When losing and gaining disappears…

The sane condition of having.




Several people asked me to introduce them to this and that person.

There are many great terminals who are helping

and they have to remain anonymous in order to do their job.


When you are going to be ready they will contact you.




You can steal knowledge from a spiritual being,

but you cannot steal the awareness of the being.

A higher knowingness on a being with a low harmonic or a coarse wavelength-frequency,

will not have the same power

as will not be understood in its purity.




There are some powerful beings who operate on a very high harmonics…

wavelengths way above aesthetic.

They are almost approximating a 0.




It is only when you approximate that state

that you can actually perceive them.

It is not that they are hiding,

is that till we are there or, in the close vicinity,

we are unable to perceive them.


My spiritual teacher (C/S) sometimes disappears.

I thought.

Then I realized it was me.

I kind of slump back into the mass at times

and those are the times

where I cannot perceive him anymore.

But he is always there.

One of the advices he has given me is, before starting my day,

to audit out any mass related to the need to have, desire to have

and the opposite corresponded flows on the cannot have.




If that day I’m going to receive a package, if I’m eager to receive it,

than I will make sure to audit out any havigness on that.

Any expectation.

Any future.

Considerations from the past, expectations about the future,

and limitations of present time are all abberrative.

They all involve time.

When you do not care anymore about having. When you can do without it and be happy anyway. When you do not even think about it anymore.
Now and only now you can have it without being own by it, thus maintaining your freedom.


Auditing that out will free you from the feelings of failure,

of having lost, the feeling to be a loser

or in a bad luck if you do not have or if you end up not having.


Will wipe out any hidden standards related to that.


Doing a good job on this will avail you to the benefit of living

in a no time zone.

… While keeping you out of the trap.


THE MEST (objects or material universe)


and you have it without the need to own it.

Thus keeping yourself free.


So you can really, really have.



And you will surprisely find yourself having what you wish

in the beautiful creation of now.







OT 8 is a start point.




I’m a Class VI auditor and Class IV C/S,

2 Flag Internships  and on OT7+

and I’m auditing daily on the solo’s upper levels on the OT band.




My team and I deliver in English, Spanish and Italian.


ITALIANO/ENGLISH: e-mail: SKusada2010@gmail.com

ESPANOL/ENGLISH: e-mail: dianaclass8@yahoo.com
ITALY: Silvia Kusada/Maurice Pascal


Silvia Kusada


Class VI (SHSBC), Class IV C/S and OT 7+.




  1. Beautiful!

  2. Good post, Silvia. This correlates with my own research. All around us is space-time for quadrillions more universes just as this common one. Some are different and some are similar and some are very different and do not exist in any familiar way. We are just at the cusp of understanding wonderful things which only lead to understanding more wonderful things. Keep it up! You are doing great!

  3. Silvia, I am so with you on this. It was in the past months that I realize that I do not have or want anything. The serenity that I feel daily from operating above the energy flows is the richest of riches. My awareness gives me that and it is extremely calm, loving and caring at all times. Wonderful feeling.

    I so love you for sharing these truths in a way that all can read. Your ability to articulate is exquisite.

  4. And as for “having” in the present space and time? It IS possible to live happily and sanely in this life all the while knowing what we know. A game does not have to be a “Super Bowl” or a war of gigantic proportions to provide the stimulus to “be happy.”

    As we improve, our tastes improve. We need less and less “stimulation” to be pleased or to be pleasantly surprised. We now find very small differences in things to be intensely interesting.

    “Moving on” to another state of existence need not be forced, or yearned for; indeed, when we force the issue, the forcefulness comes from not the correct place but from out-of-valence. We do it naturally and by small transitions — not by movements. A simple persistence with attention to small details will gradually yield wonderful results.

    • Hi! Chris, thank you for posting.
      Every time force enters the game… it throws us back into the “Matrix”. There is no way out until we use force and energy… not the kind this universe i made of.. 😀 Thus the importance of TR0.

  5. Thanks for sharing more ways of escaping the Matrix/Truman Show, Silvia; very well expressed. It makes sense that being able to have or not have will make MEST lose power over one, and help to be exterior to the game, something valuable to achieve…

    I’ve pondered these points a bit from your write-up (and of course LRH has written about this), and I realized this is better than the “self-abnegation” tried in Asia and in certain religious orders which run solely on “do not have” (unless I’ve misduplicated them). They had the basic right idea, but one-sided, since one must be able to have as well to be free, yes?

    • Agreed:
      The difference between using and enjoying something freely and owning the thing, is that owning has a need of time, requires the effort of making something last, and has the lie that that thing is part of “you”. You are working in a greater or lesser degree for that thing, instead of just enjoy it fully.

      “…,one must count nothing as one’s own
      in the midst of abundance.”
      . Buddha

      • Note: Buddha talks about abundance.

        Nota che Buddha parla di abbondanza quando dice.
        “Uno, nell’abbondanza, non deve considerare che niente sia suo. “…

  6. è vero; “better to rent than to buy”! lol

  7. little bug…here is the comment from the Zen teacher.. copied from my blog..
    “”Zen Master Dogen had the same thing occur to him regarding “enlightenment” the Buddhist version of “OT.” He wanted a “no bullshit” answer to what enlightenment REALLY was. Let’s contract his definition to yours.

    Here is your summary of NO BULLSHIT OTness:

    I wonder why not LRH has emphasised “Hey guys, it is incredible, whatever you recall in sessions those are your wonderful creations your abilities…”

    And here is Dogen’s

    “Zazen is enlightenment.”

    In both of these definitions, two heroic individuals (one world renown Zen Master and the other the keeper of a small blog who is one gutsy bitch who is STILL hot) CUT THROUGH FALSE PROMISES to see the power latent in experience itself.

    _/!\_ (gassho)



  8. It was wonderful to talk with you… Confirmation that we are soul mates.. Your last post, on it you have my total agreement.. My agreement is not to make your cogbition soild, but to simply say. “I am what you are” in this case we are nothing and nobody.. How do you like that!! Love ya, much…kisses to the cats too…

  9. Hereis his second comment, Wiiliams.
    In fact. Elizabeth rather than wishing LRH said it. Why don’t we just say YOU said it.

    With a little light editing since english is your second language…

    “It is incredible whatever you recall in your sessions! These are YOUR wonderful creations – YOUR abilities!” – Elizabeth Hamre OT VIII

    Does this meet with Her Highness’ approval?

    In fact. Elizabeth rather than wishing LRH said it. Why don’t we just say YOU said it.

    With a little light editing since english is your second language…

    “It is incredible whatever you recall in your sessions! These are YOUR wonderful creations – YOUR abilities!” – Elizabeth Hamre OT VIII

    Does this meet with Her Highness’ approval?


  10. sorry it is duplicated, that should tell a great deal about my computer abilities.

  11. Silvia here is a private email to me, from the person I have mentioned…Very fantastic state…
    Concerning myself I´m in the middle of some sort of a saturation point, needed to take a break from searching and philosophizing, At the moment just living life as it comes and slowly experiencing a kind of new type of enlightenment very hard to put in words but I´ll give it a try because you asked, exactly now when it is happening….. maybe you are noticing it…….

    It started with what seemed to be a gloomy, sad and depressing idea: I was facing the fact that I don´t have any goals whatsoever, like being dead in the first dynamic, and I don´t even have the slightest interest in finding new goals to give meaning to my life, but when I faced that fact, I noticed that my general purpose on life is above the first dynamic, it is about the furtherance of life itself, of universe itself, in all its infinite forms, and it even relates to, and gives meaning, to every little action I make, which before seemed to be so insignificant and meaningless……. and felt some kind of exhilaration which lasted for days….everything started to get a bigger and deeper meaning which I´m just begining to fathom. I´m sure you understand “me” even if there is almost not much “me” left…..Ha ha ha!

  12. Important, having importance, making something important and “believing” that important possessions have value.. do they ever have value..!! Well… important: having importance makes that thought, that item solid and holds it in space forever and a day…
    Example having life, living, being somebody, owing things and where is value than one has FEAR = fear exist because there is worry it might be lost or stolen and that important thing.. Being somehow will disappear.. And that valuable being— item—whatever will be no more.
    Fear only exist because the thought is attached to a being or item that is valuable=important.. one can’t do without be without.

  13. Jesus, on OT to have a headache? She can’t be on OT than!!!
    I have news for you Body, you only can say that when you have reached that state as I have.. Otherwise be quiet, don’t judge because you judge which of you have no clue of and that make you arrive to have even more ignorant conclusion. To have hidden standards and thousands of them how and what on OT should be.. And I bet my magnificent string of pearls that every one of those standard you measure by is all off the wall, totally wrong…how do I know that? I been there.. and did just the same as you are doing…
    Here is some reality on headaches since I believe I was born with one and that it is the part of the body’s structure because so far I never could find the items which I could solo an to erases that dull pain.
    There are times when it is there for many months and suddenly I would think “Hay I do not have a headache, wow, isn’t that something!’’ It is not possible by now that I could not erase something like that…
    You see there are people who always suffer from and others who never have any… never.. So it has to be some different body-machine structure we are anchored our-self to., Since there are so many variety robots and this treasured cherished precious meat body which is called the “human body” is one of them..
    I run out, have found many-many different head injuries, head gears, apparatuses which all had different purposes functions.. crowns, devices which put pressure from outside or inside the head… dozens of them… it is incredible just how much junk we collected over the eons by having so many bodies. Since they held value than of course they were all kept in good working order and you still have them well hidden so no one can take them away…
    They were not all created as a evil item to cause bad things to the being but they were invented to help the being deal with the great heavy atmospheric conditions, to live within those conditions..
    Of course there are items in one’s head which in fact has the same effect as one would be inside the prison..
    Now in the so called ‘’modern times’’ the body is sentenced to live inside Walls=bars. But other time on the Great Track a simple device was placed in the head that device-program [like computer program] was created to change and to limit the person’s behaviour, that way the being was imprisoned. Very effective and no buildings were needed to hold that person. If anyone thinks those things have disappeared by now- melted away by itself, oh no, they are just invisible but it is still there in one’s space.. And working beautifully..
    I even soloed with heavy books on the top of my head to feel the weight… to solo that way to have true reality on weight from above.
    Of course heavy gravity too was soloed on by me and heavy atmospheric conditions, since those too effects the body in the big way, even cloudy days hold extra weight which pushes the person down, introverts , one can have a headache..
    Sleep is one of the item which is a connection to something which renders the being helpless….if one do not sleep than Hell brakes lose, effects the beings system.. So we must sleep in order to avoid such a disaster…the disaster would be interruption the function of the implants…. now that we must not let happen…hehehe… so don’t have any auditing, solo or touch, change any of your beliefs.. Not healthy.
    PS; headaches or body pain are also caused by interruption of the normal function of any implant..[auditing-sessions] since there are devices within devises-traps that is which want to ensure- guarantee that the being remains trapped-stuck: if One touches those traps than pain is punishment.. so one remains within the safe environment one One’s own comforts zone.
    PS: you, young man if you still continue be a critic of OT behaviour. Than show me what you know and post your reality here in my blog or in Silvia’s.. Otherwise go and fly a kite…

    • PS to the PS:
      Also, the pain will send the being back into MEST universe once more because doing something, continuing with some activity will stop the pain-headaches.. So the pain directs the Spiritual being into the solidity=MEST. How to avoid that trap? that will be your job, your cognition, your reality which you need to learn from. each universe is different so to compare would be foolish. How should I know which of your trap is the dominant one and controling you.? What I write about is my reality, my adventures into the universe.. I only speak for self.. I walk alone..
      Here you go little bug just for you, I love you too.

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