Groundhog Day (part 2): the thoughts factory…

The thoughts factory

Groundhog Day (part 2)


There is something more to be said about the analytical mind

without which, people would not be able

to be controlled so easily.




If you are aware that emotions can be generated

by sending a specific impulse, energy flow or wavelengths

to a person or area

then I will like to invite you to look at the fact

that by using these energy flows you can actually

start a mechanisms (analytical mind)

installed way back into a spiritual being,

in order to  generate very specific thoughts.


People get confused and at this stage,

they are easier to be directed or deviated to a certain path.

When this impulses are received

unknowingly by the person

he feel he must do something…

the analytical mind is there either to offer the thought

or to justify for him why he has to do it.

The analytical mind covers up the

true origin of the decision.

Obedience is the result,

as to not obey means to experience anxiety, uncertainties

and many times psychological and physical pain.



This is the reason why knowingness,

totally disconnected from thoughts and thinkingness,

is the only way out from the above control mechanism,

as implanted in this universe.


In this exact moment I’m writing,

computing the best way to express this concepts,

looking at the different aspects of this co-actions

between life and the spirit.

I’m actually, unfortunately, using the analytical mind.


Therefore what I write is going through the warping circuit of thoughts

becames in a certain way a lie.


Got the concept?

Do not stick to words.

Feel what is true for you and stick to that.


No one on this planet has the final answer

or would not be here.



But there are many people who are aware enough

to own few pieces of the puzzle

and are free enough to afford to look everywhere

and anywhere for other viewpoints and further answers.


We cannot be unidirectional,

because through the mind we have blind spots,

each of us has a different one depending of the group

and the type of data in the program received.




Many advanced spiritual studies,

at least the ones that had freed man to the highest degrees,

 had practice OT TR O;

be there and perceive.




There is no thinking involved.

It is just a state of existence.

If you would really be able to be there,

you will find you would not be anywhere,

you would not have any limit of time and space.

This, again, is advance spiritual research.

I’m not promoting the stupidity of who acts without a sense of responsibility

damaging others.

Quite at the opposite.

People at a certain level of power and freedom,

naturally act to the benefit of the group.

In a way they are the group

as they have less and less limitation of space

and they can just be or not be anything at will.


Next time you sitting in front of a person or on your own

doing some OT TR0

(sitting relaxed and comfortably while perceiving without thinking)

please be aware that there is no thought

involved in the TR 0.


If you can do that you will experience a tremendous amount of joy and relief,

as you will lose all your past, future and present time

connected to the thinking machine.


All you will have is potential creation.


I’m smiling up to my ears just thinking of it.

Hope you would experience the same enthusiasm.

Happy New Year!!




and do what LRH wanted them to do:



The ‘Center of Advanced Spiritual Research and it’s Applications’ is NOW open in Texas and Italy.

We unite spiritual beings

while helping OT’s to live as OTs.




I’m a Class VI auditor, 2 Flag Internships  and an OT7+

and I’m auditing daily on the solo’s upper levels on the OT band.




My team and I are available to travel in USA and Europe.

We deliver in English, Spanish and Italian.

Center for Spiritual Research and its applications



ITALY: Silvia Kusada/Maurice Pascal


Silvia Kusada


Class VI (SHSBC), Class IV C/S and OT 7+.



  1. This is your very best as you have writen it up. Brilliant. Total duplication from my reality. Thoughts, words, nothing but bank stuff…. wonderful…..Elizabeth


    • Thank you Elizabeth…. my love and admiration to you.

      • The path takes one where the reality is the same, but that path has hell of a lot obsticles, by god and long too….

      • Some years back I told on old OT7: Every word we otter, we think is part of the bank every agreement every action we take, pursue is implant related, a must a compulsion, she said: that is not true, impassible, since I know myself I am in present time at all time. God, she was angry. We used to be friends; she thinks that I am stuck in the past. We talk, but we don’t talk of Scientology or auditing. We not only lose friends but the human race itself, we walk out with every auditing session, with every cognition we are further from the realities which hold the MEST solid. For the New Near I wish you a string of pearl………..

  2. Dearest Elizabeth,
    I have to agree with what you say. It would have sounded crazy a just a while ago. It does require quite a knowledge to be understood, great awareness and lots of courage.
    0 and infinity co-exist…
    LOve you and wish you freedom, we will run into eachother a lot..

    • Courage, yes, to face knowing every though we have is a old recording and not ours!!!!!!! hehehe,,, good one, I was stunned for a few minutes after that cognition till the whole reality of that sorted out and got use to the new change.
      The “O”…. finally the fun starts….

  3. Thanks for completing what i already knew , Silvia ! I bypas my mind as much as i can by using my own perceptions , myown intuition and my knowingness which are much more reliable than my mind .

    To me the mind is just a crap collector where fear is sitting . It is an impediment installed to control a being. I just have to find out how i was made to cling to it. I’m sure when i’m rid of it i will feel better !

    • Hello there, this might help, fear exists because value exists. The humans hold valuable every thought, consideration and agreement. Humans “live and die” by those agreements. To be alive is one, that one can die, the need of sleep, can live without or with something because it has value. When one no longer sees value in the MEST fears no longer exist. Pushing away anything keys a person out but confrontation as-is the ARCB’s the problem.
      Auditing works a strange way, finally when one reaches the level when all valuable things which one holds so dear to ones heath as-ised there is no more fear all gone, that is the time one has everything. Abundance, one is in abundance… I wish you happy New Year and abundance!!!!!!! Elizabeth Hamre.

  4. Happy New Year Silvia. Good wishes for you.

  5. Thankyou Silvia, I really enjoyed this post

    “This is the reason why knowingness,

    totally disconnected from thoughts and thinkingness,

    is the only way out from the above control mechanism,

    as implanted in this universe.”

    TR0~ Buddhist presence drill as passed on by ex-scientologist Charles Berner to LRH,(not recognized as the source as far as I have heard ) is pure simplicity.

    Simplicity versus complexity

    I thought Beyond the black magician by Phil was a good set of extension drills of the Buddhist drill. How many Bodhi’s have already left?

  6. Pleasure moments.
    LRH only say a few words about pleasure moments in the dictionary: “only addressed if the PC is stuck to it, blah blah….blah.
    I ask, who has not been stuck to the pleasure moments, who do not reach for those moments continually? Who do not postulate that to happen for the future, I ask? Who do not buys, collects, eats drinks wears and talks of things which cause the pleasure moments?
    Who do not celebrate, prepares feast and servers the best foods, wines, and pops the corks of champagne bottles lifts the glass in celebration? Wears clothing, from those items the color the texture, designs gives pleasure to have and feel, experience. Just think of dinning out: the restaurants, the dishes all there to present to give a pleasure moment. Concerts, plays and games of kind’s carter to all the different tastes [reality] all created to do the same, for enjoyment.
    Holiday resorts, ocean cruises, any kind of adventure, all there were and created, dreamed up to please all the senses….. Just think, the gifts given and received by billions each year, the love making, the loving, all are there to please….
    The gardens… to visit to enjoy, the books, billions of them there are to choose from to enjoy. The various courses, numbered in thousands all contain knowledge and are offered to learn from to enhance ones enjoyment, pleasure of having…in pleasure of living…
    The great collections of arts are there to enjoy and these were created by pleasurable experiences too….. So are the prostitutes, booze, smoke to inhale…the lamp light, and the star-studded indigo blue space…..dew drops on every blade of grass in the first morning light…..
    No matter where one looks what one experiences one time or other, was created to cause please…..
    So what are Pleasure Moments? Simply what is living, what humans consider what is life here on Earth.
    Knowing that everything is part of the bank is just fine nothing wrong with that one is not less having in one’s possession such a knowledge and that do not give one reason to dash out buy 3 meters of rope and hang self to get away from the created-the bank.
    No…..But it is good to know when one gets into session everything can be handled equally, since on the long run the bad and the good have equal value: none.
    To be free as a spiritual being, to be cause, total cause one has to as is all the MEST in order to be free. To start the game all over again but this time in new unit of time by having knowledge under ones belt and that way one will never be trapped again in the solidity of the agreed considerations.
    I do wish you the great adventure embarking on that Path of Knowledge: the self-discovery. .
    Elizabeth Hamre Blog, and in Geir Isene’s blog. as it was posted there

    • Very good summation. No one says this truth as simply and as truthfully as you.

      • Thanks for the ack…Show me other blogs who post cognitions beside Silvias and mine. We are simply bloody good solo auditors,, We know how to handle the everyday stuff,,,,or the out of the ordenary…, we are better than good. We dont even live dust behind us…….

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