I do sometimes, but I’m trying to quit!


Let me remind you that this is about advance research.

We are swimming into the very first few axioms,

into the very basic laws of a soul.

A spirit was not “born” with a mind.

It has the gift of knowingness.

There is not time connected to that.


I have caught myself this morning evaluating

the negative effect of a person in my life.

If I should just have had him go or not

and all the suppose-to or not-to (rationale) connected to that.

The simple truth is,

there is nothing right to let him stay or let him go.

There is nothing right about thinking about it either.

Any kind of evaluation, rationale,

requires past, and future

in form of prediction or needs and wants.


It is all an out of present time activity.

An activity foreign to a spiritual being,

but very common to the material universe.


The analytical mind loves to give problems to a spiritual being.

Loves to make him think they are his problems; his games.


But the problem does not exist,

until the spiritual being,

starts to “think” he is the one thinking of it.



I can hear people thoughts and emotions.

At times they hit on me, my body and physical aura,

like drop of rain.




If I’m able to keep myself out of time,

all this flows, the different changes of frequency

used on humans to control them,

all those, became powerless.


In the “no-time, no-space” area there is no such

business as evaluation, rationale or effort.

There is nothing but the pure simplicity of living.


Action in the theta dimension does not have energy, it is just a “happening”.

It is a state humans like to call magic.

They have forgotten they have legs to run,

and whenever they see one walking a little bit faster

they think is “magic”.


This precious clever contrivance called mind,

it is what keeps people from listening, seeing, living.

It does all sorts of this things for them.

…And until they have the courage to let it go

they will be here, “sleeping”

leaving the “dream” their mind wants them to live.

as the big “ME”.



It is beautiful and fascinating

not to be human.




Silvia Kusada



  1. haha, nice word game!
    similar to “What do you think?” – “I don’t!”

  2. Yes… 😀

  3. Are you thinking of betraying my trust in you?

    You need to consider the full consequences of doing that.

    If you betray my trust in you ( like the COS does ) it will send a message to all of your PC’s and any people who would ever consider to be your PC that you might betray their trust.

    It will ruin your integrity as an auditor.

    Is that what you want to do?

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