Not too long ago, in the land of India,

lived a handsome prince.

He was known for his life of luxury and lust.

In his harem there were the most beautiful women

you could ever dream of.



He was a selfish man

with no dreams, no passion or compassion.

His life was a terrifying escalation

of insatiable desire of opium and sex.

Many thought the kingdom was under a curse.


But one day a woman entered the palace…


her beauty was indescribable.

She was sent by a mysterious man to the prince

as a gift for his birthday.

She was bathed, scented and dressed

and sent to the prince rooms.

I do not know what really happen

as nobody was allowed inside the prince bedrooms,

but a servant must have been there to deliver

some wine when the prince, for the first time,

looked at that woman.


According to the servant, when the prince

saw her face, he almost fainted.


The time seemed to stop

as if a spell was cast on him.

The servant freaked out and left.


From that moment on,

the prince was possessed by an uncontrollable desire

of this woman.

He became a slave of her beauty and

the passion he shared for her.

She was the only one allowed into his quarters.

Each day to him was only worth living

if he could look into her bottomless emerald eyes.

There the time would stop

and the feeling of falling into a magic land of nowhere

was taking over his ability to think.

From the mighty man he always though to be,

for the first time, he felt lost and impotent,

pure slave of her beauty.


'PLEASURE' a painting by Silvia Kusada - http://www.silviakusadafinearts.com


He would love her every single day experiencing

both the thrill of the first time love

and the agony of having her for the last time.

In her honor he ordered flowers for every woman in the kingdom.

But one day he found out her heart belonged to someone else.

She was taken away from him to be his gift.


At that moment the stars disappeared,

the sun stopped shining and no bird was anymore able to sing.


The pain in the prince heart was so strong

he collapsed to the floor,

and, rolled up like a ball,

he cried like a little kid in desperation for days.



In the kingdom people worried he was seriously sick.

By the laws of his land

he had power of life and death over her,

and part of him felt like killing her with his own hands.


But the love he bared for her was greater

than any emotion he thought a man

could ever experience.

He could have never hurt anyone he loved so deeply.


So, he decided, instead to give her a gift.


He gave her the gift of freedom

and, with that,

his own dream of love

so she could make it a reality with

the man she truly wanted.

He arranged for her and her man

a place in a far away land

where nobody could find them and

 where they could thrive their passion and love.


They said that after her departure from the palace

the prince never left his quarters…

he was heard crying by the servants,

for months, somebody says years.

But one day, a little girl came to see him to the palace.

Till than he had refused any visit,

but this time his counselor

strongly advised him to see this girls

mentioning a detail about her eyes.

The prince rushed her in.

When the girl arrived to his presence

he looked at her

and crashed on the floor at her feet…

the only thing he could see of that skinny 10-year-old body were

those beautiful emerald eyes

he though he would never see again.


With great embarrassment he started sobbing…


 “Before my mom died“, the girl said,

she told me of a man who loved her more than himself

enough to give up, for her, everything

which really did matter to him .”

She said:

The man lived in a palace of gold

but was indeed a very poor man,

as he gave her his most beautiful dream.

She said:

You should be proud of him.

He is your father

and, in his heart,

he is now one of the wealthiest man I have ever met.”

She continued:

Go and make sure he knows I knew

about the sacrifice he has made.

He is a great man

and he would be one of our finest kings.

Indeed the prince turned out to rule the kingdom

with wisdom and kindness.

His time is remembered as one of the most flourishing periods

in the Indian history.



it was recently reported that in

a little village of India, where not too long ago

a great kingdom existed,

amongst the ruins, there is a little temple

where the goddess of love lives.


She is a little statue with beautiful big emerald eyes.

It was ordered to be made by the prince

in honor of the woman he loved

and today, it still there.


They say the soul of the woman and the soul of the prince,

both inhabit the statue.


We do not know if this story is really true…

some people found the place and they say the statue does exist.

She is the protector of true love.






and do what LRH wanted them to do:



The ‘Center of Advanced Spiritual Research and it’s Applications’ is NOW open in Texas and Italy.

We unite spiritual beings

while helping OT’s to live as OTs.




I’m a Class VI auditor, 2 Flag Internships  and an OT7+

and I’m auditing daily on the solo’s upper levels on the OT band.




My team and I are available to travel in USA and Europe.

We deliver in English, Spanish and Italian.

Center for Spiritual Research and its applications


ITALIANO/ENGLISH: e-mail: SKusada2010@gmail.com

ESPANOL/ENGLISH: e-mail: dianaclass8@yahoo.com
ITALY: Silvia Kusada/Maurice Pascal


Silvia Kusada


Class VI (SHSBC), Class IV C/S and OT 7+.




  1. love the flowing energy flows of your painting…. in fact all.,,,,very good…

  2. Bella storia Silvia.mi hai ricordato una mia poesia.


    E’ quella cosa che ti prende il cuore questo e’ l’amore

    L’amore e’ dare te stesso all’altro, il tuo corpo la tua mente i tuoi sentimenti la tua anima questo e’ l’amore.

    L’amore e’ passeggiare sul molo nei prati e guardare un fiore questo e’ l’amore.

    L’amore e’ passione,gelosia,piangere,ridere,parlare,ma sopratutto stare insieme questo e’ l’amore.

    Quando due si dividono l’amore rimane nel cuore questo e’ l’amore.

    Ciao Adri

    • Wow Adri, questa poesia e’ bellissima!! Grazie per condividerla.
      Mi ricordavo che avevi questo talento. Dovresti continuare a scrivere.
      Un abbraccio carico di affetto a te e Nena.

      • Grazie Silvia anche noi ti abbracciamo.
        Ciao Adri & Nena

  3. Please Silvia, I wish ask you if you would be so kind to allow me to share this story on my blog. I don’t know why but I love it.

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