The greatest reward….

To me the greatest reward is seeing people getting free

Nothing has given me more joy

than knowing that a being

was able to discover more and more truth

without having to depend on others.



I consider my job, not to set your mind free,

but to set you, the spirit, free from your mind.


Mr Hubbard LRH wrote:


“I have never intended Scientology orgs or groups

to be bits of third dynamic each opposed.

For nine years Dianetic and Scientology orgs and groups

have tended to individuate to my sorrow.

The watchword is SERVICE.

I don’t care how many rules you break

if they’re broken to give unselfish service to one another and the public.

We live for service not for rules.

If the combined power of all of us and all organizations

were exerted as a shoulder to shoulder effort,

we would take this planet just as we are

and with no more than we know.

“Competition” is a trick of the weak to fetter the strong.

All of us together. We must not fetter ourselves

beyond increasing our own efficiency,

nor must we entangle our purposes with arbitrary laws

which do not further our cause.

Service is the watchword.

Orderly service is preferable to disorderly service,

but any service is better than no service.

We are essentially breakers of “now-I’m-supposed-to’s.”

Don’t fall into our own new rituals so hard that we are no longer brave and effective.

But don’t worship our rituals. 

Be as orderly as you can. Follow our rules as best you can.

But a rule can be wrong and service

and our mission can never be wrong.

Use the rules until they prevent you from doing your job. 

But if these stop you, then to hell with the rules!

Get the show on the road!

HCO PL 29 oct 1959 -SERVICE- by L Ron Hubbard





I have not picked up the solo cans since September 2002.

 I was afraid more than anything else that I was, somehow, doing something wrong as I considered I shouldn’t because I wasn’t trained enough or some other silly consideration, but more truthfully, I had completely lost my zeal and confidence to solo-audit due to the suppression from the church.

With the loveliest of ARC, Silvia coached me through and got me started, reminding me what LRH says: Any auditing is better than no auditing.
I did 2 solo sessions yesterday.
First one was very good using the L1C, but the 2nd one was dynamite.
I kept having this insidious contra-survival thought that would not go away.
So I picked up the cans, did my can squeeze, checked my metab, and all the NOTS commands that I had had delivered to me were right there for me.

In a matter of 5 minutes, I completely handled an entity that had been plaguing and suppressing me for many, many lifetimes, causing me to see myself as a loser.

To say that today, I am walking as high as the clouds would be an understatement.

… and we discover this to be the most beautiful and rewarding adventure  we could ever dream of.

I am so grateful to Silvia for supporting me with her high ARC, as she helped me through my barriers and gave me the courage and confidence that I could do it.
And that I wasn’t doing anything wrong by solo-auditing myself.
She herself sets such an amazing example of the gained ARC and abilities from continuing to solo-audit with even more gained abilities beyond the church designations of OT 7 or 8.

This is what I want for myself.

I do not consider that I will ever ‘complete’ this level.

I will audit and continue to audit, and there is no end.

I am extremely happy to report that I was relaxed and felt no stress.

I continue to study LRH daily and am now adding some auditing as I go.

I am taking my win today, but rest assured, the next tweak I get that is the slightest entheta, you can find me in my auditing space.
Much love my darling Silvia,

I love you so much and to LRH for this spectacular tech.

Kay Clark Proctor





Center for Spiritual Research and its applications


ITALIANO/ENGLISH: e-mail: Silvia


Silvia Kusada



  1. Denis Seignez says:

    “I just want to stress the point that no matter which Spiritual Technology you are using , as long as it is effective , we should band together . No games conditions , no rip off of clients . DM and the New World Order want us to fight against each other . Please don’t fall into that trap !

    Silvia Kusada adds:

    “That is the viewpoint of a de-aberrated, sane 3rd dynmnic!!! I love it and I agree fully with it… :-D”

  2. Being an auditor or helping others is the greatest you ever can experience.

  3. Beautiful win Kay!
    Good service Silvia!

  4. This is the perfect reference because it’s so clear what the intention is!
    Love Kay’s wins and being part of y’all’s world!

  5. Cool 🙂

  6. Kay, Silvia, you girls rock! Wonderful success story!


  7. Im glad Silvia has helped you Kay, true friendship is worth more than any words.

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