You must look happy because I cannot confront sadness… (cont. from my last post)

PLEASE... smile!


Yesterday, my sister came to visit me at the Center.
She is a rare wonderful being (I know there are few more)
and she does share a very similar reality on what I’m talking about.
May be she has a similar implant series as mine
or maybe she is really one of the few people
who are too awake and too aware-to-be-aware to not belong here.
The bottom of the story is that every time she is around
we generate so much theta that I feel on a win for few days.

Kay, brings me a taste of what I call home.

Please note, that when I say home I mean on a gradient scale,
a much higher and sane way of living
according to the potential of a spiritual being.
After she left, I check the computer and I found an e-mail
from a very good friend.
This friend has an amazing spirit.
I enjoy her stories and her viewpoint of life
even if it is very different from mine.
I have to thank her for my realization.
LRH mentioned most of the thetans (spiritual beings)
to be in a state of deadness.

Once a Spritual being wakes up... he starts to walk up the tone scale...

This is the why he developed the Superpower Rundown.
On the C/S 53, the Superpower is C/Sed (recommended) when some items reads.

“If “Deadness” or “Unconsciousness” read, 2WC to F/N (E/S if necessary) and then program for the Personal Revival Rundown. (Superpower)
HCOB 24 NOV 1973RF Rev 26 JULY 1986 CIS Series 53RM LF (Long Form)

Furthermore, LRH mentioned that with the spiritual enhancement
the being (the spirit) will go up the tone Scale into apathy and grief,
and that to be a high state in this universe
(again from a spiritual viewpoint).

In the book ‘Science of Survival’,
LRH writes that is not a good indicator for a being
to be in a sad situation and not being able to experience
the proper emotion for that situation.
(Any of you who has the right reference,
please add it as a comment to this blog.)
To the ones, who are doing the bridge
hoping that their life will turn into sweetness and light,
there are going to be many disappointments
and believe me, they will not get anywhere.
When you will leave the Material universe viewpoint
you will have to face forces and energy so strong
to literally tear your head off just by looking at it.

You need to be able to confront evil, to confront pain and fear.

You need to get over the compulsion
to handle/get-rid-of yours or others sadness,
apathy or fear, as you would handle a disease.

You are going to get through all that and worse,
but to stop and handle these misemotions,
is nothing more than a waste of tim
e (Q&A),
they will go away by continuing with the spiritual advances

and you will get up to joy
and when you will enter the new dimension
you will go down again and from there up again.


But every time it will be a different harmonic,
as you are way out of this game into an higher one.
A new game way more powerful than the one you left.
On the highest levels, as on the bottom ones of the scale,
you go through all the emotion-misemotions
but at the top you do it in a much stronger form than in the lower levels.
Just recognize you are bridging into a new dimension.
It is OK to be sad, to be in fear,
to experience terror or grief or loss.
It is a good indicator as you progress on your way up.
Do not fear to share it without feeling ashamed or in failure.

Find the right terminal/s to work with
who understand what is truly going on.


that I was “told”
that my misemotions where a bad indicator.
This has acted as a wrong item to me
(not given intentionally)
and it did cause further and unnecessary pain and grief.

But this did help me to understand and progress on my researches.

I also discovered something very interesting.
LRH talked about many buddist monks spending their lives “regarding their bellies”.

Even if this statement holds true in many cases, does not apply to many others.


...operating as OT while connected to a human body.

There are quite a few of Adanced Spirutal teachers
who are actually handling other universes while “regarding their bellies”.
They are the true OTs.

Here you have entered the other dimention,
your body is just a string to this world
and a light for others to be inspired,
only if by their own effort and self determinism
they decide to walk the path.


This is the new door I have recently opened.

It is a new beautiful journey



and do what LRH wanted them to do:



The ‘Center of Advanced Spiritual Research and it’s Applications’ is NOW open in Texas and Italy.

We unite spiritual beings

while helping OT’s to live as OTs.




I’m a Class VI auditor, 2 Flag Internships  and an OT7+

and I’m auditing daily on the solo’s upper levels on the OT band.




My team and I are available to travel in USA and Europe.

We deliver in English, Spanish and Italian.

Center for Spiritual Research and its applications



ITALY: Silvia Kusada/Maurice Pascal


Silvia Kusada


Class VI (SHSBC), Class IV C/S and OT 7+.



  1. I think its uncommon not to fluctuate up & down in life.

    Thats life and therapy , it is hidden away in Dianetics that for 3/4 of therapy ( outlined also in the 1951 appendix of UK edition of DMSMH) , a person will fluctuate in tone & introvert, get emotional, i believe the phenomena in Dianetics more closely resembles truth , than the later derangement, de-composition of the subject.

    High Rollers have their high days and low days too.

    Mistakes are made, no one is perfect, IMO chasing an ideal is a major error. Just do it , fall on your face, learn is much less expectancy. Ideal is a bad deal. The workable portion of scientology is dying because of ideals and expectancy.

  2. There are a wide spectrum of data on the subject of this blog. People seems to get stuck on just few, and they tend to do A=A=A. Case level, tone level, awareness are all factors to determine where one is at…

    • A=A=A that’s my motto.

      It was also Mother Teresa’s motto and other great humanitarians, it wasn’t LRHs motto though.

  3. As I go about my life, I can be aware of myself as the awareness in which the entire content of my life unfolds. Awareness = peace with myself.

    I am not my thoughts, emotions, sense perceptions, and experiences. I am not the content of my life. I am Life. And I sure enjoy many of my thoughts, emotions, sense perceptions and experiences.

    I decide that. And I sure have fun with others sharing life.

    Thanks, Silvia, for being you.

    • Becky you are magical, when i look at your universe i see twinkling of lights and playfull ” fairies”
      You fascinate me… 😀
      I love to have you as my friends. 😀

  4. When you mentioned the ‘deadness’ above I remembered an experience close to, but different from, me, that showed the mechanism very nicely for me.
    Apparently my body (as a spiritual being in its own right) must have suffered this deadness to a high degree, because I could hit it with the worst food and it did not twitch.
    But then (a long time ago) my girl friend and I started to bring up the body on the tone scale by feeding it with macrobiotic food. It worked very well and there was joy to be noticed in the space of the body.
    But the side effect was, that now this body was able to experience pain, which it could not when it was more or less dead. I noticed that when, for my birthday, we went out for a gorgeous paella – we were in Spain at that time – food that I – maybe not my body – had loved before, and still do. But it was, compared to the balanced macrobiotic diet, very bad food – and the body got sick.
    So, did this macrobiotic stuff not work? Nope, it was exactly the right thing for the awakening of the body, because we continued and not long afterwards the body was high-toned enough to handle an occasional mis-emotion (= bad food) with ease.

  5. LRH talked about many buddist monks spending their lives “regarding their bellies”.

    I haven’t seen this before.

    is it in a lecture?

  6. Ciao Silvia oggi ho attestato il mio grado 0
    Con affetto Adriano

    29 ottobre 2011 alle 20:13

    Oggi ho attestato il mio Grado 0.
    I miei varii cambiamenti li’ ho descritti nei varii commenti che ho fatto.
    Volevo racchiudere il mio successo in una frase ed e’:



  7. Grazie Silvia,di avermi preso ed audito quando la chie$a mi riteneva un pericolo e mi ha cestinato nel dead file.
    TI abbraccio anch’io Adriano

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