……and that is what he told me (continuation of my last post)

(continuation of my last post)

……and that is what he told me




During my last months of soloing (meditation)

I found most of my thoughts and emotions belonging to other people.

One of my ‘teacher’ advised me, not to long ago,

to  “mute these thoughts”, to “shut them off”

in order to achieve peace.


At the time it did not seem right,

I wanted to hear what I heard

while finding the way to not be affected.

My question it has been, what do I do

when I hear other people thoughts?

When I feel their emotions?


I discovered something really major.

Whenever you go down from knowingness,

you are entering an energy field.


You are becoming subject to the laws of the Mest (physical) universe.

Other people thoughts are a form of energy.


About a week ago I was driving to visit a friend

when suddenly I felt a strong sense of anxiousness.


I looked where that feeling was coming from

and, from a very swift scan, I located it coming from a little house

I just passed driving.


The first impulse I got was to help that woman

who was anxious.

But than I thought it wouldn’t be the right solution

as I couldn’t possibly help every single being

who I was perceiving in needs of help.


I was a bit confused and as I did not know what to do

so I decided to ask my spiritual teacher.


His answer was very simple and direct.

“Stay above the level of energy.

All this energy channels on the form of thoughts

are draining life from you.

They are parasite energy channels.”




I have never looked at that before.

But it did make sense.


So, as I thought, the answer is not to shut them off,

to fight them or to help the beings behind them.

We going back to the transparency level

which is very, very close to the static.

It is the dimension of not time and no space.


For the first time I actually felt free from the lies of thoughts.

The freest you get the simpler everything it became.

Every morning I solo (meditate).

The first thing I do is to look for any must-have/can’t-have

on anything I’m going or plan to do.

Survive if it is connected to a must have or a can’t have

can be hell.

Notice, that we could have hundred, thousands of the above.

If there is anything which sits on a must have/can’t-have

you can be sure it is going to be difficult.

And most likely will not happen.




When I really want something today,

I make sure I can-have-it or not-have-it

by removing all the MUST-have or CAN’T-have

connected to it.

When all those are out-of-the-way,

I truly can do fine with or without.

It is a lot of cleaning up,

but the result is:

if I really want it I get it and with no effort whatsoever

on my part in the physical universe.


We talking about true spiritual ability.

It is phenomenal.

… I’m finally starting to see and to feel how this works.





The awareness of awareness unit builds space

to cut down knowingness.


Space makes it necessary, then,

to look at something in order to know about it.


."At first one simply knows.Then he makes some space and some energy,and so now he has knowingness in terms of looking.


The next thing a thetan does to cut down his knowingness

is to create energy and to pass it to other thetans

and to bring in the energy of other thetans

so as to get a duration and a time span.

If the thetan is successful and obtains a game in this wise,

he continues on with this modus operandi of having a game,

and when he does not have a game he simply cuts

his knowingness down once more.

Of course, he reaches a point eventually

where he does not get a game simply by cutting down his knowingness,

and eventually assumes a fairly fixed, stupid, aspect.


He is below the level of having games,

but because he has cut down his knowingness

he does not know, now, that he is below

the level of having games and thinks that

all that is necessary to get another game

is to further cut down his knowingness.


He is by this time obsessively dramatizing

the lowering of knowingness.


“At first one simply knows.

Then he makes some space and some energy,

and so now he has knowingness in terms of looking.

By changing the position of the particles of energy thus created,

and by exchanging particles with others, extant or self-created,

the thetan cuts down his knowingness further,

and gets time, and so gets emotion and sensation.


When these become solid,

he has effort particles and masses.

Now, he could cut down his knowingness

further by refusing to use emotion and effort,

but by thinking about them

thus introducing new vias into his line of knowingness.

And, when he no longer knows entirely by thinking,

he ceases to create knowingness and begins to eat,

and from eating he drops into the ready-made sensation of sex

instead of knowing what happens in the future.

And from here he drops down into postulated mystery

as something one cannot possibly know about.

In other words, one gets a continued reduction of knowingness

in order to have games.”


“One does not decide upward toward greater knowingness, actually,

unless one has the full and complete intention

of winning in a new game.

PAB (Professional Auditor Bullettin) 49

11 April 1955 – THE REMEDY OF HAVINGNESS by L Ron Hubbard







and do what LRH wanted them to do:



The ‘Center of Advanced Spiritual Research and it’s Applications’ is NOW open in Texas and Italy.

We unite spiritual beings

while helping OT’s to live as OTs.




I’m a Class VI auditor, 2 Flag Internships  and an OT7+

and I’m auditing daily on the solo’s upper levels on the OT band.




My team and I are available to travel in USA and Europe.

We deliver in English, Spanish and Italian.

Center for Spiritual Research and its applications


ITALIANO/ENGLISH: e-mail: SKusada2010@gmail.com

ESPANOL/ENGLISH: e-mail: dianaclass8@yahoo.com
ITALY: Silvia Kusada/Maurice Pascal


Silvia Kusada


Class VI (SHSBC), Class IV C/S and OT 7+.



  1. Beautiful …. simply grand….and you know that, I dont need to tell you such…. I too have been working on these lines…. The “must have” is establishes solidity in the MEST… the contennium.. I had a cog few days back… thoughts… thinking is the ill-ness of the body… Since one only has thoughts while one is connected to the body…

  2. COOOL – that blew quite a bit of my case – mille grazie!

    • i agree with you… great to have different view points…

    • Sorry!!! The above comment has two meanings.. What I ment is by I agree with you an silvias post, good to have somebody elses view point out side of our own…

      • Yeah, that just in the good old book 1, where it’s said (I probably interpret and paraphrase) that if you always look in one direction you need somebody to encourage you to look the other way. And then …. WOW, did not know that was there 🙂

  3. ..

    • Hello to you…… By now I have realized without others being in this Universe I would be only half a person of what I am. Knowing others given me reality….understanding…..

    • Merlin I dedicate this post to you since the cog has come because of your communication Thank You..
      I have had this morning a very fine revelation, because somebody has communicated put into my space a piece of information… I have realizes that without others I would be nothing.. No-one and most of all I would simply would not have knowledge..
      I have known for sometimes that we do learn from everything, from everyone, no matter what comes our way there is a lesson in that action….
      I also believe nothing happens without reason….. I wondered over the years what are the reasons we are here… what is the reason for experiencing: all this… these endless lifetimes… full of pain, suffering, losses, fear and anger, the immense upsets.. Which role over us daily… keeps us deeply buried in the MEST’s solidity? What is the real meaning of all these? While looking, rattling the doors of Heaven and Hell, oh, I have found and to come to understand so many things…and seen the Universe and recalled far away back: I was there when the first light has come about… now that was long way back..
      Solo auditing every day… By that I have collected through cognitions immense amount of understanding …the how and the why they do happen- my actions.
      But why are we here and why must we experience all these?
      Well… when the answer comes usually it is very simple… If we would not experience lifetimes where we interact with others.. if we would not experience having a connection to the body, than we would not have experienced-practiced being separated, being singular, being self… being I and being me… being One, I would never know, never would have experienced to have become aware, conscious have knowledge understanding what is it like being a person… a human… on individual somebody, a mortal… a identity who can create who can experience.. and be involved, who can have … who can have or not to have….. Without existence believing in life and the life of others I would not have the life as I know the reality as singular a person a human or any other form existing in this Universe and their meanings significances and their value and their impact influence and power on me.
      The richness these practises what we call our track our past is the most incredible experiences any being in this Universe can have.
      I have known for years and I have view what ever has happened to me, pulled in, have come to me for reasons: so I can learn from them.. I have truly believed that this life from the first postulate which connected me into the mother’s womb and become a person again in human form, being born with cord around my neck and bottom first were there for a reason… To confront to understand that we strangle through each lifetime till we finally learn why we are here… It can take many- many life times… it will take many as it needed till one realises: Hey, I am in a class room… I must learn because I can’t graduate and leave till I know the lessons why I am here…. The lessons are not about spirituality… but about understanding the MEST Universe and our interaction…

  4. Absolutely COOOL!

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