“Any auditor who is worth his salt is a researcher. He has to be a researcher…” by L. Ron Hubbard

People who do not have a good grasp of the Fundamentals

will sit on a ‘status’.

They will never go anywhere …

“I sorrow when I see somebody accomplishing less than he should because he thinks I wouldn’t approve of it.  In organizations and out I count upon initiative and good judgment.  L. Ron Hubbard


and they will make sure you would not go anywhere too.


An old-timer, a very good friend of LRH,

told me once that many times

he observed LRH highly commending people

that others were ready to  declare.


If we truly understand the fundamentals and if we apply them

we will leave the “safe place”



to discover the true world of an OT.



Knowing your fundamentals, you can get anywhere…


“all of you, whether you want to or not, are going to enter research.” (R&D 1:428) by L. Ron Hubbard


Hydropolis Underwater Hotel and Resort is a hotel that is proposed and designed by Prof. Roland Dieterle which will be the first underwater luxury resort in the world. It is planned to be located 66 feet (20 m) below the surface of the Persian Gulf, just off Jumeira Beach in Dubai. 


“Any auditor who is worth his salt is a researcher.He has to be a researcher.He is doing continual research in the human mind.  .  .  “(R&D 3:434) by L. Ron Hubbard



“all of you, whether you want to or not,

are going to enter research.”

(R&D 1:428) by LRH



“Any auditor who is worth his salt is a researcher.

He has to be a researcher.

He is doing continual research in the human mind.  .  .  “

(R&D 3:434) By LRH



“So there is the type of reasoning which an auditor

should be able to accomplish through his knowledge of Axioms,

through his knowledge of definitions.

If he knew these well, he could figure out,

he could know, and he could predict any preclear

he was called upon to process.

And the only reason he doesn’t is because he doesn’t know

this basic material.

So, you’re being asked to know this basic material.

It’s all very well to say, “”Well, it’s not really practical.”

“Well, I’ll tell you what’s impractical:

is having to know eighty-five thousand processes.

And I’ll tell you what’s practical:

to be able to evolve any you need.

And if you know the definitions, you can evolve them.

That’s a lot to ask of anybody.

but if he knows the definitions

he will at least be able to understand

what he is looking at.

Because he’ll gradually get a great certainty

on the fact that these are the definitions that make up life.”

(5501C11 – 9ACC21 – Fundamentals of Auditing)

by L. Ron Hubbard



“I sorrow when I see somebody accomplishing less than he should

because he thinks I wouldn’t approve of it.

In organizations and out I count upon initiative

and good judgment.

L. Ron Hubbard

PAB 79, 10 April 1956, THE OPEN CHANNEL




and do what LRH wanted them to do:



The ‘Center of Advanced Spiritual Research and it’s Applications’ is NOW open in Texas and Italy.

We unite spiritual beings

while helping OT’s to live as OTs.




I’m a Class VI auditor, 2 Flag Internships  and an OT7+

and I’m auditing daily on the solo’s upper levels on the OT band.




My team and I are available to travel in USA and Europe.

We deliver in English, Spanish and Italian.

Center for Spiritual Research and its applications


ITALIANO/ENGLISH: e-mail: SKusada2010@gmail.com

ESPANOL/ENGLISH: e-mail: dianaclass8@yahoo.com
ITALY: Silvia Kusada/Maurice Pascal


Silvia Kusada


Class VI (SHSBC), Class IV C/S and OT 7+.



  1. Hi Silvia,

    My name is Krisjon Svanberg and Im
    an architect located in San Francisco,
    CA. I have been off lines for many years
    and was reintroduced to you through my
    friend Charlie Sweeny who is in the
    Los Angeles area. I was on lines for
    several years in SF and completed several
    courses and training, comm course, student
    hat, HQS, Life Repair auditing with an OT7.
    Someday I may return and do some work
    but in the “Free Zone” and not Miscavages

    Keep up the good work!


    • Thank you for the Ack and for posting.. you have a group now, whenever you are ready or not!! 😀

  2. Silvia, so many good postings always from you…I never miss any.
    However, this is one of the best! Thanks for showing the refs for all to see….I love them!

  3. Silvia,

    I could not agree more. Thank you for these excellent references.

    There are so many treasures in the early works of LRH that are vital to know and apply for success in the Independent field.

  4. Aida Thomas and David St Lawrence, two amazing auditors.
    Two people that are truly helping and forwarding Scientology in its true spirit.
    Love you guys and admire you a lot!!

  5. Dear Silvia,
    You are a treasure! Thank you for always presenting Source, Truth, Theta, tech, in short….the basics. The knowledge of which sets us free!
    Tom T.

  6. 1955 “Well, I’ll tell you what’s impractical:
    is having to know eighty-five thousand processes.

    Im curious how many processes are contained in Scns millions of words.

    And I’ll tell you what’s practical:to be able to evolve any you need.

    What i dont understand is why later Ron calls evolving tech as offbeat squirreling , how is he not contradicting himself.

    Note, its my opinion one should be free to do without permit of any imposing authority.

    But its hammered in Scn doctrine, by a ‘being’ who knew permits preceded Obedience.

  7. Shaun, if you understand LRH as a real person with high goals but with a case like the rest of us. you would be grateful for the work that he assembled and the philosophy he developed in spite of his contradictory identities. He was both a caring auditor and an unstable tyrant and he did much of his best work while running from the law.

    Study his work and use it for the purposes for which it was intended. We who are working with pcs daily rely on the wisdom that is contained there. At the same time, the auditor who is doing continual research in the human mind will encounter situations that LRH only touched upon and never finished discussing. We owe it to our pcs to pick up the torch and finish the work that LRH started.

    We owe it to future generations to learn and pass on the true history of the tech and the man who spent his life pulling it together from various sources. There are no questions that should be avoided in that process. The truth will set you free and give you great peace of mind.

  8. David, i get what your saying, what i speculate on is how much of Hubbards* tyrant identities slanted the accuracy of the tech.

    I also speculate that:

    he already had the tech in 1950, but the textbook he wrote was so crammed and diificult to follow as it purposely contained crammed mis mash of commands,

    that taped lectures can be hypnotic transfer of information when the being listening is restimulated , out gradient info, that COB has just flooded onto “unsuspecting casualties”

    that the stated goal of simplicity was wildly violated.since 1950

    That he created exactly what he said was deplorable in dianetics , and did so on purpose, deceptively evaluating, invalidating with punchy nouns.

    just a man with a case, He was the authority on mental health, what if this is all a premeditated conspiracy implant the earth colony.

    The affirmations

    all men will be my slaves , grovel at my feet and not know why.

    exactly as we see in CoS today.

    I suspect there is a motive to RULE that LRH knew about, rather than effect.

    I do appreciate your response, thankyou.

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