Pleasure moments are the points were the thetan (spirit) gets stuck and starts stopping time.

Pleasure moments are the points were the thetan (spirit)

gets stuck and starts stopping time.



In Scientology we do not handle pleasure moments,

if not as in arc straightwire, in order to key out the bank.



The truth is that running pleasure moments

beefs up the bank, it makes it more solid.


It makes you more able to remember, but remembering,

as uses data from the analytical mind,

gets you back into the main implant,

down to the obedience and under the control of this system.


All the time the spirit tries or

has tried to keep or mock back up a pleasure moment,

the loss of it is restimulated and therefore

the thetan failure to handle his life and case

gets also restimulated .


In appearance it can seem the preclear is getting better.


The truth is, all is calming down as

he is getting back quietly into the “matrix”.


Pleasure moments are the points

were the thetan get stuck

or start stopping time.


However, the reason why it has been unsuccessful to erase the bank

by running pleasurable moments

and it has been impossible to as-is them up to now

is that they are not the basic

so they cannot as-is.


The basic is ‘nothing’.

and nothing  has been a much higher state of being…

“kind of “serenity of being.”



The thetan gets into the obsession to duplicate something

on the wavelength of pleasure.

One way to avoid  the business  of duplication,

if you already learned the lesson

that you cannot duplicate as often as you wish,

is to not let go, is stopping something from ending.


So, in the beginning there was a beautiful connection.

The connection for some reason is now gone.

However it does seem like it is still there

because the spirit is dragging the past into present time.


LRH says that pleasure moments bring survival.

Note that when pleasure moments are used as a mock-up form

out of present time,

they give survival to the Mest universe,

they hinder the ability to inspect and therefore

to as-is (look something the way it really is).


They numb theta perceptions, very cleverly.


An appearance of success or happiness for a body,

might be what the spiritual trap is made of.



Had a major win and blow

by applying this datum yesterday.

Wanted to share it.




and do what LRH wanted them to do:



The ‘Center of Advanced Spiritual Research and it’s Applications’ is NOW open in Texas and Italy.

We unite spiritual beings

while helping OT’s to live as OTs.




I’m a Class VI auditor, 2 Flag Internships  and an OT7+

and I’m auditing daily on the solo’s upper levels on the OT band.




My team and I are available to travel in USA and Europe.

We deliver in English, Spanish and Italian.

Center for Spiritual Research and its applications



ITALY: Silvia Kusada/Maurice Pascal


Silvia Kusada


Class VI (SHSBC), Class IV C/S and OT 7+.


  1. Your posts are better and better. I love exploring the ramifications of the pleasure moment and understanding the gradual morph of simple havingness becoming obsessiveness.

  2. Here you go my sweet, my reality. .I will post this in my blog too.
    “””LRH says that pleasure moments bring survival.””” “THAT IS TRUE” yeeeeeeeessss.. Survival in the MEST and he has demonstrated how he has conducted -lived his life that it works just too well. To become more solid petrified into total solidity… To be walled in, buried under, suppressed into… than have a cross placed on one’s ”soul” that died wealthy … flush… loaded.. Well off, well known important remembered by many…. Therefore had value.. a valuable being he was…Shit… had it all- everything… did more than the average Jo, controlled more, had others at his back and call, . Make others do what you want to do, control uniformed slaves…. as are SO. Sign them up for billion years to be servant to MEST, to remain in that position, walled in through his will his command his control..
    To have control to such an extent to affect beings –beings for billion years Shit… Bloody Hell… in the name of Clearing to make others free to be wedged into MEST by” Pleasure moments? “ Hell… that is not a Spiritual Path it has nothing to do with spirituality…[ and even control through promise? What is that?]
    His reality went only so far, that height that level… I would call his level his reality and spirituality none existent… He has trapped beings In Hell by their believing in ” spirituality” because those souls believed that is an only way out… LRH commuted offense of the highest magnitude.. …. he was trusted and he used that trust to trap, and benefit from trust of others.. He built his church, his corporation on the formula of a ” Implant stations” the Membered are totally re-stimulated in that environment… cant think for them self any more…
    He counted – calculated on the power of ONE Word and its magical draw-quality “SPIRITUALITY” through that concept ability to gain, to acquire more MEST.. That was his spirituality- the pleasure moment was measured how well one was doing in the MEST what one could own… LRH was admired for his skills which were related- linked in with control of MEST…He was venerated for his ability to “dazzle … amuse… charm… had huge personality, magnetism and he used that as a tool to gain and control…. I don’t see any spiritual …divine…mystical…supernatural ability there, not for one second, but pigswill…[I hope the pigs are not insulted since it is not my intention to put down their nourishment as something bad]
    Pleasure moments are the heaviest trap, since their addictive nature lures the being back over and over, and the being in fact continually search out those actions- which produces by having= the experiences of pleasure… Pleasure Moments can be handled regardless of their nature, since the pleasure moments are just doing-ness sensations , vibrations feelings desires moods wishes wants needs cravings hungers thirsts all are implanted passions, mental emotional state of some kind.
    In my reality, all conditions can be audited out regardless.. since I speak from experience, for I have achieved that..


  3. I just dont get it Silvia… Why the pleasure moments can not be erased in your reality?

    • they can be erased. What i’m saying is that they are not the basic…
      love to you Eliz

      • you right of course, having a nice day? you know your friend Kay never have my note to her… interesting…
        Just got out of session I was looking at my favorite item… Nothing-ness.. Good trap…. I found it interesting when one is experiencing NOTHINGNESS, in fact one believes one has been ” defeated,” since Nothingness it self is not your average game condition. Nothingness is when one is out of all game conditions, but this Nothingness make one feel BAD- alone, depressed, helpless, totally helpless…’defeated; The point is to that than ONE will go back to MAMA again and start a new game in MEST … Very tricky…. This implants are nothing but large crock of thricks.. .

  4. Elizabeth, I sent you message through FB, as I wanted to connect up with you outside of this blog. Kay Clark Proctor on FB; email: xoxo

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