He is right…

He is right…



Recently I met a guy I really liked.

One of these people who you can have

an intelligent stimulating conversation with,

good chemistry, great sense of humor

and that bit of sarcasm which we both found amusing.


All dandy, but wasn’t going anywhere.

He wished to be a friend with benefit,

but I did not care for it for few reasons,

one of them being I already had a pretty good one.


Many of you out there are wondering why I still single.


One guy wrote me

” You are too fast for me“.

He made me laugh…

as he did not see anything yet.


But the last one, the special one with chemistry and fun texted me:

” … It is just my opinion but Scientology scares the shit

out of most people, 

mostly because they don’t understand it,

but really narrows your field of available suitors!!”


He is right.

I have seen many people come and go…

they do not go very far from me,

but the run away far enough to feel safe.


What it is interesting is that socially

is more accepted a cheater,



… a liar, a person who drinks

or is quietly (apathetically) or not so quietly

following the trend or morals of the day,

than someone who works in the field of the “mind”-spirit.


It does not matter how good you are, how honest

how pure your intentions and how many people lives

you are changing daily for the better.


It does not matter if you have a high sense

of integrity and honor,

if they feel really good when you are around them,

it does not matter if you are one of the few people they could really trust

and if you have done nothing but good to them.


All that doesn’t count.

You are BAD because you dare

to touch the field of  the ‘mind’ and spirit,

and this scares them to death.




Wonder why the Tibetan monks were slaughtered?


The kings, dictators were terrified

at the idea of the Monks having any hidden power.


What somebody who works in the field of the mind/spirit can do?


What they know is that most people lie,

most people cheat, most people do not give a shit about them…

but that they know.


…but they do not know about you,

what you do or could do to them.




They do not know what is the extent of your power

and how you are going to use it.

Gandhi, Leonardo da Vinci, Gallileo Gallilei…

and many others who had the courage to

go beyond the hypocrisy of a state religion

they all were “punished”.

They all made significant changes in different fields.


What these closed-minded, short-sighted,

conservative people seem not to grasp,

is that the more you became spiritually elevated,

the more you love mankind

the more your interest moves away from the introverted self

to embrace the whole world.




Some of these people of great wisdom

who had enough courage to stick their heads out from the mob

have had the fortune to find somebody who recognized

their worth and stood by them.


They were not there to protect them

but to love them when they were exhausted.


There is a man out there for me

a man who is proud and courageous enough

to  stand by my side.


He will know I do not need protection,

because no matter how hard is the day,

no matter how many spears have been thrown at me,

no matter the pain from the burning wounds;

I will be always a winner having in him a home.


And a home is where you are loved.


Yes, it does takes a man of courage.

He is right.






and do what LRH wanted them to do:



The ‘Center of Advanced Spiritual Research and it’s Applications’ is NOW open in Texas and Italy.

We unite spiritual beings

while helping OT’s to live as OTs.




I’m a Class VI auditor, 2 Flag Internships  and an OT7+

and I’m auditing daily on the solo’s upper levels on the OT band.




My team and I are available to travel in USA and Europe.

We deliver in English, Spanish and Italian.

Center for Spiritual Research and its applications


ITALIANO/ENGLISH: e-mail: SKusada2010@gmail.com

ESPANOL/ENGLISH: e-mail: dianaclass8@yahoo.com
ITALY: Silvia Kusada/Maurice Pascal


Silvia Kusada


Class VI (SHSBC), Class IV C/S and OT 7+.




  1. ……and to live… is fun!!! Man are human…. what can I say?

  2. Yeah, I had been thinking about this effect myself, why monks and the likes are not liked and often burned on the stake.
    Two things come to mind:

    1. The element of the missed withhold – if you are so spiritually evolved, what’s all the things you might know about them. One wise glance at them, that is interpreted as directed at them, and there you missed another withhold. Get a few of them and you will be attacked.

    2. You are not controllable. If you are so far advanced that you have not attachments any more to what is really important to most, there is no leverage. I have one interesting example there – one of the things we often do, is trying to please. That’s the mechanism why control through blame works. I have, in one relationship, started to just not react to blame any more. (You don’t care about me any more! – – – hmmm, let me see, yes, you might have something there.) Speaking of hell breaking loose. Most who would do something like this still have some kind of revenge or intention to control in mind. But if there is no attachment, then this is just true and it robs the other’s leverage – and that is definitely something that need to be eradicated.

  3. I agree. It does take a man of courage.

  4. Dear Silvia , i can understand why you are still single just because i’m in the exact same situation !
    I’ve got no problem with women , i love them ! I’m having troubles with blocked flows and it is not only on seceond dynamic . It is an overall situation . i also probably have to train to be a magic lover which i’m not righ now .

    • Well. Your comment given me a smile… I man who is open and willing to talk openly… you are a winner…you much better off than you think you are…compliment here, big one. where is your ego? I just cant see it. I think that is grand… But I never head of a magic lover before… I might had one… . come to think of it. I had one magic lover but with out me ever seeing him and having body contact… yet I love him complately… Please tell me your view what is a magic lover means? Good way to start a day…

    • Magic lover? That made me smile.
      Although sex can give a lot of pleasure, yesterday I had an amazing experience. A being of great spiritual power pervaded me (soul and body) with so much love, it is difficult for me to put into words.

      It had it all… passion, unconditional love, creation, nothing, I say nothing was missing. It outperformed any body experience i ever had on love. It was coexistence. 😀
      That is true magic to me. 😀

    • silvia say: It had it all… passion, unconditional love, creation, nothing, I say nothing was missing. It outperformed any body experience i ever had on love. It was coexistence.
      That is true magic to me. I live with such on experience.. perfection in every way….and the Gods smile as us….

  5. This is to Merlin… I completely agree w/the missed-withhold phenomena — it is so true, it takes only a slight glance and poof… they are gone, whether a 2D candidate or business client candidate, a girl friend out to listen to music.

    I know that I exhibit tons of ethics presence… so it no longer affects me in any way when someone suddenly disappears. In fact, I am actually very happy it happens. It creates no dev-t and for that I am very happy, because I can move on quickly w/no loss. Win-win actually.

    Additionally, the business about control. Most folks have issues with control. We all have and many of us still have more to handle on that, as I can tell you I still do too, but it is oh-so much better auditing solo-nots.

    But, it is fascinating to watch the ‘few’ that stay around and how they soon realize that the playing field is so neutral with me, that having a push/pull control mechanism doesn’t enter the picture, thus no effort, and the space is lighter, and everyone is happier.

    Recently with a new business client, I was shooting videos. She had spent the previous Tuesday doing the same with someone else and was so tired and exhausted at the end of doing ‘one’. Yesterday, we did 4 videos — it was fun, light-hearted and at the end, she says, “with you, it is so much fun and not stressful and exhausting. I can’t wait to do more.”

    All of this goes part & parcel to this post. It takes courage to not compromise one iota and to grant that same beingness to others. It is a magic component we bring to every comm line.

    I will continue to search for my perfect 2D, and he is out there. He will be a strong man, too, that will loves the fact that I can make a gorilla lay down his firearm in the middle of the highway. And whether he is a great lover or not, I do not care. I want the ARC, KRC to be so high & the rest will work itself out. 😉

  6. Thank you Elizabeth you really touched me . Magic love

    is when the relation ship between a man and a woman becomes magic . About to merge or merging . I guess Silvia got the point !

    I believe that Scientology doesn’t tell all the truth about love and sex That’s why i decided to investigate much deeper with training on Tantra love and Sacred sexuality . As fas as sexual pleasure is concerned, for women only , look for a website talking about ” The art of Kabbazah “.

    With love to you and Silvia

    • Few months back Love has come into my life in invisible for, [ body was not included ] I truly was in love so I have decided to confront what IS…by that to eliminate all the walls on sexual act and completely take apart dissect dismember what is love what is affinity. I have soloed about [100 hours]on these items considerations agreements on every sensation emotions pleasure moments ever created experienced. The lists were long. So were the cognitions , There are no more walls barrier’s in my universe. I am free to love and do…. without any thoughts entering my space… you are fun being.. fun to share…

    • Denis. here is a bit from my blog… with love
      I have had dozens of sessions and I had many cognition’s, in the past few weeks. The topic was “love” since the so called “love” is infused into everything, love is the most complicated item there is to confront. Nothing but nothing can compare to it.

      But I have finihed with it. The eraser of the complicated agreements lives one with affinity which had nothing to do with the MEST universe: connected with anything or anybody. Simply is by it self this energy flow exists as it self. This energy will not erase will not as-is only the connected thoughts and considersations agreements do,

      The basic-basic cant be erased which is the truth.

      If somebody can come up with different reality, please post it here.

    • One more, My Dear…
      this was a different post.Keep it in mind that ‘love” as= “consideration “it is same as any other agreement, and has many sides, variety to it, [good love, bad love, evil love, useless love etc…] but most of all considered to be “good” is on agreement so is being in it, having it anyway.[ but it can turn out to be bad, but whatever happens that has nothing to do with affinity-love, affinity do not go way, just gets buried under MEST related stuff. ]

      The energy flow which is associated with love –affinity by people since it is energy that makes it is same as any other item and responds to auditing- confrontation. It is a pleasure moment-item and the most addictive, and wanted, craved, missed if not in “use”. Because of these properties it hold the being captive, imprisoned by the heavy boundaries of those related thought-agreement the being have.

      The true affinity feeling of love has no connection to any thoughts, considerations. It is simply is and existing encompassing everything equally.

      PS; On energy flows of any kind which includes of course feeling love.

      I looked the thoughts which you sent me, on particles.

      Of course you are right. they meant to stimulate for to cause reaction: “Stimulation” is simply caused: to capture, to hold, to enfold, to involve, to control.

      Stimulation is given or received in order to change one’s own particles, our space, mood, condition, outlook, to become different in order to change, to be able to give up the condition one happened to be in.

      Any stimulation brings change into the beings space. Example: alcohol, drugs of any kind, act of sex, food, having a party, giving or receiving a gift, or even simple thing to cause our self to change our space become different like, to cool off or warm up.

      Even going for a nice vacation is used for stimulate one into different state of mind, to change ones thought pattern. To de- stimulate from old and to have better control in the future; to be able to meet head on the incoming shit.

      Just think of the meaning of this sentences” I need to get away, I need a vacation. I need a stiff drink, or you need a vacation or drink [evaluation here accordingly one’s own reality how see’s the other being”.

      I need a comfort food, let’s have a hot cup of something. Evening out with the boys, lunch with the girls, hot bedroom session, messages, acupuncture, working out in the gym, running, etc…thousand and one way man has learned to key out self. Key- out is simply give up one thing and move into something else of which the being consider to be BETTER” is better hold less stimulation.

      Medicine is used big time very popular item the way to go, to give different stimulation from the original the person can’t confront. Let’s cover it up, the good doctor say: “I give you something good and life will be full of roses once more.” They deceive and the law agrees to such a lie.

      None of these de-stimulations are permanent. So far I have found that auditing works to erase the problems, the ARCb’s.

      Ps: so what is love here on Earth? A wonderful key-in which only last till the next key-in hits the person.

    • One more …
      oh how we love…………
      Oh, how we dance as the sound of music the harmony of the Universe flows!
      I toast you with cup of bubbling joy; a cup which is my very soul, deep you drink , you drink the light. You sigh……….. I am what you are……. laughter floats………. echoes………. through the starlight eternal indigo night

  7. Dear Elizabeth , it seems to me that you know much more on love than i do ! Once it dawned on me that the subject of love is much wider than what i ever thought . As a being it is the best tool we have so far . I became passionate because i realized i can produce love and potential is big . Therefore i consider myself as a beginer and ” in training ” regarding this specific subject .
    Thank you very much for your posts ! Denis

    • dear Danis… sex.. what IS all hase been as-ised since those sensations are all implants…. But Love-Affinity. is.simply the universe… every creation holds that it is intention. that creative ability– the life-force before permiates solidity, in other words interperted into solid for…

    • Denis… a bit more on love….. when the past no longer hunts the being it has been erased…. The future in reality do not exist..it is meanigless that concept is s till empty. Than one lives life in the moment which is ones creation IN Now… That is all. there is no more than One has time to live and love…

  8. Oh, how my heart is warmed in reading this article and comments.
    Today I found you and will read more and be back. Thank you for such a lovely, loving, warm website. Thank you for Being!

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