If someone invites you for dinner and you are the main course…

“If someone invites you for dinner and you understand you will be the main dish, it is not necessary that you go and engage in a fight.
It’s enough you answer ‘No. Thank you’ and decline the invitation.”
Geoffrey Filbert “Excalibur Revisited”
(Out of memory)

I have been invited too and
I did go.
Many times.
I did let some people chew me up over and over.
I thought I was strong enough and felt that my love and care to them
would have overcome their hate…
but in a long run I failed


I started to feel pain at each bait
and I crashed.
There is a strong sadness connected to the moments
the person you most love
tears your flesh apart.

These fancy dinners, some of their spectacular banquets,
I can see today, have been the worse mistakes of my life.

“Twilight Zone” To Serve Man (TV episode 1962)… “To serve man, was nothing but the title of a “Cook book”.

The crazy person it isn’t just who thrives
by hurting others,
but it is the one reporting to the torture chamber
when its name is called.
There it was my self-destruction mechanism
Justified by the intent to help.
Help people who did not want to be helped,
certainly not by me.

When you know,
you do not need to demonstrate it to others
or to wait that the thing happens so you can be right…
To do that is in itself aberration.


Knowingness and integrity does not need approval by the material universe
and if we ask for it, the punishment is heavy.

I learn a lot, just by recognizing
that going wasn’t the right thing.
Nobody should ever be allowed to chew us up
in the name of help, friendship,
justice, freedom or love.
There are not more important people than others.
There are human beings.
There are rights that no one of us should ever give up.
Not if you are the king or if you are the servant.

…love and respect, when is pure,
make you feel really good.



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Silvia Kusada




  1. good point!
    and when you say ‘no thank you,’ and walk away, and that answer is not accepted but then the attempt is made to force the invitation, then we have a very clear indication that this really, totally and truly is a person we don’t want to have anything to do with 😉

  2. Sounds about right. I’ve been the appetizer, main course & dessert. The dessert is the most insidious, eat you up with carefree abandon, then throw down the napkin and declare to themselves how much they enjoyed it. All the time I had the knowingness that not a good place for me, yet thought I could handle or control ,,,,, sometimes just better to say ‘not me, not today, no thank you’!

    • Dear Maneca,
      yes the “dessert” that definetely pinpoint the desire to kill slowly typical of some beings.

      Big hug to you and love

  3. NOTE:
    Yes. At the origin we are all the same, there is alctually no judgment at all.
    We start from a zero. Potential value, potential creation. Then we start the game.

    In any any game the factor of importance enters… The ability and the power to make the game better or to “kill it”..
    At that point value of players enters the scene, not importance of a being as a being.

  4. I removed myself from certain circles because I kept going to the table to defend people I know to be good, which of course is my right to do and always my desire to do.
    But then I realized, only within this group do I ever feel like I have to defend that friend and it usurps MY free theta doing so and I have much better things to be using my limited time on! 🙂

  5. Silvia, I love this article because this has happened to me several times…and it is good to see it from the outside…yes…you do not need to demonstrate to others…indeed!

    • Indeed! …Just had to ack that ; )

  6. Silvia, dont let the valtures bother you. In one of my recent post “Bloody’Hell’ I just told those who inval me in any way, and dont even think about it or I make hash out of you. We should not tip-toe around those who come to our space to harm us. Idont bath them with love. No way. I dance on their grave. OT means to me to let them know that Shit is not taken. Love to you both.Elizabeth

    • Elizabeth, i really love you! you made me smile… It is true and Im learning. Shit is not taken…
      Nice to hear from you…

  7. Your way of explaining the whole thing in this post is
    truly nice, every one be capable of without difficulty understand
    it, Thanks a lot.

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