Some people tell you life is beautiful… While some others, make your life beautiful!!






You can look at the same room with the lights off

or the light on.


It is the same room, but with the lights on

you can see the beautiful decorations,

collectibles intentionally and gracefully

placed around the room,

you can admire the beautiful roses on the table

and the paintings on the walls.



It is just that some, have decided to not use it.



and the light switch is nothing more than creativity,

the desire to make a difference in somebody elses life,

to give them something to remember or to smile about,

or the joy to tell others they have been lucky and loved.


It is not about the money.

You will find, amongst very poor people, the same

type of creative person which turns

an old bare wood stool into

a very aesthetic piece of furniture.


With flour, yeast and salt

you can bake an exceptional bread

and offer a delicious snack

or you can turn the ingredients

into a hard to chew loaf…

Bread is very, very easy to make.... an average loaf of bread is actually more expensive than a home-made quality one.


If you have a small dick or if does not get hard

you can still give pleasure to your woman

with an expensive dildo

or with a very nice size carved carrot…


The point is:

do you wish to turn the light on or to leave it off?


HIS GRANDFATHER WAS A BRILLIANT MAN: "Do you think this kid would remember his grandfather visit to the hospital?"


This is the difference between,

agreeing to install a wood stove and doing it as agreed,

or installing the wood stove

while you are away shopping and the last thing you expect

is to come home and have a functioning wood stove,

or coming home to find a dozen of roses

with chocolates as my neighbours did for me.




Or somebody telling you you are the only reason

they renewed the subscription to a single site…

and you know that to be true.


… this and all the many others ways to

make somebody feel and be special.


In Scientology there is something called

“Running pleasure moments”,

this has to do with directing the person attention

on beautiful things she has experienced

hence improving her tone of life.


The best way to do this, however,

is by offering them pleasure moments to live in the “now”.




And after all, by doing that,

what are you really saying?

You are telling them, thank you for existing,

you are important enough to me

to do something for you.

Isn’t that an incredible thing to experience?

… But be carefull,

Happiness wakes up people.

Joy gives them a tremendous power

and in this society

people who are alive are likely to be punished.


Still you haven’t done anything wrong.


You have just given them the gift of life….

I think is just wonderful!!







and do what LRH wanted them to do:



The ‘Center of Advanced Spiritual Research and it’s Applications’ is NOW open in Texas and Italy.

We unite spiritual beings

while helping OT’s to live as OTs.




I’m a Class VI auditor, 2 Flag Internships  and an OT7+

and I’m auditing daily on the solo’s upper levels on the OT band.




My team and I are available to travel in USA and Europe.

We deliver in English, Spanish and Italian.

Center for Spiritual Research and its applications



ITALY: Silvia Kusada/Maurice Pascal


Silvia Kusada


Class VI (SHSBC), Class IV C/S and OT 7+.


  1. I really enjoyed this post. It lifted me right up from my feelings of loss after just talking to my neighbor about Jerry…and I have to just go over this a few times because I about fell out of my chair laughing and crying at the same time!
    “If you have a small dick or if does not get hard you can still give pleasure to your woman with an expensive dildo or with a very nice size carved carrot…”
    LMAO – so true that is and so blunt you speak the truth.
    🙂 You gave me something very nice. Thank you.

  2. A beautiful post on this cold rainy evening. I am making brownies for my guests that will be arriving later. The candles are lite to welcome them. It will be a pleasure moment for all. Thank you for writing this.
    I am laughing.

  3. Silvia, you are a shining example of making one’s life beautiful. You have certainly made mine that way and we share so much. I can’t do anything but laugh with your comment about the male penis — OMG — you are willing to say all the things the rest of us wish we could say. Bravo!

    • Sister, I do not feel I have done enough for you, but I will…
      I truly love the power and theta of our “family” so far from the “titty-witty viewpoint of this society and of the current Church of $.
      Love you

  4. A carrot? No thanks! But what about a tongue…? So much smoother…
    With ARC… don’t forget!

  5. Joke: A man is walking behind his wife and says, “Baby you are so fat now your bum looks like a washing machine.” The woman keeps quiet and keeps walking. Bed time, the man is asking for sex.

    The woman says, “I can’t start the washing machine for such a small load. You’ll have to hand wash!

    • Kay, great example you are giving here just how far the OT’s have fallen where communication between beings is nothing more than degrading humiliating crushing at the lowest level. See nothing more in others than ugly and every way disagreeable: void of any spirituality and beauty. Those two beings once where up when they met on the highest level of affinity. Now they share nothing but pure loathing, degust toward each other…. them and who share the same view points do have a long way to go in the way of erasing those lower, heavy levels on the Spiritual Path…. to be able to see once more the beauty in self and others…..Best to you… Elizabeth

  6. OT abilities OT power….. have you any? Edit
    February 21, 2012
    OT levels, the attainment of the OT levels, were made to believe were something “out of this world” [good money making PR] and those who will achieved that state OT 7 and 8 will become Godlike creatures, above all: will possess God like powers, in other words with the twitch of their nose they will be make changes in the Universe like Samantha did in the ‘Bewitched’ TV show.

    But in reality it was not defined what was like to have God like power. That ”BIT” was left to each person’s imagination and in those individual imaginations are filled with incredible amount of track incidents, believes which are the foundation of the MU’s scientologist have about the upper levels what is a OT what on OT can do….

    That mystery, the OT levels which encompass the abilities which one can achieve by confronting those levels that mystery is in fact One’s own considerations believes. There is no external separate mystery to what in Ones universe, but what in fact exists in those ‘levels’ is what you put there in the first place… Your own reality, your very own bank=universe, whatever you have created experienced agreed too, had in the past… track…

    The upper levels what they contain or any level and I don’t give a hoot what One was made to believe is simply a part of the BANK. No matter how important it was made out to be, still remains the part of the BANK. There are no levels, there is no such a thing as Item more important or better to have… The bank is a mixed up bundled up endless bunch of un- confronted thoughts flowing random into each other all nonsensical.

    How to find out what wondrous things in fact exist, what are ONES OT Abilities?
    What miracles existing, what One can Do?
    What is that Magical skill those talent expertise aptitude One has as a OT?
    That can be discovered in session… If One has been a great painter singer, mathematician, a farmer, monk, general in battles, weapon maker, or set under the banyan tree omm-ed, or was a skilled healer, a fighter pilot, mined the earth, or simply plowed the fields. Have been cannibals, monkey swing on the tree tops, or was a wise old rock, danced among the stars, or set in the harem. Ridden as a Indian and taken scalps… Written books and given lectures- sermons to thousands or Set on thrones and ruled nations, thousands of other things since One has created ONES VERY OWN UNIVERSE, because you did it all….

    Whatever You have recalled and can recall you still have those abilities, skills, knack, talents aptitude and nothing can erase that take that away from you. You can’t do them now there are reasons for that and Now One is out of practise, since those abilities are not included into the present time life style.

    HERE IS THE CATCH: But “just to know those abilities about self is not good enough” since there are all those existing “hidden concealed invisible buried intentions and counter intentions by the hundreds those first are necessary to be as-ised if One would like to practise them again. The few hundred auditing hours in sessions as One went up on the levels, a cognition here and there on individual item will not erase the hundreds of considerations existing an just one singular item the still in effect minuses and plusses in connection…too..

    Example: to have a magnificent singing voice again, since now One only can sing like a Crow. [ crow sing beautifully for a crow, perfect voice he has as crow, mind you, he has no consideration what so ever, one way or any other ways!] all the postulate counter postulate would need to be confronted erased than one could sing again beautifully. Fun part would be to find out why kept the voice of a crow? What was a survival about that? Who made One believe whatever….why one needs the change first place and what for, what is magnificent about being different, having different, etc…[ few hundred considerations can be confronted right there… complicated? No…only one item at a time need to be confronted. [what’s the hurry? No hurry….We are here for ever, we are eternal, we have all the time, since we create that concept too…}

    I wonder why not LRH has emphasised “Hey guys, it is incredible, whatever you recall in sessions those are your wonderful creations your abilities, trill to have and to know! It is incradible what you are able to do! You all are magnificent powerful beings!”

    • Thank you so much for posting this Elizabeth!!
      Wonderful article…
      love you

      • Silvia thank you. i really mean that.. Much love to you too little bug… I have seen some other Planets bugs which were magnificent in every way. Their coloring were more beautiful than any piece of jeweled article here.. They were rare this jewelled bugs and those dwellings they entered into by their own accord was to be said that dwellings were blessed. Since these beautiful bugs represented beauty through harmony And they would not live in any other surroundings. There is more to this tale…. Much love.. walk in light….This universe is a wondrous place… we walk in what we create…

    • Elizabeth, you talk about those bug and planets and i just see them… like i know or i can see you mock ups… just so beautiful and full of magic…

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