Who is Tim Higgs, the person behind the slanderous blog?

Dear friends,

Thank you for standing up for me.

What a wonderful, big family I have!!

I’m doing great. I’m safe.

I live in a land where my neighbours are also my family.

Few of them are war-veterans.

They know of every single car who enters the road,

the tag number, the time it enters and the time it leaves.

We all have video-security cameras.

And they are armed.


I do not need all this, but they care a lot about me

and they are aware to the extent some “ill-intentioned”,

“mentally unstable people”, as in the Church of $ and outside of it, can go.





Who is the person behind

the slanderous blog?


I had and have few of this people on my lines. Some are people I know and some are people who I deeply love. Normal people who express their love with hate or destruction.
The secret is not to change them... it is on changing us into a more natural state where we can just let flow through any negativity without getting affected by it.


For more info on Tim Higgs you can write to Aida Thomas

she has some good stuff on him.


Below are two e-mails, of the many Tim wrote me

at my Skusada2010@gmail.com


They are pure attempts to nullify, invalidate and introvert.

The two below however, are of special interest as

they can give you an idea of the motivation and rationale

behind such behaviour.


Couple of his alias are Tim Higgs and Truthseeker:

From: Tim Higgs <springcomputers1@yahoo.com>
To: Silvia Kusada
March 06, 2012
“Oh, I see, games.
My problem is that I waste my time and energy worrying about people who couldn’t give a rats ass about me.
But no more.
Now, I’m going to give you one last chance before I start to promote that blog.
You have stated on your blog that I have slandered you (or that someone has ).
Please *specifically* point out what it is that I wrote in that blog that you consider to be slander so it can be deleted or corrected. Otherwise you are just lying on your blog to get attention & sympathy from your readers pretending that the church is attacking your and that you are being slandered by them for which you don’t provide the proof.
I’m disappointed in you Silvia, I thought you had more confront and honesty that this.
From: Tim Higgs <springcomputers1@yahoo.com>
To: Silvia Kusada
March 11, 2012
I’ve come to realize something about you.
I realize that your being an artist, you express yourself and communicate a little differently than others. I guess I expected you to respond and communicate the same way that others do but that doesn’t seem to be your way.
I read your latest blog post, it was very interesting. You wrote in it:
“I have been upset with a terminal which has been so strongly fighting his emotions to a point of convincing himself he does not have them at all. Upset about him negatively destroying me with “political correctness.”
I’m assuming that the “terminal” you were referring to is our upset and me.
You’re right, I have been fighting my emotions. If I let my real emotions truly go, God knows what would happen.
Ok Silvia, I will withhold no longer, I will be honest with you about the situation and how I feel. I’m not going to deny how I feel, I have nothing to be ashamed of. I have the right to my emotions just like anyone else, even if later they turn out to be foolish.
As I’ve written before, I’m sorry for what I wrote if it hurt you. I didn’t mean the things I wrote, I was just trying to hurt you, because your deleting my posts hurt me. It’s been said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Can I tell you what my eyes see? In truth, I think that you are beautiful women. You’re great physical beauty is only surpassed by your even greater spiritual beauty. I’ve never seen a woman quite like you in my life. I guess in some ways I’m afraid of you, afraid of the emotions and passions you will provoke out of me that I’m not sure I can handle. Not to mention the fact that I still have “case” and I didn’t want that to go your direction and hurt you.
I told myself years ago that I would not use this word again lightly. For I used that word years before and ended up regretting it. Yes, I feel that my feelings for you have reached a level of love for you.
Part of my other emotion is anger, anger not just with you but also with myself. My anger at myself for not having my life where I wanted it to be so I could be in a better position to be there for you or with you. You would write on your blog of these guys you met that were in your bed and for some reason it upset me. Why, I don’t know, it just did.
I worry about you Silvia, worry that something might happen to you, that you might hurt yourself or spin yourself in.
Isn’t love doing what you feel is best for another in the most profound sense? If that isn’t love, please tell me what you think it is.

Are you thinking of betraying my trust in you?

You need to consider the full consequences of doing that.

If you betray my trust in you ( like the COS does ) it will send a message to all of your PC’s and any people who would ever consider to be your PC that you might betray their trust.

It will ruin your integrity as an auditor.

Is that what you want to do?


We should also keep in mind

that to be attacked by the use of slander

and false accusations it is a great acknowledgment

that we are doing a great job.

Although war is something I’m not interested in engaging in.

I have came to realize that, by the fact that I’m helping people

achieve freedom and get stronger,

I have become their worst enemy.

It drives the Church of $cientology

and many ill-intentioned people totally nuts.
I’m the worst enemy to those

who play the game of enslavement and lies.

We should not fear the attacks,

but, at the opposite we should celebrate our achievements and success.



We are getting free…

they are getting solid.






and do what LRH wanted them to do:



We unite spiritual beings

while helping OT’s to live as OTs.




I’m a Class VI auditor, 2 Flag Internships  and an OT7+

and I’m auditing daily on the solo’s upper levels on the OT band.




My team and I are available to travel in USA and Europe.

We deliver in English, Spanish and Italian.

Center for Spiritual Research and its applications


ITALIANO/ENGLISH: e-mail: SKusada2010@gmail.com

ESPANOL/ENGLISH: e-mail: dianaclass8@yahoo.com
ITALY: Silvia Kusada/Maurice Pascal


Silvia Kusada


Class VI (SHSBC), Class IV C/S and OT 7+.



  1. Wow and WTF? That’s messed up but hey, I’ve seen worse. It’s all relative.
    Love you Silvia!

  2. I love Silvia!

    Love, Sindy

  3. Hi Silvia,

    There is an expression that comes from somewhere:

    “Though sticks and stones may brake my bones,
    Names will never hurt me.”

    Just admire these guys for whatever pleases or maybe amuses you, and watch them melt away!!

    My opinion is that the more they threaten – and the more they do – the more they promote us all.

    I think that one of the initial openings for the Ron’s Orgs and the Free Zone in Russia was that a cofs staff member accused one of their own public, (who wanted more and better service than was being provided), of being from the “Free Zone” – he wasn’t – What is the Free Zone? he asked – and with no answer coming from the cofs guy, he looked at the internet, found the Free Zone and Ron’s Org guys in Germany and Switzerland and shortly thereafter became a “Free Zone” guy! And then soon all across Russia there was a thriving network of Ron’s Orgs, providing training, auditing and delivery all that the cofs had failed to deliver.

    As Ron says – Handle it with auditing. Enjoy and have fun. OTs work best with OTs. Enjoy!

    So do in fact continue to make OTs and we will all win against those who actually removed the “Original OT” levels from LRH’s Bridge by repackaging “NOTs” into 3 levels – “new” ot 5,6,7 and manufacturing a “new” ot 4. Thus eradicating the Original Sections 4,5,6,7 and 3 Expanded from LRH’s original OT Course. And alter-ising the original sections 1 and 8.

    The original OT 1 was changed into something different, calling it “New” ot 1 – instead of “Alter-ised” ot 1. (similarly for ot 8 too).

    Calling these sections “new” somehow tried to imply they were somehow “better” without saying “Different”… the original sections were just quietly, without any fuss, or HCOB or PL from Ron, abandoned and removed from the price lists, around 1983.

    What else happened around 1982/3? Hmmm?

    In fact NOTs itself was on the Bridge, briefly co-existing with the Original OT Levels (and later used to obscure the removal of).

    See The Bridge Chart in the original book “What is Scientolgy?” published in 1978, page 62. Just after OTsection III, is “New Era Dianetics For OTs”, followed by “Original OT 7 processes” and ot III Expanded, before going onto the Original OT 4 section and the others. By the way: The 1993 version of the book “What is scn?” , on page 97 shows a photo-graphically reduced, (almost unreadable without a magnifying glass) up to “New” OT 15. But the 2007 version does not even have a Bridge Charrt at all! Just various essays and definitions of related terms replaces the entire chapter “States Attained”. No mention of individual ot sections at all! Unlike the in the early versions of “SCN 0-8”, (the real Book of Basics) that was published by Ron through the “Church of California” – which incidentally is also no longer with us – being replaced eventually by the Church of Spiritual Technology (CST) too. What ever happened to the name Scientology? – what did Ron say about ever calling Scientology something else? But then I don’t think they (CST) are even scientolgists – so that’s alright then, I guess?

    The original ot Levels and their EPs are detailed in the original book, page134, “Scientology 0-8 The Book of Basics”. Second Printing 1971. ISBN 87 87 347 00 8.

    The originals are not even mentioned in the 2007 alter-ised version of the same book. They are obscured by “new” levels 1,4,5,6,7 and 8. (and no ot 3 expanded at all). But they do exist, still, are delivered, still – they can never be erased in fact. Even though cofs members were encouraged to destroy their copies of earlier original books etc in the “Basic Books” PR caper of 2007. Similar to the 1991 “New Improved Books” PR Caper! Looking forward to 2017 for yet new improved versions by whoever replaces whoever…. ?

    For the original books see: http://www.stss.nl

    Welcome to the Games !
    Scientology – THE Game where everybody wins.

    much love,

    • Clive,
      well said. We have a great bridge.

      But there is no winning or losing in a war it is all an apparency. The people who are really getting free are not involved on the GPM… they know better than getting stuck on the win-lose flows, or right-wrong one.

      I’m out of any game… I do what I do and that is all. I do not do this or that as a response of others activities. Or at least I try not to.
      I try to live the silence of present time.
      It is beautiful and something foreign to this universe.
      😀 I love the Ron’s orgs. You guys have been doing a great job for so many years. But again, I have a special love for all spiritual people.

      • The thinking mind is a useful and powerful tool, but it is also very limiting when it takes over your life completely, when you don’t realize that it is only a small aspect of the consciousness that you are.

        Whenever one is immersed in compulsive thinking, (look where think is on the K-M Scale) he/she is avoiding what is. You don’t want to be where you are. Here. Now. Present Time. Observation. No thought.

  4. Well i don’t feel any love going throught those communications . I just feel refined 1.1 tone level .

    • Denis,
      love at certain tone levels is experienced as a problem, an introverted activity. Have/can’t-have, self invalidation which all comes out as an upset/anger flow (to the wrong terminal) the person they love.
      It is love, it is affinity which is gone awry.

      People on these levels are going through a lot of pain and mental anguish.
      I do not hate them at all. I have love for them.
      I wish I could be of help, but they kill anyone who attempts to truly help them.

  5. Well, you’ve committed the only overt one can do: To be there and communicate.

    You’ve been very honest on this blog. And you have even admitted your own shortcomings. Apparently a no-no in the pretentious, PR world.

    Mr Higgs is very good at pointing out negative aspects, but I’m afraid that’s the only direction he’s looking in. He says he’s a critic of Co$, he’s a critic of you… But why the hell won’t he tell where to go for help and be safe?

    Now here’s a little secret: Nobody’s perfect.

    And looking on the negative aspects only is simply suppressive.

  6. Want to know who Tim Higgs is?

    He’s a man who loves you.

    Loves you enough to tell you when you are being reckless and irresponsible, despite the short term pain that he will receive from you or your friends.

    The problem is Silvia, the thing that makes you irresponsible is also the same thing that keeps you from seeing it.

    I don’t have any problem with these emails. All it shows is a man’s love for a woman. What’s wrong with that?

    You accuse me of nullification. But look at the way your friends try to nullify my words of love for you by saying it is “some refined 1.1”.

    It seems to me that you and your friends are accusing me of your beingness and your doingness.

    • Wow, man, now even Marty writes about you. You must be proud of yourself.

      • I’m proud of myself when I realize I have helped anyone to step toward freedom.
        True freedom has naturally empathy and love.
        That means the world to me.

      • And rightly so, but you know… People have different standards 😉

  7. I would say it’s a romantic story, he is in love with you… That’s all there is to it. And it hurts, because he cannot have you. You are very desirable. Many must fall for you. And they must be very jealous when they manage to have you. If you would be ugly or simply a common woman, this wouldn’t happen to you.

    • So unknowingly jealous or insecure that they start to destroy me… Interesting the reaction of a low harmonic “love”.

      • There you go again with your nullifying “low harmonic “love” again.

        When I spoke with you about my past training I withheld an important fact from you.

        I have been processing myself for years, not by the church but by myself.

        I don’t like to talk about it because they are processes that I discovered on my own.

        By running them, I pulled in Dianetics & Scientology as a way and means to accomplishing the goals I was mocking up.

        I’m not where you and your friends think I am on the “bridge” and that’s where you’re making your mistake.

        I love it when people underestimate me. It makes it alot easier to win. 🙂

    • You said RD! I’m a hopeless romantic.

      I love life, women, love and winning. 🙂

      • Tim, it is not about where you are on the bridge.
        Your true level of wisdom is shown by the level of grant-beigness, love, care and respect you can show to people and their lives. On how much you can help others. That shows where one is. No matter what you do or who you are or which philosophy you follow..

  8. Love? Yes, there’s all types of “harmonics”. But a high toned harmonic just doesn’t seem to need to be critical. Doesn’t seem to fit really. From what I’ve seen, critical doesn’t seem to come up in that state.

    When getting attention, somehow a low toned harmonic might get attention, but the question is, what type of attention does the “being” want that it would take that route? Its rather rare that a being of low toned harmonic, who actually wishes for a high toned harmonic, will receive the high toned harmonic after administering a low toned harmonic.

    Tim, IMO, telling someone in “public” another person’s shortcomings also reveals something about you as well. I have this idea that when someone accuses another of doing something, I can be pretty sure that person is doing something similar in their life and projecting it on to another. So far, this idea has not failed me. I have seen it to where its just about 100%. Might take awhile to figure out what it is that the person is doing or not doing, but so far, its always been there.

    I can understand receiving bad services and then getting upset about it but I don’t get you received anything like this from Silvia. And still if possible I believe it should be handled privately at first, if at all possible. Then if there is no satisfaction, others should be warned.

    I’m not blinded though :). Apparently, Silvia has her side as to attracting the type of attention you gave her and you have your side as to why you’d give that type of attention and vice versa. But to me its not really of a “high” harmonic. It could go higher and it would be great if you took the article out of your blog, if you did go higher – lol!


    • You said:

      “Tim, IMO, telling someone in “public” another person’s shortcomings also reveals something about you as well. I have this idea that when someone accuses another of doing something, I can be pretty sure that person is doing something similar in their life and projecting it on to another.”

      What is Marty Rathbun accusing David Miscavige of doing on his blog?

      Does that mean he’s currently doing all the same things as well himself?

      Let’s try and make some sense, shall we?

  9. First I’ve seen of your blog Silvia ~ thanks to Aida via Marty. Very nice! I’ll be reading more.

    Will introduce later but wanted to say, Wow… a little (or a lot) spooky. I would think you already know this, but don’t let your guard down on this guy. He sounds about as unstable as a grenade with it’s pin pulled.

  10. I put a comment on his blog letting him know that everyone knows he is behind the site and that he should apologize, take responsibility for what he has done and move on. I hope he decides to grow up.

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