When there is “nothing” to audit…



So many times while in the Church of $cientology

I have heard parishioners

saying they had nothing else to audit.

Although, it is not a big deal

to shortcut through the lower bridge,

it does became a liability

when people do it on the higher level 7,

as the leave a huge amount of hidden but active force

in restimulation.


It is understandable that, when somebody

pays $600 per hour to get counseled

by the $cietology Corporation

feels a bit of pressure on achieving the result of the counseling

especially if he/she has already been milked out

of all the money they had

and the money they could potentially have.

(this through prearranged loans with banks

set up by the Church of $cientology’s staff).

Come to the Church of $cientology!!!


Completing the level 7 means to many of them,

to free themselves from the heavy control and dictatorship of the Church

and the burden of paying $50.000 plus a year for


Counseling devoted to make sure the parishioner

does not have hidden disagreements

with the Church management,

does not talk to “disaffected” people

and he is working accordingly to the Church wishes,

caprices and demands.



The pure technology has drowned

into a bunch of money oriented business activities.


The true tech has been lost.

It lives only in those people

who are free and courageous enough

to see that there is no end.


Nothingness, it is not just an excuse

of which we can be aware or not

to get out or to not get into something,

it could be also a way to prevent you

from knowing and looking.


A transparent energy blanket/field

can have been interposed

between you and the problems-masses-charge.

… therefore the appearance of nothing.


A skilled auditor,

a courageous being

knows he has to look behind it.

He knows more than just saying

“I’m done, there is nothing available.”




The “nothing” in itself is a huge trap.

To say: ‘There is no love’,

is a great way to prevent one from loving

and getting hurt.

Or an excuse to  feel good about not letting go of the past.

To say: “There is nothing new”,

it is great when you wish to hold on onto stable data,

when you are too scared to risk to lose one more time.


the majority of the times

is an indication of a great amount of charge.

A huge Floating Needle could just be the reading

of a winning Valence.

Note: it is a valence

(an identity the person feel he must assume

to be successful and to survive),

it is not the being himself.


Next time you run into the “nothingness”

ask yourself:


“What I’m not willing to look at-confront?

Who is not willing to confront that?

Who does not want me to see?

Is there anyone who does not want me to find out?

Who wants me to stay in the dark?

You will be surprise by the amount of material

that will undisclosed to your eyes,

assuming you are interested in knowing.

“Nothing” in this universe does not exist.

It is a concept of another dimension.





and do what LRH wanted them to do:



The ‘Center of Advanced Spiritual Research and it’s Applications’ is NOW open in Texas and Italy.

We unite spiritual beings

while helping OT’s to live as OTs.




I’m a Class VI auditor, 2 Flag Internships  and an OT7+

and I’m auditing daily on the solo’s upper levels on the OT band.




My team and I are available to travel in USA and Europe.

We deliver in English, Spanish and Italian.

Center for Spiritual Research and its applications


ITALIANO/ENGLISH: e-mail: SKusada2010@gmail.com

ESPANOL/ENGLISH: e-mail: dianaclass8@yahoo.com
ITALY: Silvia Kusada/Maurice Pascal


Silvia Kusada


Class VI (SHSBC), Class IV C/S and OT 7+.



  1. Not having to worry about money while auditing is a HUGE factor in case gain. When I did my Grades, for instance, I was not paying for it personally and we paid excellent, highly trained field auditors an hourly rate to audit staff. I wanted to get every last process run – I was interested in EVERYTHING, every process!

    You are right about OTs in the church just wanting to comp the level for completion’s sake. I don’t blame them at those rates. But the sad part is how much they forfeit by having that viewpoint. People in the church are being jipped! Cheated! Why do it at all if you don’t do it right? I hope more and more people see this and realize they can get what LRH promised OUTSIDE the church and in fact, that’s the only place they CAN get it.

    In the end, we all have to make it and that piece of paper you get upon completion isn’t the end product – existence as the most aware, alert, able spirit is.

    Of course, now I know we CAN have it all away from the church. I want it all. Just like LRH said. I will not settle for less.

  2. Keep going!

  3. Nothing there……. Good one…… that is the most incredible statement to make, or on idea to believe in, accept, to agree to, admit or acknowledge while one is walking the Path, the spiritual path… when one believes, knows there were past life’s that we had lived and experienced infinite life’s in many universes, we been everywhere and did everything…
    And there is nothing more after a few hundred auditing sessions? Incredible… absurd, illogical …. Irrational thinking… In my reality and I have had immense amount of sessions, and I have recall: total and wide open and I realized how little I have seen so far, how immense experiences I have had over the eons and I am just starting out…
    The nothing-ness “ that concept- impression, idea- thought- theory -“and most of all the “Agreements” hold the past- covered- walled protected in, buried under, made invisible. The nothing-ness is the key which opens the door to everything we ever been, ever done…….. It is all there within inside the nothing….
    Holds great importance to have many sessions as passible what in the nothing-ness what is invisible— Since our greatest deeds, our power is hid under- beyond those invisible walls.. [Our power is hidden so we can be same as everybody, so we can fit in, be one of the group, to be accepted.. be part of the game…etc…]
    The nothing-ness is the shield the armour, the wall- barrier. The very defence we put there so we don’t remember, can’t recall, evoke have no memory of, for the past to become none existent… in order to play a game in new unit of time.. Yes that is good in theory but not in practice..
    Those thinks which are covered up hidden behind the invisible walls the none existing hold the person in place, encased- wrapped- enveloped unmoving… imprisoned …………
    Nothing-ness is full of hidden treasures, the greates of all you ever created…..The magical self, your OT abilities, the true self…..

  4. FOR SILVIA WITH LOVE………………you have inspired this cognition… thank you…
    The most difficult thing, tough item, a condition, state to confront is the “Nothing-ness” the none-creative periods one can experience therefore will do anything not to be in that experience.
    That is the reason the “Nothing-ness” is motivator the drive the impulse the urge, makes the being continually running around in circle and do do do do= make … organise….create a must have, a necessity a need, a compulsion to a fulfill a duty, in order to experience in order to be, somebody or something long as that something is experienced practiced …… without that continual creation those experiences the being feels and have the impression: of empty, void, hallow vacant, unfulfilled, bare, dead, lifeless, nothing, nobody, useless ,cancelled out of life, not living…………
    That “Lifeless” condition which is being without any momentarily experience the LIFE-FORCE that FIZZ that BOBBLY effervescence that is what the being can’t stand, since that “LIFELESS” condition that none creative period the ”Nothing-ness” is a condition which makes the being believe the a condition exists: a state when one is = dead ….unconscious …unmoving .. unresponsive… motionless…. still .. stationery … so lifeless and very heavy and feels the weight of the body the planet and the Universe….. rightly so when one is not in the creative mode than one feels the past and those things created …
    To get back into the creative mode to get out of the “Nothing-ness ”experience again the being reaches for something within the beings reality level Whatever that maybe: plant flowers, buy something, go on a vacation, kill, create a condition for war, design a house, get drunk, beat one’s spouse, write a book, invent a new gadget, go sailing, listen to Mozart, or go dance the salsa…. Get e new partner, get rid of the old partner, get sick, or get healthy, anything will do since all those thinks are stimulating to a curtain extend and while we have that stimulation we can think of something to continue with something new….. OH…. The hamster running in the spinning wheel and that is our life here …..
    I will post this in Geir Isene’s Blog and mine too…… Elizabeth Hamre

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