The liability to play a smaller game…


One day, while on the Briefing course,

I ran into a lecture where LRH was talking

about the liability to play a smaller game

than the one we suppose to play.

If we do that, he said, the dynamics will soon or later cave in.

It made me think.

There are people who play a 1st dynamic game.

Their friends, wives and kids are just seen as an assets.


On one of my most important relationships,

during one of the rare moments of apparent joy

when I thought my 2D dream had come true,

I realized I was in the wrong  game.


And I was. There was nothing spiritual about it.


I was devoting my entire life to one guy.


A manipulative guy, that was hiding behind a bunch of lies.

He demanded my entire life and I gave it to him.




I knew than, I couldn’t  have lived that life.


Today, I’m alone,

certainly less alone that I felt at that time.

I talk or/and write with hundreds of people

and I give and receive help daily.

My daily work is not devoted unconditionally to one man,

but embraces many spiritual beings

(7th dynamic and 8th D).

This is what I consider the most valuable part of my life on this planet.


Taking responsibility of your power

has to do to recognizing the effect we can create on the dynamics,

our potential power to help.


It is a big liability to use a powerful comm line

and not to take responsibility for the effect created.


You recognize these kind of people

because as soon as they feel they own enough power

they start breaking up groups overtly or covertly,

they discriminate and point fingers unnecessarily,

they create uncertainties without suggesting a solution

and they refuse, most of all, to take any responsibility

for the messages or the effects they create.


When the power flows into the hands of a low-toned self motivated beings,

you will notice the surrounding descending into a state of uncertainty and fear.



While the person is taking the power,

he is refusing to use it for the group he is being supported by.


He will create 3-parties and will break up groups

with an insanity of discriminating judgements.

Many times under the form of apparent theta.


A 3D person who does not take care of the people he is influencing,

is playing a 1st D game

and therefore he is abusing a comm line.


When the power goes into the hands of good intentioned,

up tone people, you see all the area around

starting to come alive,

a sense of security pervading the space

and lots of positive energy generates to the well-being of all.


A sense of community grows...


Respect and spiritual freedom increases too.


In short, if you are a tiger,

you can still choose

to play within a flock of sheep  to feel big,

if you wish…

but it will be a very sad life…


The group will be fearing you

and in order to fit in

you would have soon or later to hide or shrink.


When things never seem to go in the right direction…

ask yourself: “Am I a tiger or am I a sheep?

When despite of all you are unhappy and you know who you are

make sure to be at home, with your true group.


Make sure you are surrounded by your own people..

A quote from:


eckhart tolle: “addiction and relationships”


Every addiction arises from an unconscious refusal
to face and move through your own pain.
Every addiction starts with pain and ends with pain.
Whatever the substance you are addicted to –
– alcohol, food, legal or illegal drugs, or a person –
– you are using something or somebody to cover up your pain.
That is why, after the initial euphoria has passed,
there is so much unhappiness,
so much pain in intimate relationships.
They do not cause pain and unhappiness.
The bring out the pain and unhappiness that is already in you.
Every addiction does that.
Every addiction reaches a point
where it does not work for you anymore,
and then you feel the pain more intensely than ever.
This is one reason why most people
are always trying to escape from the present moment
and are seeking some kind of salvation in the future.
The first thing that they might encounter
if they focused their attention on present time
is their own pain, and this is what they fear.
If they only knew how easy it is to access in the Now
the power of presence that dissolves the past and its pain,
the reality that dissolves the illusion.
First you stop judging yourself,
then you stop judging your partner.
The greatest catalyst for change in a relationship
is compete acceptance of your partner
as he or she is, without needing to judge
or change them in any way.
That immediately takes you beyond ego.
All mind games and all addictive cling are then over.
There are no victims and no perpetrators anymore,
no accuser and accused.
If you cannot be at ease with yourself when you are alone,
you will seek a relationship to cover up your unease.
You can be sure that the unease
will then reappear in some other form
within the relationship,
and you will probably hold your partner responsible for it.



and do what LRH wanted them to do:



The ‘Center of Advanced Spiritual Research and it’s Applications’ is NOW open in Texas and Italy.

We unite spiritual beings

while helping OT’s to live as OTs.




I’m a Class VI auditor, 2 Flag Internships  and an OT7+

and I’m auditing daily on the solo’s upper levels on the OT band.




My team and I are available to travel in USA and Europe.

We deliver in English, Spanish and Italian.

Center for Spiritual Research and its applications



ITALY: Silvia Kusada/Maurice Pascal


Silvia Kusada


Class VI (SHSBC), Class IV C/S and OT 7+.


  1. Good post Silvia, smaller games are very deceptive.

    Great expression.

    Brilliant Pics.

  2. Nice perspective ,,,, made me think again about the games I want to play. Xxoo

  3. The pic of the guy stealing the lolli pop from the baby reminds me the last 5 transactions with a reg at CoS.

  4. Off topic,or may be not…..

    Here’s a chance to play a bigger game…..

    The White House, home of the President of the USA, recently created a Petition system by which anyone can post and sign Petitions to be reviewed by the President of the United
    States once a sufficient number of signers are posted. I am writing today about one specific petition.


    For about two years the FBI was conducting an investigation into the Church of Scientology. It was a serious investigation into human trafficking, fraud, violence, and obstruction of justice.
    Many ex-members of the CoS spoke with Federal Agents. It became clear that in addition to other abuses, the CoS is actually
    operating what amounts to “GULAGS” in the USA and some other countries.

    This sparked my interest and desire to see an investigation.

    However the CoS apparently provided their lobbyists a blank check to get someone high in the Justice Department
    to kill the whole thing.

    The two lead investigating FBI agents were transferred.

    So the whistleblowers are fighting back and one of
    the solutions they discovered was that the White House said if they could get 5,000 signatures on a petition,
    the President would look into the matter and make a statement. There are already more than 4,000 signatures.

    There are 4 days left and less than 1,000 more signatures needed — which can definitely be done (250 were gathered
    Tuesday night alone).

    I have a favor to ask.

    Can you please sign the White House Petition immediately to investigate why the FBI investigation was
    killed, who killed it, and also to restart the investigation into Church of Scientology criminality and human rights abuses?

    With your help the 5,000 signatures are sure to be reached and the more the better.


    1) It takes only about 20 seconds to register — just put in your name and email address. You need not be a
    U.S. citizen or even a resident. Anyone from anywhere in the world can register and sign a White House Petition.

    Click this link to register a White House account:

    You do NOT have to fill in a zip code or give your real name or location. Then, Check your email.

    2) They will send you an email, with a confirmation link. Click on the link in the email and you can sign the Petition.

    3) Click on “Sign the Petition” and you’re done. Your privacy is protected and no one can actually see your
    last name.

    Here is the link to the specific Petition:

    Obviously we need as many people as possible to sign it immediately, so if you know anyone else that can
    sign it, friends, family, associates, please pass it on this weekend.

    Thanks, Valkov

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