Accept his gift, but do not move, your power will frighten him…

Accept his gift, but do not move, your power will frighten him …



This is not my own wisdom I’m sharing with you,

is the wisdom of a very powerful being

which crossed my path during my research.

He is a spiritual teacher,

a being which has knowledge of the spiritual world

and its interactions and reactions

while merging or emerging from the material world.


Yesterday, I had a very special visitor coming.

I knew he would come, very early in the morning.


I decided to go into my solo session

(meditation) to make sure

I was ready to receive him.

I was having some thoughts and misemotions

which I was trying to get rid of, unsuccessfully.

I reached for help.

My spiritual teacher (C/S)

pointed out that those were not my emotions-thoughts

but were the very emotions of the person

I was thinking about.


Never thought that could be true

but it was.

He than advised me to gently

move back to him all his thoughts.

Which I did.

Suddenly all disappeared.

I was happy and my space was calm and quiet.

I learned that

“Only in the presence of silence

knowingness will be acknowledged.”


This is why he is teaching me to achieve the silence.

Please note: he is not teaching me to run away from noise.

He is teaching me to let it flow through and away…

I went to work, I was very serene,

few hours later I got the “news” (through a text message)

she, the person, was coming.

I smiled.

I decided to get more auditing (meditate)

I asked my mentor for more help.


He advised me to let go of any perception

of the past or the future.

Basically, to let go of the bank and its servo- mechanism

which is the analytical mind.

He gave me a condition of no time.


He told me:

You have to let her go, free,

in order for her to find her way back to you.


Accept what she has to offer,

do not ask for anything more,

do not move,

listen and let her take from you

what she feels she can take,

do not even look at her,

as your power would frighten her…


I think I have learned more during this two sessions

that in the last few years.

It goes back to the 2 rules of happy living:

1) Be willing to experience anything

2) Cause only things others can easily experience.

It became so clear to me my position,

and this new, but very powerful concept and way to help.


The rest of the day

went pretty much as I envisioned

very early in the morning.

There is a point were you know you are walking on another dimension

outside the line of energy of this world.


You are not seen.

While people have a perception of you,

and are drawn to you

to feed out of you energy,

they do not see you, or have a clue who you are.

as you belong to another dimension.


What you know needs to stay with you.

Interfering will upset the course of this universe.

You have to let people walk their path,

pretending you do not know what it is,

pretending you do not know what they will do or be.


All they will do if you tell what you know,

is proving you wrong.

Unless, of course, is one of us.


This is, if you truly wish to help,

while on your way home.


It has been an amazing experience.

Every single day for the last couple of weeks

I’m learning about life.

Who is really in the cage it is just a point of view…


“You cannot discover new oceans

unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore”.





and do what LRH wanted them to do:



The ‘Center of Advanced Spiritual Research and it’s Applications’ is NOW open in Texas and Italy.

We unite spiritual beings

while helping OT’s to live as OTs.




I’m a Class VI auditor, 2 Flag Internships  and an OT7+

and I’m auditing daily on the solo’s upper levels on the OT band.




My team and I are available to travel in USA and Europe.

We deliver in English, Spanish and Italian.

Center for Spiritual Research and its applications



ITALY: Silvia Kusada/Maurice Pascal


Silvia Kusada


Class VI (SHSBC), Class IV C/S and OT 7+.



  1. Bellissimo!!
    Your experience makes me happy.

  2. thank you!! big smile on my face… 😀

    • Pleasure moment the big gun. implant from HELL
      Just imagine how much I have waded through, to get this result…. you never guess what item i run last night….” Happiness” And I have found interesting result. There is such a thing as implanted artificial Happiness… Which was given experienced as “reward” for whatever…. but that Happiness has a limitation it is like being in a box and lasts only for a short duration… since it was just a single ‘dose’ you see, one could get big amount of Happiness as a reward or just a small dosage… interesting yes???? Also in this recall… the implanted Happiness needs a connection like being only happy if one has somebody to LOVE…. something one received….. Something one achieved….. You see here G.? This kind of Happiness is always related with MEST-energy creation…. This implanted Happiness puts one back to MEST to acquire buy obtain more MEST in order to be Happy again…. this MEST universe is put together by the person who was so bloody clever so full of shit… that even Happiness he created as reward was and is total trap??
      Happiness is a pleasure moment which everybody reaches for… want it need it, ones goal is being happy in life.…
      We were made to believe that happens is the highest state.. The most coveted sensation.. Without happiness life is Hell so if not present not experienced one is not successful. One is depressed, so let’s commit suicide; let’s take a bit of hemlock, let pull that trigger.
      Have a good dose of drug which can elevate one to that elusive state. Let’s get drunk… throw a party, or gut somebody in the dark allay much on the intestines: if that act brings happiness to wallow in blood why not… be a serial killer.. Wars are just that… bunch of trigger happy “Generals” who are only Happy if blood is flowing in plenty but long as it is not their own… they only view the disaster of their cause the suffering from the distance, their hands do not have blood on, but their universe is floating in the suffering of others….Hunters are hunting for “Pleasure” kill for pleasure, many do just that…. or Wipe out that nation, drop a bomb on that bloody thing which we can’t confront since their thinking is not in aligned with our reality level…. Good one… the source of unhappiness… Let kill everything which causes unhappiness if we all achieve that than we be happy, we finally all will be free… Every sin was achieve-created which exist can be named are in the BAD books were in order to gain that elusive Happiness…..Cause of sin is to gain happiness for self-[ one view point, only one]
      Just think, my friend… yourself what have you done this lifetime to gain such a elusive, vapor like concepts, which has evaporated when you thought you finally had it? Look around you: just how many objects lay about: owned by you, every one of those items was enquired including a wife, lover, plant… ring, pair of pants, a haircut…car.. house.. new dress, taking a course, to gain new knowledge, cup of hot java… act of sex.. email from the beloved friend…. All is indication the left over from the elusive- intangible Happiness…… we do everything in order to gain that indescribable sensation… Happiness…
      Last night I went into session, I wanted to know the reason I felt such a incredible indescribable happiness.. Pleasure moments = in my case: days… Well, what can I say.. on Item is a Item so I run it. But my happiness for its existence had no reason none what so ever….my happiness is when I finally find on item to run… bloody hell I am craping the so called bottom of the barrel Which is in my reality the top of the tone scale since pleasure moments are more additive than cocaine… one can kick cocaine, but not reaching for Happiness=pleasure moment that one is impassible while one is locked into MEST game…woof… wooffff…. I do speak Dog….
      But the session un-earthed interesting information.. COG. in other words: Happiness which is gained, gotten acquired in connection with something object-subject which has connection to MEST is Implanted. Happiness was given as a reward for something which is still in use to this days…
      There are volumes, size extent dimension – amounts to that kind of Happiness since doses were given larger or smaller for achievements… that still exist here. One archives good grades; you get from parents something which make you happy…, since it is an AMOUNT: dose a size, volume dimension “It is energy” and this was created to lead one back to MAMA.
      Happiness that sensation= experience do wear off it vanishes and dissolves since it is in connection to item or a being, some sort of created solid existing thoughts.. The other kind of Happiness that has nothing to do with or has no connection to MEST of any kind… One is simply “happy,” feels out of this world”: you see the meaning here? Out of this World is not in MEST…
      Finding it out that in fact that Happiness here on this Planet is like a railroad itself —- lead one back to the MEST….into the implant itself.; to get more solid items…in hope to be Happy again… vicious brutal circle.. Happiness is the carrot, to keep one reaching for more solid items, relationships. Than will be happy again….ughhhhh……where is that hamster? Running, moving the wheel of life here in Earth!
      PS: please note Happiness happens, occurs, and experienced only one gains-get solidity or item connection to solidity…one can’t be happy without reason… get a new girlfriend a wife I be happy again… the old shoe is too worn.
      To understand that one do not need the MEST… don’t need any objects, subject a human being in connection to, to feel have experience that incredible sensation,one can free-float, truly be self without any addition….. How I love … I can’t count the ways……

      • something i’m working on right now Eliz… this pleasure moments which are actually keeping from as-ising the basic… the basic being nothing…

  3. Good hunting…. for pleasure moments to kill one need double barrel shut gun.. lazer will do.. but cognitions do work the best…to as-is the stuff for ever.. love you… give lupo a kiss from me..

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