the warning sign…



Looking into a pattern of behaviour of several of the people

I cared and care about,

there is a point where some of them

developed antagonism toward me.


The great affinity of course is there first.

This has happened with friends,

boyfriends and other people.


In 90% of the cases, months or several years later

I get a comm from them telling me

they felt love, and, as a result jealousy,

frustration for not being able to control me

or to have me.


Here we see love manifesting with hate,



I have never disconnected anyone before

who was manifesting  this emotion toward me.

I suffer through, i experienced quite a lot of pain

as it did not make sense and it was unjustified.


This has just happened in the last few weeks

with 2 people I deeply loved.


Unfortunately, studying the

system of the energy flows patterns,

I have found

that once this antagonism sets up

and manifests it gets worse.


It can be matter of hours, days or months,

but gets much worse.



Where before I waited for the worse,

now I will not allow that to happen.

They are not going to be allowed in my close space.


Unfortunately, that person from the very first time,

it is now quietly, covertly or overtly,

knowingly or unknowingly attacking me.


Due to the magnitude of my researches,

I decided to not keep any of these people in my close vicinity.


If they get affected by the antagonistic wavelength toward me,

if they are not able in that same moment to

fight that impulse back,

means they are not safe terminals.


At any moment the pressure can increase and they can find themselves

heavily attacking me again

for no reason.

Although motivators,

(reasons) can be always found or made up.

Many times it take them a while to wake up

to what they have done.


Just to be clear

I do still care for them

but I have to keep them away.


I do not have much time

and still have a huge amount of research to do

and of people to help.


That is my priority.




In order to do that I have to keep my environment clean.


If you are in that category,

you can still communicate to me through my blog.


It is a safe way for both of us.

Thank you for your understanding.




and do what LRH wanted them to do:



The ‘Center of Advanced Spiritual Research and it’s Applications’ is NOW open in Texas and Italy.

We unite spiritual beings

while helping OT’s to live as OTs.




I’m a Class VI auditor, 2 Flag Internships  and an OT7+

and I’m auditing daily on the solo’s upper levels on the OT band.




My team and I are available to travel in USA and Europe.

We deliver in English, Spanish and Italian.

Center for Spiritual Research and its applications



ITALY: Silvia Kusada/Maurice Pascal


Silvia Kusada


Class VI (SHSBC), Class IV C/S and OT 7+.



  1. I have observed that mechanism a few times in my life as well and I thought that the mechanism behind it was a kind of a ded-dedex but somehow I did not quite understand how it started. When I became free – in the mid-eighties – to look at ‘other practices’ without jeopardizing my eternal salvation I also studied the Kabalah and I found an interesting piece of information there that could explain the starting of a dedex. It’s called the “bread of shame” and in principle it is that a person gets so much from another that she sees no possible way of an exchange any more. That trap of being forever in debt starts the cycle of attack, because, obviously, the person who put her into this position certainly deserves punishment for this evil deed of giving too much to create an inescapable trap.

  2. A reader wrote:
    “If i can’t get cause over such terminal i block any and all comm lines untill i know i can handle it . I only have one terminal like this in my vincinity .”

    I’m not talking about SPs or suppressive people in this post.
    I’m talking about those people who get affected by the energy system which stimulates this reaction. If people have enough masses and solidity on that line, they will receive and get affected by the impulse of the “matrix”. Many times they do not mean to hurt you. They even love you. They feel very bad for what they are doing to you as it is not self generated and against their true (sometimes hidden or not hidden) emotions.
    This is an internal fight they are going through.
    “Help you-love you” (them)- “stop you-destroy you” (the Matrix).
    The solution to them is often to find reasons why they have to feel that way toward you. 😀

  3. Thanks, you’ve brought me to a realization. Now I need to communicate something to someone who was frustrated that he couldn’t control me.

    • Be aware of the fact that if they act from a stimulus response flow and you argue, or outflow to that, you are basically communicating to his case.
      It is very unlikely for you to obtain an as-is on that, it more common that his mass beefs up on you….It is the being who we have to find the way to talk to. 😀
      this is just my thought.

      • Thank you for that viewpoint. In between I didn’t seem to restimulate any charge of his, but the person isn’t really aware of what he was trying to do.

  4. I was asked the question: why OT’s die off… is my reality…Edit
    January 19, 2012 The question was: Why the OT’s die off.

    Ugh!!! There are millions of reasons for that and I am not blowing this up one bit.. making it look more than as is, I will give a few reasons here.

    First of all the OT did not die but the OT pulled in a picture which was to destroy, to separate from the body in order to finally get away from the boring game condition was in.

    Also the body has hundreds of devices invisible of course implanted that the body should expire, the body has reached its expiration date, same as in any food item can, gone off, no longer good enough to eat, spoiled etc…. After all these meat bodies too was used for food in the past by other beings, was grown and harvested for that purpose alone.

    There are literally millions of reasons one leaves the body. These reasons are ALL CONDITIONS, every one of them. IF on OT pulls in a cancer, he used that item before in order to get free from the body, it worked than and that postulate is still there in good working order. Also cancerous cells are different from the regular cells, we did have bodies which have contained those cells and had no cells in that body like this body has. So the being brought the old mock-up and it is mixed with this mock –up. The cancerous cells are much stronger since those bodies had a much stronger energy flows so they just simply take over and grow and grow…in poorly made body.

    BUT All conditions can be audited out, no matter what they are. If one has changed one’s mind, and do not wish to drop dead, leave the body than pick up the cans and audit out the conditions….. very simple… auditing works on all levels on all condition.

    Who ever said the person has no bank left after OT 8 and all was erased: the- conditions, situations, problems, difficulties, disorders, maladies, ailments, illnesses, diseases, all the ARCb’s. which the person had with self and with the universe.. well , that is not the case… on the contrary … we all see the conflicting evidences which are existing… so the end was not achieved the solo auditing should be continued…

    The person who has attested to that state or any state no matter what, just have learned gotten education about the MEST universe, has erased some of it, but just opened- unlocked and released some of the item in the package: which is the personal universe=bank.[ and where are the items which one can audit which is the universe itself? Everything existing which one sees around self?

    Who could erase with few hundred or even few thousands of auditing hours the millions of life time’s zillions of crossed over interwoven, thoughts, created and recreated, altered and altered again items, in thousands of different forms? Hundreds of thousands of different bodies one had over the eons, all have gone all have vanished everyone was destroyed by others or self.— those distractive ideas of the past are still usable and in good working order and they are in the possessions of the being… So the OT just reaches into the invisible bag pull out one and bingo he drops the body…. all the relatives friends scientologist say, OH the tech do not work, scientology killed the poor bagger.

    Bloody Hell that is ignorance if the highest order, should be medal given for that out, blame at the bottom, stupidity and most of all the material was read but never duplicated… otherwise one would not think in such ignorant – unaware -un-knowing in the dark – murky- gloomy fashion.

    So why the OT’s die off? Only that OT could tell you why he wanted to go, do trust me, if he or she would not wanted to go drop the body, he would still be here…. It might seem that the being say NO-No-NO I don’t want to go it is not my wish, but if that person would have few sessions while ill, thinking of suicide, he would find that reason why pulled in that mode – method –type – kind of thought, considerations old agreement which will separate him from the body. The tech, works, auditing do erases the bank: the not understood, the effects of the accumulated the MEST.

    Please let’s live the blame and let’s take responsibility for all the game conditions we are in… and be content satisfied with the thought no matter what and where one is, we are there because it was postulated by the self….

    PS: Few more thought I would like to add, after having auditing the being has reality that he is a spiritual being and he do not die that he lives and he is infinite only the body is being null-led – die – expire

    So many OT’s or on any level the being thinks why bother to stay here be in the conditions which are not pleasure but pain on the ass, so they pull in something and happily go and start a new game where the grass is greener. Having cognition when the being realizes that one is a free being, a spiritual being those cognitions hold great power and that power too can free the being from the body..
    I posted this in Geir Isene’s and my Blog too.

    • The person who has attested to that state or any state no matter what, just have learned gotten education about the MEST universe, has erased some of it, but just opened- unlocked and released some of the item in the package: which is the personal universe=bank.

      …. Brilliant Eliz.
      It is easier to may OT to leave the body then to confront the evil, lies and misconcepts. 😀

      • that is true, but many did not realize or have been thought that anything can be erased. mind you it is in the courses being read but not duplicated…. Just think Silvia, half way education, call kill, one comits suicide because that is that, not having enough education an any field. Just think Silvia how few understand just how powerful the tech is. Yes I am better than brilliant and I am glad you know the extant of the knowledge I have gained as a solo auditor. love ya…

  5. by the way all the evil and the lies only exist if one believes that day do.. but to run from them now that is not ok, since no one can run out of their universe.. no matter how mant times they drop the body in none confront the bank remains with them… that is the track droping the body by not confronting they have just added of more item and that too have to be audited out in the future… very simple…

  6. What I deeply respect about you is that you have demonstrated acceptance of different viewpoints, anger, hostility, love ~the whole range. Thank you for your patience.

    To me its a high scale virtue of a truly serene being to have any wavelength.whether choppy or harmonic.

    but its still your choice.

    • Dear Shaun,
      I do not really disconnect. I just avoid wasting time with people whos intention is to destroy… There are so many people in need of help and theta and to them goes my attention and my time.
      Still i have love for many of the people who harm… love is a separate thing… it is just there and always will be.
      😀 big hug to you

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