Is not so much where you stand, as in what direction you are moving…

Is not so much where you stand, as in what direction you are moving..

An analysis of freedom

I have been contacted privately by several people

with severe signs of wrong items and invalidation

received, not from the Church of $, but from the IND field.


Many of us left the Church of $ thinking

to automatically belong to the INDY’s group.

However the INDIES group is a generality.


There are several different groups, with different awareness,

different tone levels and different motivations.

When you try to belong to the wrong group

it is not fun, as there is going to be a demand

on your part or theirs to be different.

To be somebody else.


There are groups who are still behaving

as they were into the church, they still in a war,

doing the very same things they were doing before,

they only thing they have changed is the side, the color of the Flag.


You can recognize them as they use Scientology not to unite or create ARC

but to fight and to restimulate.

1) they attack highly trained auditors (covertly or overtly)

2) they do not accept you reality, but expect from you

a certain behaviour or action in order for you to be part of that group,

despite the fact that you might be ready or not, agree or not agree.

One of the example is they “force” people into come out at the open,

when they are not ready, or they “ask” to not associate with certain groups or people.


3) They deal in generalities. They going around calling people plants,

no real attempt of communicating is undertaken

or specifics given to the accused,

thus leaving the latter in a state of heavy restimulation.

I know personally few cases of which one

is a very, very productive successful Class VIII -OT7 auditor.


4) they deal in status and secrecy.


HCO PL 22 Feb 1965



If only the Executive Director knows it, that’s not enough.

It will cripple staff members and orgs.

Hidden data and information, particularly estimates of situations and reasons

why, must be published so staff can see them.

Release lots of information, particularly by posting on boards.

Staffs try to hide data from the public.

Don’t bother to hide anything.



Recognize that all the points mentioned above this reference

are very VERY anti-Scienetology.


They are an overt violation of the basic tenets of standard Scientology.

where people are respected and allowed to their opinions,

where people are equal,

where auditors are treated as the elite,

where there is not witch hunting,

where high ARC is always the goal,

where  people are treated as human beings

despite of their bank accounts or VIP connections.


When a group pushes continuously a state of emergency,


when the desire to find truth is turned down,

when your freedom of choice or opinion is limited,

where you are denied a 2 way communication,

there is something very wrong with that group,

as it is working on a solid bank agreement.

Several of my readers wrote me about the 2012 independence day.

They were upset.

The question asked were:

Why is it after the 4th the party? Where are the INDIES on the 4th?

and why is it not for everyone?

Why it is so expensive?

Why I have to declare my independence if I’m not ready to in order to participate?



It took me couple of years to find my group,

to find myself.

But I have done it and I haven’t felt better in few lifetimes.

I work with a handful of old timers and true OT,

highly trained auditors.

I solo audit and audit everyday.

I spend at least 4-5 hours a day helping people

in need of spiritual help.

I do not get paid for it.

But, what it is that is important to me?

I want to see people free.

The best way to free people is not a war

is to make them feel it is OK to be themselves

they gain confidence and become more ethical.


Once they really find out who they are

they automatically rise their responsibility

to the highest levels,

as they see there are no boundaries

between themselves and others.


When you get rid of false concepts and valences,

you are infinite.

So you cannot do anything else than be anything.

Even others.

It is a gradient scale.

But next time you feel invalidated,

you feel unhappy or you feel as you do not belong

or you are not wanted…


LOOK, find out who you really are

and what the other people you wish to belong to are TRULY about.

Where they fit on your org board?


This is the text of the IND 2012 invitation,

the location has been removed as they wish to keep it private:

Independence Day 2012!

  • Saturday, July 7, 2012
    to Sunday, July 8, 2012

Closest airport:

 C. is located in beautiful B., … It is about 2.5 hours drive from airport.

 If you choose to book a shuttle to  from the airport instead of renting a car Their shuttle is $40.00 each way per person. If multiple people are in your party, it will be cheaper to rent a car from the airport and enjoy the drive up north to B. No trip to B is complete without a stop ….

This year everyone will be responsible for booking their own room or cabin and taking care of their own meals. The resort has five dining options, including snack bars. Many rooms also have microwaves and mini fridges. Some suites and the cabins have full kitchens. We will have a group dinner on Saturday night and tickets will be sold to our Indy party guests specifically for this group dinner.

They also offer a meal plan in addition to room charges:

Optional Add-on Meal Plan: includes breakfast and supper daily.

$29.90 per adult

$14.70 for kids ages 5 – 12

$7.97 for kids ages 0 – 4

We have a reserved recreation room with ping-pong and other activities, which will act as a gathering place and home base at the resort for all Indy party guests.

C. has a variety of room styles and options, including cabins. You are responsible for booking your own room or cabin at C.’s. We have our own party coordinator, T, who will be handling all reservations. … Tell her you are a guest with the “Independence Party” and you will get our Indy party discounted rate. Rooms start at $159 a night. If you are travelling with a group, sharing a cabin is very cost effective. C. will hold multiple cabins and rooms until the first week in April, so book early. For further information their website …

After the first week in April, all of their rooms will be available to the general public and they will no longer be able to hold rooms for our party. If for some reason you do not manage to get a room at C., you can stay at a local hotel in B.. C. has agreed to allow our spill-over guests to join us for our celebration, even if they are not staying at our resort. . If you are looking for more options please check this website which lists several other hotels in

On you will also see all of the available activities. They have a full Marina and a spa. Some of the activities include:

Swimming in a lake or a pool, Relaxing on the beach…

and much more!

Please do not forward this invitation to anybody. This is a private party. If you think there is somebody that should be invited, send their information to …. All guests must have publicly declared their independence and/or departure from corporate Scientology. If you plan to attend this party it will be near impossible to remain “under the radar”.

 Thank you and let’s have a fabulous party!



First of all I would like for you to re-read the chapter of Self Analysis List 11


“Aberrated individuals use two distinct

and very aberrated methods of controlling others.

The first consists of forcing the other person to do exactly what is desired

with the mechanism of recrimination and denial of friendship

or support unless instant compliance takes place.

In other words, ” You do exactly what I say or I’m no ally of yours.

This is outright domination.

Additionally, it seeks by anger and outright criticism,

accusations and other mechanisms

to pound another individual into submission

by making him less.

The second method might be called domination by nullification.

This is covert and quite often the person upon whom it is exerted

remains unsuspecting beyond the fact

that he knows he is very unhappy.

This is the coward’s method of domination.

… And yet, if at any moment the target challenges the nullifier,

the person using the mechanism

claims he is doing so solely out of assistance and friendship

or disavows completely that it has been done.

Of the two methods, the latter is far more damaging.


…The nullifier seek to invalidate not only the person,

but the skills and knowledge of his target.

The possessions of the target are said to be

not quite as important as they might be.

The experiences of the person being nullified

are minimized.


(Admin dictionary)

Good manners sum up to (a) granting  importance to the other person

and (b) using the two way communication cycle.

(HCOPL 30 May 71)




and do what LRH wanted them to do:



The ‘Center of Advanced Spiritual Research and it’s Applications’ is NOW open in Texas and Italy.

We unite spiritual beings

while helping OT’s to live as OTs.




I’m a Class VI auditor, 2 Flag Internships  and an OT7+

and I’m auditing daily on the solo’s upper levels on the OT band.




My team and I are available to travel in USA and Europe.

We deliver in English, Spanish and Italian.

Center for Spiritual Research and its applications



ITALY: Silvia Kusada/Maurice Pascal


Silvia Kusada


Class VI (SHSBC), Class IV C/S and OT 7+.


  1. Excellent posting as usual Silvia. I have had similar experiences and I came to the realization that some groups serve for some purposes, whether right or wrong but there they are, it is inevitable.

    People are so confused nowdays as to what it is really happening and who is who, if they only would stop and take a look at the scene…

  2. Hi Silvia and Aida,

    Good post, both. I noticed this invitation as well. I am happy that others who still need to identify with a group of this type can find one to be a part of. Because they do not impinge on my own freedom to be to do and to have, I am not put off by their game condition.

    Their particular splinter (not a dirty word) will iterate off into the universe in the way and in the manner that they create it. If they desire to have another cult with a different colored flag, if this is their predilection, I bless them.

    With regards to practicing or not practicing Scientology, I do what I will and I do it when I want. If this comprises a group, then this is the group that I belong to and I remain in this group so long the definition complies with my own purposes.

    Freedom loving Beings have fought hard to achieve an awareness of what we are and also what we aren’t. I want to dedicate my existence to gaining ground in this direction and not fall back into old ways now. I enjoy everyday my lack of fear in little things like speaking my mind and in using my correct name as do both of you. Some aren’t free yet to do this, but my wish for them is that soon they will enjoy this warmth.

    It made me happy to be able to share these thoughts with you.

  3. One of my cognitions when solo’ing is that the universe, being a field of infinite potential, means that their is plenty of “room” (haha) for everyone to be to do and to have Everything.

    Understanding that the universe has grown to its present proportions exactly to accommodate these possibilities should bring a sigh of relief to anyone concerned that all the “good” spaces will become filled up and that they might become filled up with the pollution of something undesirable. And then that we might run out of space. This anxiety is implanted and not a real thing to worry about.

    We do not need to fight against the creations of others. We only need to concern ourselves with our own goals and purposes and then as these become clear to us, just create along these lines.

    If we “worry” about our part, the Universe will take care of itself.

    • Chris, so spot-on. Ain’t no scarcities, and no crap-hole places… just all pure theta. Only requisite is you gotta have the awareness to follow your own goals & purposes… and create, create, create.

      • Thank you Kay. You make very good points.

        You use your name as well! It seems like a small thing that I shouldn’t have to mention it but for a long time, I was a scared little rabbit who just poked his head out of his hole to peek around only a little bit. Aida and Dave helped iron me out on that one. Then they helped me get on a path to understanding my 2D ruin. Later at Elizabeth’s encouragement, I began solo auditing. This is such an excellent tool to help me unravel my understanding of myself. To solo audit is the single most personally empowering activity that I have ever done. It makes me feel powerful and in control of my own universe.

        If I can learn to monitor and master my own thoughts, and can thereafter enjoy the experience of my own life, well, that’s a pretty good place to be, isn’t it? . . .

        . . . And a pretty good jumping off point for the next adventure?

  4. I simply say, concern yourself with making yourself free to find similar OT beings. We have all worked and struggled to get this point where we have the awareness, the tools, and the wherewithal, to solo audit, remove other identities that are impinging on our power, and just get the show on the road to demonstrate every ounce of power we have and really be an OT.

    My ONLY desire is to regain and demonstrate my true power.. I am no longer willing to allow anyone to put me in a box or dictate to me anything.

    Solo auditing, I am experiencing the wonder of the theta universe and many freedoms, and I want only to find those OTs out there that recognize that this is THE only game in town.

    Imagine if you had no restraints on anything. The magic that would occur with such freedom and power.

    • Hi Kay…We never communicated but we walk the same path so we do know each other. This is my latest post from my blog, Just walking the path of light. love….
      imagination, in reality? what is? not what one made to believe!Edit
      January 31, 2012 ­­If you think believe I have a good imagination since I am writing about sapphires as Planet which was nothing more than a humongous chunk of sapphire, or Water Planets or rainbows which once was used to encompass wrapped around the universe like a ribbon on the package, or about the Fairies and they beautiful World., No I don’t, I don’t have imagination:. None, zilch nil zero zip, nothing. What I write of is all very real existing…

      Big news, which has taken me by surprise way back as in session in formation of cognition: that realization than was very disappointing-unsatisfactory since I had hidden thoughts, considerations what is should be… but when I truly understood its meaning its importance I become elated …. ecstatic… euphoric… very excited about the possibilities

      We don’t have imagination. That word was made up- coined in order to describe on OT ability which were long forgotten and in reality never been understood, confronted what actually is “ones imagination”. All that MU is very understandable since the “mind”, the working of it and how it’s works is not understood so why the “imagination” and what it is should be understood? If so, than that thought would be most unique…..

      You are looking for the Universe where the magic the enchantment fascination and trilling actions- experiences reside- live and emanates from? Well, you have it, you never have lost that, it is just called a name, a word which has no other meaning, which can’t explain that phenomenon what is in any other way by simply saying that it is “your imagination”.[you made all that up, it’s not real: your mother have told you dozens of times!]

      Just think why the magical part of your track would be lost have disappeared vanished as the time passed and you only would be left to have and for your enjoyments the heavy stuff, the bad the evil, the wicked, the malicious, only the nasty and the cruel stuff for you to deal with? Now, that only shit is left over of your grand –glorious creative very long past in form of the miserable BANK that would not make any sense, not logical -rational would it? Trust me you have it all, all the splendid and grand OT abilities existing present it is just forgotten and buried under….

      The magic, where one can cause miracles those abilities are just covered-walled in buried under and overshadowed by the heavy energy of the BANK and once that is erased the “Imagination” shines again but in different reality as before and that “Imagination” is ones OT Ability one’s own creative ability…… totally incredible when one’s whole track is open and available to use material from…

      Don’t be disappointed with the concept because this ” new Imagination” is not the same as one is used to have hidden in the darkest, most private corner of one’s Mind… oh no….

      This Universe is ones very own Universe which only “self “can see and other don’t have reality of,[ yet they can experience, pick it up on their own level] none what so ever…. remember every ones Universe is totally unique can’t be compared… and that is true….Within ones Imagination= Universe one can play, change it any way one pleases to do…that is ones creation one’s ability… Believe me there is no limit what is possible to have, create and all that is real- tangible- perceptible like your car in the drive way…

      The magic, the splendorous things are still there, but one has to want it bad enough…

  5. Silvia, thank you for this lovely communication.

  6. love you guys and I’m very happy and proud of our group!!

  7. Yes, Silvia, HCOPL 30 may 71 is one of my favorites.

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