Name your product…

This is the “what I want”…

as opposed to

the “you didn’t do” make-wrong trap.


Name your product.

LRH ( HCO PLs and Admin Know How series 33-35)

as many others managements strategies

say: “Name your product”.


Just ask in the simplest way possible

what you want to achieve or have.




If we were able to keep it that simple

we would be able to dodge a bunch of aberrative flows.


Naming the product over and over, where necessary,

helps you to get througth the person

masses/problems which surrounds her.


To make her wrong as “you did not do it!”

restimulates her and makes her more solid.


When you ask for a product,

being that a task done, a way to be treated

a bicycle or a friend,

you are not invalidating anyone or anything.




You are not judging.

You are simply expressing a request, a need and want.




However, as this universe survives on entheta (negativity),

since entheta is not-is and increases solidity and mass,

you will see that asking directly and simply

for a product  in the material universe

seldom will produce an invisibility on the person asking.


Regular people are not used to be asked for a product,

they are used to be forced with blamed, by be made fto eel guilty

or/and pity and compassion in order to do something for another.


The problem you encounter when dealing with low-toned (solid) people,

with people who always seem to have problems,

is that they would drag you down by making you fail

if you try to handle their justifications and rationale.


Just repeat naming the PRODUCT.


There is a reason why the game maker

should not deal directly with the group.

Actually few reasons:

1) he is not real to them, they do not understand the purity of the goal

as they cannot dream.

2) they will drag him down overwhelming him with all

the must-have-be-do in order to get the product.

The creative person can create because

she/he “swims” on a high frequency area.

If she/he makes the mistake to hung out with solid people

she will end up being unable to pursue her/his dream.

Many times her own dream will seem, to himher, impossible to achieve.


.When no matter how hard you are trying, things do not seem to go anywhere, this being in a business, in a relationship or anything else, somebody is actively trying (pushing the breaks) , covertly or overtly, to stop you from succeeding.


For who of you is doing spiritual counseling, having these people around will make it difficult to progress as in lower bands As-is (betterment) will not happen at easy.


It is vital for artists, people of vision, game makers

to surround themselves by people of a certain level of wisdom, empathy

and knowledge. People who care for them.



The emotional level in some people is so low (heavy energy),

that they cannot have a simple truth.

They think there is always something else to it.


At times these people can even appear handsome and happy… it is a facade.


So, at times, most of the times,

you have to write down visibly the product

in a way that is continuously seen, or

have the patient to repeat it over and over

without altering it. Any alteration, no matter how small,

to a weak-mind -average-human wouls sound like a new request and therefore cause confusion.

(I, myself many time fail on this.)


I myself, today,  fail many times to cut a direct line

or to put a via when I recognize the vampire

of energy has entered my space.

You recognize them as they get your attention stuck,

they always have the problem which need to be solved before anything else,

and they are not able to empathize with yours.

They have it all perfectly justified, and you?

You start not liking yourself for some reason.

This is one of the main indicators.


Now, there are many people who say

“they think out of the box”, but there are very few,

who actually have the courage to step out of it.


The latter are the people who really make a difference

and the one I personally like to “play” with.




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