyone else

or that our space is not invaded.

There are so many must not be-must be, must not do-must do,

down here that affinity (love) is pretty much perverted into a 1st dynamic activity.

An OT, not too far from his natural state,

 is free of all these considerations and deep seated-implanted agreements.

He naturally possesses anything.

He is not worried to not be somebody else or to not lose anything

as he knows very well he can be anything or have it all.

In fact he has it all.

As a being moves up on the tone scale,

the feeling of love will manifest more and more,

to more and more people unselectively.



It is a beautiful thing to feel very high affinity for others.

You will learn about unconditional love.

I does not requires exchange,

it is just another beautiful characteristic of Theta.


There is beauty in sincerely communicating affinity.

Not because it is his/her birthday,

not just because you are about to leave for a long trip

or for any other reason.

It is not needed to have a reason

and can be said at any moment of the day even 250 times…



as long it is naturally felt.

It is magic…

pure love always carries a little or a strong flow of admiration,

it is a true panacea for unhappiness and many human diseases.

Love is love.

Even when you know that he/she is walking a different path.


Let’s flow the theta when  theta exists.





I haven’t felt so good in few lifetimes.

Thanks to my constant solo auditing, my precious old timers friends and auditors,

Thanks to the many of you that I consider today my true spiritual family.

Please know, me and my team are here for you too.

ARC is what this world needs the most!



There is only one person that can bail you out of this universe and that is YOU!


I’m a Class VI auditor, 2 Flag Internships  and an OT7+

and I’m auditing daily on the solo’s upper levels on the OT band.




My team and I are available to travel in USA and Europe.

We deliver in English, Spanish and Italian.

Center for Spiritual Research and its applications





ITALY: Silvia Kusada/Maurice Pascal


Silvia Kusada


Class VI (SHSBC), Class IV C/S and OT 8.


  1. Affinity. Beautiful. Powerful. Thank you.

  2. Beautiful Silvia, few things as important as gushing Love.

    Ethics is a speck on the ass compared with love and acceptance.

    Not as poetic as your words, but i tried.

  3. Silvia, you display the very thing you write about and I aspire to have for myself. I know it is your daily solo auditing that makes YOU so very different from any of the other OTs I see out there.

    My spiritual sister that I love very much ~Kay

    • Kay, beings like you are a treasure to this universe. Love you!!

    • That’s what I think too! 🙂 I’ve seen mostly love when people are having wins by dis-enturbulating theta.

      • Yes, Group Scientology should working in that direction… it is not even talking about Scientology, it is anything that rises the tone of people or creates a safer enviroiment..

  4. Beautiful, very beautiful as usual!

    Love to you,


  5. Beautiful expression of love. Thank you and much love to you.

  6. I loved this part Silvia,

    “It is magic…

    pure love always carries a little or a strong flow of admiration”

    Ive often wondered the many facets of Love, granting life, acceptance of self and others, forgiveness, overlooking upsets, the desire to keep others connected, integrity to protect, empathy for others loss and hardship, trust , responsibility for survival of others,

    Love is so many flows on so many levels combined, i think it sits above affinity, more like 10 arc triangles trunk-line , a high theta quality of magic, minimised to the basic of affinity & reality diminishes its essence.

    Full bandwidth Love is Magic.when you feel it you feel the magic.

    This maybe why those with a history of full bandwidth loving environments are so stabilized , their roots fastened deep into the theta pool. and why some Scientologists are pinned down regulated by learning to apply a single strand of affinity and reality, instead of ten strands of full Love.

    The greats have had it, mother Teresa , Ghandi, Buddha, its an unforgettable experience to feel the presence of it.

    • Shaun, i agree. Love or theta is such a high state that includes automatically all those facets and more… 😀

  7. I had recently a cognition in session: people who are happy in life and have a high level of ARC with themselves, this people are also able to love others, people that have a low level of ARC for themselves are not able to love others very much. With other words, If you hate yourself you will hate others as well, if you love yourself you will love others as well.

    An how can you achieve a high level of ARC with yourself ? by auditing !

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