agree and disagree – love and hate meet at the bottom of the tone scale… (addition to the last post)




Many people wrote me to express their disagreement

on the fact that I publish names.


Secrecy: The beginning of enslavement, of psychological violence and of tyranny...


Although their objection can seem reasonable,

I wish to point out that at the very beginning of every tyranny

there has been a cut communication

and reasonableness on someone suppressive behaviour.


Suppressive behaviour does not mean the person is suppressive.

It can steem from False data, misunderstoods or other sources.

But if after the false data are cleared,

the person does not stop to be destructive (covertly or overtly)

you are pretty sure there is

a hidden evil/destructive intentions in restimulation.


The Church of $cientology has indoctrinated us so well

into protecting and hiding crimes

from any $cientolgists or any $cietolgists organizations

that we automatically tend to withdraw and

passively endure injustice and abuses.


We so well “know” that,

that we have accepted all sorts of psychological violence

for years and years in the Church of $.





If you are trained, you know that when the pc gives you

a suppressive group as THE item,

you need to ask for the person who represents that group.


The criminal pushes the button of secrecy,

of hidden communications,

he wants you to see the problem

as a generality so you cannot handle it.


He attacks good intentioned people.

Generalities are one of the causes of ARC/Ks.


Personally I do not wish to continue

with this line of behaviour.


From the lecture by LRH 7 Nov 1959

“The route through Step six”  Melbourne congress series.


“And some of them are overtly destructive

and some of them are covertly destructive, and so forth…”


” But when you see people trying to do something for people

and you see that effort going wrong,

look it over and I think you’ll see clearly

what you’re looking at.

I think you’ll see that fits,

that you can see this explanation in action.

Somebody is trying to help somebody

and this other person is trying to do this.


And you see somebody trying to get along and create a job

and you see other people in the organization,

very low-scale people, sometimes like that,

cutting this person to pieces.

Oh, they’re a terrible person, and so forth,

and this person is really the person trying to do a job.

You’ll see this-instances of this all the time.

And as you look at this instances,

it gives you an opportunity to evaluate

the value of this on the basis of

how fast the person skids between create and destroy.”

” As you get low on the Tone Scale

you get more and more destructive reaction

toward creation until you get no reaction at all.

And you look over the general behavior of man,

and I invite you to inspect these principles of creation

versus destruction as the reactions

of different personalities toward different subjects.”

“Also we can understand what’s going on amongst men

to the degree that creative efforts or helpful efforts,

and so forth, are met with destruction. “

L. Ron Hubbard


Please, understand that the fact that I publish names,

is solely a point of truth.

Not all people are evil or suppressing others.

We are out of the Church of $ because we had the courage

to break out from that chains of conspiracy of silence.



There are an awful lot of good people amongst us…

a lot and the one that are there and communicate freely are going to be attacked

by the one that are here for other motives than freedom and truth.


Why we have to put names?

because a generality is what is beneath an ARC/K,

what a SP uses to enturbulate.

We do not point at people to make them wrong.


I do not, despite what many of you might think,

have any hate toward the Lugli’s or Marty.

I do love them very much.


I personally think that Claudio Lugli is an amazing man, hilarious.

Yes, i might do not agree with some of the thing they are doing,

but that is a different thing.


As you are going down the Tone Scale,

disagreement becomes solid, it hits you with flows like spears.

But once you handle the charge, you are be able to simply accept

that you have a different view-point,

that others sees a thing in a different way.


There is not hate or antagonism attached.

This is what I’m working-on on my solo auditing…

every single day,

and I have to say that feels really good

when you are not tore apart from all sorts of misemotions.


Agree and disagree – love and hate are separate things.


If you look at the top of the Chart of Human Evaluation

you can see that the being can have different viewpoints other than his one.

There is no misemotions beyond the recognition of the data.


I’m not perfect but I work hard every day

to handle my misemotions when they come up.


I look at different view points with great interest.

It could not be different from that,

as I’m in search for truth

and truth does not have fixed viewpoint.




and do what LRH wanted them to do:



The ‘Center of Advanced Spiritual Research and it’s Applications’ is NOW open in Texas and Italy.

We unite spiritual beings

while helping OT’s to live as OTs.




I’m a Class VI auditor, 2 Flag Internships  and an OT7+

and I’m auditing daily on the solo’s upper levels on the OT band.




My team and I are available to travel in USA and Europe.

We deliver in English, Spanish and Italian.

Center for Spiritual Research and its applications



ITALY: Silvia Kusada/Maurice Pascal


Silvia Kusada


Class VI (SHSBC), Class IV C/S and OT 7+.



  1. My dear Silvia, did I mention that you’ve got a lot of courage? (This is a paraphrases of Collin Firth’s “Did I mention that I love you?” in Love Actually.) I’ve chosen a compromise for my own blog in Czech and I’m using initials so that people inside can know who I’m writing about and they don’t get victimized by people outside. Anyway, I like what you’re doing and I’m sending you loads of affinity and wish you even more power!

    • Thank you so much!! Your affinity is very well appreciated and received. As far as power, those who seek power will never find truth… truth is power but you have to stay on truth in order to get the other… and you never seek truth to get power anyway….
      love back at you

  2. Way to tell it like it is. I so totally agree that what has built up through the years is so much term op-term. Them vs us, the only right, name calling & mud slinging ,,,,, but it all comes back to ARC, good intentions vs bad intentions, observing what is and charting your own personal course. To me the best way to chart your course is to solo audit, clear away the junk! And then play with fun friends encouraging high tone games and actions. Thank you very much for expressing from your heart the truth of the matter, at least as how I see it. ML

    • Moneca, Thank you for your inspiring comment. I do AGREE so much that the way to handle it is Solo-Auditing.
      At least the most effective way…
      Look forward to see you soon. Let us know (me and the readers) of your wins.

      Lots of love to you!

  3. ‘The criminal pushes the button of secrecy,’

    could this mean Ron was the criminal setting up the crooked policies
    in scn and burying his involvement of being in control of Scn till his stroke with pancreas trouble, he hid that too.

    should we be obliged to apologise for Ron, he was cleared of abberation and dramatization also OT but when your in hiding you just have to make it go right and be secretive, and intimidate those who could blow the lid on your lies and secrecy.

    all for his greater good.

    always the cynic



    • Shaun, my purpose is freedom and truth, I thank LRH for what has given me, I do not prey him every day…. He was a man with all his flaws. i do not care at this point. The point is: how many people can we help with what we have or with our abilities?

      Is the phylosophy I’m interested in… but if you have a personal hate for LRHn, this is not the blog to find support…


  4. Hi. I finally had a chance to read this post and I think it is great. I don’t really know or even care who did what or said what – this is true what you wrote. Communication IS the answer and at higher tone levels you can be okay with disagreements and not become upset – they just are what they are.

    Truth is truth.

    I love hearing about your auditing wins and how you really handle everything life throws your way so that you are always evolving into a bigger and better being. You are an inspiration to me. 🙂

  5. Bill Robertson has been completely invalidated, especially among US scientologists, because he was among the first to spot Miscavige as an SP.

    Here is my post on Marty’s blog from 2 days ago, on the Robert Armblad thread. Robert was sent to get evidence on Miscavige in1981, but was caught and expelled. Robert has said he will be telling that story soon…. Here’s my comment to another poster:

    “There were apparently quite a few people early on, who were onto David Miscavige. Here is a partial timeline I have put together from bits and pieces of history I have found online.

    First off, there was a post here on Marty’s blog just a couple of days ago, about a 1979 Sea Org Mission to St. Hill, in which Bill Robertson participated, and for which DM was the “Mission Ops”. The term “SRA” was heard to be used by Bill Robertson to describe certain actions he took during this mission.

    Within 3 years, in 1982, Bill Robertson, along with other Scientologists founded a break away organization which he called the “Free Zone”.

    “The first group to use the term Free Zone was the organization founded by “Captain” Bill Robertson in 1982,
    now known as Ron’s Org.”

    These Scientologists formed what was called the OT Committee World Wide. Within 2 years, on March 13 of 1984, this Committee issued an Ethics Order #1 which was a “Bill of Particulars” calling for a Comm Ev of David Miscavige, and was apparently signed by Bill Robertson thus:

    W. B. Robertson
    Secnd Deputy Commodore
    Chairman, OT Committee WW

    The Comm Ev was held early that summer of 1984, and the results are available to be read on the site:

    I speculate that having worked with Miscavige in the Sea Org, Bill Robertson saw the handwriting on the wall about what the CoS was headed for, and the eventual result was his founding of the FreeZone in order to protect the Tech from the corruption he saw coming to the CoS.

    It is possible to speculate that he reported to LRH and LRH knew of his plans or simply released him to do whatever he (Robertson) might feel was necessary to help preserve the future of Scientology. LRH was pretty big on allowing self-determinism and independent action, and I think he knew Robertson was absolutely loyal to him and, more importantly, to LRH’s original Scientology. I think LRH knew better than to put all his eggs in the one basket of the CoS.

    David Miscavige of course ignored the CommEv and did not show up for it.

    Captain Bill Robertson was subsequently completely dead-agented within the CoS world and along with MarySue and everyone else from the early days, has been wiped from the history of the CoS. I doubt that there are many current members of the CoS even know his name. Or if they are old enough to remember the name, have him filed away as a major “SP squirrel”.

    The Ethics Orders and Declare cited above are very worth reading IMO, because they are very detailed and confirm everything I have learned about DM reading this blog and other Independent accounts, and are reportedly based on investigations going back to at least 1981, and on multiple viewpoints from back then.

    Someday it will be recognized how much Bill Robertson helped LRH give us Scientology. Bill Robertson put on those boots and walked to the best of his ability.

    Sometimes it is necessary to name the names.

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