The business of stopping auditing, in and out the Church of $

The business of stopping auditing

in and out the Church of $

"I promise I will never touch the meter again..."


When someone openly discourages you from auditing,

you are dealing with somebody quite up-tone compared to the average.


The most commonly used way to stop auditing,

it is by covertly creating uncertainties

and by attacking the self-confidence in people.


If you feel somebody is cautioning you against solo auditing

(for OT5 and above)

or against auditing (for lower levels)

re-read the chapter # 11 ‘INVALIDATION ‘ of Self Analysis.


No matter how important is the person,

what are the excuses he or she is using,

no matter if he is in or out the Church of $,

that person is manipulating (controlling) you, purposely or not.


Ever had that though: "I better not say or do anything because they might not like it..."? Yes? Re-read the chapter INVALIDATION of Self Analysis.


I have noticed many pre-OTs in terror to be called Squirrels,

they have a deep-seated fear to touch the cans…


To a degree, that have convinced themselves

they do not need auditing,

or that they need lots of training and review before they can continue.

And the very majority of the times

they do not get trained,

do not get the review and do not solo audit.


They have been perfectly dominated!!


An OT5, with a good supervisor,

(we are many around here who can help you through that),

can be auditing on OT7 in no time…

It takes a while to break free from that implanted viewpoint

The only limitations you have are the one you, at one point in time, have agreed to have.


There is nothing wrong to make mistakes,

considering that the worse mistake any auditor

or solo auditor can make,



There is a question in the False Data Stripping tech:

12. Do you consider you really know best about this subject?”

(HCOB 7 Aug 1979 – Also issued as HCOPL Product Debug Series 8 



When people rise themselves above the policies,

interpreting them for others,

when they judge you or make you feel you are on a dicey ground,

when, been around them, you get that strange sensation

you better do or not do without their authorization and

when you fear to be called Squirrel,

do recognize they are violating the basic tech

by assuming the “Know Best” position on LRH tech.


The Know-Best attitude, which prompt them to bad-control,

to stop people and to call them Squirrel

could come from Evil Purposes and/or False data.


Stopping people from auditing,

when they desire to do so,

it is a suppressive act.




LRH is very clear:


“Use the rules until they prevent you from doing your job. 

But if these stop you, then to hell with the rules!

Get the show on the road!”

HCO PL 29 oct 1959 -SERVICE- by L Ron Hubbard



I consider all auditors my friends.

I consider them that even when they squirrel.

I believe they have a right to express themselves

and their opinions.

I would not for a moment hamper their right to think.

I think of auditors and Scientologists

as the free people.”

“I don’t expect auditors or Scientologists

to instantly agree with

or seize upon whatever I say.

I would be offended if they did

and would feel they weren’t free people.

Since they are intelligent

I expect them to think over what’s said,

try it, and if it’s good for them, use it.”


from ‘What do I think of auditors’ by L. Ron Hubbard


To the people who specialize in antagonistic comments and entheta;

this post is not intended as an invitation to alter the tech,

it is a passionate invitation to get the job done!





WINS on the lower bridge…


The realization that a problem could belong to somebody else has been extraordinary!!… You can listen to all your thoughts without being enturbolated!! This is just FANTASTIC!! :-)
I could have been stuck for months with this problem, instead now it does not affect me anymore!! I feel very happy!!
Angelo Russo



and do what LRH wanted them to do:



We unite spiritual beings

while helping OT’s to live as OTs




I’m a Class VI auditor, 2 Flag Internships  and an OT7+

and I’m auditing daily on the solo’s upper levels on the OT band.




My team and I are available to travel in USA and Europe.

We deliver in English, Spanish and Italian.

The 'Center of Spiritual Research and its Applications' is NOW open in Texas and Italy.

Center for Spiritual Research and its applications




ITALY: Silvia Kusada/Maurice Pascal


Silvia Kusada


Class VI (SHSBC), Class IV C/S and OT 8.


  1. To tell you the truth , i recently divorced from a wife who wanted me to cut the comm line with my auditor ( a woman ) . I did one more step towards freedom and i do not regret anything !

  2. I know this post isnt directed at me, but ill comment on it, whilst I dont consider I covertly advise someone not audit -themselves- , of what is in they stumble across in their universe, what i dislike is suggestive steering.

    “When people (or person) rise themselves above the policies,interpreting them for others,”

    Isnt this what Ron did?

    an R Factor, A C/S review, name dropping and adjoining yourself with great philosophers , evaluating & interpreting those Philosophers, mathematicians, logicians and then invalidating & refuting their acknowledged achievements , capping it off with introducing how the only solution you will ever need for all their failures is now in front of you so you dont need to look and compare .

    I still consider anyone removed from ‘the’ rigid authoritarian system that is running on crossed leveled Directives and cloaked Polices is shielding themselves from about 5 layers of designed invalidation, evaluation and interpretation.

  3. Good post Silvia. I wasted a couple decades not auditing from just this type of invalidation. I won’t be caving in to that again.

    But this type of invalidation wasn’t invented by nor even perfected by David Miscavige. Since the first service facsimile came into existence and people substituted reactive mind computations to rule their lives in place of personal knowledge responsibility and control, man has cut the reach of man in order to make self right through the making of others wrong.

    DM, now the target of thousands of people, will come off his “throne” very soon – in days or weeks or months or years – but soon.

    When he does, what then? HE is not the source of our troubles with Scientology. It has been our own failure to practice Scientology which has been the source of our troubles.

    Today the Church has its troubles. They are not my troubles. As for me? I am a Free Scientologist practicing happily and freely. For me, the nightmare is over and the warm sun of Theta shines in my life.

    It behooves any of us to continually examine our attitudes and suggestions and advice to others – to check and see what we are encouraging and discouraging others to do and not to do.

    • I agree with you 😀
      it is all a big implant dramatization…

    • “It behooves any of us to continually examine our attitudes and suggestions and advice to others – to check and see what we are encouraging and discouraging others to do and not to do.”

      Agreed Chris, thats expansion of viewpoint, i think even making others wrong could be said to be inviting a new look in a new unit of time.

      • Agreed! This is LRH’s Scientology – whatever we make it ourselves. And knowing many of the references on the mind’s protection and any auditing is better than no auditing – well, that tells you right there you’re better off doing SOMETHING to attain spiritual freedom. The “holier than thou” service facsimile runs deep in the CofS but in our other groups too. I’m better than you. My group is better than yours. Drop that service facsimile and you realize we are all in this together. I am happy for anyone getting case gains in whatever way they can get it. Period. They are part of my group here on earth regardless.
        I know the tech works, already proven that to myself. I can’t evaluate or judge something else because I haven’t experienced it or observed it, in most cases, so again, if somebody’s getting gains and happy – more power to them!
        Let’s pretend we meet in 500 years at the “end”. I am not going to care how you get there, just that you arrived at the same place.

      • I recall somewhere Silvia where you said you still felt strange about using other emeters than those offered by CoS, out of fear which is more a restriction dominating atmosphere by an Authority, i found this and thought it might interest you.

        Joseph A Winter- A Doctors Report on Dianetics. 1951

        “Another observation which I made during my association with the Foundation had to do with the phenomenon called “positive suggestion.”

        It has been known since the days of the Egyptians that most people can be put into a state in which they act as if whatever they are told is true; they are said to be hypnotized, and the statements made by the operator in manipulating the subject’s actions are called “positive suggestions.”

        “I began to notice that some experiences produced engram-like effects when reviewed, although the events did not contain trauma, anesthesia, etc

        STATEMENTS which Hubbard had made to me in ordinary conversation, statements which I had made to the students, statements made to patients WHEN THEY WERE FULLY CONSCIOUS AND COMFORTABLE were, when subjected to dianetic recall, observed to produce a similar response to that seen in a “valid” engram.

        Not all statements produced this effect, however; the engram-like response was seen when the statements tended to RESTRICT A PERSONS CHOICE OF ACTION OR HIS ABILITY TO DIFFERENTIATE.”

        [How much command power would Ron Hubbard exert over a person as an Authority-also Confusion type statements= inability to Differentiate, as does contradictory statements]

        “In other words, it seemed as if a person could be hypnotized by ordinary conversation;

        I found, moreover, that each person acted as if he had an orderly list of those from whom he would accept positive suggestion with varying degrees of willingness

        parents and loved ones, teachers, doctors and those in positions of authority

        I found that I, as a doctor, could make positive suggestions which would alter a person’s conduct much more easily than could a person whose position in society was less respected. The implications of this have done much to make me aware of my RESPONSIBILITIES TO THE PEOPLE WITH WHOM I SPEAK.

        I noted several points on which the actions of the [Hubbard] Foundation were at variance with the expressed ideals of dianetics: one of these points was a tendency toward the development of an AUTHORITARIAN ATTITUDE.”


  4. In scientological theory Inhibit and Enforce are part of a desire, inhibit, enforce scale, whilst im not trying to put what Winter says through a scientological filter, i noticed one thing about the Scn scale by reading winters excerpts, by dismantling every thing into compartments of life and actions may be seen as workable to observe a person on the scale in Reactive selling, it also avoids joining them together.

    What Winter says here about Authority figures like doctors or leaders, enforcement officers and ‘suggestive’ thought being an engram of sorts an implant in scientological speak, or hypnosis,that regulates behavior and attitudes (brain washing) , combining them explains a whole lot as an enforcing (authority) figure who inhibits you.

    As a combination an authority Enforcing Ally that inhibits or punishes could be extremely potent implant.

  5. Your post jogged my memory to pull up the first time I was invalidated for :

    1. Suggesting that Pleasure Moments were abberrative; and
    2. Finding Out Who I really Was” while doing lower conditions.

    The invalidation was instantaneous and fierce and occurred 34 years ago – as soon as I had my first contact with Church of Scientology.

    I was talking with Elizabeth Hamre today and discussing how I have been helped by using Scientology, but I also wryly noted how I have SURVIVED the Church of Scientology more than having been helped by it.

    Left to myself I would have used the Tech constructively and have been years ahead of where I am now across the dynamics; however, no matter as I am left to myself and using it NOW.

    • oops – what I meant by 1. above was that I found out that any personality was not who I really was. After being coached to be “out of valence” by Vicky Stokes-Aznaran, my lower condition was upgraded. This was one of many of these lower conditions cycles which would never resolve because of a refusal on the part of the Church terminals to A. Understand their materials and B. To standardly apply them.

  6. In reference to The business of stopping, Enforcing & Inhibiting, Scientology Rules, Codes, Creeds, Scientology “High crimes”, “Crimes”, “Authority”

    “We were in Philadelphia. It was November 1952, Every night, in the hotel, in preparation for the next day’s lecture, he’d pace the floor,
    exhilarated by this or that passage from Aleister Crowley’s writings.”

    Just a month before,[Oct 1952] he had been in London, …, to
    fondle Crowley’s books, papers, and memorabilia had filled him with pure ecstasy!”

    ‘Secrets, techniques and powers I alone have conquered and harnessed.I alone have refined, improved on, applied my engineering principles to. Science and logic. The keys! My keys to the doorway of the Magick; my magick! The power! Not Scientology power! My power! The
    real powers of Solomon,’ he says, ‘Caligula and Alice too.

    “‘Release your will from bondage. Bend their bodies; bend their minds; bend their wills; beat back the past. The present is all there is. No consequences and no guilt.
    Nothing is wrong in the present. The will is free – totally free; no feelings; no effort; pure thought – separated. The Will postulating the Will,’ dad says. —
    Excerpt from 1/10th of 1 percent of Scientology (c)1972 by L RON HUBBARD, JR
    Aleister Crowley’s “Magick in Theory and Practice” states:
    “The whole and sole object of all true magickal training is to become free from every kind of limitation….”
    L Ron Hubbard says, in a Philadelphia 1952 taped Scientology lecture:
    “Our whole activity tends to make an individual completely independent of any limitation…'” (Ibid.)”

    “When I became interested in Crowley’s writings in 1978 (while still an off-lines public member of Scientology), I gradually accumulated a nearly complete library of Crowley’s works….I bought a bunch of tapes including the ‘Philadelphia Doctorate Course’ lectures from late 1952. …It startled me to hear Hubbard repeat – sometimes word per word – what I had read in Crowley’s writings” Anonymous

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