When the past contaminates the future the present time disappears…




Recently I realized that people, included me,

are very seldom in present time.

What we call present time or future

is still very much made of past and therefore it is the past.


 When the future is not just a spontaneous immediate creation,

but a result of a computation to solve a painful past or present

or to avoid something from repeating

it is nothing more than a PAST.


There is nothing wrong to wish to have a lot of money.

What is aberrative is ‘the reason’,

the rationale behind that

as “To have money so we can live better than now”.


Can you see how the past enters into the future?



The truth is, when you dream of something

which is in any way connected

with a ‘can’t have-couldn’t have’, “not have- couldn’t have had”

(or the opposite flows of it)

of the past or present time

we are not really looking to a future,

we are looking to a past into the future

which is a solid lie.

And when that occurs,

there is no present time or there is not future at all

just past.

There is only a past.


It takes away the now

and the beauty of existence which comes with it



It takes away your ability to enjoy what you have now

with the innocence and enthusiasm

of the first time.

It takes away the first time beauty.




If we were to be really in present time,

if we were to be really free and really sane,

we would be able to enjoy fully every moment of our life

as a unique moment.


In truth, every moment is unique.

There is not ‘the-same-moment’.


The person you love now,

is not the same person you love in 2 minutes.

If we would be able to just live and love and see,

not because the past is telling us we should do or not do that

but because we are really able to enjoy what we have,

we would never experience regret.

The tone scale is a scale of the emotions of an aberrated being.


Without the imprints and the lessons learned from the past

we would not be able to experience negative emotions.


There could not be a feeling of loss

if we would have not had.

We would never feel as we have gained

as the “having-gained” presupposes

you did not have at one point,

but, if you are aware

of  “not-having had”,

means you know you have had.

(you see? back into the past)

So, try this.

Look at your wife or your husband,

your boyfriend or girlfriend,

your best friend or your child or pet,

look at them

as you have never loved or had them before.


Love them as if they were there only for that instant

as if there is NO past or experience at all.

(which by the way it is true)




Look at a flower like you have never seen one before.

Keep all your attention units to it

and perceive all you can perceive,

feel all you can feel.


Be your wife or husband, the flower,

the kid, or your friend with all yourself.





If you can do this,

you will discover that every second,

in every place

in every thing you do

contains magic.

Is magic.


The future, without a past doesn’t exist

and so the present.


There is no time in knowingness.

Send me your successes please.


 “Theta-Mest Theory: Tone scale, Freedom, Space, etc.

by L. Ron Hubbard

“…we find an individual should be able to tolerate any kind of a viewpoint.

He should be able to sit in any kind of a viewpoint and look at anything.

And he should, of choice, see it or not see it.

He could be able to look at anything but then see it or not see it at will.

And we find out quite additional to that,

very pertinent to the business of living,

he should be able to like or dislike people,

agree or disagree, at will,

communicate or not communicate,

be any kind of a cause or any kind of an effect.

And if he is that, is he free?

He’s free.

What makes him free?

The ability to consider and reconsider at will,

the ability to view anything in this universe

or any action or motion in this universe.

And that’s his passport.

He doesn’t even have to get up even a decent distance

toward the realization of all this

because all he has to be is just willing to.

He doesn’t even have to do the action.

He just has to be willing to, and when he becomes willing to,

he is free.

Universe Processes Congress  “Theta-Mest Theory: Tone scale, Freedom, Space, etc.

By L. Ron Hubbard




and do what LRH wanted them to do:



The ‘Center of Advanced Spiritual Research and it’s Applications’ is NOW open in Texas and Italy.

We unite spiritual beings

while helping OT’s to live as OTs.




I’m a Class VI auditor, 2 Flag Internships  and an OT7+

and I’m auditing daily on the solo’s upper levels on the OT band.




My team and I are available to travel in USA and Europe.

We deliver in English, Spanish and Italian.

Center for Spiritual Research and its applications


ITALIANO/ENGLISH: e-mail: SKusada2010@gmail.com

ESPANOL/ENGLISH: e-mail: dianaclass8@yahoo.com
ITALY: Silvia Kusada/Maurice Pascal


Silvia Kusada


Class VI (SHSBC), Class IV C/S and OT 7+.



  1. Very nice! Thank you.

  2. Fantastic post.
    I know I have been searching for eons for that incredible elusive something. That something which can be held an ones palm, that perfection and to able to admire such. The perfection is in the moment –now……….

  3. I thought of this often last week. Nature is a beautiful way to pull myself into PT.

    • nature is the only thing here on this planet which hold or is life-force. it might look like that it re-create it self from seed to flower than again the same but that is not the life-force but the creation of thst. You right that is total PT.

    • The life-force in action how it looks like the” fizz of life” in our daily life. How we create.

      Inspired by David St Lawrence. I have copied this from my post.

      Again my reality how I see creation in the Universe.

      Effervescent =happiness: the bubbles are dancing in the colors of the rainbow

      Tranquil=the bubbles are light golden- silver in colour and move so gently like the sea on the quiet windless summer day

      Anger= the bubbles are huge and colorless and after they rising burst into gray mass and splatter.

      Old age= very quiet, not much movement, over the smooth surface of the water occasional wave action, than quietness moves under into different level.

      Sharing, exchange= two different coloration of fizz from different direction meet and intermingle, very colorful lots of fizz action.

      Philosophy= it lost its fizz since it has been chewed over too many times.

      Disappointment=the fizz is withdrawn inflows, [this I see as happens]fantastic. One pulls the fizz back from different terminals, cutting the connection.

      Reaching out [wanting to know ]= sending gentle waves in segments out , like little tentacles, the colours are translucent green,

      Dancing with a partner= the fizz is like the gathering of tornado like funnel the color is purple.- lilac with a occasional burst of fiery spark, simply beautiful.

      Suffering; has no fizz, no life-force, the darkest clouds imaginable rolling out and coming back to the creator. Boiling like action, turmoil.

      Love-making the act itself= molten gold heavy lava like movements flows , swirls, fizzes and falls rises – continues. One is stronger than the other, the stronger fizz-flow is the dominant flow. Interesting to observe.

      Gardening, working with soil=the fizz is most incredible, the fizz is shooting out of the soil all around the color is silver-gold the fizz is like geysers bursting up. My heart nearly stops, seeing this incredible movement, incredible phenomenon. I am in awe of nature; I am totally experiencing this magical creative energy.

      Falling in love= I see two sources moving toward to the center pink-silver fiery sparkles move meet and the movement become one and becomes swirling column. Beautiful.

      Death= mine= irruption of incredible force, like volcano, fiery, force finally released from its prison. Not bad at all.

      Boredom=no fizz looks black-gray and flat.

      Friendship= gentle wave action, the color of the fizz is muted, but the waves moves like ocean purples, greens, violets oh, rose there is lot of rose in the creation of friendship.

      David, I hope you enjoy reading this as I have written since it is you who have given this opportunity to see how we create the fizz. Thank you for the heavenly gift.

  4. Silvia,…”AS IT WOULD BE THE FIRST TIME… . Recently I realized that people, included me, are very seldom in present time. What we call present time or future is still very much made of past and therefore it is the past”
    You got to kidding sister even to think for a moment that you are seen in the present time. The eyes yes, but the rest is from the past, most likely when you were a nun, a warrior, a servant made, a fairy those remaining pictures are all jumbled up and your picture of now is added to that and that is you, plus the reality of the being of now the fears the hate etc… You as the being who you are invisible, hidden behind those walls. What a mass!

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