I fall every day at least 10 times.

Sometimes even more.

But I’m not scared of falling…



I see the danger on losing sight of the rope,

in giving up my freedom to games of war, of love, of justice…


You can play any game of life being up there,

and you are doing it from the right prospective:

YOU are ‘living’ life.


But down there in the enchanted “Land of Toys” as in Pinocchio“,

life is living you.

There is the beautiful or less beautiful world inside the Aladdin lamp.


The world inside the lamp… it could be a grim or a wonderful world… But still, it is inside a lamp. YOU ARE NOT FREE, that, if you are aware of it or NOT.  And, as a prisoner, as many do, you can feel you are in-charge of your “big” game.


Every time you fall from the rope,

the physical universe, as a giant octopus,

grabs you to make you stay…


“I have to help my son…”, “My husband/wife needs me”,

“I have to put more time into my work”,

“I had so much fun yesterday, I need to do more of that…”



The indications that you are in or out the lamp or the “Land of Toys”

are the feelings that

I have (must) to do this”,

I need (must) to have that

or the opposite flow as in “I cannot have him-her-it,

I cannot-do that”, “I cannot leave him/her/it alone“,

I better do or not do

or “I must leave him/her/it alone“,

“I wish it would be different but I have to pay my bills“,

… and all this sort of “passive”,

but well agreed upon,

ways to view life.

Perfectly justified and agreed by the many (society).

Yet, true, unconditional love,

the highest creation

and pure joy

can be experienced only outside the “box”

when we are truly free.


But from inside you wouldn’t know…


Few arrive to see there is a rope to be walked, 

fewer are the ones walking it. 


We all fall from it at one point,

I do it many times each day.

But there are even fewer of us,

who get back up on the rope.

Some even lose sight of it…


It is a wonderful or less wonderful life…



and, what it seems to be the voice of your conscious, says:

“This is the reason you have to stay!!!


… and the “beautiful” analytical mind,


will guide you to the dresser room where you

you can wear the right uniform of a “true player”


Nobody can really trap you unless at one point you give your consent…    and the real evil is in beguiling you into that agreement.


That is the reason very few people make real spiritual progress.

It is all justified.


As a happy ending,

we have the path to the rope…


I’m not letting go. 



We unite spiritual beings




Center for Spiritual Research and its applications


ITALIANO/ENGLISH: e-mail: SilviaKusada@gmail.com


Silvia Kusada




  1. Fantastic!!!!! Very well said!!!! Huge!!!!
    Falling of the rope is the “must have “itself the solidity one believes in… as you said….. The having-ness, the need, the want… but mostly it is the FEAR if I don’t have, I don’t do, not be the part of something…. than I am nothing without those…. The Importance of the MEST the believes the agreements= the values of things one believes those are the SELF…. association with Solidity, that is the “havingness” can’t do without…can’t give, up- let go. All that is inside the Aladdin’s Lamp which hold one a prisoner.. To walk away from that is very difficult. Yet, when One achieves that the Universe belongs to one. Now that is the real havingness…..Have or not to have there is a choice…. your game Silvia!!

  2. Our game Eliz… isn’t wonderful to be together while being apart?
    LOVE an thank you for your valuable addition to my post.

    • the best adventure i ever created!!! incradible to be free to walk in the universe… to see, to experience the past the future and the present by ones choice… since there is no past there is no future for on OT just NOW.. but we can consider and we know that is ours … love ya!! It is a sunny day here in Paradise!

  3. One of the first movies I saw in a theater after coming to LA to join the Sea Org was ‘Brazil’ – and I could not make up my mind for a long time if I liked it or not.
    Eventually I decided that it was one of the best movies I have seen and the reason was simply that it showed a very strange world with all there obligations (a caricature of our world, especially within the SO) but that nobody can really trap you in there if you so decide – you are always free.
    Something you said, reminded me of that – – – thank you!

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