Since the last few Church of $cientology attacks on me, my readership is 300% higher.

Since the last few Church of $cientology attacks on me,

my readership is 300% higher.


The Church of $cientology minions at work….

2 days ago, using an identity thief, one of the Church of $ members, sent out 100s of e-mails on my name.

(they only changed a letter in the e-mail address, which to many, passed unnoticed).

Yesterday, I had 53 messages on my wordpress account posted by the below names.

They all are accusative, degrade statements, insults and so forth.

The messages repeat themselves over and over.
They are trying to overwhelm… (implant technique)
I’m posting the below data, as they often use well-intentioned people e-mails  for their scam.

(One of the antisocial characteristic is to attack well-intentioned people)

This is the time where we need to LOOK, DIFFERENTIATE

and really stand up for each other.

Spiritual people ARE A GROUP! No matter which road they chose to follow.

Let’s keep that in mind.


I have tons of good friends and people who love me.

I have a big family and NO FEAR what-so-ever.

I’m happy and safe.

Thank you all!





































A leaf might think is just a leaf… but without THIS leaf we would not have this beautiful picture… ♥ What we do in good or bad affect another life even if many times it seems to go unnoticed.


Sometimes we are so busy trying to change the present

that we do not see the beautiful flower we are stepping on.

We do not enjoy fully the company of the people who truly loves us.


We are so searching for ‘the’ person of our dream, for ‘the’ magic land…

we do not see we have it right here.





Too many people live in the “Tomorrowland”

and  thousands of springs pass by them…

thousand of flowers bloom in their garden,

millions of smiles happen and they don’t see them..

just because they are so busy making sure

they have a little daisy tomorrow.


Those people are half-dead already.

But that, after all, is a dirty trick of time.


People, who are never here

because they frantically

(knowingly or unknowingly)

are trying to create a future,

are living for a future.

(the future been a solution to their past failure-problems).


Those people are already dead.


Lets make it a great day, for us, and for who we have around!!!








and do what LRH wanted them to do:






We deliver in English, Spanish and Italian.

Center for Spiritual Research and its applications



Silvia Kusada


(Class VI (SHSB, Class IV C/S and OT 7+)



  1. Such a waste of their resources. You are not a critic of Scientology at all, yet the COS spends its resources to fiddle with your blog? Neanderthal had not only higher IQ but better sense.

    “I must stop living in order to live” is textbook classic service facsimile which is preceded by also a textbook classic computation such as “If I am living, I may/might/will be killed, therefore:…” and many people would find or did find that they have this, in this or similar form when they do their Grade 4. After Grade 4? I suggest we continue being vigilant for evidence that we still dramatize any variation of this computation and expose it to the light.

    ah, beautiful computations. I shall not miss you when you are gone.

  2. “Spiritual people ARE A GROUP! No matter which road they chose to follow.”
    Most important point ever and this I realized at the 4th of July party in Texas last year. It matters not what path they follow. WE are all playing for OUR eternity. And this rehabbed a win on LOC (while I was in L.A.) regarding my 8th dynamic. WE.

    The higher trained you are and the more free theta you have, but especially the more people you help…the more the suppressives go after you. LRH talks about it. Sometimes people go PTS for a minute but if they differentiate and get the facts and get their own case out of the way, they’ll snap out of it. I have to practice patience with them until they do.

    Keep up the good theta work Silvia!!!

  3. To make up for all the ‘other’ messages you received I would like to send you a biiiig bundle of theta and love!
    Here you go……………………………………… 🙂

  4. here you go Pussy cat… The topic was in Geirs blog Intention So I have posted this there and mine too. Love you..Cold and wet here raining! bahhhh.

    Intention… what is… yes, in fact it is power, The Personal Power… which should not be confused with any form of energy…. Personal power or Intention has no mass- bulk or quantity. The regular energy which can be expressed example: as in the punch of the boxer, that energy which is landing on the body, that is energy… it is able to be gauged, can be measured just what it can do on another physical object. Put the indentation in the rib cage. Etc…. That energy has sustenance as in any movement which “is intended” to cause change in other item.
    But it is that invisible intention what makes the gloved fist move and land that devastating blow the first place.. Since the body itself does not think… don’t have will power and can’t move without the connection from the spiritual being… The Static=intention… Static is the being itself, So far I have not experienced reality if there is separation in “what is intention or what is static”…it just is=the intangible-infinite.
    The intentions second stage is Postulate. The postulate is pictures hold pictures so it has matter already.. Movements are series of pictures… postulates in motion…Example I will hit him here than next blow will land there the next will break the nose, causes the temporarily disconnection in the in his thought pattern In fact that is the blow which will causes the beings temporally disconnection from his own ”intention”, by losing his INTENTION to knock out even for a second has caused the other persons to win since the winners intention to knock out was not interrupted.. With his next punch he slides his “intention-postulate into place, he win!!!!
    Also he has less counter postulates on winning therefore his intention has less- fewer barriers walls…will be knocked out less. His postulated do happen more frequently.. Winners have less barriers-wall- in form of counter postulates…

  5. Silvia i have see this thing crawling by … odd looking but totally harmless…. Much love to you … looking forward to our sessions…. E.

  6. Get a professional hacker, maybe from the anonymous scene.A good one will be able to track the attacks back to the (real) source.
    When I say professionals, I mean those who use IBM Blades, or even Cray Computers.

  7. HATE MAIL I LOVE YOU GUYS. great to confront.. bring it on!! here is my reality on UGLY.. what should be real bad, overwhelming.. pussu cats… cant you think of something which real has meanins which i never heard before or being one? Experienced??? hehehe..
    Being OT is not a being floating above all, because One is better than everybody… no.. Not at all… OT is: intangible therefore infinite who is cause and experiences a creation.
    I am honored by getting Hate-mail, so called ugly stuff.. here is my reality.. I do not believe there is only beauty, serenity aesthetic… whatever— like pleasure, pure joy the so called upper level existing in Ones universe….The track is long the experiences were many which were wide-ranging.
    Long-time back while still in the Mission in Vancouver, I was learning-inhaling the new knowledge fast as it was possible for me to have…
    From the Tech. Dictionary I have learned a new word “Confront” I had a cognition an it., which has blown me away… To confront whatever and that has given me a new idea… To travel to the ugliest part of Vancouver that was East Hasting Street, a little park was there than and which was in the middle of China Town the gathering place for those who were sharing the same reality: people glassy eyed from drugs and alcohol lay in stupor in the street, back alleys in their own urine , set in their soiled clothing or benches filthy leaning on each other for support, others passed out on the grass strewed with garbage and crows walking about looking for food which dropped out from hands which shake uncontrollably. There were patches of vomits huge globes of mucus all over spattered, the buildings all run down old… yet the sky was blue and infinity…
    I was young in body than and very beautiful and dressed in designers clothing, coiffured in the latest fashion had all the trimmings a fashion model…Hehehe… Then I still had believes that I was female…idiotic agreement…
    I walked around there I stopped front of the gob of yellow mucus on the walks, I seen the urine the shit smeared sidewalks and stole a fearful glance back at the man who all were staring at me… I wanted to run. I wanted to vomit, my stomach heaved jerking.. The fear what I felt was so overwhelming I wanted to be any other place but there. Since I not only picked up what my eyes could see but all my senses were trebling from the impact of those energy flows around me… My fear, my revulsion was so overwhelming my knees nearly buckled… comments drifted in my direction… I was raped mentally and verbally…. I was close to pass out “””none-confront that is!!!””” Every day I went there as I walked about my awareness of my sounding increased I dared to see more, sense more, be there and I started to feel a bit more at ease.
    Since the willingness to confront increased by then, just to be there and do nothing else confront in the NOW what was real what I have experienced.. Seen..… My reality changing daily how I have seen the streets and their occupants… something new was there not in the street but in me..
    Cognations small at first, just a thought here and there… I went back there and walked into those alley and streets every day for 2 weeks and my fears eased up bit by bit I started to feel my own presence not just the streets space and its energies… Than I had a major cog as I walked about, stepping over legs, shit, large splatters of mucus, empty bottles paper plates, filth everywhere, as I walked into the alley for the last time stopped and looked into the garbage dumpster.. I inhaled my surrounding with all my sense, now I had no fear as I looked back into those eyes which has fallowed my every movement for two weeks, because now I have seen I was in the universe which was mine too.. Joy washed over filled my universe, I floated since I was no longer the effect but I was at cause..
    Those of you who care to call me names send me hate letters, tell me what ever believe you have is hateful and cause discomfort fear in my universe… to collapse to succumb to be an effect, I don’t think so… Those things which you put out into the universe lives in your mind it’s only has power there.. They are just words.. nothing more… Your hate is part of your Path… that hate is also a lesson to learn from…
    Whatever you do have fun enjoy it since it is yours, very own creation, your very own universe… it is you…

  8. This is a lesson I can teach my kids. Thanks Sylvia. Great post.

  9. Ciao Silvia volevo dirti che il tuo post mi ha veramente colpito specialmente questa frase che ho riportato in questo commento.publicato su Lareception.
    Ciao Stella.

    Complimenti a tutti per i vostri successi.
    A Monica per avere risperimentato la consapevolezza di essere LEI a fare le cose.
    E ai due successi Qui sopra che dire meravigliosi, riscoprire episodi e postulati e cancellarli con enorme sollievo.
    E per quanto riguarda la magia dell’ auditing e fenomenale il fenomeno di di liberazione e sollievo e benessere che si prova nell’ auditing.
    E per finire cito una frase presa dal blog di Silvia Kusada.
    Tradotta con Google: Cosa fare se avete smesso di vivere per vivere?
    Io dico Auditing,Auditing,Auditing……………perche’ almeno a me questo e’ successo nel mio “vivere”.
    Come Essere ero ormai cosi’ spento che non sapevo nemmeno piu’ di Essere.
    C’e’ voluto un quasi’ annegamento perche’ lasciassi il corpo ed sperimentai una consapevolezza di Essere.
    Ma poi nel vivere per vivere ho riperso questa consapevolezza
    E solo con Dianetics e Scientology ed Auditing ho ritrovato parte di ME e un po’ di consapevolezza.
    La strada e’ ancora lunga ma perlomeno siamo coscienti di cio’ e di cio’ che Siamo anche se a volte tutto cio’ sembra irreale perche’ la “VITA” e li’ con tutta la sua solidita’ e reclama la sua realta’ ed il corpo e la sua soppravvivenza e illusione di futuro ti spinge ad annientare se Stessi.
    Fino al punto dove uno crede che la “soluzione” sia morire per riprovare nella prossima vita’ a risolvere cio’ che in questa sente di aver fallito o nella speranza che nella prossima vada meglio od abbia piu’ fortuna.
    Cosi e’ la vita.
    Ma ora ho questa possibilita’ di cambiare questo ciclo vizioso grazie al genio di Ron ed al mio Auditor FrecciaRossa.
    Con Affetto Adriano.

    • Adriano, non sai che piacere mi fa sapere che stai andando avanti con successo. Tu e Nena siete grandi!! Ammiro le poche persone che hanno il coraggio di andare a vanti…
      abbracci grandi

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