A tribute to Massimo Prizzon…

A tribute to Massimo Prizzon…

Massim Prizzon February 2011, Milan

 This morning I woke up and checked my cell phone.

There was a message from my sister Alessandra

saying that Massimo Prizzon was dead.


At first I felt sadness, grief

but than I realized that was the typical response of the “Matrix”.

It came to me as “the proper” response of a body.


The second thought I had it was:

“He had the courage to die,

he had more courage than me.”


My third thought it was to him,

finally, leaving the dramatizations,

I was able to think of him.

Where was he now?

How was he doing?

I felt peace coming from him…


I met Massimo about a year ago, thanks to Alessandra,

in the middle of my full bloom depression.


I remember walking to his Studio.

He worked where my grandmother used to live:

in Via Tofane, Milan.


I knew then, meeting Massimo,

he was dying, slowly, slowly.

But he was not just dying,

he was making sure every moment his body was still alive

he could make it count helping others.


Massimo was not just an amazing artist,

he was a great being who used his art to heal people.


He started to work on ‘Therapy photography’,

where he would bring out the best of people

and increase their self esteem.

He did it for me, he made me beautiful

and he gave me the eyes I always wanted.



He showed me several of his works… stunning photography and work.

Only a man who carries true love for people,

can see them beyond their appearance

and bring out of them such beauty

as he did for everyone.


See what I mean? She is just UNIQUE. A beautiful unique self.


Massimo was a man who in his own suffering and pain

created magic for others.

I never forget this kind of people;

they are pure diamonds.



The 4th thought was to my sister Alessandra.

I know death is more painful to who’s stays.


At this point I knew Massimo was fine,

but not the people he left.

Not the people he loved and

to who he gave some of his life.

I wanted to share this with you.

Because today I feel his peace,

while I feel I’m one of the lucky people

who had the chance to meet a great being.

There are many people who got hit really hard by life,

many people who find it very hard to live.

There are people who choose to commiserate themselves

and there are others

who use their knowingness of pain to help others.

The latter I consider to be exceptional people.

Massimo has given me  moments of sunshine

in a very cold winter

and has done that for many others.

We will be always part of each other.

It is a beautiful day, he is free

and we have in him a treasure.

When you are truly able to communicate to

 other spiritual beings

 the loss of a body loses its power

in a great degree.

But it does not lose its power to a body,

which naturally grieves.

It is freedom only to another spiritual being.







Center for Spiritual Research and its applications


ITALIANO/ENGLISH: e-mail: SilviaKusada@gmail.com


Silvia Kusada





  1. Beautiful tribute. I know for myself the peace and beauty of communicating to another spiritual being without the body. It is so stabilizing and gives me such a unshakeable resolve.

    • I wished many times Kay he would have taken a picture of you… He would have made of your eyes an infinite enchanted land… in a way that everyone could see and admire your beauty… as a spiritual being.

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